Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There was a bet I wouldn't post this but I have no scruples and will probably post anything and if it is embarrassing to me, all the better. Vulgar and mean are my only forbidden areas. Better be careful what you say to me, a version may appear on my site.

Mighty and I had just returned from town where we had taken a walk in the city park. Still aware of what happened previously with the Terrible Fifi, I scoured the area closely for any sign of her before we got out. I saw a woman with a Fifi look alike so I left Mighty in the car and went to make sure it wasn't TF.

This dog was a perfect little lady and very polite , definitely not Fifi. I told the owner about Mighty's humiliation and while we talked I was standing in some relatively high grass. We talked quite a while as perfect strangers often do, then I went back for Mighty with the all clear.

After our walk and on the way back home, I felt like something was crawling on me but when I looked, there was nothing. It was like someone was gently touching me with a thread ever so briefly over my legs.

The rest of the day, similar sensations occurred over the rest of my body. I was reminded of when some one talks about ticks, how your skin crawls, a victim of imagination. Thinking that was it, I pretty much ignored it. Psychosis will go away if ignored.

The next day I woke up to misery. I had about 50 bites all over me. This was when I was still blogging before the hiatus so it was very early morning. I threw off the bedding looking for the dreaded BED BUG. I just knew if you went to bed whole and woke up bitten it had to be the BB. I had heard a while back how even New York classiest hotels were infested. BB was enjoying a resurgence. But how on earth did they get here and how did I go from zero bites to 50 in one night?

The Internet both consoled me and frightened me. If I really did have them, I may as well put a pan of grease on the stove, turn it on high and go shopping, being sure to take my pets with me. The possibility of eradication seemed daunting if not impossible.

Before I got out the pan of grease, I did a little more research. I came from the generation thinking that bed bugs were the rewards of dirty living. Even knowing better today, the stigma still lives on. So I kept this quiet and studied the web while clawing at my itches.

Then I read how many creatures can upset your life even when you are a decent housekeeper. There are bird mites, chicken mites, rat mites, scabies, bed bugs, fleas and chiggers. Right now, I am fairly expert on these biting creatures.

Slowly I was able to put the pan of grease away. I am pretty sure I didn't have bed bugs for I have not been bitten since, though a few of the old ones itch mildly. Unless I poisoned them with my blood, BB's were not my problem. No new bites have occurred and slowly I was feeling less itchy.

My pets have never itched and are on flea prevention so I am pretty sure I had a meeting with old buddy chigger. It has been so many years since I was attacked by those tiny creatures that I had forgotten what a joy they are.

Some of the things I tried to quell the itching were educational at least. Do not put Tea Tree Oil in your bath unless you think smelling like a pine tree is cool. Besides reeking, I still itched. The one thing I did try and it works really well for many hours of temporary, total relief is REALLY hot water.

I learned this last year via the Internet when I got poison ivy. Run hot water over the area, slowly increasing the heat till you can barely stand it. WARNING. The feeling of really hot water on raging itch is actually sexual. Some people have burned themselves being unable to stop. When I told my sister of this cure last year, her only comment was,"Hum, and what does poison ivy look like?"

All was going good till a few days ago. As I sat at the computer I felt something on my leg. There was a tiny creature, the size of a pencil tip or the period at the end of the sentence defiantly crawling up my leg......

So sorry, there is a part two that I will post it tomorrow. Promise.


  1. Well, I'm taking a lot of bug spray with me tomorrow. I'll have posts Thur-Fri. already written.

    Let me guess, chiggers (red bugs), or no see'ums, similar to sand mites. I have a lot of the latter in my yard.

    I got a few just standing on the deck the other day. At least chiggers leave a bump.

    My home made cure for chiggers is sitting in a tub of water to which is added at least a pint of vinegar. I won't make any vulgar remarks. It does make the tub very slippery.

    Vinegar has been my recommendation for chiggers professionally. I never measured- I just dumped the vinegar in. I kept a gallon. The more I itched, the more I poured. VERY NON-PROFESSIONAL! :~)

  2. Well, now I can look forward to a day of scratching and believing something is crawling on me. I already "feel" them.

    Off to the garden, back-scratching device in hand.


    I like witch hazel for the itchy stuff. Not sure if it actually works, but it works for me.

  3. Well that sounds very scary and above all creepy! Be sure it's not a tick, for that can cause Lyme disease, which is dangerous.

  4. I haven't been attacked by red bugs in years but remember well their agonizing visit! (In Tennessee we called them Ciggers, in Mississippi they are called Red Bugs)I put clear finger nail polish on each bite as it smuthers them to death and when it was dry coat the bite area in Caladryl!
    Hope you get relief soon Patti!

  5. Patti,

    You say hot water over Poison Ivy is sexual? Hmmmmm. Along those lines....

    I told a friend the other day that every time I sneezed I had an orgasm.

    She said," Wow, what are you taking for that?"

    I said, "BLACK PEPPER."

    So happy you are back. I missed you.

