Wednesday, September 16, 2009



One of my favorite bloggers is Reader Wil. She is from the Netherlands and posts a wealth of information, history and wonderful pictures. This will probably only interest her as it is about one of her countrymen doing well in the states in a sport that has seen only 5 men from the Netherlands in its history.

Henricus van den Hurk (or as we know him, Rick VandenHurk, also Vandy); born on May 22, 1985 in Eindhoven, Netherlands is a Dutch baseball starting pitcher who plays for the Florida Marlins( my team) in Major League Baseball and the Netherlands national baseball team. At the time of his debut in 2007, he was the youngest pitcher in the National League.

Unfortunately Rick recently strained his back and is currently on injured reserve. He will be back soon and I have enjoyed watching Vandy. Thank you Netherlands for sending such a fine young man and athlete.

Grannie on the Web who makes me laugh, offered this link to determine what Chinese animal represents you. This site will let you determine yours.

This is my Chinese animal type which was unfortunately eerily close. Enjoy and thanks Grannie.


Have you ever wondered which of your archive posts receives the most hits? My site meter shows me which old posts still get hits every day. I really thought a post nestled in obscurity once the next one is published. The survivors surprised me.

Truly the leader on the most hits list is Bedbugs, Chiggers, or Bird Mites. These hits come from all over the world every day. This must be a huge problem world wide and I fear I wasn't much help.

Second and may soon over take bed bugs on the list, is my Australian Blue Heeler post. There are obviously a lot of Blue Heeler lovers out there and here I thought they were a relatively obscure breed except in Australia. The hits come mostly from the US. Glad to know Heelers are gaining popularity for they are grand working dogs.

The above two I can understand the interest in the general subject matter but not number three. Third is my post on Wispy Thoughts. I have no idea how people are finding that one and if anyone stops by after being directed to that post, please let me know how you found it, only however, if it has nothing to do with po*n. Really don't want to know that. Thanks so much.

You just never know when you hit "publish" just what will live past the current day and what will disappear into an abyss

What surprised you on your greatest hits list?


  1. Hello Patti! Thank you for the fun post on this rainy day. The sign of the rabbit does fit you well! My Chinese animal is the horse. I bet Mighty, like Brandy, is getting rather restless being stuck inside for another day.

  2. I notice a whole lot of sports injuries lately. I follow football and opening week lost several major players, some for the season.

    My team, the Cowboys,[--whoa, folks, I am a former Texan--}, had a minor quarterback injury, which may not be a problem. But Philly lost their Quarterback for awhile, the Pats quarterback sustained an injury after coming back from setting out last season. The Bears lost their franchise defensive player for the season.

    WOW--1 week. Despite this, at least backups have opportunity to show their stuff and worth. At least if they don't become starters their worth may increase for a chance with another team.

  3. My Chinese animal was the ox. It's about 1/2 accurate I suppose. I'm not nearly as confident as it describes. I also did the horoscope and found it to be right on the nose!
    Fun Post!

  4. I knew I was the sign of the RAT. Despite the Chinese flattering characteristics of that animal, my estimation it belongs in a trap.

    I read recently New York has problems with a SUPER SIZED rat species. They've nicknamed it Super Rat.

  5. Thanks for the mention in your post.
    Interesting to read about the Australian Blue heeler too. These dogs are very popular where I come from, and are known there as Lancashire Heelers. They were bred as ratters and to round up cattle,... 'Heelers' because they nipped the heels of the cattle to round them up! When I was growing up we had them around the farm, and as house pets. They weren't recognised by the Kennel Club, as a breed, till much later in my life.

    I love them, spirited, brave, loyal, and cuddlesome on your knee!

    Love Granny

  6. Jewels,
    Was the "horse" like you? This rain is incredible. I may need my kayak to go to the mail box. I love rainy days but enough all ready.

    I noticed what you did about the beginning of football. Cowboys are good as long as they don't mess with the Fins. This may be the season of the bench.
    Rat, huh. Hope the characteristics
    were kind.

