Friday, September 25, 2009


This is going to be an appreciation post. Often it is restoring to focus on all the good that has passed through your life almost unnoticed. Somehow, the bad gets the most publicity. Makes it hard to be bummed though when you give the good times their due. Sometimes it may be a visual or sensual thing that brings you pleasure, but most often it is the people. They can touch us with the most force, either good or bad. This is about the good.

Who will NOT be mentioned individually in this post are the wonderful blog friends I have visited with these past 9 months. They already know almost daily how much I appreciate them and enjoy our visits. We have shared our lives as if we shared a fence line. Blogging has taken me back to states I have visited before and enjoyed but also to states I probably will never get to see and now know that is a darn shame, for I am missing some wonderful sights and people.

Blogging has also taken me to countries around the world that I have always wanted to see, and now have a better knowledge of the far away landscapes, different cultures and the lovely people. Discovering that we are different only in small matters. In what counts, we are so much alike. This post however is not about the obvious everyday happy encounters on the Net. I want to share some of the blogs that I do not leave comments on but love to read. I will also share some of the simple things that made my week.

Foremost this week and every week, my very boon companions who live through my moods, enjoying my good ones and putting up with the not so good ones, totally making every day.

Mighty Dog is once again Mighty. His leg has healed enough to chase a rabbit yesterday. That was a heart warming sight. My more laid back cats watching a little Hummer TV.

This week, one of my young neighbors made my day. He was promoting the annual grade school fund raiser. Sometimes these fund raisers offer coupons to local merchants in exchange for a few dollars. Sometimes they are for humongous chocolate bars which are never good for someone who is weight conscious. This time it was for a drawing for some really neat, nonfattening prizes.

He is smiling for he had just talked me out of five dollars. He and his older brother have been great neighbors since I came to Arkansas. If I want to leave town, I can rely on them to take care of my animals that must stay home. I have complete confidence in their abilities and reliability. That is a great comfort for an animal lover.

So when the annual "sales" come up, I participate with pleasure. Both boys have a talent for easy conversation. There is never the Old person/ Young person gap. Their parents and grandparents live across the street and I can only say, I got very lucky with my neighbors. His mother called to find out what where her boy was for he had stayed so long to chat. Cool kid. Most would take your money and run.

Now I want to give a brief shout out to the blogs that don't receive comments from me but I look forward to and consider treasures. These are read for selfish pleasure. Perhaps they will bring you pleasure.

Garrison Keillor whom I have mentioned before, is brilliant, funny and politically on the same page as I am. If you aren't liberal, you can skip this fellow. The man recently had a mild stroke and yes, he even found humor in that experience

Murderati is a writers blog. Published authors write a column each day. One I won't miss is Tess Gerritsen whose day to contribute is Tuesday. She lets you look into the life of a successful writer, warts and all. Truthfully, there is much there that is daunting. I very much like her books, "Gravity" being my favorite.

Citizen of the Month is an excellent writer. Sometimes I find sections of his writing about as soothing as sandpaper but most often, he is insightful and quite funny. His post on going to a Mets ballgame(Lets Go Mets) is prime example.

Another nice thing was a complete surprise. You know by now that I am besotted with my adopted town. Yesterday I got a copy of my favorite magazine, Mother Earth News, and found this tiny town was their selection as one of the "11 Great Places You've(Maybe)Never Heard Of." Great taste Mother.

Olkhdan,you may want to check out MEN for I believe your area was also selected. Now HGTV last December selected us as #3 out of ten of the best Christmas towns. For a town of under three thousand souls, I think we are doing well. Just to let you know that others also share my appreciation of this tiny town.

These are not all but they are some of the things that made my week. Don't want to ignore the surprise sunshiny days (they have been quite rare lately); the sweet smell of a rose that is clinging to the season; a breath taking view nicely scrubbed by the rains; watching migrating hummers squabble over the feeder; my sports teams winning or when not winning, at least playing well; satisfaction of a freshly mowed lawn between the rains; dinner with delightful friends; or phone calls from family and friends who make my day, just by being. It has been a GOOD week.

What made your week?


  1. Good evening Patti. I apologize for my absence.

    Anyway, you are one of those bloggers whose posts are worth visiting. Entertaining and so humane.

    I am so touched by these lines as I feel and think the same way as you do with cultures and upbringings differ.

    Blogging has also taken me to countries around the world that I have always wanted to see, and now have a better knowledge of the far away landscapes, different cultures and the lovely people. Discovering that we are different only in small matters. In what counts, we are so much alike.

    Your little neighbours sound helpful. They are the kind of kids I love to support whatever activities they do especially when it comes to fund raising.

    Your kind reminds me of my late mother. Keep well and may your pet companions continue to look after you.

    Take care. Will be gone to New Zealand, so see you around next time. I'll post some pictures when I come back.

    I would love to send you a postcard. Kindly email me at beaulah6 at gmail dot com for your address. Would love to do that.

