Monday, May 11, 2009


Sometimes you see a plant in nature that has pulled off a remarkable desire to live. When I was at Norfork Lake last week, I saw a pine tree that had pulled off such a miracle. It is growing quite well on top of a large rock. When I checked closer, I saw the root had managed to snake across the top of the boulder, and down the side till it found soil.

This second example is not only a desire to live but to survive abuse. I certainly do not remember throwing an iris bulb under an over grown cedar tree. I have never grown irises and am pretty sure I would never have picked white, though now I just may. Perhaps a squirrel stole one from my neighbor and left it there.
Regardless, the other day I saw a lovely flower laying on the ground. The stem had belly crawled along the ground in search of sunlight.

If my memory has failed me and I really did do this, then I should be a registered Flower abuser. She will be moved, she deserves the good life.

Have you ever been soundly cursed by a Hummingbird. They can really give it to you. My first Hummer is back and ticked off that I was not ready. I was looking out from my porch when the this little rascal got right up in my face and clicked, hummed and chirped its anger that dinner was not ready. I could feel the wind from his wings it was so close. Oh how I wish I could have caught that on camera. Like the obedient slave to creatures that I am, I immediately started cooking its supper. Was only able to get the picture after dinner was ready. You can still see a bit of attitude.

The only tip left me for my lax service was a white spot on the porch. Got to move the feeder a bit farther out. When Hummer season gets in full swing I will have over 50 of the darling little creatures cursing my slowness to make dinner. I will put three more feeders out as the number increases. When all have arrived it sounds like I am in the middle of a bee hive on my porch. My flowers enjoy the "tips."

Of course, when I start buying sugar like a mad woman, my house gets closer observation from the authorities. Pretty sure they are convinced I am running a moonshine still. Small price to pay.


  1. I am not sure I have ever left a comment here but I have been droping by for awhile now....enjoy your stories a great deal....

  2. I saw a tree growing on top of a rock like that in central park, believe it or not!! Very odd.

  3. 4th Sister,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Glad you have been visiting but more so that you decided to comment. Love the chance to meet a reader. I will pop over to check out your blog now. Thanks again.

    I do believe. That is a real desire for life isn't it? Not sure I'd have made it if I had to work that hard for survival.

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  5. Living in N. AR, I'm you've probably seen "naked ladies"" hmmm, hope that's not porno. Another name is surprise lilies. The plant is a member of the Amaryllis family,genus Lycoris. I have the pink to light magenta colored ones. They were on the property when we moved here. Now I am inundated with them. Their bulb is the size of a medium to large onion. You cannot kill them. The squirrels move 'em around, as well as daylilies and irises.

    The leaves come up in huge clumps in the spring and later they bloom, late July and August.

    I also have some red ones, but I think they might be closer to the spider lily family. I was given a start of them.

  6. Don't be concerned: I am the one that deleted my own comment....oh well, I'm not NitWit1, for nothing. However, that was a term used by my Mother when we kids misbehaved or were too silly. She would say, "Quit acting like a bunch of nitwits."

  7. Nice shot of a hummer (female ruby throat?). It is hard to believe such a beautiful bird could be so rude. I guess we all get a little testy when we get hungry.
    I am playing catch up on my comments so here are some odds and ends from your past posts…

    Congratulations on being a cancer survivor! Whooohooo! Of course you would have to be a pretty tough cookie to have survived your Mother’s hardcore methods for immunity - and a photo to commemorate it…oh my goodness! The picture of you three and your story should be posted at the doctor’s office to convince children that vaccination shots aren’t so bad.

    Sounds like an extremely brutal way to stop smoking – makes me thankful I never started. As a reward for being good, my third grade teacher took us to a nearby candy store. Candy was a rare treat for me as my parents didn’t allow us to have sweets. I thoroughly looked over the two isles off candy searching for the very best. Then I saw it, the bright red box of candy cigarettes. The cashier rang up my candy and I rushed outside and tore open the box. The cigarettes were a big hit as they had a red tip to look like they were lit and the weather was cold enough to create fake smoke when I breathed out. I shared them with my friends and we had a jolly time playing the cool smoker. The teacher was livid when she saw us. She grabbed them out of our mouths and me by the arm and dragged me back into the store. I felt bad for the clerk as she shrunk back into a corner from the teacher’s berating words. The clerk removed them from the shelves and that was the first and last pack of cigarettes I bought.

    Fun post on your phobias – never would have guessed one of them would be public speaking. You have a lot of spunk to take a course in public speaking having blacked out from the fear of it.

  8. Love your hummingbird story. They are demanding little things. I am impressed by how they throw their few ounces around like they weigh a ton.

    That's quite a tree and an incredibly tenacious spirit for life. A beautiful metaphor.

  9. Nitwit,
    Haven't seen any naked ladies or naked men either for that matter lately. Looked them up though(the ladies) and they are kindo of pretty. They would be welcome here.
    As for "Nitwit" that was my older brother's term of "endearment" for his younger siblings.

    Boy you must have eye strain from reading back posts. Totally flattered that you did.
    I know from your blog that your Dad has been sick and I am so glad he is doing better. Know he had good nursing.
    Loved candy cigaretted when I was a kid. Wish someone would have rattled my cage then like your teacher did, but my whole family smoked. It was considered OK. You were very lucky and she deserves the shout out.

    They really are fiesty little buggers. When the large group hits, the ones who can't get a seat at the feeder, get in my face demanding I do something about it. They keep me tickled. Cheap entertainmnet for a little sugar water.

  10. Hi Patti, I've enjoyed catching up on your blog. You always write interesting things---and I always enjoy reading your posts.

    You smoking posts were excellent. You were one sick gal, weren't you???? Glad that experience took away your desire to smoke. Amazing!!!! I have never smoked ---but FOOD is my addiction. I love to eat!!! Crap!!! ha

    I still haven't seen a hummingbird here... So sad!!!!! Glad you have one even if he is out to 'hurt' you... ha


  11. Betsy,
    She's BAAACK. Sure hope you all had a wonderful vacation. Missed your posts.
    Can sooo relate to the food thing.
    I'm sure your hummers are soon to arrive now that they know you are home.