Friday, May 1, 2009


Gross out warning.

I have PND. Perhaps you do too. I just love acronym's for they often hide something not so pretty and give it a touch of class , making it sound medically important, business like, or at the very least, mysterious.

These are some of the things described by the acronym PND.

Penalty Notice for Disorder. An on-the-spot fine issued by British police for low-level anti-social offenses

Perilously Near Death, Been there a couple of times

Personal Navigation Device---a portable positioning and navigation device

Parti National Démocratique), a political party in Djibouti (Ok that is a stretch)

Postnasal Drip---excessive mucus produced by the sinuses Ugh, that's it.

Now doesn't the acronym PND sound better than what it really means? It almost sounds like there may actually be a national fund drive connected to it. I know I would donate for a cure.

The yellow mist of pollen that coats my car is an agitator of PND. Actually for me, allergy to pollen is a new enemy. I lived 66 years in close proximity to the yellow mist with nary a sniffle or a drip. Then suddenly, when I moved to Arkansas, the old dog learned a new trick. Spring time now makes the eyes itch and water. I sneeze till I am perilously close to wishing I wore Depends. The nose runs freely and my voice sounds like someone really old is perched on my larynx. All thanks to the accompanying PND. Everyone grossed out yet???

This year the yellow mist is really virulent and plentiful. A friend told me that she and her husband were washing their truck the other day. They started at the front and by the time they got to the back, the mist had all ready reclaimed the hood. It has all the charm and stealth of Kudzu. We are helpless to the onslaught and are all thoroughly pollinated.

One consolation is that I am not alone by a long shot. The variety and large number of OTC medicine will convince you that you are not unique at all. You can decongest, dry your sinuses and calm your sneezing with a plethora of products. What we really need is an antihistamine to turn off the sensitive cells. To get one that will work as well as Benadryl, you have to live with a raging case of the sleepies. The powerful Benadryl works well but I hate the lost awake time plus the drug hang over. The non-drowsy versions do not work for me.

I have mentioned before that I love to learn new things and have a pretty healthy bucket list going. Experiencing allergies were not on the bucket list. I draw the line at PND. I have found that Quercetin from a health food store gives me decent relief with no discernible side effects. In 10 years we will probably find that Quercetin causes something incurable, but for now, I am just enjoying the relief. At my age, I do not look 10 years into the future. Tell me something will happen in a week and you have my attention. Can't worry much about 10 years from now.

I know some of my readers are also suffering. I am soooo sorry. I hope the rest of you are free from the yellow mist or at least in control of it. May you be sneeze, sniffle, and drip free this season.

Wonder if Hallmark makes a card for PND?


  1. Yep, PND and I are OLD friends. I will try your Quercertin when I have the time to shop for it.

  2. Oh, yes! PND, itchy eyes and I have been acquainted for some time. Clever post, Patti.

    My dark green car which, unfortunately, has to sit on an open carport, is chartreuse between trips taken during downpours. One would think the rain would take some of the pollen out of the air, but ... NO!

  3. Ha Ha Patti... PND, huh???? I thought it meant "Prefer No Diet".... Ha ha

    No---I am lucky enough not to have any hay fever this time of year. However, we do have POLLEN ... That yellow crap is EVERYWHERE... Our white outside table now has a yellow top!!! AND--since we leave our windows and doors opened, that yellow stuff is all over our furniture.. Yuk!!!!!!

    Thanks for another cute post. Have a wonderful day and week. I'll post one more time in the morning--but then I'll be gone for about 9 days.


  4. Allergies are the worst -- and inflamed sinuses the worst of the worst. Finding a cure is a journey into the unknown, and often involves coming up with your own coping mechanisms. Sounds like you've succeeded.

  5. kenju
    So sorry to hear that especially with you back in the work force this week. Hope the Q works for you. Enjoy your creating.


    You too? That crud really shows up on a dark car. I was hoping the rains would help also but I guess only time will stop it. This too shall pass.


    Lucky you, for not having PND but also for getting ready to go on vacation. Have a wondersul time.I'll catch your last post for a while tomorrow.


    It is funny how the pine pollen didn't bother me a bit in Florida. Just this Arkansas stuff. So far I am maintaining. Knowing it will soon be going away, makes it OK.

  6. LOL, LOL...Great Post, Patti...And well put, too!
    I seem to have allergies now, too, when I never did for probably 75 years....But, I don't like to take a lot of medicine--OTC or not, so I just kind of try to live with it as best I can. Mine does NOT sound nearly as bad as yours and I am grateful for that.

  7. OOLOH
    What nerve these allergies have attacking seniors. Is there no respect? So glad yours leave you functional with out meds. The good thing is that the first year was the worst, I seem to be developing some natural immunities so that each succeeding year is a little better. Guess if I live long enough, it will go away. Thanks.

  8. My GP always told me that I had allergic Rhinitis, which gives a me a strong mental image of muddy wallows and ponderous gray beasts weighing a ton or two each. According to wikipedia, "more than 50 million Americans are current sufferers" of allergic rhinitis... Quite a thought. I suppose it is good to know that you are not alone in your PND. Anyway, I do send sympathies, along with the odd rhinoceros. Such bungedupness is not much fun at all.

    Interesting to read the comments regarding the problem being worse in Arkansas. I wonder what mix of plant species you have there that is different to elsewhere?

    Thanks for pointing me to Pat Arkansas and her Jell-O post. Hilarious stuff!
    Glad that you were able to make sense of my mention of the recorder. I see that wiki calls it "a woodwind musical instrument of the family known as fipple flutes or internal duct flutes", isn't that nice!
    Best Wishes, P.

  9. Peter,

    Thanks for the good wishes. As usual though, you sent me to Google and I have a new word I just adore "bungedupness." Boy, does that say it all.

  10. hey patti

    I stumbled on your blog this evening and it so helped me to read your PND post! I have been sick for almost two months! I am very susceptible to the pollen. Like you, it is a new problem. I live in Middle Georgia and the pollens are varied and many. Thanks again!