Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Definition of Doddering:

1. Exhibiting the mental and physical deterioration often accompanying old age.

Crap, think I may be hitting the big "D". Went to Walmart the other day. I was dressed in white shorts and a really red top. Was feeling pretty spiffy sporting my new tan. Yeh, I know sun is bad for the skin but it helps to even out the liver spots, hides the spider veins and my bones need the vitamin D. Besides the skin damage is all ready done from all those years in the Florida sun.

I was happy to have run into several people I know. Had some nice "catch up" visits and when I checked out, I enjoyed a conversation with the person in front of me as well as the one behind me.

I come from the school of "never having met a stranger" and will pass the time of day with anyone. It is amazing what you can learn in a few minutes from a total stranger. Their personal history or days agenda becomes an open book they willingly divulge while standing in line. These are usually sparked by an item in your cart. I enjoy these "quickies."

When I got home and had to use the bathroom, I discovered the sad truth. I had strut around town all morning with my shorts inside out. Never again will I fold clothes or dress with my glasses off. Bold seams flared like riding britches down the sides of my legs. I refused to peek in the mirror to see how my butt had looked. This doddering stuff can be embarrassing. Probably the only thing to save me was my yacky nature. Hopefully they looked at my face and not my shorts.

Any one else willing to share a "dodder moment" to make me feel better??


The little guy is doing OK as long as he is liquored up. Mighty has such a low pain threshold that it is safe to say he has NO threshold. Pain has immediate access to his nerves. He winces if people pet him too vigorously. If he thinks you are going to hurt him, he will squeal on the approach, long before contact is made. Therefore, physical therapy has been a challenge.

Fortunately he does respond to pain meds so we are progressing. He has good days and bad days, good hours and bad hours. I don't know till he stands up which Mighty will appear. However, since we are only in day 12 of a 90 day treatment period, I can only say he is doing OK for an old fellow. I can sort of relate. After his check up Friday, we can start water therapy. He does not mind that and it is easier on us both. Need to pick up a kiddie wading pool today.

This is a picture of a baby Phoebe hanging out of the nest Mom and Pop built on my porch. It was really hot that day so I don't know if the heat was getting him or he just wanted some fresh air. Maybe one of his siblings had just broken wind. The momma or maybe dad are really tidy in their nest but are messy on my porch ,which they assume correctly, is my job. Fortunately it cleans up easily enough. Not the best of tenants but I am happy to provide a home.

I plan to mow today and buy a wading pool. Promise to make sure all my clothes are right side out. Hope you have more exciting plans. Have a great day.


  1. Oh, my! Thanks for the belly laugh this morning, Patti. I'm doddering, all right, but my inside out clothing has been confined (so far) to underwear and sleep shirts! I envy your tan. The only tan I get on my skin is if my freckles run together. My genes allow only for "Freckle, Burn, and Peel."

    Keeping Mighty in my thoughts. Hope the medication, and ensuing water therapy eventually eases some of his discomfort. Our pets are so precious to us; it's heartbreaking when we can't "make it all go away."

    Love your capture of the baby Phoebe.

  2. Patti,

    I have friends who have been married for years and for all of those years the wife has laid out his clothes for him to wear that day.

    Once, we went on vacation together and we (my husband and I and my friend) were at the pool and we were told that Joe was getting his bathing suit on to join us at the pool.

    Soon, Joe came down the path and he had on a black tight bathing suit. The wife took one look at him and screamed," What are you wearing?" Said he,"What you put out for me on the bed."

    She grabbed a towel,threw it around his waist and dragged him away. As she passed me with him in tow,she whispered,"He has on my black girdle that was lying on the bed next to his suit. We'll be right back."

  3. What a story, patti. I wish you would be in my check-out line every time. I always like a good conversation, especially if it distracts me from how slow the line is moving. I bet we could tell each other good stories in a very short amount of time.

    Hope Mighty's pain diminishes and he starts to work things out in therapy.

    Very cute phoebe shot.

  4. Pat
    You should be glad now about tanning for I'll bet that with out sun damage, your skin is almost wrinkle free where I look like a newly plowed field. My sister could not go out in the sun and though in her 60's now, she looks 40.
    So glad your inside outs have been confined to the house.

    You are one funny lady. That is a great story and makes me not feel so doddery(pretty sure that isn't a word.)You should sent that off to Reader's Digest.
    You should start your own blog but until you do, keep commenting here-- please.

    Ah a kindred sprit. And it does eliminate any aggrivation over a slow moving line doesn't it. Of course being retired helps. My "hurry" button rarely gets pushed these days.

  5. That's funny, Patti and I can share your pain. I have not done that, but several years ago, mr. kenju came to a restaurant to meet me; already seated with about 6 friends, and his shirt was on wrong-side out! I was so obvious that I couldn't believe he hadn't noticed!!

  6. kenju,
    Thanks that does make me feel a bit better. It is always nice to have company.
    I can attest that you just don't notice. Not wearing glasses when taking that last look doesn't help.

  7. Hey Cutie, You remind me of my BFF Judy... She'll talk to a tree if it could talk back to her.

    Funny Funny story about your shorts. BUT---don't you know that that is in STYLE now?????? You are leading the way!!!!!!

    No---I never dodder... NEVER!!!!! ha ha ha ....

    Glad Mighty is okay... If I come ad live with you, will you liquor me up too?? Sounds fun --as long as you (and Mighty) refrain from breaking wind... HA!!!

  8. Betsy,
    You mean trees don't talk?? Oops.
    You are right. If you wear something dumb with enough swagger, you can set a trend.
    As for the "wind", I can be discreet but Mighty just lets er rip.

  9. Back when I was still too young to dodder, I dressed hurriedly for a meeting without turning on the light in my bedroom. When I got to the meeting I was wearing black shoes from two different pairs. Someone had noticed and pointed it out to me and everyone else. I just said, "You know? I have another pair at home just like these!" How embarrassing.