Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Blogging kind of puts you out there for all to see, warts and all. This is my first Meme. What I do like about blogging, especially for a newbie, is that it is full of firsts. Cursed with a short attention span, firsts help keep me interested.

Betsy from Tennessee was tagged with the following. She tossed the tag up for grabs and I grabbed. I didn't really have anything ready for today so thanks Betsy.


1. Waking up tomorrow

2. Going to Garvin Woodland Gardens

3. Digging for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park. Gonna get a BIG one. You'll see.

4. The weather getting warm enough to kayak

5. Passing my 4 month check up tomorrow

6. Digging in the dirt for some serious gardening

7. Someday, take as good a bird picture as Abe Lincoln

8. Coming up with a blog idea for tomorrow.


1. Woke up on the right side of the grass

2. Took a trip to Mountain Home to shop since it was too rainy for anything else and I like the drive.

3. Ate at McDonald's, Bad Patti

4. Held Mighty in a towel when I got home. Poor baby had a seizure

5. Made a big batch of calico beans. Good Patti

6. Put up a bat house. I just love those flying mice.

7. Checked on my bluebird's nest of 5 eggs. All still good there.

8. Worked on my blog and visited other blogs


1. Identify plants better, I am a disgrace to the Master Gardeners.

2. Eat bad foods with no guilt or fear of belly fat

3. Take better pictures. Right now my pitiful factor is dominant.

4. Just once, finish writing a book

5. Sing with out offending

6. Be a professional student. That was my lifetime ambition. Scary huh?

7. Fly like a bird, none of this airplane crap

8. Do physical work like I used to without the next day or often same day pains


It is baseball season so prime time is sewed up for me. My DVR is so full it is about to explode with shows I haven't gotten to.

1. Florida Marlin's baseball 6 nights a week. I love my baby faced, underpaid boys(we have the lowest payroll in baseball). So far we are looking good. The rest of the shows(that I pull off the DVR) are the only ones I have time for after baseball.

2. Lost (I know, I promised to quit but I am back. Just too much time invested to not want to know how the writers will pull this off. Watching is my exercise in self-flagellation)

3. Medium (three and four are research for my book)

4. Ghost Whisperer

5. Castle (Nathan Fillion fan here, plus I enjoy insight into a writer's life)

6. Life on Mars (now why did they go and cancel such a neat show? Guess there weren't enough of us who could remember the 70's)

7. House (Lordy do I hate that rude, mean, nasty man but I watch faithfully. I keep hoping that one week, under that ratty patch of whiskers will appear a man with actual feelings)

8. Friday Night Lights (I watch anything Kyle Chandler is in.)

One show I am waiting impatiently to return for summer is Army Wives. Love that one. Aren't you glad I am not in control of your remote?

Like Betsy, I am tossing the Meme out to anyone who wants to do it. Have fun. I did.


  1. I share your wish that I could work like I used to with no aches and pains later. Also share your love of House and Kyle - although I don't watch FNL. I loved him in that 30's themed show that was on several years ago.

  2. HI Patti, Great post!!!! As hard as these tags can be, it's a great way to learn more about our 'new' friends, isn't it? George and I went to Garvin Gardens when we were in your state in March. GORGEOUS--even before the Azaleas and other things had bloomed.

    Don't know what Calico Beans are.. You'll have to 'splain it to me!!!!

    How did you get to be a Fl Marlin fan??? I love the Houston Astros--since I lived in Houston for 12 yrs. The Astros are about 1-6 so far... Yipes!!!!

    I used to watch LOST--but gave up when they wouldn't bring it back early in the Fall.. We got interested in other things --so we never got back to it. I always liked Locke and Sawyer.

    Keep me posted on your bluebirds. I love them so much!!!!

  3. kenju

    That was Homefront and one of Kyle's first. It was a really good show. Right now I am working thru pains from todays labors. Aaargh.


    Calico beans:

    Marvbelous sourse of fiber. I do use ground turkey instead of beef. Good for a group but will also freeze.

    Lived for 40 years in Florida, thus the Marlins. If not I would lean towards the Astros,a similar type of team. However, we are 5-1 to start. Go Fish.

    Locke rules. I mean the guy just keeps coming back from the dead.

  4. Here I am in your country. Not very fard by you.
    We have made a small tour in Georgia, Tennesee, Missisippi and in Alabama.
    Today I am writing to you from Columbus. We arrived from Montgomery.
    I have already same pictures in my auther blog.
    If you are interesting, have a look.
    http://onebyone.blogspot.com. Our trip has had wonderful.In Nashville it was terrible could, but now the weather is lovely.
    Have a nice day Patti.

  5. Hi Blue,

    I wondered where you were. You have been in the south so long you are probably speaking with a southern accent.
    Looks like you have been having a great trip. Great pictures. Hope you missed that bad weather in Tennessee. It hit here first. This is our severe weather season. Be careful.
    Loved those brown and white boots and those animal seats were funny.
    Have you gotten to Memphis to see Elvis's home yet?
    Keep those pictures coming. I'll post this in your comments section also.

  6. Poor Mighty, I hope he is better now. A book written by you would be a very fun read! I hear Ozarka College is free to anyone over 50. If there is a large diamond to be found, you will find it! How do you translate a blog site that is written in Finnish?

  7. Jewels
    On their site, there is a translator button on the side bar. Click on it then select English. The translation is often not really good and sometimes it is guess work but you can get the gist.
    Did not know about the free college. Will look into it as I have all ready transferred my transcripts there. Thanks for the info.
    Mighty is doing fine. He has them fairly reguarly and they just frighten him. Have to use the towel for he drools during the seizure.

  8. Interesting Pat! But this meme will take me too long to do! Thanks for your wonderfully kind words. Have a great day!

  9. Reader wil

    You are most welcome. Enjoy it when you educate.