Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It was the evening of my first night in Florida and I had just finished my bath. As I got dressed in the bathroom, I put on the glasses laying on the counter and looked in the mirror for a final touch up. Jan's bathroom has makeup style lighting and as I looked at my image, my first thought was, 'Wow... those are "butt ugly" glasses.'

I took them off to give them a closer look and of course realized that now, I couldn't see them all that well. Back on they went and I got closer to the mirror. Naw, they just weren't mine though the prescription was pretty darn close. The rims were killing me. These weren't mine.

So I went into the kitchen to see if I had laid mine on the counter there. I remembered laying them on "a" counter, I just wasn't sure where. In my defense, I was pretty tired from a long trip and it was hours past my normal bedtime.

Sister Jan said "What are you looking for Patti?"

"My glasses." I answered.

After convincing her that the ones in my hand weren't mine, she helped me look, enlisting niece Keri to look also. Finally we decided that one of the previous house guests has picked mine up by mistake. We called the most likely suspect but there was no answer. It was late.

I had no real concern for those were my work glasses. I have two pair of prescription glasses. One sturdy older pair for gardening and working around the house and my new SGTM (Sunday go to meeting) glasses that are frame less and a bit fragile. Around my home I also have three Walmart glasses of different strengths for computer, TV and reading.

So I broke out my SGTM glasses and was fine. I had planned to replace the work glasses when I got home anyway as they were pretty old. I had chosen the work glasses for travel as they were trifocals and I thought that gave me more options while driving. Now they were MIA (missing in action).

The next day, the person suspected of taking my glasses by mistake showed up with her own glasses perched snugly on her nose. Now the mystery deepened. Both my sisters tried to convince me that those might really be my glasses but I steadfastly refused to accept that I had such poor taste in eye wear.

"Mine are gold rimmed." I would insist.

"These once were." My sister Charlene reasoned softly.

I really wasn't concerned as I said and just enjoyed the partying in my SGTM glasses. Periodically through out the day, each sister would approach me and try to convince me that those had to be my glasses. They were so sweet and solicitous but I could begin to sense the kindly "be patient , she isn't quite right you know," attitude.

The last day, I picked up those ugly glasses that were laying on a shelf and put them on. I took the SGTM ones off and hung them on the neck of my blouse. My own logic by now is telling me that those Damn Ugly Glasses possibly were mine and I decided to wear them the rest of the day to see if I could get use to them again.

Well you all ready have been nodding and know the rest of this story. Yes they were mine. Old age is a scary thing. It is one thing to lose your stuff but to not "recognize" your own stuff was a new thrill for me. Too bad I don't drink for that would have been a handy excuse.

My rationale as I drove home was that since they were work glasses, I never really spent any time in front of a mirror to view them. I just grabbed them out of the caddy and shoved them behind my ears as I popped out the door to play in the dirt. That will teach me to pay attention.

Even Mighty is giving them the fish eye.

Now back in my home with 60 watt CFL lighting, they DO look like mine. They even look slightly gold rimmed in this light. However as soon as possible, I am making an appointment to get some decent looking work glasses. What was I thinking when I picked them out 6 years ago??? Criminy !!!!

Do you have a "senior moment" you dare to share that will make me feel better or have I just gone round the bend on this one ????


  1. Your story really made me giggle! I live senior moment to moment, ha-ha!
    I took my husband's truck the other day to go grocery shopping, when I came out of the store, I thought someone had stolen my car because I couldn't find it! Duh!
    You are not alone!
    Sunny :)

  2. I'm with SUNNY. I have senior moments minute to minute, particularly with my glasses and car keys.

    I tend to lay both somewhere, anywhere. with some other multi-tasking event on my mind.

    Hmmm.. maybe it is not multi-tasking if I can't remember both thoughts!!!

    However this is not a new problem unless senior moments started 40years ago. My husband was introduced to my proclivity of lost objects immediately after the "I do."

    Problematic lost keys are more difficult because we both now drive Toyotas. We found them in every room and every nook and cranny of the house, including my own purse. DUH.

    Glasses have become just as problematic as I have prescription computer reading glasses which I love to wear all day indoors. I have another pair of full frame glasses for everything else. I have actually gone to the car with the wrong pair. Thank Goodness I realized it before going a public streets. Read ticketed for not wearing corrective lenses.

    My husband has WalMart reading glasses which look like mine. Recently, I misplaced mine (in the bathroom). After an hour long frantic search, I found them perched on my husband nose in front of his computer. Guess I wasted $100 on prescription ones if he sees as well with WAL-MART ones...kinda reverse deductive thinking!!!

    Now where di I leave my checkbook? I need it for shopping after Dr. Appt. today!

  3. That too funny! I'd really laugh but since I'm the one who can't ever remember where I parked my car I'll keep it to a muffled chuckle! I have so many pair of glasses stuffed in drawers and every time I find a pair I ask myself the same question, "What WAS I thinking?"

