Friday, February 19, 2010


I met Baby Ruth who lived in the Hunt Club described in my last post. Her owners were a delightful couple that had several dogs, three horses, white peacocks and a fawn they were raising whose mother had been killed. Visiting their home was like going to a small petting zoo.

I know you have met people whom you have secretly hoped that if you had to come back to earth as an animal, they would get you. That was how I felt about Mary and her husband Dexter. While giving excellent care and love, they let their animals be animals. Something I sometimes forget.

Baby Ruth was a Shetland Sheepdog (a tiny Lassie looking dog) maybe 14 inches tall and about 15 pounds.

Picture not mine nor of Baby Ruth but looks just like her.

She was very smart and definitely the leader of the pack which consisted of much larger Shepherds and Labs. Baby Ruth was a little Diva who had them all whipped. Her owners were a delightful older couple who had helped me many times with my Rescue. Then it came my time to help them.

In 1998, Florida suffered a terrible drought and wild fires scorched the state. Over 1000 wild fires crawled across most of the state. The newscasters referred to us as "Florida in Flames". I lived 20 miles from my work and often as I would be driving home, I would see the smoke spiraling up in the distance and would drive for miles in fear before discovering I still had a home.

One day as I was driving home, the only highway leading to my place was blocked by the police and smoke covered the road for miles. I was told that the Hunt Club woods were on fire and since my home was on the other side, I could not go home. I was frantic wondering just how my animals were doing.

Many hours later, we were allowed to proceed. I barely looked towards the Hunt Club as I hurriedly drove to my place. Luckily, my place was fine, just smoky. I heard on the news that while much of the woods had burned in the Club, not one house was burned. Such a blessing.

The next day however, Baby Ruth's owner came to my gate with tears in her eyes. Baby was missing. They had been shopping in Vero Beach the day of the fire. Baby had evidently used the doggie door to go outside prior to the fire. While all the other animals were safe, she was missing. Mary knew I was good at finding dogs and wanted my help. I owed her and her husband big time and was happy to assist.

I helped put up posters with Baby Ruth's picture on it on every post in a five mile radius. She was offering a $1,000 reward which had everyone in the area looking. Mary even walked through the charred woods looking for Baby's small body. She hired a helicopter to search the miles of the surrounding countryside. I drove and knocked on doors, but no Baby Ruth.

In desperation, Mary called on a famous California psychic for help. I would have been the first to pooh-pooh a psychic, but this was eerie. Mary was desperate and sent one of Baby's collars to California and when the psychic got it she called Mary.

The psychic perfectly described seeing the pines and long, winding dirt roads which led to a paved road. She then described a house, a fenced yard, an older white station wagon and the first 3 digits of a Florida license plate. The psychic then told her the people there knew what happened to Baby Ruth.

Mary followed the psychic's instructions right to the house and station wagon which was about a mile and a half from the entrance to the Hunt Club. The people who lived there denied ever seeing Baby Ruth. Their eyes popped when they heard of the reward, but continued to insist they knew nothing.

I truly wish this had a happy ending but Baby Ruth was never recovered. Somehow I believed the psychic that those people knew where Baby was as the description from across the country was so exact.
Since she was a beautiful , pure bred dog, perhaps they found her and sold her. I could only hope it was not to a puppy mill nor to an experimental lab. Equally horrid scenario would be that she was used as a pit bull sparring partner.
Best case scenario was that a loving person found her on the road, picked her up and gave her a new wonderful home.

What do you think about what the psychic said?


  1. I've read of other situations like this, where people engaged a psychic to find an animal or a person and they were correct. Since the psychic was so right about the surroundings and the license plate, etc., I suspect those people did indeed know what had happened to the dog. I hope your last idea is what happened.

    (Please write a book)!!

  2. This is a heart breaking story. I'm thankful there are people like you who love and rescue animals.

  3. Some psychics are consulted in very complicated, unsolvable police cases. I think this one may have been correct.

    Whether I believe in them or not, there are a lot of fakes, too.

    When my pets have been missing, the emotional effect to me is despairing as the end of a pet's life decision.

    Not posting today-caught up in some city and personal tasks.

  4. Patti,
    I think you should write a book titled; " Rescue Me" my life with animals. You really are a good writer with some wonderful animal tales! :)

  5. Yowsah!

    I think the stories with unknown endings are the saddest of all. The people that loved Baby must have always had a raw bruise on their hearts. The imagination goes wild with horrible (and sadly, real) possibilities.

