Wednesday, November 18, 2009


That is my new name and I love it. It is not often after living with a name for 70 years that you take kindly to someone wanting to steam roll over your name to rechristen you. When someone suddenly changes your name to something of "their choosing" implies that your name is not good enough and that they have a better one. That can be a tad insulting. That is unless the person is 28 months old and precious.

My niece Keri made a DVD for me of the many videos she had taken of her two children, Kaleigh and Courtney Rose whom you met here. The DVD was hours long and I watched it ignoring the need for a bathroom break. I was glued to the screen. However, I do not know yet how to select a clip from such a large DVD and post it. Will work on that. Thus you are spared the actual home movies but not the description.

Now my sister and my niece have sent me hundreds of pictures over the years but still shots do not tell the whole story. One dimensional, photos do not allow the personality to come through. I am very sad that I haven't been to Florida to see these babies and plan to change that very soon. The DVD was the very next best thing. I do have the best niece in the world to take the time and effort to put all this together for me. She really made my day, week, year.

During one segment, Keri is asking Kaleigh to say "Hi to Aunt Patti." Kaleigh looks right into the camera and says, " Hi Happy" which is her version of Patti. Everyone jumped on it and it is now my name. Gotta love it. I may have to change my blog name to Arkansas Happy. Nice ring to it.

Kaleigh is a marvelous big sister to the new baby Courtney Rose that you all met earlier. She is so gentle and loving to her baby sister.

Still my favorite picture of the two.

Right now Courtney Rose doesn't get much video space as her talents so far are eating, sleeping, burping, messing up a diaper and crying. Hang in there Courtney Rose, as soon as your head quits needing support, you too will make the movies.

Kaleigh is very smart as well as adorable. One of her favorite things besides watching football is reading. She is shown in the video studiously staring at her book as she sits in her tiny chair. Not like most kids her age who tear pages out just to hear the ripping sound, she carefully turns the pages slowly, studying each one. She informed her Mom that she can't do what her mother wanted right then with a "No,I'm reading." She is a born reader. Another one for our side.

As for football, she prefers it to cartoons. Pretty sure her Grandpa Tom, whom she adores, had a lot to do with that. She all ready knows and mimics the officials signals for "off sides", "first down" and "face mask." She loves her Dolphins and instantly spots their gear when shopping. Really have to admire her choice of men in tight pants. I'm a huge Dolphin fan also---- football RULES.

The other night when I was thanking Keri for the DVD, she put Kaleigh on the phone. Now as most of you know, a phone conversation with a 2 year old can be strenuous at best. However, she started on a monologue that I could not understand but resembled an animated reciting of the Begats from the Bible.

Word after word tumbled freely from her, the meanings known only to her. I was choking with suppressed laughter and I could hear Mom and Grandma in the background doing the same. The quite long recitation eventually ended with a "Bye Happy." The tears of laughter just became tears. Aww.

So I guess Happy it is. When I think that her version of my name could just as easily have been Crappy, Sappy, Yappy or Flappy, I am thrilled. Thanks Keri so much for putting together the videos into a DVD for me. You're the best and thanks Kaleigh for my new name. I love you.


  1. Well Happy, you better pack up Mighty and take off before the snow falls. What better time to go to FLORIDA!!! But winterize the house. (Husband just finished winterizing the house we care for next door, so threw that in for good measure)

    Babies grow up far to fast to teenagers!!!

  2. Good morning Happy!!!
    Beautiful children your niece has. I have had my share of wonderful phone conversations with 2 year olds. I love your new name...and you "are" lucky it wasn't the one of the others!

  3. How sweet it is!! I'd gladly accept that name from my grandkids.

  4. What a difference a word makes! Congratulations, Aunt Happy!

    Enjoy your trip to Florida! :)

  5. What a beautiful picture of big sister and new baby!

  6. HOW SWEET! I'd have that car packed already! Love the new name as well!

  7. I'd have that car packed already! How sweet! Love the new name!

  8. That's such a sweet story. Sometimes you get your new names in the most delightful of ways. I think she knows your nature, Happy!