  4. What a rib-tickler!
    I, similar to Sunny 'lost' the car in a car park, I was frantic, I phoned my hubby to ask what to do and after a pause he said,' But I dropped you off, and you said you were meeting B for a coffee!!!"
    All was then remembered as I dashed round the corner to my waiting sister, who was just ready to leave the coffee shop as I hadn't turned up.
    I felt incredulous!
    Love Granny

  5. I don't know if I should be flattered or insulted, but I have a pair just like those!! Really, I do.

    I don't wear them anymore - they are my back-up glasses.....LOL

  6. Great story, patti. I have had a few senior moments, but at the moment I can't remember a single one! LOL!

  7. What a fun story, and so true of most of us. Glasses are a real challenge. I loved the little half glasses when I could wear them. I had them in all colors, and a pair for every task. I finally gave up the battle and went with trifocals, one pair does everything.

  8. Having been there with my goggles a lot lately, I can sure sympathize. I have them stached all over the place, if only I could remember where. Oh, on top my head, thanks.

  9. I've had to eat a lot of my words and I think I need to get glasses, I've been using those magnifying type to read with, kind of scary though as then I'll have to look for them when I loose them all the time.

  10. Sunny,
    Oh thank you Sunny, I am feeling better now. I hate when I park in "not my usual spot" and can't find it. Yikes.

    You and Sunny are really making me feel better. Boy did you start early.
    Hay, those little Walmart glasses work quite well. Just get them in the same prescription as your expensive ones.

    You really need to get that gadget I linked to you in the last post.
    I try to park in the same area but not always possible. When I don't, I start the aimless cart push. You know everyone knows what you are doing.
    Our fashion tastes really do change don't they.

    Oh, you really had me laughing at that and now I am feeling sooo much better. Good thing we are not alone with this aging thing huh? Thanks for the laugh.

    Do yours still have the "gold" on them? That was what threw me off so. The rims were almost green and ugly. Their best day was long gone... kind of like mine.

    Now that is when an iffy memory serves us well by not throwing our "mistakes" in our faces. I need to develope that aspect.

    Yeah, I liked those half glasses in my 40's and am now a full fledged trifocal user also. Life does get complicated huh?

    Ah yes, the ole top of the head trick. Haven't done that yet, my head is too big and would stretch them.

    Linda Starr,
    That is when it gets complicated if you only have one pair. How can you find the pair that is missing if you can't see?? Age makes us get creative.

  11. Hey it happens to us all. LOL My poor Father came home from the rest home, and he told Mom something was wrong with his glasses. He had Alzheimer's so she wasn't sure he knew what he was talking about. And he wasn't out of the room he had, that was one of the reasons he was there, he couldn't seem to walk, and they told him he had to do therapy and get to walking again before he could go home. Anyway, she was cleaning them and thought to herself, these aren't his. So she called the rest home, and they said there are no extra glasses here and no one else is complaining. They couldn't do anything about it. At that time we had a place on our local TV, called Turn to 2, and they investigate problems. So I e-mailed the gentleman and he e-mailed me back and said he would look into it. Two days later my Mother got a call from the rest home, they found his glasses, but his eye doctor would have to check them to make sure they were actually his, and they were. I just wonder how long if ever they would have taken to find them if Channel 2 TV didn't get involved? Mom found his teeth more than once, under his covers, once even under the TV on the floor. He kept telling them his mouth was sore, but they made him wear his teeth, told him his mouth was sore because he wasn't keeping his teeth in. Here he had thrush in his mouth. I just hope if I have to go to a nursing home they do a better job than this one seemed to do.

  12. Senior moments? I have had too many to count. Enjoyed your story.

  13. hahahaha...and again. i maybe laughing at myself now because like you asked 'do you have a senior moment?'

    am approaching my sixty and with a single slight upset, that would be enough to put my memory down the bin.

    i recently lost my new camera. its loss was noticed right after a big house inspection occurred a day before New Year!

    i almost overhauled the whole place to look for it but to no avail. what i remember was, i put the camera beside the recharger in the kitchen. for a while i was out of sight from the man who happened to be in the kitchen.

    at the moment, i choose to keep my cool. i do not want to accuse or else i will break one of the ten commandments. hopefully, it will just reappear somewhere. it's not good when something goes MIA!

    am grateful my daughter offered me her camera to use until i will find mine.

    ah senior moments...we are getting them now.

    i thought of putting you in my blog comment map for your bloganniversary.

  14. Hi Patti, That is hilarious... And YES---we all do have our Senior Moments.. My recent one was that I was SURE I had more empty Christmas boxes in the basement.. I was getting ready to put away our Christmas decorations. SO--I told George to look again because I knew that some of them were missing. He looked and looked... No missing boxes...

    WELL--guess what???? I had put boxes inside of boxes after unpacking everything... Well----DUH!!!!! ha ha

    Thanks for showing me that I'm not the only one who has Senior Moments...

