Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have been tagged by Reader Wil. This one is simple and fun to do, especially since I had nothing prepared. Thanks Reader.

I am to list six important things that make me happy. I am also supposed to tag six bloggers and let them know they are "it". Bad Patti, I am just going to throw it out to anyone who may want to use it. So you are either all "it" or all "home free."

First thing that makes me happy is my main fellow, Mighty Dog. He makes me smile, gives me unconditional love, and never notices if I have gained a pound or two or if I have bed hair. A very non-judgmental being who is game for what ever I have planned. He has no idea what "an attitude" is and will travel far or stay home with out complaint only eagerness. Now if I could find a man like that??

Second thing that makes me happy are my family and friends. These are the people who love you regardless of whether they agree with you or not. I can't show all their pictures but they are displayed in my heart. Take my word for it. You can't help but be happy all the time when there is someone in your corner. It is such a wealth and comfort.

Third happiness bringer is my kayak. With it I can go solo into nature's quiet. I can hear the water caress its sides while the current takes me in search of wildlife and beauty. For some reason, creatures do not fear you when you are butt level in the water. Guess I look like a really honkin' big log.

Fourth thing is a campfire on a cool night, steaming cup of hot chocolate, and good company that don't need to talk but are interesting if they decide to. Burning marshmallows is nice then also. Put Mighty in petting reach and I am one big smiley face.

Fifth thing to bring me happiness is to enjoy total sloth in my hammock, plugged into my MP3, swinging gently with a cool breeze. This I can do for entirely too long a time with absolutely no guilt. Fortunately, where I live is most often blessed with a breeze so except for some really cold months, I spend a good bit of time shaped like a banana.

Sixth is having that seed you planted and fussed over slowly become delicious food or a beautiful plant. Growing things gives you a feeling of power but mostly of wonder. It really is magic you know.

I really could do many more for I have always been for the most part a happy, blessed person. Thanks Reader for reminding me.

What makes you happy??


  1. What a great list of things, patti. Your list makes me happy at this moment!

  2. no Mighty, no kayak, no campfire.....yhyyyyyyyyyy
    I have to think what make me happy.

    Now I know...
    Your posts and COMMENTS on my site.
    Thank's Patti.

  3. A nice, happy, serene post, Patti!

  4. Nice post. You got me thinking. Maybe I'll try this meme.

  5. More hugs to you Patti, you inspire so many of us look at and appreciate our own bit of the world and find enjoyment in it. And that is a real gift. Best Wishes, P.

  6. YOU make me happy, Patti... I love reading your blog everyday.. You have such an interesting blog.

    That Campfire and Hot Chocolate that you mentioned sounds fabulous...

    Have a great and wonderful day.

  7. I am definitely having hot chocolate by the fire on our next camping trip. Love this post!

  8. To all my commenters today;

    I would like to add a seventh thing that makes me happy. Those of you that stop by and take the time to send kind words my way in the comment box, that really makes me happy. Thank you.

  9. What a wonderful group of goodies these are! All Happy and Fun and Loving! PERFECT!