Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have tried, Lord knows I have tried. I have suffered confusion,anger,frustration, and amazement. I have felt hope only to have it dashed to pieces. I have had moments of clarity only to have a muddy haze creep into my mind. Light bulb moments have become blind ignorance moments. I am not stupid, I have a fairly orderly mind, and I hate to quit. But I am. No one should have to suffer so unless you enjoy pain and I don't. I am leaving "Lost".

If you never watched this show you are one of the fortunates and can now go on to another blog cause the rest of this will be meaningless. The first season pretty much reeled me in with the characters and the idea of survival on an island by plane crash victims. I adored Dr. Jack and bad boy Sawyer would annoy but his dimples could make you forget he was a jerk. The boy, Walt and his dog were dear. Good natured, chubby Hurley was one you pulled for. I thought the story of Sun and Jin sweet, loved the sub titles. And of course, the elderly sex symbol Locke, was my favorite. Probably an age thing.

The writers love to give you pieces of a puzzle but can't stand it if the audience gets any idea of the whole picture. These guys are on something that hasn't hit the streets yet. I doubt, without gainful employment as writers of Lost, that they would even be out side of four padded walls. The story can shift in drastic directions and time periods in minutes.

I really admire those who are hanging in, for these people could never be tortured. Their tolerance for pain would make them wonderful CIA agents. If you are one of the faithful, I am proud of you for still standing in there. Such endurance you have. I personally just can't take any more.

However, when the series finale airs, I will be right there to see how on earth those crazy writers pull all those loose threads together and make a rug out of the tatters.

Aaah, I feel better all ready.


  1. AMEN!! I was just like you in the first 2-3 seasons, and then they started tweaking with the backgrounds and history and it all went blank for me. I tried to watch bits of it last night (when the commercials were on Am. Idol) but I gave up. The only thing good about the show right now is that some of the characters that were killed are now back (Jin, Locke).

  2. Hi!If I understand your message right, I think we have the same Lost in Finland but I don't know nothing about it.

    Thank you for the good Atlanta link.Have you visited Coca cola museum?
    My husbent has allways liked Elvis Presley and we like to go to his home.

    Do you already have a name to your 'ghost-book'?

  3. LOL! I am one of the "fortunate" ones who has never seen a single episode of LOST. Apparently, I have missed out on a lot of frustration. I hope the final season episode is more satisfying to you.

  4. No, in Finland we can't watch your TV programs but when we are in your country we are watching.
    This year we stay almost 2months in USA.

  5. I haven't seen Lost either so I can't feel what you feel about it.
    Thank you for your visit and kind comment.

  6. Kenju
    It really has been mind boggling hasn't it? I too was glad to see Locke back. I am curious how they can possibly end it.

    My book for now is called Till the Last Part Dies.
    Elvis is good. Haven't been to Graceland yet but hope to someday. Enjoy the USA

    You haven't missed anything except some grey hairs, wrinkles,and an acid stomach caused by the show.

    Reader wil
    You and Blue are lucky that it hasn't crossed the pond. Hope no version ever does for your sake.

  7. Interesting post. It is like getting into a good book, I guess. I have not seen the program but I have read a lot of great books and got into them.

  8. Thank you for stopping by Abe. You are my bird photog guru and your pictures make me want to either glue my camera to my face and take thousands of pictures till I get it right, or throw it in the trash. You have set the bar way too high fellow but please keep it up.

  9. At first I loved 'Lost'. Now I am just trying to keep the story straight. I have invested too much time into it to quit now. Besides, I don't like reality television so what else is there to watch?