Sunday, March 15, 2009


Naw, nothing erotic here, just something I do when things get slow. and I am a bit disturbed with the direction the multi talented humans are going. Sometimes I feel we are such a waste.

I do not believe in reincarnation though there are some world leaders I would love to see come back as "dung beetles." Sometimes though I think of what it might be like to trade lives temporarily, or perhaps permanently, with a lower creature. Creatures not tainted with greed, cruelty, and desire to dominate all others. Yes, I have too much time on my hands and sometimes it is hard to love the human species. I'm sure this too shall pass but in the meantime how about a little "avoidance" practice?

I have friends who say that they wouldn't mind being a beloved pet. I would loath being any one's "pet". You are a total subject. Subject to an"owners" time schedule,when to eat, when to eliminate , when to exercise and when to breed. No, I have wilder, less controlled creatures in mind.

Almost always, I imagine my self at the top of the food chain. Being eaten does not sit well with me. However, I also have a problem with being a predator. Not sure I could kill a bunny for a snack but then I have never been really hungry (missing one meal doesn't count). Anyway, that leaves big grazers, large water mammals, birds or a really large bear.

Eagles or actually any bird would be wonderful just for the ability of flight. I sometimes have vivid dreams at night of flight and it is amazing. The distance you can travel, the vast spaces, and joyous peace, unless you count jet plane encounters. Also in my dreams, I have a little trouble with power lines but generally it is marvelous. But have you seen what birds eat? A lot of self respecting birds eat worms, grubs, maggots, or road kill. Eagles have to do that killing thing. Uh uh.

The natural choice of a large herbivore is of course the elephant. Only natural enemy there is man and disappearing habitat. No one tells an elephant she has had too much to eat. Just eat and walk, eat and walk. Of course they also have long lives and great family structure. Not a bad choice if it wasn't for that tusk hunting thing.

Bears would have it all if it weren't for all the sleeping they do. Such a waste of life span and you wake up soooo hungry.

Two creatures I do favor though are the otter and the porpoise. Both really know how to play and enjoy life. The porpoise has a better chance of a long life as even sharks fear them. It might be my luck though to be captured and have to do 3 shows a day at Sea World. As you can see, there is no perfect animal choice for me.

So human I stay. Being at the very top of the food chain is good. Maybe someday we will appreciate what we have, quit squabbling amongst our selves, trying to confiscate wealth, dominate our neighbors, and will do right with this beautiful world we have been given. One can hope, and hope is very human.

Aah ! I feel better all ready. Avoidance is good for a quick attitude adjustment.

Any animal you might want to trade time with ??


  1. Oh, Patti! I laughed and laughed at this. Thanks! I, too, have dreamed (a lot) of flying, but it's always been whilst in my human body. Pretty neat! I wonder if they make jet-packs for fat old ladies?

    I wouldn't want to be any sort of animal. Besides, God made us just a bit lower than the angels, so I'll be content with that, and perhaps(???) I'll be an angel, some day.

  2. Pat
    Great to meet another night time flyer. I don't do it as often as I would like but it is fun. I do have trouble with my aim when landing though. Got to work on that.

  3. I enjoyed your take on it, Patti. Maybe I'd change to an otter. They're so cute - but then again - they are usually found in cold water and I'd hate that!

  4. kenju
    Otter is good for they love to play and have marvelous winter coats. You could laugh at the cold.