Monday, October 19, 2009


How come cold air smells so much cleaner than warm air?

How come company comes when you need to vacuum, never right after you have?

How come you are your fattest for big events and skinniest when you have no where to go?

How come a sunset lasts forever unless you are hunting for your camera?

How come you are not the least bit hungry till you go to the grocery store?

How come you can't go into a department store and ONLY buy that spool of red thread you went in for?

How come your hair looked its very best right before that last shampoo when it suddenly went kaplooie?

How come it seems as a woman, we went to bed "perky" and woke up "droopy". It is like going directly to Winter after enjoying Spring?

How come all babies and children are beautiful-- adults.. not so much?

How come eating one potato chip can lead to an empty bag?

How come you finally have the free time to do things but not the vigor to do them?

How come after a certain age the bicycle you ride doesn't go anywhere?

How come in this obese society, restaurants still insist in feeding us individual portions that would have fed a family of four in the 50's?

How come, knowing that, we still eat it all?

How come they are letting teenagers be cops and doctors?

How come sloth and gluttony don't seem so much like "sins" anymore?

How come that random selection from a box of chocolates is the one variety you can't stand?

How come a few months ago I was 29, now I am 70?


A little snack provided by a really darling big sister.

Courtney Rose with eyes open and most of the red out. Can't quite place that look she is giving us. Is there a little Diva lurking there?


  1. Really lovely photo's of the girls, AK.
    I thoroughly agree with you about the "Whys" of life, I voice them every day.

    Love Granny

  2. Who in my family have you been talking to Patti? The you in your post is really me isn't it? Can't believe I am almost 65...Nice to know we all feel that way sometimes in our lives.

  3. Oh Yes! I often say I feel like I went from maid to matron overnight... Made me chuckle though, thank you.

  4. Amen to your post this morning. Know just what you mean. LOL Except I can go in to a store and buy just what I went in for, I hate shopping. Use to love window shopping, just taking my time and walking around looking and buying in my mind. Not anymore, get in there, get what I want and get out. Plus it's harder to walk and stand for a long period of time compared to 50 years ago. LOL Have a great day, it's chilly here this morning.

  5. How right! I've been asking myself that question for awhile now. Very cute post!

  6. All good questions. If you find any answers, I hope you'll do a post on it!

    Courtney Rose is a cutie pie.

  7. That baby is a doll! and your questions are ages old and seldom answered!!

  8. I don't know why - but I do know your grandchildren are PRECIOUS!! Blessings and Hugs!!

  9. Great post, Patti... I agree with all of what you say!!!!! Gads----what is it with life and all of the "why's"????

    My biggest one right now is Why does time go so darn fast now that I am retired and should be able to slow down and enjoy it?????? George says that he has to 'speed' on the interstate in order to keep from being run over by those going MUCH faster.... Life is too darn short!!!! I don't want to say, "Slow ME down"... I want to say "Slow the WORLD down"!!!!!


  10. Isee an emerging Drop Dead Diva in Courtney Rose.

    I love all the How Comes, especially the food ones. I'm not so bad on potato chips and I am Wheat Thins and Kashi TLC, both of which have 5-7 grains and are quite tasty. I shop from a list, a written list and a virtual in my mind list.

  11. Granny,
    It really helps to know you are not alone. Thanks about the girls, I am sooo prejudiced.

    So glad you are in my club, I am afraid it is not very exclusive though.

    Boy it really happens quickly doesn't it. All we really can do is laugh about it.

    Boy do I wish I could catch your no shopping-itis. I try but I am weak.

    Thanks, since they are all pretty much self inflicted or laws of nature, guess we can only grin and bear it.

    Thanks robin, I think she is but then I am hopeslessly besotted.

    Doen't she have a bit of a superior air about her? This one will be a boss.

    Cheffie Mom,
    Thanks but my sister gets all the grandma credit, I am just in the auntie catagory and proud of it.

    I agree with you regarding time. Too bad it didn't go this quickly when you were waiting for Christmas as a child or for your drivers license when a teen. Guess we need more to look forward to. That might slow time down a bit.

    She does look like someone who will be in charge doesn't she.
    If I have 6 things on my list, that is usually how many bags I walk out with.

  12. And, how come I look so much thinner in my own mirror than I do in anyone else's?

  13. I planned to go for a run this morning, how come I don't feel like it anymore? Totally agree with yyour the how come, of going to bed full of beans but waking up like I have been run over by a bus....why is that??

  14. Betty,
    Oh yea I know what you mean. The only mirror better than mine is the one in the clothes store dressing room. I want one of those.

    Must be some active dreaming going on. I have had dreams where I have worked all night and am worn out in the AM.Yuck.Sad part is I don't even get paid for it.

  15. what a gorgeous pictures of the beautiful angels!

    ah Madam Patti, life undergoes far too many transitory periods.

    a time for everything.

    that's is today!

  16. Bonnie Bonsai
    Right you are. Yes, I think so too but then I am prejudiced.

  17. Beautiful photos, I have no idea why, but life is full of more of them than there used to be that's for sure.

  18. Great questions and they made me laugh a lot!
    Courtney Rose is BEAUTIFUL! Such a sweet face and that picture with her big sister is Wonderful beyond words!

  19. How come you manage to hit the nail on the head so many times ?? :-)

    My favourite was -- How come it seems as a woman, we went to bed "perky" and woke up "droopy". It is like going directly to Winter after enjoying Spring?

    Well written Patti !! Superb as usual. C Rose is as rosy as ever. Hug.

  20. Linda Starr,
    They do pile up with age huh. Thanks about the babies.

    Thanks, I was partial to the two of them also. So nice to see sisters before they realize they are siblings.

    Thanks so much. Life is strange so laughing at it helps.