Wednesday, August 26, 2009


If you know a senior who lives alone or perhaps a disabled younger person, Cowards Corner with Luckie tells of a service that you may wish to volunteer for or perhaps organize in your area under the guidelines of a group called TeleCare. She has an excellent post here which is worth a look see.

I am more of a foliage person than a flower person but am thrilled when the foliage I love also provides a lovely display of blossoms.

This is my varigated liriope which gives these lovely blue-violet blossoms in late summer. It is useful as a ground cover, an edger( like I prefer), or as an accent plant. The flowers are followed by blue-black berry like fruits in the fall. Mine grow in full sun but they do well in shade and underneath trees. It is considered mostly allergy free (a consideration for me) and causes little or no allergy problems in most people.


Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way

Yeah Darlin' go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die

A little love from Steppenwolf

This past week end, there was a motorcycle show in the near by town. The bikes had been roaring past my house which sits on a main highway into town. This is a big week end with bike shows and music. So, I put on my do wrap, fake tattoos and went to the show. Well maybe not the fake tattoos, they don't do well over wrinkles. I do love the bikes though.

One thing cool about Arkansas is that I have never seen so many codgers on bikes as I have here. The roads are perfect for biking, little traffic and lots of fun curves.

This used to be a sport of the wild bunch, the outlaws. Now days if you scratch a biker deep enough you will find bankers, lawyers and doctors. Truthfully, it is usually only the pretty well off that can afford these toys. Some are more expensive than a luxury car. Marlon Brando must be a turning in his grave.

The crowds were big for the little town.

A few modifications here.

Camping anyone?

Ah, maybe not. Doesn't look too comfortable.

Zoom, zoom

A tongue in cheek biker

Side car rules

It was a fun day.


  1. Hi Patti,

    I love your Liriope. The spikes are gorgeous.

    I have lots of Liriope ,too, but mine is a long border in the shade so I get only one or two spikes per plant and it's not half as pretty as yours is.

    About those motorcycles. I was once in Daytona Beach for one day of bike week there and I thought I would be permanently deafened by the noise. I enjoyed the bikers though. They were all very friendly and proud of their "rides". It was a good time but I couldn't hear for about 3 days.

    I'll stick to my car. It's quiet, doesn't rain inside, has air conditioning and beautiful music playing. There's no contest!

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  3. had to delete; had mess with fingers on wrong keys, a common dilemma of laptops. My next one will have a more conventional keyboard with a keypad on the side.

    THANKS FOR THE SHOUT. I have had one inquiry in a Wales to set one up, and one who will volunteer with a similar group where she lives.

    I may investigate the Liriope plant for next year if it is basically carefree.

    The bike ride was in the Baxter Bulletin. we have a lot of locals with nice bikes, especially since gas has become expensive.

    Since I lost a nephew at age 34 and a first born twin, to the sport, I can't emphasize the helmet enough. It is not a guarantee of safety, but certainly an important one!

  4. Your Liriope is beautiful, I wonder how it would do in my area. I'll have to check it out.
    We are in a very popular area for weekend motorcycle riders. You really see some interesting machines!
    Sunny :)

  5. My Liriope are in bloom as well. I really enjoy them. I have separated mine several times and started them in other areas of the yard. Easy plant to grow.

  6. The Liriope is gorgeous. I'd love to see more photos of your gardens. You must have quite the green thumb.

  7. Nancy,
    Thanks, try separating some and putting them in the sun.
    I have been to bike week in Daytona. It is deafening.
    Can't do anything about the rain but I understand you can now get a/c for a bike and music in your helmet.

    I have a lap top also but I plugged a regular keyboard into a USB port. I really hate the laptop keyboard. Kind of takes it out of the lap though.
    I also lost a sister-in-law in a bike accident involving a drunk driver. You are so very vulnerable on a bike.

    Hope Liriope does well there. They are almost no-care plants.
    A sunny day here fills the roads with bikes. Guess you have the same.

    Aren't they easy? I have done virtually nothing to mine and they seem to like being left alone.

