Friday, June 19, 2009


Well now, that was interesting. It appears I took one for the team Wednesday. Thanks to all the rain we have had, our grass is growing as you watch, I really needed to mow though it had only been 4 days since I had last mowed. It was too wet in the morning, too hot in the afternoon, so around 5 PM, I broke out the riding mower. It had cooled down to the mid nineties. I should have waited till later but I wanted to watch the Arkansas Razorback's game. We are in the loser's bracket of the world series but are not counted out yet. Yeh, I know, that is why I have a DVR. My hindsight is perfect.

Normally, my yard takes two hours to mow so in deference to the heat, I decided to only mow half then and the rest the next day. Sounded prudent to me. So I hydrated, put on my hat, sun block and started. Got to a good stopping point but decided to do just a wee bit more. Probably shouldn't have. I had been sweating pretty good even on the rider, then I quit sweating.

When I finished , I put Mighty on a leash and walked him briefly. When we approached the house, I noticed the thumping. It was coming from inside my ribcage. Normally you can't feel your heart beat unless you have exercised vigorously. Yesterday I could and it was rapid. I checked my heart rate and it was 120. Not optimal at all just walking a lame dog.

At first I was thinking really bad thoughts so I jumped on the Net to get info at medical sites. I was kicking my self for not going to a lawyer to make out that will or making arrangements for my pets. I am one of those who thinks of fixing the roof only if it is raining. The more I checked however, the more I settled down. It looked like I had beginning heat exhaustion. Not good but better than the alternative. Within 20 minutes after a cool down shower and resting, I was fine then and am fine now.

What it did bring home is that I can't do what I always did regardless of how I feel. I had read that heat effected older people more. I just had to prove it. The purpose of this post is not to moan about my age and how I have to look at many things differently. It is to be a reminder to all of you who may be close to my age or are married to someone older. Perhaps your parents still chug around in the midday sun with the mad dogs and Englishmen. Talk to them.

Age does makes a difference. Our systems do not work as they always did. Think of this as a public service announcement. Let my experience save you from the same experience. This one I took for the team. With our increasingly hotter summers,


Oh yes, the Razorbacks are still alive beating Virginia in overtime. Go Hogs.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have never been one to sit around in the sun for long, but I could work in the yard for hours. No longer! It is supposed to be mid-90's here today and 100* tomorrow. We are having 15 people here tomorrow for a pool party and dinner - and it may be so hot we have to come inside!!

  2. I love the heat, but only if I am sitting on a beach with a cool drink in my hand.

    It's raining (again) and cool-ish here on the coast. Soon we may be classified as a rain forest.

    Glad you were able to get yourself right.

    Stay well!

  3. Good advice about that heat-related thumping. Yikes, Patti. Glad you're okay.

  4. True True True Patti. This heat is rare --especially for us. But--we have it too right now. We NEVER turn on the AC in our house until August... This year is an exception. We turned it on this morning for the weekend. It's just too hot!!!!! AND --we can't take the heat as easily as we did when we were younger.

    Glad you are okay!!!! Relax and stay cool for the weekend.

  5. kenju
    It really is brutal out there isn't it.
    At least around the pool you can jump in to cool off.
    Maybe serve dinner on floating rafts in the pool??

    Thanks Barry
    Aw, you are still a whippersnapper so your cooling system should still function OK.
    Once those rains we sent you go away, beware the heat. It is brutal.

    Think you all are getting more seasonal which must be nice. Weather is so unpredictable and I do believe we are heating up.

    Think the only ones happy with this heat are the power companies. Thank God for A/C though. How did we live with out it?

  6. Thank you Patti. I don't know were you find the first translation, but it is FOR ME FORMIDABLE.
    I put french and I understod all. It makes so good translation.
    The second dosen't work, you can take it off.

    Its true that in our age the warm fatique. This spring in Florida we maked the same than you. My husbent likes sun,and we try to have a little color on the skin before coming back in Finland.
    We had a lovely day today. Now it's Midsummer night and everyone are still waked.

  7. I know what you mean, too. I can't be out in the heat for long. It saps my energy and I get light-headed. I can't believe I used to spend my summers on the golf course. Can't do it, now!

  8. Blue,
    So glad I got something to work. The second one works, you just have to go though many steps.
    Know how you like to take a tan back to Finland. We just have to be careful these days.

    Our eyes may be the first to go but our cooling system isn't far behind.
    I used to spend 90 percent of my waking hours outside, Guess not any more

  9. I'm always monitoring my heart too: exercise is good in the long run, but sometimes in the short run we can over do it. Good advice.

  10. Smart words from a youngster Robert.

  11. My next door neighbor, a young MP from the local Air Base, used to worry about me when he'd see me working in the heat. I told him "As long as I'm red in the face, and the sweat is dripping off my nose, I'm OK. If I turn white and an not sweating, call 911." I try never to get to the non-sweaty point. I seldom, if ever, work in direct sun. I mow, or weed, the part of the yard that is in shade, then wait to mow the other part until the sun is below the horizon. I still get plenty hot, and sweaty, even in the shade, when the ambient temperature is in the 90's.

    Take care, Patti.

  12. All wise moves Pat. Keep up the good work.
    I was pretty convinced I was immune till Wednesday. Now I am a believer.