Friday, January 29, 2010


Snow is coming down but so far, no signs of ice on the lines. We are expected to get a lot of moisture through out the day and hopefully, we stay with snow. It is just so pretty. Mighty and I will try to get in a walk down the road today before it gets too deep for him . He only has about a 4 inch clearance to his most prized possessions. To every one in the path of this monster storm covering many states, stay safe and warm.


This is an update on a previous post on the same subject. I use to think that my posts just fell into an abyss after I hit "publish" but early on, I got a site meter. It is a wonderful tool to track your visitors. Comments are only the tip of the ice berg. You can tell generally where the visitors are from, how they found you, how long they stayed, and if they visited more than one post. It will also rather cruelly let you know when you have put out a dud post with a puny hit count.

The refreshing thing is that you realized that some posts never die. Perhaps we aren't just spitting into the wind. Some in fact become regular hit generators. For a while, it was just random hits through out my blog from Google inquiries. Obviously they were looking for something else entirely when a key word brought up on an old post.

Key words will take you a variety of places as you know when you try to Google a subject, often having nothing to do with what you are searching. I have found some scary sites that way. Who would have thought Googling "toys" around Christmas would bring up a sex toy site? My, that was interesting. Did I spell "toy" wrong? And the time I Goggled "expressing anal glands in a dog" in an effort to help Mighty Dog with his problem---good grief. The picture was vile and definitely not of a dog. Googling can be an adventure.

Then I unwittingly posted something that was to become my bread a butter hit maker. Even on dud post days, it keeps up my count. Five months ago, I wrote a post about an Australian Blue Heeler named Emma Lou. Evidently the Heeler has become a very popular little dog for I have continued to get many hits every single day from all over the world.

They are coming from Google searching the Australian dog. I have featured other dog breeds in my posts, but none got the response that the Heeler got and still gets daily. According to my sitemeter, almost 40% of my hits are for that post.

A very distant second is a post about a red nosed pit named Ratty. Many of these visitors disappear quickly into cyber space when they see it is just a blog, but a few stick around, read several posts and some actually return as lurkers. As I was once a lurker myself, I do have a soft spot for them. Welcome folks.

Someone asked me if the lady in the story about Emma Lou knew about the post I had written. Somehow, I think if she has a computer, still has a soft spot for Heelers and Googles "Australian Blue Heeler", she will find it. Just hope she will forgive my prejudgment of her. Not my finest moment.

What is your biggest hit maker?


  1. Googling can be an adventure..heeeheeee;-D Certainly has been for you! I must read your Best Hit posts. Don't remember these stories or perhaps they were written before we got acquainted.

    I don't know which post of mine got hit the most. Never have been interested in the statistics(I am lazy) but I'm inquisitive now!! Nice post:-)

  2. Yes, it's amazing how innocent words can sometimes lead you to sites you would never have dreamed of going to on your own. LOL It's cold here, it's 14 above and it's going on 11am. I finally put on a sweater, but still my legs are cold, maybe a lap afghan and throw over my legs while sitting here at the computer will help. You and Mighty be careful on you walk, and make sure you don't freeze anything off the little fella he isn't wanting to freeze. LOL

  3. Isn't it interesting what brings people to the blog. I used to check our stats to see who was coming and for what, but I stopped a while back. Now, you've piqued my interest, and I may have to take a look.

    Googling can definitely get you to places you NEVER want to go.

  4. I don't have a site counter on my blog but it sounds like you're using yours to its fullest extent.

  5. I've spent my "snow lock down" catching up with checkbook/Quicken posting, end-of/first of/month duties. I took a break to snap a few pictures of snow out my front door--no further do I wander--not me. It is 3 p.m. and we have 6 in. Don't know when it will stop/forecast is about midnight.

    Stay warm. I've worn fleece sweats the first time this year.

    Not to trying to duplicate my Mother's porcupine meatballs from memory! Since she was a dump cook It will be interesting. More about it later. Stay warm. Luckie only exits to do her bathroom duties. She looks longingly when I use my nice warm bathroom with an extra heater in it.

