Sunday, June 14, 2009


Definition of skating.

Skating--- slang, getting out of work, lollygagging "Man, I skated on that last job."

A skate is someone sluffing off work, "Skating means to do little or nothing."

I have decided to turn my Sundays into skating days. Not to say that I won't skate on other days of the week but Sunday will be the designated day to skate. Sorry about that. We both can use the rest.

LIFE EXPECTANCY METER. This one is interesting! It will either scare you or elate you.

According to the life expectancy meter, I should live to 93.9 with 9100 days left(actually 9099.75 now). I suppose it is good news providing I have decent health at 93.8 and I am not staring at the ceiling waiting to be spoon fed. How's that for cheerful?

Arkansas Razorbacks yesterday upset Cal State Fullerton, the 2nd seeded team, in the first round of the college world series. Go Hogs.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Considering my recent history, I think I'll sleep all afternoon! Wish me luck.

  2. My life expectancy is 90.4. Hmmm I don't actually believe that.

    Enjoy Sunday.

    I pace myself according to my ideas insofar as blogging.

    I've decided to forgo PHOTOHUNT, that is a tag or meme without sense and consumes too much of Friday & Saturday and does nothing to improve my photography skills.

    Nor have I picked up readers via PHOTOHUNT. Also picked up some SPAM somewhere doing it.

  3. I can't think of anything to say every day. Maybe I should get out more. I'm lucky to manage two blogs a week - maybe three, when I have a meme.

  4. Hi Patti, So today is your 'lollygagging' day... I like days like that myself. I've never heard of using the work skating with that meaning.

    I don't want to get outside and skate down the street---but I love to sit around doing almost nothing!!!!

    Let's do nothing together.

  5. kenju
    Your eyes are heavy, you can't hold them open, all your muscles are relaxed, you have no where and nothing to do. Sleep.

    Oh, don't want spam. I wish I could just blog when I felt like it and had ideas, but I know me and I need the discipline or I will fall into sloth. Only have two speeds.

    Yea, but you put out great blogs when you do. If I didn't have a deadline, I would probalby be far away from the computer.

    I have used that expression as long as I can remember. Thought it would aptly describe a lackadasical blog approach for Sundays. All ready feel refreshed.

  6. Ye god and little fishes! My virtual age is under 60 (Sometimes I look it, and other times I look like I'm at least 100)and I'm supposed to live another 20 years (don't believe it). If I had known that, I would have saved more money instead of having so much fun with what little I have!

    I have already given up several of the meme blogs in which I used to participate regularly. I found it was getting stressful, and that's not what I want at this stage of my life. I've started reading fun stuff again instead of chasing photo material.

    Skate away, Patti!

  7. Pat,
    Thanks for the good laugh.
    Way to go on that virtual age. Like you, I'm mot sure I have 9000more days left either.
    We may have out spent our years but we had fun doing it.