Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The bath was scalding hot which is my pleasure. Silky suds of bubble bath slicked the sides of the tub, the flicker of a Peace candle softened the dim lighting while lightly scenting the room and semi classical music topped off the mellow atmosphere. All was marvelous as I leisurely prepared for my 2:00 Doctors appointment.

My blood pressure usually gets a bit scary when I see this particular doctor for he has to power to tell me if I am clean or if my cancer is back. I pull out all the stops to put myself into a soothed frame of mind before hand to cheat the blood pressure cuff. Yes, I do spoil me and usually this "foreplay" works great.

I have a cystoscope every three months to see if the cancer is back. My particular type (bladder cancer) is notorious for coming back and has returned 8 times in the past 10 years. The constant testing is highly annoying but if caught in time, bladder cancer is very treatable. So every three months, I get a bit anxious the week before and down right edgy the day of the test. Thus the special bath to smooth out the rough edges.

All was working perfectly as I soaked in my lovely bath when I reached for something that wasn't there. Aw crap. Now ladies I am sure you will agree with me that we tend to prepare for a doctors appointment like we would for a special date. We preen, we primp, we scrub,we perfume and WE SHAVE OUR LEGS, especially when stirrups are involved.

Gents, I am sure you do the same thing (minus the leg shaving) especially if your doctor is a woman. Bet you don't have to do the stirrup thingy but then we don't have to turn our heads and cough.

The "aw crap" was because suddenly I realized that I had recently disposed of my razor after a final use and had failed to replace it with a new one. The new ones were in the "other" bathroom. My only choices were to get out,lightly dry off, slip and slide to the other bathroom for the new razor and return to the tub...or...I could not destroy the glow and just go slightly hairy to my appointment.

Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so many years to learn something. This particular truth took 70 years. Rather than break the spell of the bath, a simple thought hit me. Why was I so concerned about my legs being smooth? Was I interested in this 40 year old doctor? No way.

What was the worst that could happen if I went to the appointment with a stubble? Most likely, no one would notice. He is not a leg doctor but a urologist.
Then the final piece fell into place. He was not plying me with dinner and dancing, he was not paying for my attention....I WAS PAYING HIM. He had no right to smooth legs. Case closed.

Wow, that was freeing and I continued my leisurely bath and took my stubble to town.
The good news is that no, he did not notice or even look nor did I care if he had. Better news is that I got a clean check up and am good for 3 more months and that I will be happy and carefree for the next 11 weeks and 6 days. Life is all good.

Foot note. We are looking at a possible ice storm Thursday which means I may get to practice my survival skills and have to go blog silent if the power fails like it did last year about now. Don't know if our trees can take another beating . If that DOESN'T happen, then I'll see ya Friday.

Hope everyone in the path of this storm stays safe, warm and with full power. Keep your toes crossed.


  1. So glad the outcome of your test was a positive one, Patti. My husband just had good test results too!

  2. Excellent news, Patti! The only person I have my legs for now is the pedicurist. I suspect she would rather have smooth legs, feet and toes to work with, rather than a forest!! lol No one else matters.

  3. My word verification was "lumbubo". I'm not sure I should tell you what it made me think A combination of lumbago and boobs - can't possibly be good!

  4. I share the same blood pressure hike when I go to my oncologist. Since we seem to be experincing some anomalies not necessarily related to cancer, yet troubling, my b.p. is hiking to triple digits on the upper # and near triple on the lower. WHITE COAT SYNDROME....

    Actually, the Vit. D deficiency is becoming common in post-menopausal women. But the unexpected low hemoglobin suggests loss of blood. Instead of looking for the loss of blood they are giving me an iron infusion FEb. 2. I don't understand physician thought processes.

  5. This is my first time visiting your blog ~ and I really enjoyed my visit! You're a hoot!! Isn't it the truth what we women go through ... with the leg shaving and primping and pampering. Men just get to turn their head and cough... what up with that! Thank you for sharing!! Have a great day.

  6. So glad to hear that your test was "all clear."

  7. Praise God that you got a good report, Patti.... Glad you didn't allow the stubble on your legs to bother you!!!! I wouldn't have gotten out of that hot bath either....

    Hope the ICE stays away from you (and me)... They are saying we could get rain/ice/snow... In other words, they have no clue!!!

