Thursday, May 28, 2009


The unfortunate part of my having started the tour with Country Oaks is that the rest of the tour tended to pale in comparison. The other homes were lovely but suffered by being 2nd or 3rd. What I did enjoy as much as the flowers though was seeing the friends that I had not seen in quite a while. What a good group the Garden Club is. The girls (and one guy) were dressed in garden gear as tour guides.

Vivian is almost 90. She knows every flower by its latin name. When ever you have an unknown flower, just say,"Vivian, what is this?" and you will soon know.

Linda and I took the Master Gardener course together and bonded as rookie MG's. That is her grandaughter helping out. She has grandmother's open smile.

Joanie is another of those super busy people. She has a lot on her plate at home as a care giver but still finds time to volunteer.

Billie is one of those people that every one loves. Always smiling and never fails to greet all like they are her favorite person. She is in late 70's or early 80's , a widow, who volunteers where ever there is a need. She is a gardener, Master Gardener, works in the food bank every week, and also does church work. I am tired just typing that.

When she is not working for others, Billie likes to letter sea shells with scripture which she promptly gives away. That is an apple which shows how small the shell is. Billie says she doesn't use a magnifying glass but I need a magnifying glass to read it.

The constant rains we have been having really put a damper on most of the gardens. A big interest to me is vegetable gardening and while the veggie gardens looked better than mine, it wasn't by too much. We have just had too much water and not enough sunshine.

This old 1926 Dodge Depot Hack in great shape, was guarding one of the homes. Her name is Pearl and is she driven regularily.

The last house had so much going on it was hard to pick out individual plants. It was almost overwhelmingly packed with plants and settings.

Then I saw this at the property edge. No one else seemed to even notice.This field of wild flowers stretching as far as I could see. Leave it to me to be turned on by "simple" that required no thought, labor, or intent, just nature gone wild.

As Porkie Pig would say ---Thas all folks.


  1. The field of wildflowers is as beautiful in its own way as any of the carefully tended gardens. Thanks for taking us on the tour.

  2. I prefer the field of wild flowers! It looks like a good tour, though, with nice people - including you!

  3. Your gardener buddies all look like wonderful people to pal around with. And, I agree that field of wildflowers appeals to me the most too. Quite beautiful. I could stare at that for hours.

  4. Pat, kenju and robin

    Wildflowers rule!!!!
    You all have really good taste. Could not believe no one else even noticed. Just wish I had been taller to get a better pic.

  5. Wild flowers are always so honest! No cultivation or manipulations. Though I like all your photos. Great post! Thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing. Have a great day tomorrow.

  6. Thank you Reader. Nature is the ultimate gardener.

  7. Wild flowers put me in mind of a lovely book that Laura had out of the Library more than once, "A Gentle Plea for Chaos", by Mirabel Osler. It was the sort of book that was so nice that I enjoyed looking at it over Laura's shoulder, and sneaking more of a look when she wasn't there. For those who haven't seen the book, it is really about a garden that makes the most of wild flowers, and letting the grass grow long. I always think of it when I occasionally remember to mow our bit of grass, and carefully leave dandelions to flourish, and encourage the humble daisy to take over as much of the "lawn" as possible. I have found dandelions to be an excellent reviver to worn out bees that I rescue from time to time. Even the most unresponsive recumbent bee will poke out its long coiled up tongue and sip restoring food from a dandelion flower. Lovely to see. Laura was most impressed to read that you and Sandy had taken the Master Gardener course.
    Happy Gardening! P.

  8. Thanks Peter for the recomendation for the book "A Gentle Plea for Chaos", by Mirabel Osler. I checked Amazon and between your comments and the reviews, I have ordered it. I am intrigued by her humor.
    Thanks Laura but I am a master gardener drop out. I had to quit when my back started giving me fits. It is mostly a volunteer organizition and I was not always able to fulfill my obligations. They are a wonderful bunch though.