Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Fran is a dear friend I met in Florida, who always dresses like at any moment, a fashion shoot might be called and she wants to be ready. Her idea of "casual" is white slacks, silk chocolate blouse, gold chains, sandals or heels, serious ear rings and perfect coiffure. She is very consistent in her dress and only rarely have I seen her less than "modelesque." Rather Palm Beach'ish and winter white kept her seasonal.

My fashion sense comes more under the category of rumpled scullery maid, camping ready, "lets go hiking," or "are the horses saddled?" A wide fashion gap however did not prevent us from being good friends. We now live in different states but try to stay in touch.

Fran was always the first to offer to help you move, put in a garden, or slay the rabbits (I briefly raised rabbits for food and I emphasise briefly for it was the slaying part that got me. What was I thinking??) Anyway, quick to offer Fran, often showed up in white. She did participate in the slaying for I had bought her a full length apron. Sometimes you just had to out think her.

It was not gonna happen that the lady in white would be asked to haul the wheel barrow of compost to the garden. That lady would not be asked to handle dirty boxes on moving day, nor was the lady in white to be asked to do anything that might get her dirty. I mean, that would be very rude. Instead, she naturally became the supervisor.

We knew each other quite a while before she confided her secret. Fran hated physical work. She came upon the wearing of the white by accident and when she saw how it eliminated her from any work detail, it became her signature garb. Her attitude was if you dressed grubby (kind of how I dressed) then you were expected to jump right in the dirt pile. White was right.

Ashamed to say I have sometimes adopted her "white slacks theory" when I know a friend is expecting help with a really nasty job. It just eliminates any need for excuses and doesn't every job need a supervisor?

You are welcome to adopt the white slacks theory any time you want. It does work and no one really thinks you are a slacker, just lacking in sense of what is appropriate wear. I can live with that.

Hang in Margaret, your white slacks story is for the future. Thanks for reminding me.


  1. Oh, Lord. I never wear white slacks anymore, since my butt is way too wide to advertise it.

    I was a lot like your friend in my younger years, always dressed and ready for photos. I liked winter white, too. Not any more. I'm still in my gown and robe at 11:15 am....LOL

  2. You have a very clever and sly friend. : )

  3. kenju
    I guess you weren't the one to call to help move either. I still wear white but usually have a tunic top to cover my spread. Have thought of selling the space for advertising though.

    Yes she is clever and taught me lots. I still use the "white" routine myself on occasion.