    I love sending souvenirs to people in the blogworld. I have a few already whom I sent just for comradeship. As one of my friends said, since the internet, she seldom receives real mail from the post. :)

    Believe, it can be frustrating to check a mail box only loaded with advertisement leaflets or if not bills. lol

  2. I'm under the weather but thought I'd browse around for a few minutes before hitting the couch.
    Enjoyed the post! There are way too many grat blogs out there aren't there? I'm afraid to visit new blogs at this point because I already follow a ridiculous number! HA!

  3. Great post: I wonder about the bloggers who lurk or pass through without some comment because of some search or link, especially from some place I never heard of. I have free Feedjit gadget.

    Today the sun is shining!!!

    Love the Mighty picture and know how we are joyous when our pets are healthy. The cats are funny, too.

    I have a husband who is struggling today between painting the house and fishing. I'm gonna encourage him to fish and might go with him if I get back in time for eye appt. Life is getting too short not to enjoy what age still allows us to enjoy.

    Except for council meeting it has been a busy and generally enjoyable week.

    I lurk a lot on new blogs, even leave occasion comments, without necessarily making it a daily visit. I don't avoid political blogs, I just refuse to be drawn into debate. I classify myself a tad right of center, so I don't fit anywhere very well. I'm so glad our local government candidates do not have to declare a political party.

    Enjoy the skating weekend. I am probably having a 3-day slider.
    Besides my usual Sunday activities there are FOOTBALL games!!! Your team and mine lost last weekend. At least your team didn't give it away. My team's quarterback did with some very poor decisions. The Cowboy management has not managed or adjusted to his gunslinger "Bart Farve" mentality.

  4. Good morning. Your neighbor boys sound like two fantastic young men. Great to have such nice neighbors.

    What made my week, having my Granddaughter read out loud to me. She really puts herself into her reading. LOL Plus she thinks it's great when I laugh out loud.

    Have a terrific week-end.

  5. I so agree with you Pattie... blogging has enriched my life with many new friends from all over, making me so aware of being a citizen of the world...I feel you yourself would be a wonderful neighbor to have Pattie...they are lucky too!

  6. Yours is always one of my very favorite blogs, Patti... I never miss reading it. You tell stories. You share your life with us. I love it!!!! It's so much better than looking at umpteen pictures of the sky!!!!! ha ha

    Glad you had a good week. We did too. We found G's parents in good shape in Hendersonville yesterday--and that is always a good thing. The sun came out here--which is also nice. I can't wait though 'til that cooler weather gets here on Sunday or Monday. Then it will FEEL like Fall.

    Have a great day/weekend.

  7. This post made my week, I'm looking forward to reading some more great blogs listed by you particularly on writing as I am venturing into that area more lately, thanks so much. Oh and I added your blog to my roll, thanks Patti. I lived in Arkansas near Hot Springs for 4 years and the people are wonderful in that state, so friendly and down to earth.

  8. I'll check it out Patti. Thanks.

  9. Bonnie
    As Wanda so aptly put, we are all citizens of the world.
    It is amazing how today we can virtually travel 10,00 miles with the click of a mouse. Fortunately it is helping the world to shrink along with any differences.
    Yes a card would be wonderful. Thank you. I got a letter a few days ago and it was really special.

    I know how visiting can eat up a day. I really like my alternating post days for it gives me a couple days to just read others and not worry about posting.
    I do hope you are feeling better. Put on a snuggie, brew a nice cup of tea, and enjoy a good book. Be well soon.

    I was a lurker for years mainly because I didn't want to sign on as anonymous. It was a wonderful selfish pleasure to lurk.
    Hope you are fishing right now. You are so right. Our abilities erode each year so we had best enjoy while we can before we become one of the people in your post today.

    That is such a cute thing that you two do. Some of my best memories was my mother reading to me. A love of books will last a lifetime.

    Loved you citizen of the world comment. That was the direction I was headed. The internet has really shrunken this old blue marble hasn't it.
    Thank you but when I had my rescue, I wouldn't have wanted to be my neighbor. Bark-bark-bark

    Thank you Betsy. I love yours too for you always go the neatest places and take me along.
    We are cooling down, had to wear a sweater when I went out for dinner last night. Loved it. Soon, Betsy, soon.
    Glad your inlaws are doing well.

    You should do more writing. I really was held to the screen with your recent stories.
    Glad you know just how neat Arkansas is. Haven't been to Hot Springs area yet but it is on my list.

    Hope you have access to MEN. It was a good article.

  10. You have a great blog! Thank you for mentioning Mother Earth News. We appreciate it, and we'd love it if you could provide a link to our "11 Great Places" article. Here's the URL: Thanks again! We're so glad you enjoy the magazine!

  11. It's always the simple things that make our week, day or year :-)

  12. What a nice post, Patti! And you are getting so many comments these days. It's nice to see that.

    I am grateful for rain this week, as we needed it badly and I am grateful for good friends and neighbors with whom to share conversation and meals!