    I fear my gardening has slipped along with my disks. I usually find no-care plants and hope for the best.

  8. Hi Patti,

    I hadn't heard of Liriope (but I'm not that good with plant names anyway...) it looks great though and it is a bonus having something with good foliage and lovely flowers too. Ginger the cat seems to really like plants like that to hide behind, you can see his little brain say "Let's play Africa!" and he dives behind ornamental grasses and the like and excitedly springs out at passers by! "Whoopee, got ya!" says he!

    Bikes... what fun! I like the red one with the two wheels at the front and the one wheel at the back, reminds me of a futuristic take on the old Morgan 3 wheeler (do you remember those, I don't know if they ever got to the States? They were really a three wheeled car rather than a bike.). I had an amusing conversation with a lady that told me about going out for drives with a boyfriend of hers who had a Morgan 3 wheeler. Apparently it worked quite well on most of the roads, but some bridges were a problem. I don't know if you have them in the States, but, once it was fairly common in NZ for some of the smaller road bridges to be of wooden construction with planks for the wheels running lengthwise over the whole span of the bridge, and a gap in the middle with planks going crosswise (a bit hard to describe at this hour of the morning, but think rail road thoughts, and you are getting close). Anyway, two wheeled and four wheeled vehicles work just fine on such a bridge, but a three wheeled Morgan was something else with its two front wheels firmly on the rail like planks, and the rear wheel bouncing over the rickety crosswise ones in the middle.

  9. I am definitely getting some varigated liriope for my yard...lovely and neat looking too...I think I am getting tired of deadheading and cutting back certain flowers I have...My garden needs a makeover!

  10. Diffeent sort of horse power but still fun. I love when people who have a common interest get togther, they all stand the same way and look at what they have brought to show off.

  11. Peter,
    You always teach me something. I had not heard of a Morgan 3 wheeler but many over here have. I checked on the net and we have several clubs. What a strange looking vehicle and to think it has been around 100 years. Took a virtual ride in one on a Youtube video and I totally understood what your friend described about the ride over the bridges.

    I too like plants that pretty much clean themselves.Hope you get some liriope, it takes care of itself and is pretty all season.

    That is true and also true that people of like interests are always open, friendly and quick to share their knowledge.

  12. When we first moved here, I said I'd plant liriope as an edger between the grass and the natural areas. HA. The only thing I planted was rocks.

    I've never been attracted to bikes.

  13. Hey There, When we go to Ocean Isle (near Myrtle Beach) in May---they have 'bike weeks' in Myrtle Beach. Talk about every type of motorcycle made in the entire world... It is THERE.

    Glad you had a good time with your motorcycle group. I hope you at least wore your black jacket and slick pants!!!!!!

    P.S. Your Liriope is gorgeous... Love folage myself--but with flowers also, tremendous!!!

  14. kenju
    Liriope would have been a perfect buffer. Know how you feel about rocks, I grow a wondeful crop myself.

    They are fun to watch aren't they? Besides all the different bikes, the riders are everything from CEO's to people who make you wonder if there isn't an unsolved murder in what ever town they are from.
    Naw, just shorts. I never did own leathers though I would have like to for protection from road rash.

  15. Thank you for the info on TeleCare. And your foliage is beautiful!

  16. Cheffie mom,
    Glad you liked it. I thought it a very worth while volunteer service that could give a feeling of security to a senior or disabled person living alone.

  17. Your post had me laughing! And oh, my goodness....Steppenwolf "Born to Be Wild" I always joke and say that's my theme song...LOL!

    The pictures remind me of the Laughlin, Nevada "River Run" in late April each year with hundreds of peaceful bikers showing off their bikes! Mostly they trailer their bikes in and just ride them around town because they're so expensive!!!

  18. Carol,
    Good to meet another "wild"one. That darn song rattled around in my head for days. Think it is back again.
    You are right, the bikers are a peaceful group. They are proud of their bikes and often make charity rides. I am sure there is a ratty bunch out there but that is true of any group of people. It has really become a retiree sport.