    Be safe...

  8. Patti - So happy to hear the news. Hope the ice does not get too bad. Those storms are very rare here, and I would be happy to never experience one.

  9. So glad to hear that your test results were good and you are free for the next eleven weeks and six days. I'm glad you decided to forgo the shaving, and instead stayed in the tub to relax and enjoy the moment. Much better for the psyche in all ways!

  10. You are so funny and so right! I am sad though about your bladder cancer. What a pain. You seem to have a wonderful attitude however. In spite of it all you've gotten 10 more years of life and that's very good.

  11. I'm glad you've no cancer worries for the next few months .. Phew!

    " He had no right to smooth legs. Case closed. " - How true!! I mean, there isn't a case here really!?

    The biggest advantage -- You never need use the razor to meet this doctor henceforth! ;-) What a treat.

  12. Wow so happy I visited you today. Girl you are tooo funny. Sound just like me when I have to get ready for my visits.
    So glad to hear everything went well and you are ok. Just keep having everything checked. Hope you do not loose your power too cold for that to happen.
    Believe I do know about going blog free. This byte thing with me is a real problem

  13. Congratulations on the clean bill of health and the NO shaving of the legs. I never was a hairy person, so to speak, and I haven't shaved my legs in years, what little I have I could tweeze out. But the sad part is, it's now growing on my upper lip/cheeks and chin/neck area Thank goodness it's blond, but every once in a while I see a black one that looks and feels like a man's stubble. Oh no, today I was looking, standing in the sun at the patio door with my small mirror that magnifies 15 X's and thought oh crap, way too many to tweeze, so I got out my Nair. It does a pretty good job, plus the face feels as smooth as a baby's bottom when finished. LOL My cousin said she just gave up and shaves everyday. I asked doesn't that make a stubble, she said not really, well I've been to chicken to try that approach. Hope the ice storm doesn't hit you.

  14. I am happy that your checkup was good and that you are free for the next three months! Good post as always!

  15. I am thrilled that the outcome was good!

    and I LOVE the free feeling of deciding you don't care what someone thinks - especially about something as small as stubble

    you rock Patti!

  16. Wanda,
    Thanks so much and I am thrilled for your husband and you too. Good news for both of us.

    Thanks Judy, and if I were going to indulge in a pedicurist, might break out the razor. Anyone else, they gets what they gets.
    Good to know someone else gets tickled at the word verifications.

    Yep, I have WCS also. It worried me at first till I got my own blood pressure kit and found I was fine at home. Ah what power those doctors have.
    Sure hope you find a solution soon. I'm like you, doesn't seem to make much sense but then I am not a doc.

    Welcome to TNS and I am so glad you dropped by. I will check your blog out shortly.

    Thanks. Those are the sweetest words imaginable."all clear."

    Thank you and I am glad you would have put up with the stubble also.
    Hope we do not get ice but if we do I am prepared.
    Stay warm and ice free.

    Thank you so much. I always find it odd that as cold as you get, you don't get ice storms but am glad you are spared.

    Thanks so much.
    Three months really is a long time for peace of mind. From now on, bathtub rules.

    I am just so happy that I caught it early and have stuck with the rigiorous follow up. It is a pain but so far it is working and except for one day every three months, my life is like everyone elses. Thank you.

    Yep, clean and green for a while now. A great feeling. From now on, unless he is handsome, rich and taking me to dinner, there will be no special leg shaving.

    So glad to meet another primper.Thanks.
    I thought you might be OK computer wise by now. Sure hope your troubles are over.
    The cold won't bother me for I have back up propane heat. The only inconvenience will be refrigerator and if it stays cold enough out side, I just put my stuff in coolers out the door.

    Thanks for the good wishes. Don't know how you put up with a 15X mirror. That tells me stuff I really don't want to know. Ignorance is bliss.

    Reader wil,
    Thank you so much. I plan to enjoy the next 3 months.

    Thank you. It is such a simple concept that I am just now fully appreciating. Free at last, free at last.

  17. Woohoo!!! Stand back baby, happy dance goin' on here. I'm so happy for your outcome. God is good!

    Your rendition of the prep for your Dr.s visit just cracked this chick up.

    Ya'll have a fantastically blessed day filled with blessings from above!

