Friday, July 31, 2009


Todays post is compliments of Dave Walker at weblogcartoonsHe allows you to use his cartoons free with just a link back. Thank you Dave, I think you are a funny guy and you saved my bacon today. I had nothing.

I have a long list of ideas, just none of them say"pick me, pick me" today so they go back in the file.

Yesterday's vacant stare out the window brought nothing and this morning it is still dark. Maybe if I weren't such a morning person.

Usually having nothing to say doesn't stop me but today it has. See ya tomorrow, I hope. Enjoy the rest, I plan to.

Thanks Dave.


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  2. The laughs on me when I tried to go to webalogs for some weird reaon I got Arkie's musings which is on volunteerism, a subject dear to my heart. My entire comment was irrelevant. Hmmmm, maybe all of them are.

    I have tag reserved to a day of nothing else. I'm not gonna tag anybody, but let people choose to do it or not. I'm not a fan of this. awards are OK but seem to be similar in nature. POST OF THE DAY has merit, to me.

  3. I have more blank days that I care to admit. Oh the pressure to be cleaver...will it never end? ha

  4. Cute cartoons -- and applicable to the situation in which I find myself more and more often.

  5. I hate blank days and I have a lot of them. Other days I'm overwhelmed with ideas. Wish I could spread them out evenly.

  6. Nice to know we all have those days (weeks, months...).

  7. Some days I'm even blank for a comment! :)

  8. You can tell I am getting tired. This is one response for all.
    Thank you all for making me not feel so badly about going brain dead. It is like Wanda says, sometimes I look at a perfectly wonderful post and can't even think of a comment. Time for a rest. Will see what tomorrow brings but I may just take a short, I hope, rest to recharge the ole battery.

  9. Hi Patti, So far, I haven't run out of anything to say on my blog ---although I'm sure that some people think mine gets boring when I post tons of the same kinds of things ---like mountain views or birds. BUT--I like doing that so that is what you get!!!! ha

    What I burn out of doing is commenting on other's blogs constantly. I sometimes have to spend hours at the computer---and that gets OLD. BUT--if people come to my blog and comment, I feel as if I need to go to theirs. It's hard to keep up though...

    Vacations help.... We're going on one VERY soon. You can take a Blog Vacation sometime. I think it will help!!!! It helps me to get away on occasion.


  10. I get the cartoons - and I have been there often....LOL

    You always have something good or interesting to say!

  11. well this was very entertaining

    thanks for having nothing to say ;)

    that's why I don't post regularly but instead when the moment/subject strikes me

  12. Well having nothing to say, didn't stop you. Great creativity! See you next time.

  13. Thanks for the cool site, and sending NitWit1 my way even if it was by accident.

    An Arkies Musings