  13. Wonderful post with some great things...! I too am fsmiliar with Citizen of the Month---though I don't read him on a regular basis--He has a GREAT Sense of humor...!

    LOVE that young man the got the 5 bucks of Is Adorable and I believe could probably charm the birds out of the trees!
    Blogging is quite extraordinary, isn't it? I have found that in almost four years of Blogging I have met so very many WONDERFUL People--and as you said---From ALL Over The World! Such a great gift, isn't it?
    Have a GREAT Weekend, my dear!

  14. what a great post! made my heart feel lighter :)

    my grand daughter stopped crying as soon as I started singing to her - made my week

  15. Megan,
    Thanks for the link. I do love Mother.

    Right on. We just have to take time to notice.

    Thank you. It is thanks to you and robin that I am no longer in oblivion.
    So glad you finally got some rain. We were quite piggy about it for a long time. Happy to share.

    I am pretty sure I found Citizen from your site. Thank you.
    Blogging amazes me at how far and effortlessly we can travel with the click of a mouse. Wonderful invention.

    Let me sing for her, I can start her up again.
    Seriously, I do hope you win your battle with the government. Daunting task but if anyone can, you will.

  16. Lovely post! Its so nice to stop by every once in a while & "stop to smell the roses" as they say.

    So unique, the way you have listed out blogs you frequent but don't really make your presence felt..I bet they feel special.

    Ah..what made my week? I was down in the dumps and a friend called today as 'pampering day' for me. She cooked lunch for me! It was absolutely sinful. When one has friends, life's truly a pleasure ain't it?!

  17. Sounds like you have the perfect helpers there.

  18. lostworld,
    Thank you and aren't you lucky to have such a thoughtful friend. A definite keeper.Hope she perked you up.

    They are a couple of dandy fellows all right.

  19. Patti you are a good egg for buying the school 'Dirt' from the school kids...
    My Daughter, Melissa, and I decided years ago it did not matter what the kids sold the same people buy no matter what it is...
    so to prove a point when my Grand Girl, Mackenzie, went to kinder garden she sold stuff for this fund raiser...
    The school got like 30 cents on the dollar sold..I told Mackenzie that we could beat that deal... We could sell 'school dirt' for $5.oo for half a zip lock bag ...She and I went to her school playground and spooned up I think 30 bags of dirt...We then called all of my relatives and friends and told them what we had for sale...They all bought it...
    Everyone sent me the 5 bucks and I sent them the dirt in a zip lock bag in an envelope then I wrote a check to the school for $150.00 and it was pure profit for Mackenzie's class room...
    We took in the check to her teacher and Mackenzie explained to her teacher what we had sold to make money...I am sure she thought Granny was nuts but she sure was proud of all of the money Mackenzie raised for her classroom...

  20. Enjoyed visiting your blog this evening. I will be checking out some of those blogs you listed, they sound interesting. Great post, and I'll be back to visit again!


  21. 4th sister,
    That is terribly funny yet brilliant. I am laughing because I would be a dirt buyer, why I would even buy a ziplock bag full of cafeteria air.
    Brilliant because it gives the school 100% profit. Anything I have "bought" before actually had less value than "dirt".
    If you aren't already,you should go into marketing. Pure genius.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome to TNS. When I checked your profile, I see that you like New York things. Citizen of the Month is pure New York. Sometimes he can be border line offensive but usually he just has me laughing.His tongue is usually planted firmly in his cheek.
    I will check your blog now.

  22. I came over here from Lakeviewer's blog and I am so glad your comment made me curious enough to click on the link! Thank you for this wonderful post, your great spirit (how lucky your neighbors are!) and the link to Garrison Keillor's site! I loved listening to his radio shows on Saturday evenings and often on Sundays too (my familiy often had to wait for lunch because I wanted to finish listening to his show!).
    Sunny greetings,

  23. Merisi,
    Thank you so much for your visit. I will check your blog today.
    Isn't Garrison terrific? I can't receive his show here but I can get the previous weeks shows on the internet.
    If you don't all ready, give it a try.

  24. I meant to suggest that you rent the Original Cocumentary by the Maysles, "GREY GARDENS", that was made in the early 1970's. And you will see how truly Brilliant both Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore were in capturing these two women...!

  25. I do enjoy reading your blog, it is one of the things that make my week! So pleased that Mighty is doing well, although the rabbits might have other views on that! Thanks for pointing Bonnie Bonsai in my direction, it was good to hear from her, and I do hope she manages to get down this way when she comes to NZ. All the Best to you, P.

  26. OOLOH
    You did, I just jumped ahead to the movie. They were completely convincing, it was hard to imagine people letting themselves sink so low. Knowing it was a true story made it even sadder.

    Trust me the rabbit was in no danger and I do believe I saw him chuckle at Mighty's efforts. Fun was had by all.
    Glad Bonnie found you.

  27. Your post is great as usual! And I always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for your regular visits.