  6. Poor Mighty! How is he going to manage doing his “business” when the snow is over his head?!

  7. lostworld,
    Google really is an adventure. You never know just what will turn up.
    A sitemeter will let you know just how many people visit you that you never hear from.

    Well, Mighty's privates are totally buried. He is chest deep now and has to hop like a bunny. It has snowed all day and it is just beautiful. Love it.

    Google really is a unpredictable but the surprises sometimes can be fun. I use sitemeter to let me know when I have really gone off the mark when I get lots of hits and no comments. Useful tool.

    Like I said to robin, I use it as a tool to help improve my blog.

    Some snow day huh? Sad thing is that it is so tempting to cook and eat on such a day. I have been trying to watch the birds and take my mind off food. Not working too well.
    Good luck with your mother's porcupine meatballs. Sounds like a good project.
    Stay warm. I just went out and it was mid calf,haven't tried an accurate measurement yet.

    If this keeps up, I may lose him in a drift. He still has the car port to squat.
    Isn't this snow just the prettiest sight.

  8. I have no idea about mine, but George did a blog on the big Rock Slide near Asheville on I-40... He had oodles of hits on that post...

    We have snow-snow-snow today/tonight.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... Can you just imagine how excited I am????


  9. The searches which bring the most people to my blog(s) are:

    1. kissing balls (the flower balls)
    2. Maxine cartoons
    3. "adult-onset dyslexia"

  10. Betsy,
    Yes I can imagine just how excited you are for I am too. I have spent the day glued to the window and periodically tromping through the snow to feed the birds. There are hundreds. Mid calf now.

    I imagine "kissing balls" brought out the porn group. Everyone loves Maxine but # 3 sounds really interesting. Think I will check that one out.

  11. Bare Stomach Volleyball - they flock in but then split fast. Gee wonder what they were after? Disappointed them i guess...Hee Hee.

  12. My biggest search is for Hot Park Rangers. I am not sure if I should be worried or scared. Next is seasoning cast iron and raising Godly men. I am just fine withe the last 2.

    Just a little sleet here in SW Arkansas, nothing major. Be safe, The Park Wife

  13. Patti, re your comment: he knew Nancy before face-lifts, you mean...
    He dated her in college, before she met Paul.Mr. kenju is fond of saying after she found out how wealthy Paul's family was - she left him without a backward glance.

  14. I'm always fascinated with those oddball links, too. One thing I won't be looking for is how to express anal glands. Our cocker's have to be done at least once a month and if the vet tech says SHE has trouble with the right one, you can believe I'm not going there. I'll give up haircuts, Diet Cokes, wine, first!

  15. Dropping by via Coward's Corner.
    I enjoyed your blog and will be baaack... my computer is misbehavin
    and I need to get out the trusty hammer and see if that helps.

    Wish we had snow.. but it is just rain and more rain this weekend.

    Put the kettle on.. enjoy some tea
    and toast and watch the snow..that is what I would do..if only ...

  16. GQ,
    Ok, you lured me in and I had to check that one out. Funny story, except from your daughter's view point but not even close to what the porn boys were looking for.

    Park Wife,
    You and GQ are teases, yes you are. Of course neither was completely misleading. There was a hot ranger in the post and GQ had a bare stomach in his.

    How funny, he knew her when she could close her eyes. Pretty sure he got lucky on that deal.

    That is the right approach. That stuff really stinks. I had a vet that made his girls do it.

    Thanks so much for dropping by and welcome to THS. Hope you can whip your computer into submission.
    I'll drop over to visit with you.

  17. That is pretty cool! I found your page via Old Lady Lincoln--a wonderful woman I've learned to love.

    It is refreshing to read your candid and fun posts!

  18. Beth,
    Thank you so much for your visit. Isn't Patty a dandy?
    Welcome and hope to see you again.

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