Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It was the prelude to a sultry day. The quickly vanishing coolness was soon to give way to sweat drenching, hard to breathe,suffocating heat. The park still held promise for shade and beauty, only because it was still early. Over 100 degrees predicted again for the day. Time and cool were slipping away. He had to hurry.

The victim looked ahead at the vast expanses of sidewalks, trees and streams. He was consumed by the assault on his senses. The scent of game and a previous passersby filled the air. Dutifully, he staked his claim on every thing at least 6 inches high. It was a daunting task but he was up to it. The pain from his surgery slowed him but could not stop him. More smells to smell, more territory to claim, so little time. He eagerly limped ahead.

By the time he had finished the first portion of the journey, fatigue was setting in. The game knee was feeling its longest workout since the surgery and he was tiring. He stopped by a bench in the shade to catch his breath and rest the joint. Harmless people walked past and spoke to him. He did not understand their language but the tone was unmistakable. They thought he was cute. He could only nod in agreement.

Refreshed, he started off again. The limp had become more exaggerated and his pace slower but he pushed on. The mugger came from behind, quietly without warning. There he was, suddenly at his shoulder and challenging him. The stiff legged strut was unmistakable. The mugger was begging for a fight and wanted to cause him harm.

Then with lightning speed the assailant threw his body against his side, forcing his shoulders to the ground and then had the audacity to stand on him. The gimpy leg had betrayed him and the mugger stole the advantage. Shame filled him for normally, he could have taken the upstart with no problem. That knowledge doesn't help when your face is in the dirt. It just made the defeat more bitter.

That is when Mom came to the rescue and pulled the victim high in the air away from the vicious bully. The mugger was also raised from its feet by its Mom.

This is a mug shot of the mugger and Mom. Obviously a shady pair. Sorry I couldn't get pictures of the mugging ,I was a bit busy.

OK that isn't exactly what happened but really close. I was walking Mighty Dog in the park for therapy when he was attacked by a fierce 3 pound,free roaming, bad natured Miniature Pinscher. It was half his size, 1/4 his weight and to make matters worse, he discovered the mugger was a female, an old female to boot.

Fifi (actual name) had humiliated my boy. She must have sensed his weakness.
The owners were very apologetic and swore Fifi had never done that before. Yeah, right. She had "born to fight" oozing out every pore and off the tips of each raised hair. This was a feisty one that didn't understand she was tiny.

We did get a good chuckle out of it as nothing was really hurt except for Mighty's pride. I fear our laughing added insult to injury for the Mighty One though. Indignation rankled in his belly.

Fifi may have upped her bragging rights in the neighborhood that morning but Mighty and I knew there would be a rematch someday, soon. Then Mighty will put her face in the dirt and once again be able to hold his head high. Till then he will build his strength with serious exercise. Determination creased his whiskers as we walked on.

Fifi beware!!! You will go down.


  1. Now Mighty has a goal, one that will strengthen his muscles and bones. A rematch is in his future. Fifi beware!

  2. Wonderful story. Made me chuckle. First laugh of the day. Onward Mighty Dog we're behind you.

  3. Patti, I doubt I am the first to tell you that you ought to write a book!! This is priceless.

  4. Patti,

    I love dog stories because you just never know what they are going to do. I know when Mighty gets all better he will get even with Fifi.

    My daughter had a dog named Benny. He was a Bernese Mountain Dog and weighed 125 lbs. Here is what he used to do.

    The Water softener man would come in through the garage right past Benny with a huge bag of chemicals over his shoulder. Ben would watch him go to the basement and do his job with the water then come up the steps past our Watch dog again,and still Benny didn't say a word. He would follow the Water man out, and AFTER he got in his truck and started to drive away, Benny would chase him down the driveway barking his head off till the truck disappeared.

    Then, he would strut into the kitchen with a smug look on his face as if to say," Well,I got rid of that guy for you. You won't be seeing him around here any time soon." Then he would expect a doggie treat for his good work.

    He was such a fun dog,and we all miss him and his antics.

  5. Go for it Mighty! I love your stories Patti! I am looking forward to the next instalment!

  6. robin,
    You bet, he is serious now. If I lived closer to Philidelphia, we would do the Rocky thing on the Art Museum steps.

    Glad to have tickled you. Mighty tries his best to find humor in a humiliating situation.If he can't then I do for him.

    Thank you Judy. I consider that high praise from a great source.

    Really cute dog story about the BMD. He did his job after all. Just making sure that water softener guy made no detours. I think the BMD is a beautiful dog.

    Thank you per usual for the kind comment. Glad you liked it. It was fun to live thru.

  7. Go for it Mighty!!! Get that rehab in double time--in training for next match!

  8. Mighty is a wonderful litte dog. After all hams with his legs surgeries...
    Say Him Hi to me!
    Wow, wow.

  9. Dear Patti,

    I live just outside of Philadelphia and I pass that Rocky statue about once a week. It is in front of our beautiful Art Museum right next to the very steps that Rocky ran up.

    So, pack Mighty up and send him Fed Ex to my house and I will take him to the Rocky statue and let him run up and down the steps like the champion he is. I will even play the song for him. I'm sure he will draw a great crowd.

    Then, I will pack him up and ship him back to you and we will all be happy.

    Take that,Fifi!

  10. All it takes is incentive. Go get her, Mighty!

  11. Nitwit,
    Do you think I ought to warn Fifi's owners so they can train her too? Naw, me either.

    I passed your message to Mighty and he didn't even need a translator. Thanks so much.

    Wouldn't that make the 6 o'clock news? Thanks, I may play the music to inspire him.

    He is fired up and ready to go. A little dirt in the face does wonders for resolve.

  12. Love your tale.
    That FiFi what a bully she is, picking on an injured elder like that. Maxwell, The Wonder Cow Dog, Ret., said to tell Mighty that if he needs backup, he is ready and somewhat able.

  13. Brighid,
    How cool of Maxwell to offer. Mighty needs to get his dignity back and if that little hussy whips him one more time, he would love to have back up. We may be starting a rumble. Thanks Maxwell.

  14. Go, Mighty! Your honor will be restored! But, wait a bit, OK?

    MinPins like Fifi and other tiny dogs can be vicious, and not only to other canines. My daddy once suffered a severe bite on the lower leg from a tiny Chihuahua (I guess that was as high as the dog could jump.)

    Well told story (as they all are.)

  15. Now Mighty has a goal ---and a 'real' reason to get totally well.... Beware--little Miniature Pincher!!!!! The Mighty Man will be BACK!!!!!! ha ha