    Ox huh, I will have to check that out. My horoscope was completely wrong. It always makes me a Leo for while I am on the cusp, I am almost totally a Cancer.

    Heelers are wonderful aren't they? When I got mine, they were rather rare. I am glad to see them now days at the Westminster dog show. They are delightful, high energy dogs.
    Thanks for the loan of your Chinese animal site.

  7. Thank you for the kind words about me and my fellow countryman! I hope he will soon recover from his injury. I always love your stories! Especially those of the animals you rescued. Thanks Patti!

  8. Hi Patti, I checked out my Chinese animal --and I am a horse. I added it to my blog sidebar. Thanks!!!

    I haven't ever checked my blog meter--when it comes to checking out posts in the archive. Wonder if mine does that???? Hmmmm--I'll have to check it out.

    My two teams both lost last weekend (Titans and Vols)... Oh Well!!!

  9. Reader wil,
    Thank you so much. Have a bunch more of those stories yet to tell.

    I'll check out your sidebar. I discovered the hits on past posts by accident. I have the free version of SiteMeter. When I click on entry pages,it will tell me which post they came to see. I guess if I paid, I could find out how they were referred. May do that. Good to know that not all posts die after one day.

  10. I am a boar. Some may say bore!
    Thanks for the interesting post.
    Sunny :)

  11. Reader Wil and I and Patty have been friends since she began blogging. She is a jewel that we like to shine now and then. What a life she has led.

  12. well what amazes me is how easily you find interesting things to talk about that are interesting world wide! that is an accomplishment..
    the other is that I dont know how to put the hit counter on but I will go look for it...and read your older posts

  13. The posts that get the most traffic for me are the ones about "Kissing balls" (a noun, not a verb) and Maxine cartoons.

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  15. Sunny
    You haven't bored me yet. I'll have to check out the other creature.

    An amazing woman she is and a fine teacher. I love to learn. Totally agree on "what a life she has led" and is still living.

    I think you will like a Sitemeter for it gives you a wealth of information. Without one, you don't realize how many people visit you each day from all over the world that don't comment. Commenters are only the tip of the iceberg. Mine was free though you can get one with more information for a small amount of money. There are many types out there. I checked the one that I saw other bloggers using.

    You had me laughing long after I shut down the computer. Took me minute to catch on but your noun/verb finished me.

  16. I don't know if mine shows a greatest hit list. Interesting. As for me, if I eat an Oreo cookie, I eat the whole thing without pulling it apart. I do like to dunk them in cold milk. Thanks for stopping by my place.

  17. Patty,
    Mine doesn't give me a hit list persay but I can pull up an entry page list daily and it shows what pages they are coming to. For a while the bedbugs got the most but lately the Blue heeler post gets at least ten hit per day.
    Aren't you nice not to mess up your oreo. That was fun.

  18. I went to that site to find out what Chinese Animal I am...Guess What? It doesn't go back far enough in years....! Now I Know I'm Old! (lol)

  19. Yes, the horse sign represents me well – I think that is all I should say about that!
    Rather wishing I had a kayak to retrieve the mail.

  20. OOLOH
    Naomi, you had me laughing till it was dangerous to my health. The reason I laughed so hard is that I am only a few years from not making the cut myself. Dang. Who are the puppies who make up these lists?

    Betsy was also a horse and I checked hers out that she put on her blog. Not bad, lots of good stuff. At least you don't lose it in unforseen occasions like I do.
    Stay dry, if you can.

  21. "Bare Stomach Volleyball" that gets hits everyday. It was my second post. I am guessing horney men are looking for skin. I have to laugh the shock they must get.
    I have noticed - those hits never wonder off to read other posts. I think they are gone in a flash after the first few sentances. HA HA HA
    @ NitWit1 - Rats belong in a trap - thats a good one:))

  22. Grayquill,
    That is too funny and you really started off in grand style didn't you? Hum-now I have to check out your post on volleyball.
    My next post title may titillate but will disappoint p*rn seekers. The title is a bit like a gossip rag headline, meant to hook but hopefully only my regular readers. We'll see as we tiptoe through the internet.