Tuesday, June 2, 2009


While reading my Dave's Garden News Letter, I read an article that caught my interest. I have no whimsy in my yard and it could use a bit. This is a link to the article.

I really like the look of the Gnome Home Door to attach to a large tree with a winding stone walk way to the door. If the pictures are correct, I think it is really cute. This is the one from the article.

This is a site to order Fairy Doors. I am leaning towards this one

or possibly this one .
Any preference?

I know I am standing on a slippery slope with whimsy. I have seen gardens whimsied to death and it all starts with one item. I am not going to get a little fake gnome which is showing some control I would rather wait for the real thing to appear. Build it and they will come.

Weather and allergies permitting, I plan to take Ole Yeller--my kayak out for its maiden voyage for the year. No pictures today for I don't have a water proof bag for my camera. Haven't taken a spill yet but don't want to chance it.

I have getting into a kayak down pretty good. Getting out, you don't want an audience. Not pretty, at least the way I do it. A friend once told me that he makes sure no one is looking and then just falls out. So with that in mind, camera stays home.

Have a good day, I plan to.


  1. I have never been in a kayak, so I can't relate. Sure would like a video, though.

    The gnome home is really cute. I limit my whimsy to birdhouses and an occasional statue (dog and frog).

  2. I will imagine you quietly paddling in a very fine body of water somewhere today. Even without photos, I know you'll tell us a grand story about the day.

    I've never done whimsy either. I lean toward Buddha and Quan Yin statues, things that convey sanctuary and peace.

  3. kenju
    Grin. Sit flat on the floor, put concrete blocks on either side of you and try to get to your feet. It just isn't pretty. Maybe someday I'll video "somceone else".

    Didn't make it today, rats. Got rained out, not today but tomorrow and next day. I really needed to mow and couldn't put it off for
    three days. Friday should be perfect to hit the water.
    Sanctuary and peace sounds good.

  4. I can only imagine what I would look like trying to get in and out of a Kayak.... Yipes!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy being out in Ole Yeller. Buy a little throw-away camera ---and take some pictures for us!!!!! PUH-LEASE!!! Being out in the water should be LOADS of fun!


  5. My brother-in-law makes these doors on the sides of things like his garage. He had his grand children thinking they were fairy doors.

    Voices from the past > http://bing-it.blogspot.com/

  6. Good idea Betsy. Then if it goes over board, it is no big loss. I'll do it. Thanks

    I'll bet they are cute. That is what the site I am checking calls them. Hope I don't attract the mischieveious type.

  7. I assure you I'll never be in a kayak, but next time on the lake I'll take my camera. I did once this year, but forgot the picture card--twit, nitwit, dimwit me.

    I like the door with the porcupine.

    Still in LR. Will make Sam's then home. All is well with husband I guess. Don't tempt the fate gods.

    A 2.5 cm spot was found on his smoke filled lungs two years ago. Biopsies, CT and PET scans have all been negative and the spot has shrunk to 1.2 cm in two years. The clinic at VA will not follow it any longer until there is a noticeable change of health.

    Now it will behoove me to nag him to pester his local VA clinic to make periodic checkups. In my post cancer mode you don't fool around.

  8. nitwit
    Great news that the spot has shrunk. So glad he has you to nag him. Gotta keep on top of these things as you know. I'm alive today due to constant check ups every three months. Because of that,22 tumors have been caught and removed in time. Keep after him.