  6. Oh I hate that crawly feeling! I get bitten when I'm out in garden by those pesky no seeums. I'm starting to itch just writing this!
    Sunny :)

  7. Astral influence! That's what it is! How else could both of us write about chiggers on the same day? LOL

    I'm interested in NitWit's vinegar cure/relief. Should there be a next time, I'll try that. I did discard the clothing I had worn during my trip and soaked all of it in cold water and about a quart of vinegar overnight, then washed and dried as usual. I didn't know about vinegar being efficacious at the time, but just thought it might kill the beasts.

    I don't have 50 bites on me, thank goodness, only about a dozen, but those are quite enough, thank you. My sympathies are with you.

  8. I absolutely detest the creepy crawlies. Luckily, haven't had to deal with tics, BB, mites, or chiggers YET! I can't wait to read what little nasty critter was crawling up your leg.

  9. Mosquitoes have been my nemesis this summer. I can get 20 bites just walking to get the mail. The only thing I remember about chigger bites is that you need to suffocate the chigger. Can be done by painting the bite with clear nail polish.

  10. Pattie, paint the infected areas with clear, finger-nail will do the job.

  11. If I go outside, there will be a bug of some kind on me in an instant. I have had chigger infestations and they are horrible. Sand fleas are as bad, and I'm hoping I never get them again.

    My dad got scabies after my mom died and he wasn't changing the sheets often enough. That was horrible to get rid of!

  12. This is the second post I've come across about chiggers...but, what it made me realize is we haven't had chiggers for a few years, but I had never gave it any thought...untill today...I walk in our field of tall grass almost everyday...I wonder what happened to them.

  13. Nitwit,
    Smart woman to take the bug spray. Haven't found any no see'ums here but Florida is ate up with them.
    Next time I will try pickling my self if the hot water doesn't work.
    Thanks doc. Have a wonderful celebration.

    Aw gee Barry, I am so sorry. I do know the power of suggestion.
    I do have witch hazel and will try it next time along with hot water and vinegar. Why do I keep saying next time?

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks and I do look out for ticks Seed ticks are similar but not quite the same and they travel in packs of hundreds. Eww.

    Oh yes red bugs. We had them in Florida and they loved to hang out in Spanish Moss. Fortunately, I am no longer itching, except for phantom itch.

    You and my sister sound like you might be potential burn victims if you got in the ivy. Careful with that black pepper.
    Thanks, glad to be back if only partially. Missed you all also.

    I know. I am almost sorry I started this post for as long as I am typing about these crawlies, I am crawling. Tomorrow should end it all.

    That is what I thought when I read your post this AM. Chiggers must be in bloom.
    I am putting vinegar on my shopping list.

    Hard to believe as much as you and roger tromp through the woods that at least a tick hasn't found you. Just consider yourself lucky and buy a lotto ticket.
    Probably your good diet makes you unappealing to the crawlie types. Another reason to eat well.

    Oh, I am sorry about you and mosquitoes. So far in 5 years here, I have not had any mosquito bites anywhere on my property. The National Forest is their hide out.

    I'll keep that in mind next time. Good grief, I said "next time" again. Hopefully, never again.

    Ah you must be very attractive to the old bugs. I used to be that way. You could put me in the cheap seats at Yankee Stadium on a sell out day, turn a mosquito lose at home plate and he would find me.
    Somehow with age, they no longer find me attractive. Now if I could just figure out how to turn off ole buddy chigger.

  14. Wanda,
    I know where they are. They are alive and well in Arkansas. Just be glad Pat and I are doing our part in keeping them happy and well fed.
    This was my first dose in about 15 years. Hope it is at least that long before I see them again. Enjoy your freedom.

  15. OY VEY! What an ordeal....AND, there's more??? You poor dear....But I must say, your sense of humor is in did laugh when you mentioned putting grease on the stove and lighting up...! Then laughed again when you put it away....
    So, is the Moral Of The Story, stay out of the weeds??
    About that hot water treatment. Hmmmmmm....I bet you don't evem have to have been bitten by Chiggers to try that one....

  16. I felt itchy just reading that post...(scratch, scratch)....I have never heard of a chigger before....thank you for enlightening me to the inscect world :-)

  17. OOLOH
    Sure hope I am not setting my self up for an arson conviction if I accidently burn my house down.

    Trust me, any allergic reaction itching reacts that way to hot water. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

    Sure hope chiggers never learn to swim long distances. Enjoy not having them around. You are not missing a thing.

  18. Ah Crap, Patti.... George is always getting some kind of bug bites or poison oak or something when he works in the yard. I try to get him to put bug spray on --but he doesn't think about it.

    Last year, when I was out of town, George went hiking in the woods around here ---and came home with TONS of Chigger bites. It took those things forever to heal. His legs were a mess. The best thing that he used was vinegar. It controlled the itching.

    Good Luck!!!

  19. Cheese Dianne, I am sooo sorry. I promise tomorrow to end this tale. Visit at your own risk.

    Aw Betsy, I can so feel George's pain or rather itch. Being a hiker really puts you in their home. I plan to be better prepared in the future. Hope George does also.
    At least I am pretty sure vinegar should be on my shopping list now though I really do like that hot water treatment.