Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This post probably should carry the warning, "For Women Only." My esteemed gentlemen readers can come back another day unless you are just curious or it is a slow day. There will be something at the end of this post you might enjoy.

If you haven't seen this fellow before, this is Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin. I first became aware of him on the defunct TV series, Moonlight. When Moonlight debuted, I originally watched without knowing anything about the premise. Should make it clear that I am not a vampire enthusiast.

Alex played a "good" vampire who only drank from blood banks. That was a bit refreshing--pun intended. No, the story line did not particularly interest me but I was really struck by the young man's incredible appeal and I did watch.

Ok, before you have me pegged as a doddering old lady pervert, I am only admiring the view, not cravings a toy boy play thing. By virtue of old age, wrinkles and sags I am content to just enjoy the view as I don't have the stamina nor the interest to pursue anyone today, much less a very young man.

However, I can still enjoy a beautiful sunset without feeling the urge to ride off in to it. I can see raging rapids and while I find them beautiful, I am content to paddle a calm lake. Hopefully now you have taken me out of the "perv"category. Gosh, do you think I am protesting too much??

His new show is Three Rivers. Gadzooks, just what we need, another medical drama. Alex plays a transplant surgeon so it is pretty much guaranteed that someone you watch will die, affording someone else you watch the chance to live. I do like medical dramas and am off and on playing around writing a book centered around transplants--- so I have a special interest in the premise. Wish I had more confidence in the accuracy of the show's details.

I do hope if you haven't watched, you will give him a try. I would hate to have to track him down to a new show once again if this one doesn't make it, but I will. I have already done the same thing with Nathan Fillion and Kyle Chandler. Fortunately, those two now have comfortable and secure shows. Guess you can tell, I don't give up easily. I have bloodhound instincts.

You can find Alex on Sunday, CBS at 9:00 ET. Of course that time slot is iffy as the football games sometimes run all the following shows late which has happened. Trust me ladies, the view is fine and worth a little extra effort.

Now if you stuck this post out there is a reward. This site was sent to me in the mail. I was stunned by its accuracy. It really nailed me. Thanks Margaret. Let me say up front, my drawing is stick figure quality so don't let any lack of artistic talent put you off. My pig drawing was purely laughable but the personality results were down right scary. Enjoy.


  1. That sure was something sweet to rest my tired eyes upon!

    Thanks! :-)))

  2. He is cute, but seems too much like a grandson. LOL But hey, just because we're a couple of ole broads, doesn't mean we can't look. Men look at young girls when they're up in their 90's.

    And I'm with you, wouldn't want a young one, wouldn't know what to do with him. LOL

    I had an aunt that was married to a man about 30 years older than her, supposedly he had some money. Well by the time he died, he had left her quite a bet in debt, because of gambling. He's also the one that was locked up several times for boot-legging. When I would stay with them, I just thought he had a lot of friends stop in for a drink. But one day I realized they left money lay on the kitchen table as they left. Then when I was old enough to understand what boot-legging was, I knew what he had been doing. Anyway back to my aunt, after he died, she played the field for a while, then married a man 17 years younger than herself. They seemed happy enough. I honestly think he probably thought she had some money, was he ever surprised. LOL

  3. He's a looker....I haven't seen him before. I can't keep up with a man my own age let alone younger!

  4. Eye candy. I wish.

  5. He's really cute! There's nothing wrong with older women looking at and admiring younger men, is there? If so, I'm an old pervert, too.

    I tried the pig, but accidentally clicked the back-button and lost it. I'll go try it again.

  6. Yep, the test nailed me too; although it said I am a risk-taker and I wouldn't go that far....LOL

  7. He's very handsome. I don't watch much TV, but for reason have started watching reruns of House. That's quite a wild medical show.

    I did the pig drawing. Interesting.

  8. Honey it is not called doddering old lady is a Cougar.....doesn't that sound so much better....I only wish I could be a Cougar...LOL...This has made me want to get into my red Vette convertable and go for a drive....I think I will... I have several perscriptions to pick up...LOL

  9. Merisi,
    I know, my eyes also enjoy the rest. Ahhh.

    I'm not shopping but I do enjoy a nice view.
    I loved the story about your relatives. Didn't know you all were mob connected:)
    Just love the what goes around comes around moral to the story.

    I wouldn't even try. I'm content to let him come into my living room via TV. I can handle that.

    I am a firm believer that no matter the age, there is someone who thinks you are a hottie. Pretty sure Patty does.

    Maybe we need to organize. Lady Peverts Inc.
    That pig is very smart.

    You ought to catch the new House. I like him much better this year. He is drug free and mischievous rather than mean. A kinder, gentler House.

    4th Sis
    Afraid I have stomped right past cougar and I am not sure what comes next.
    You have a built in stud muffin magnet with a red Vette. Not many men can resist that.

  10. He's ok, but Michael Weatherly leaves him in the shade. You're not a pervert. Just because there's snow on the rooftop doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace.

