Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I had another post for today but last night Mighty hurt his good leg. He had an anterior cruciate ligament replaced in his left hind leg a few years ago when it ruptured. He went through extensive surgery and a long rehab process but was doing quite well though he never fully used that leg.

Last evening when we were outside, I got a phone call and left him alone to go inside to answer. He usually comes in with me as he is a foot for foot fellow but not this time. I had just hung up when I heard a sound like a goat bleating. When I went out, Mighty was standing on three legs and looking at me to make it better.

It is his good leg and it was something the vet feared. By not fully using his bad leg, he put undue stress on the good one. I am pretty sure he has blown out the other knee. I am not sure what can be done but we will be sitting at the vets office as soon as it opens. The office is an hour away so we will be leaving soon.

Right now, my baby hasn't got a good leg to stand on and I am just sick with concern. I won't be around to comment today and will get back to posting when I can.

Please keep good thoughts for the little fellow. He is my best friend.

Thank you.


  1. Oh poor Mighty. I hope he recovers well and fully. Sending good thoughts.

  2. Poor Mighty. Maybe it's just a sprain.

  3. Luckie and I will keep Mighty in our prayers. Yes, I pray for the well-being of our pets and other animals. God put all the animals in our care for our uses which are multiple.

    All your bloggie friends will be anxiously awaiting news Mighty's recovery. But we know you will be attending his needs

  4. Bless Mighty’s heart! He is such a good companion and I know you will miss him while he is at the vets. Thinking of you both and sending positive thoughts that Mighty will be up and walking again soon!

  5. Thank you all so much for your caring.
    The vet confirmed that Mighty blew out his good knee and it will need repairing. He goes into surgery tomorrow.
    Mighty threw up three different times on the trip over so the vet is keeping him tonight to moniter him and make sure nothing else is going on.
    Thank you again for the support.

  6. Patti, I am SO sorry about Mighty and I hope he will be fine after surgery. Keep us posted.

  7. Oh Patti, I could cry. I know how much Mighty means to you. I know your heart is broken.. I'm just so very sorry. Hopefully, the surgery will help and he'll be able to walk again.

    Love and Hugs and Prayers,

  8. Patti, I'm so sorry to read about Mighty. A sad and worrying time for you. We are thinking of you both over here and know just how important and special our little friends and companions are. Loving thoughts, Peter and Laura

  9. I am so sorry about Mighty! Will be checking your blog for updates. Sending doggie prayers his way.

  10. Thank you Betsy, Peter, Laura and Pat. Your support means so much. Nothing to do now but wait.