  15. Don't hate me but I can't stop laughing. Hugs :-)

  16. I'm sorry but I laughed so hard reading this. You told the tale so well!! I would love to read what your sisters have to say on the matter ;-)

    Oh and I shall remember to laugh at myself when I have my senior moment in future :-D Thank you for such a fun start to my morning.

  17. Ahhhhh yes! I cannot think of a story off hand..(Another sign of Old, but I assure, I DO have some, though not about glasses.....
    Yeah....Old Age Stinks and Sucks, and I don't like it onr bit!

  18. Oh my, oh my...this for sure is a sad sad tale indeed.
    But it made me laugh really hard:)
    Personally I think your sister broke your glasses and not wanting to get in a riff, gave you an old pair of hers that she didn't want anymore. A sister would do that.
    You are too funny. When you no longer make me laugh then I will tell you myself you went around the bend.
    Great Post!

  19. Patty,
    Now that was quite sad. There was probably some one else at the home wearing your Dad's glasses that couldn't get anyone to listen to him either.

    Thank you and mine are starting to pile up also.

    So glad you thought so. Laughing at ourselves is what makes this situations not so bad.

    Thank you so much for putting me on your blog. That was so very nice of you. You are the best.
    I do hope that camera shows up and hope it wasn't the inspector. Hate to think the worst of people.

    Now that was good. Hope George was laughing as he ran up and down the stairs but then he is a hiker and probably enjoyed the trips.
    It is good we can laugh at ourselves and have others in the same boat.

    Ah, you are too young for these moments but when they hit, just keep your sense of humor, you are not going to be alone.

    Thank you and glad I could tickle your funny bone. You are way too young to even think about these things but just know when they do hit you, you will have lots to laugh about.

    Old age can stink but it does give us things to laugh about. Guess we should consider laughter exercise for it is about all we get.

    Aw gee Gray, do you think that could be?? Now that I am removed from the situation, I will ask them. That would be a typical sister trick and a great way to get rid of old glasses.
    I'll count on you to let me know when I have hit the bend. Thanks.

  20. I was laughing hard until I saw the photo…they look exactly like my glasses! I guess they are a little ugly. I think we need to take a friend with us next time we pick out a pair. : ) Funny post! Glad to see Mighty has lots of fur to keep him warm – he is so cute!

  21. When I turned 40 I realized I could not read the bottom label on a mascara tube...I wanted a 'Black' and could not read the color...I had to grab a handful of tubes and take them to checkout and have the checker pick the right one for me...I had always had very good eyesight and this was a shock to my system!

    I immediately bought a couple of those cheap reading glasses..

    I was a Realtor at the time and I needed glasses to read the fine print but not to drive..

    One day I had my usual stack of papers to sort through while driving to view some houses. I would put on my 'readers' read what I needed and then take them off and put on some really cool sun glasses...

    One day I pulled up in front of a house, read the write up on it, took the glasses off and laid them in the seat and went inside to look...

    I came out, got into the car, grabbed my glasses, put them on and tried to read the papers on the next house I was going to view...And OMG I could not read it! During just the time I was inside the house my vision had gotten worse! I was beside myself...

    After a few minutes I realized I had put on my sun glasses, not the reading glasses...I was so relieved!

  22. I have lots of senior moments but I can't remember them. :( I wear glasses from Walgreens - sometimes they put them on buy one get one free so they're cheaper than WalMart then - and I have to keep them in every room so I'll always have a pair. I've also resorted to wearing them on a chain around my neck but sometimes I forget they're there! blessings, marlene

  23. Jewels,
    Looks like you, kenju and I had the same taste at one time. Mine were so ugly partly because all the "gold" had worn off and they took on an aluminum, greenish look. They really brought out my nerd.
    Mighty really does have his winter coat on. A bit shaggy but effective.

    4th sister,
    And you are so young yet. That was funny though probably scary at the time. Hang in, it gets worse so keep your humor handy.

    You and robin have the "forget your moments" talent I wish I had. Like "the tree that falls in the woods", if we can't remember the senior moments, then did they really happen??? Have to work on that.

  24. I have so many of those moments!

    I once caused a ruckus in the video store because I insisted the clerk had given me the same movie twice, I couldn't see that the discs were labeled 1 and 2

    another time I spent several minutes trying to get into a car that wasn't mine

    it just goes on and on

  25. Dianne,
    Thanks, that does help. Welcome to the club, I fear it is not terribly exclusive.

  26. Yes I certainly have those moments too. I once mistook a lady for my hairdresser and asked her how she was doing and how the baby was. She replied, that she was fine, but that she had no baby.

  27. I had something like that happen when I was in my 30's! I went to a party and when the host handed me my coat, I said, "That's not mine."
    "Are you sure?"
    I put the coat on and stuck my hands in the pockets. I pulled out my grocery list. It was obviously the coat I'd worn there, but it really WASN'T my coat!
    Never found mine. I think someone switched coats on me at church. (Accidentally, of course!) It was one of those ubiquitous camel coats, but we were in WI and mine had a NC store label.
    Actual SENIOR moments? You don't want to get me started!