  9. What a great name and beautiful grandchildren. enjoy yur trip and yes winterize is the ticket. wrap outside pipes really well, I remember those ice storms really well, we once went without electricity for 5 days and only a fireplace for heat which a real fireplace doesn't put out much heat at all. I think we got it up to 45 inside.

  10. It is midnight here & my eyes are burning (too much work) but the name of your new post caught my eye as I was logging off. Had to read it...Must say I'm HAPPY!! :-)))

    Kaleigh & Courtney are too cute.. Tell you what, you are simply living up to your newly christened name ;-)

    Gnight!! :)

  11. Nitwit,
    It would be nice to go for part of winter. I really won't have to winterize though for I leave my cats and have to leave it warm enough for them.
    Boy I had better hurry, teenagers are scary.

    Yes they are thank you. Hate to say it but if the had chosen one of the others, my family would have had a lot of fun with it.

    It sure could have been a ton worse. I can only say I am "happy" with her choice.

    Thanks so much Pat. Isn't it funny what the young minds come up with.

    Thank you, I just love that picture. Shows the sweetness of Kaleigh.

    I am assuming you are annonymous also. I just love the new name.

    Well if it wasn't before it is my nature now. She is such a sweetie.

    Linda Starr,
    Oh yes I have been through ice storms. It is how I manage to clean out my refridg each year. I have propane everything so I am not really put out much when the power goes out. I stay warm, bathe in hot water and can cook.

    Sure hope you are rested now. Too much work can make you a grump instead of "happy".
    Take better care, youth will only take you so far. That's an order:)))

  12. How sweet a post. Don't you love your new name. I know when my two year old granddaughter named me grandmayellowhair I did not know what to think. lol
    Enjoyed your post.
    Wanted to thank you for joining mine.

  13. Hello Happy Patti! Very cool that, even though she has not met you yet, Kaleigh can tell you are always smiling. : )

  14. I would be thrilled with Happy also, compared to the other names you listed. LOL So Happy, hope you're going to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. Oh how sweet..... I love it, Happy!!!! Even if I cannot see your face when I read your posts, I can 'feel' your big smile... Happy is PERFECT for you...

    I hope you get to Florida to see that new baby Courtney... AND I'm sure that Keleigh would love to see you too...

    Congrats on the wonderful video.. It's no wonder your smiles turned to tears--tears of joy of course.


  16. That's great she wants to read or is reading.
    I help out at a school and help a 9yr old to read. What is sad is that he can't read he can only say single words.
    He is a great, smart, athlethic kid but unfortunatly his home life is tough so reading isn't high on his mind.

    Her showing signs of being a reader is awesome.

  17. Grandma Yellow Hair,
    That is the coolest name ever. Definitely has an American Indian feel.

    Am just going to have to correct that "never having met yet" status.

    Thanks so much. I am planning to and hope the same for you and Abe.

    I have been accused of being the last of the dyed-in-the-wool grinners so it was a good choice. That name would fit you perfectly also.

    That is a shame about that young man. I wonder if he has been tested for dyslexia.
    Of course it sounds like his family just doesn't care. A darn shame. I am glad he has you to help him.

  18. What precious little girls - they are adorable. Love your new name.

  19. Janie B
    Thanks, I think so too but then I am prejudiced.

    Thank you so much. I do agree. It sure coud have been worse but I would have accepted whatever.

  20. ahhh dont you love that feelin! Happy!what more needs to be said. The girls are beautiful and it is wonderful that you get to be such a close aunt!

    Hope all is good! and happy

  21. Hi"Happy", you are blessed from the mouths of babes.
    The new name fits you beautifully.

  22. Florida would be the place to go, Happy

  23. boots
    Just wish I were a lot closer but am grateful that my sister and niece keep me in the loop.

    Now all I have to do is live up to it that that is not a really hard. Now if she had called me Auntie Rich... well.

    Within the next year, I will make the trip. I love it here but do miss my family. Thank goodness for phones, computers and videos.

  24. So very very dear, "Happy"!
    Kids...they are the BEST! I hope you do take that trip to Florida very soon, my dear....It sounds like you have a GREAT Treat waiting for you, in every way!

  25. OOLOH
    Thank you and now more than ever I have incentive to make the trip.