  18. I'm glad everything is all right. I always get in a tizzy when I have to see the doctor, too. So, I put it off until he has to reel me in by leaving a message at the pharmacy, requesting my presence. Luckily, he knows me and my phobia.

  19. Great news Patti on your tests. I'll tell Ron to try a bubble bath before he goes for his CT scan. Maybe he will be calmer!

  20. You know, Patti, things do happen for a reason. I came across your blog via Grayquill's blog some time ago...and returned today to read this was literally stopped in my tracks because I understood/related to your entry all so well. I have also had some bladder issues (not cancer, thankfully) and have had my share of cystoscopy procedures and had bladder surgery just last week - which I am still recovering from.
    I absolutely appreciated the idea that we prepare for doctor's as if it is a first date. HAHA! For my September cystoscopy I made sure my legs were smooth as silk, only to have a nurse cover them with a blanket as soon as I got on the bed! What was the point?!?!?!
    I am so pleased to hear that you had a clean bill of health and wish you the very, very best.

    Take Care,

  21. Two words: FEMALE doctor!

    That must be a terrifying date on your calendar. I'm so glad it turned out to be good report.

    Oh, don't you love those bubble baths. . . !

  22. What a relief to know you are c free for the time being! I had cervical cancer when I was 23 and it was a very tense time for many years about recurrence.

    God knows what he is doing...I had all of the kids I wanted, so that worked out well, and I was not averse to a hysterectomy. Everyone had given me such a hard time for having kids when I was so young and that they were so close together. God knew I'd be needing them.

    When the "forgetems" happen here I wait until I'm out and just shave my legs then...while they are still damp. I don't care if my doctor is 40 or 80 and I'm not interested in them and they aren't interested in me. My legs will be shaved. It happened today. I have a holder for a razor in the shower and I'd forgotten to replace it yesterday.

    It is looking really bad in OK. Stay safe in Arkansas. We are just waiting for it to calm down enough so we can get groceries out of the car.

    When I used to get my nails done the tech didn't want me to shave my legs. Shaving can leave small nicks where bacteria can get in and cause a world of problems. That was my experience with them.

  23. I agree-you are a hoot! Once again you have proven to be the better women! : ) Congratulations on another clean check up!! YAY!

  24. Nezzy,
    Aw I wish I could have seen that dance though I did feel it. Thank you so much. I do feel blessed.

    What a great doctor you have who will track you down like a dog. That extra effort is rare these days.

    Thank you gal.Hope you post a picture of that with Ron neck deep in bubbles. Seriously, tell him to give it a try. It is sooo relaxing.

    Lynda G
    Thank you and I am so glad you stopped by at the right time. Your story only proves my point. No one really cares if the legs are smooth. I do hope you are recovering nicely from your surgery.

    I can do that with a GYN but can't locate one that is a urologist. He is a great Doc just no longer deserving the full treatment.

    Amber Star,
    Thank you so much. I am so happy that you are Cancer free now and what a blessing that you all ready had your children.
    Hope you are past the worst of the storm and are OK. We are waiting for it now.
    Glad you still feel it necessary to slick up for your doctor, after 70, clean is what we go for :))

    Thank you so much. Yea is right. So glad I found your funny bone. The whole thing tickled mine.

  25. Glad everyhing turned out well with your check-up. One of the wonderful things about getting older is that you no longer feel you have to impress everyone.

  26. Gee...I thought the turning our head and coughing thing was a secret just between us men. Who's the rascal with the big mouth? It's time for a blanket party!
    Okay, let’s be serious here, cancer is no laughing matter and those stirrups...well let's just say I am glad I am a guy. FYI- just so you know, the doctor did notice the stubble. I read about it on his blog. I see that red flush creeping up your neck. And, you tried to convince me you didn’t care because you were paying him. HA! That was a good one. Now, don’t get me wrong I believe in the power of positive thinking but seriously, you are woman.
    Okay, seriously, serious for real serious…I am super glad my Arkansas friend is okay!!!
    Thanks for the update.

  27. SVB
    Thank you so much. And yes, it is so freeing to not feel the need to impress. Too bad it takes us so long to get there.

    I got red all right but it was from laughing so hard at your "FYI" that I scared Mighty Dog.
    Thanks for the good thoughts along with the good laugh.