  11. Wow i didn't even know he was Australian, shame on me. Three Rivers has just started over here but it is on late and I haven't yet seen it. I agree he is very nice...for a man hehehehe

    Pig drawing was funny...I too forgot the tail...doh!!!

    To change the subject...
    I forgot to mention in my post Potassium Bromide was used in the war to stop the soliders having sexual urges....pretty powerful stuff hence why they give it to mares and stallions.

  12. He's a visual treat for sure. I don't get CBS unfortunately. Will try to download his shows to check out the 'view' ;-) I agree with oklhdan - Haha..Cannot keep with a man my age, forget about someone much younger than I am :P

    Loved the pig drawing. Results say I'm a realist going through a major change in life, albeit being a poor listener .. :D FUn!!!

  13. oh I am so happy I stopped by here this morning! what a great face to have look at me here with bed hair and puffy eyes!
    I have had a lot of young ladies steer me towards Moonlight, and now the recommendation from a peer!
    Lord I am so thankful we still want to look!
    Thanks for "walking" with me this bloggy bla week!

  14. Betty,
    Think we have a great one two punch with # one being personal choice. I do think Michael has one of the best profiles on TV.

    Think I just read where his show has been canceled in Australia. Hope it doesn't follow suit here.
    Did not know that about Potassium Bromide. Like you,I am against drugging horses the same way I am against drugging kids to get acceptable behavior.

    Janie B.
    Nice view huh.

    Didn't know you could do that. Interesting.
    So are you going through a major change in your life? Hope you work on your listening skills--:)

    Phew, aren't we glad he can't look back at us early in the AM.
    The young girls I think liked his vampire show, they might not like the medical one.
    Good luck. with bloggy bla.

  15. I would rather enjoy the view with you.

    Is there a label "dirty ole woman" like "dirty ole man"/

    When I was very was in my 20s women pharmacists were rare (only 5in my grad class).I was so glad there was a counter or even a glass window between me and the "dirty ole men" who made passes at me, and I was no sexy looking oject, just young.

    But then there were subtle prejudices against women in what then was perceived as a MAN's profession. More than one woman openly told me she wanted the MAN to fill her prescription. There were other remarks I'll save for a post some time.

    We are headed home from Springfield today, guess what IN THE RAIN all the way.

  16. What a pleasant surprise!! LOL!! You are too funny!!

  17. He is quite good looking. I enjoy looking at and admiring cute guys no matter what their age. I may be in my 60s, but I'm not blind yet.

  18. Nitwit,
    I am guilty of "mens" jobs thinking sometimes myself. I still want a man giving me the evening news rather than a woman. That is one of my last hold outs. That and male sports announcers. Bad Patti.
    However I have also owned up to being a DOW in a previous post.

    Cheffie Mom,
    Thanks, was just in the mood for a lite post.

    Me too, me too. Never hurts to enjoy a view.

  19. hahahahaha...i just can't help myslef laughing Madam Patti. I know each time I visit your blog, it is always guaranteed that something is funny to read about.

    Since I am not much of a TV fan, TV watcher, TV fanatic let alone movies, so am not so familiar with actors and actresses except those ... those eh er who are on the top cream I can scum off.

    I reckon this Alex looks gorgeous. Shame on me for not knowing our own products. I am devoid of product knowledge about that industry. Oh well.

    Anyway, I also laugh because I tried the Pig Test. Except for number one question, all the rest of the analysis are very true to describe me like I am emotional, risk taker and have no sex life. Why not? When you live alone with whom will I have ...that extra curricular activity with?

    Oh your gentlemen readers won't mind reading this. They know better than women.


  20. HAA I drew ONLY a tail and made it too long (it was 5:15 AM) and from that most was right except no ears no listening and such a long tail i must have a full and frequent sex life !!! hahahaha! not ~;D

  21. My last post has you mentioned twice. I linked your name to your blog. I was unable to find an email to give you a heads up. Beside I really hate waiting.
    FYI - the pig test was really quite discouraging and is causing me to over eat in an effort to avoid the pain.
    Hope your happy :))
    Great Post! Like the view ... that's a good one. HA!

  22. Bonnie Bonsai,
    Like I told Amanda also from Australia, the show is on there only for now. Think you all canceled him. Hope he lasts a bit longer here.

    Sorry about your tailess pig. Boots is evidently getting your share.

    Wow, way to go girl. No need to be piggy about it though. Ah are you listening? :)

    Thank you for the mention. That was too funny and must say you had it coming. I love your SIL. You always tickle me. Thanks so much.

    Welcome to TNS and thanks so much for stopping by.

  23. Delicious eye candy, he is! Well done! I have been watching Three Rivers as I just realized WHY! HAHAHA!

    PS I found you via Grayquill. :D

  24. Lynda G
    Hi and welcome to TNS. You sure came from a great site. Thanks so much for stopping by. Guess I know where you will be on Sunday nights, unless you record it.