    I have read some articles lately about pet finder services--dogs being trained to find missing pets. If they can find drugs in a suitcase, surely...! I hope so.

  6. I don't know anything about psychics, but I sure wish this story had a happier ending. I'll hope that Baby found a way out of the burning woods and found a new home somewhere.

  7. Like you I am suspicious of psychic stuff, but this case gives pause for thought doesn't it?

  8. Hi Patti, I know that some people think of psychics as NUT-CASES---but I truly believe in some of them.. I think that psychic was correct and that those people sold that precious dog. How sad is that......

    Glad all of the other animals were okay though...


  9. A little eerie, to say the least. So sad she was never found. That had to break their heart and yours to.

    Also I want to thank you for the prayers for my niece. She's doing quite well, I talked with her earlier today. I don't think the soreness has set in yet.

  10. I think we all have an intuitive ability but others are more inturn with theirs. I'm suspicious of most.

    What a beautiful dog! I do hope it wandered into a loving home.

    Have a fun day and a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

  11. I believe that some people are true psychics, but not the ones you see on so many talk shows. I hope those people who, I believe, had the dog kept her because they fell in love with her and just couldn't give her up.

  12. Missing animals is the worst because you always wonder.

    Psychics blow me away.....I can't say I believe or don't believe but I can say i am impressed by how they get it i do not know.

  13. kenju
    I was skeptic at first but the details were too precise. I tried to hold out for the good out come.
    Thank you again for your faith in me. It is immensely flattering.

    Unfortunately, a lot of dog stories do not have happy endings. That is why the ones that do are so special.
    Thank you. I had no choice.

    I do believe some people have a sensitivity that we don't have and yes, there are those that take advantage also.
    Have fun politickin.

    Love that title. If I ever go nuts and write beyond a blog, I'll use that. Thank you.

    mary lee,
    Not knowing is the worst. You can't keep your thoughts out of the dark places.
    I love the idea of dogs finding dogs. What a brilliant idea.

    I have had cases where dogs I have placed for adoption have disappeared. It is awful not knowing. I know what Mary and Dexter had to be going through, long after she was gone. It never gets better.

    It really made me look at them with a more open mind. The details were impossible for her to know any other way.

    Yeah, the bad ones who are in it for the bucks give those who are serious a bad name. I think you are right.

    I don't think Mary ever quit looking. It was very sad.

    I am so happy for your niece. The doctors have gotten so much better at this and hopefully, she won't haave to be sore.

    You are right. Just because I can't do the math for the theory of relativity, doesn't mean someone else can't. Too often we judge others by our own capabilities. I have a pretty open mind especially the older I get.

    I know Mary clung to that hope. Like you, I think the true ones are rarely in the lime light.

    In those cases, even if you knew they were dead, you atleast wouldn't worry that they were suffering. That is the worst thought.

  14. OOoh gosh that's sad. Our animals are our babies... I was so hoping for a happy ending. Things like this just break my heart. I won't quit thinking about this for a long time.... but, thanks for sharing. What a story...

  15. Never expected the tragic end. I thought the psychic would turn out to be right & Baby Ruth(she sounds so cute) would be re-united with her gorgeous owners!!:-( I too hope Baby Ruth found a happier home.

  16. turquoisemoon,
    I'm sorry. Most dog stories do hurt unfortunately. They broke my heart more often than made me smile in the 15 years. But the smiles were so worth it.

    I was so tempted to make up a happy ending. I mean, who would know and it would have been much better reading but I told it like it was. Luckily there were enough good out comes to balence.

  17. I agree with Kenju:"Please write a book"!
    The story is gripping and yet very sad and it ends in a cliffhanger.

  18. The story about Baby is so sad. I, too hope some nice family with children who love her found her on that road. I don't know what to make of psychics. Mostly from what I've seen they are frauds, but every now and then there is one that has a connection.

    Oh no...after reading your post I googled Do Your Ears Hang I have it in my head along with the Make a Pizza Pie!

  19. I very much believe that there are some people with "special" gifts. This Pyschic sounds like one of them...And I believe she was correct and that those people DUD know what happened to dear Baby Ruth. I hope your Best Case Scenerio is what actually ended up happening to that very Beautiful Dog.

  20. Reader wil,
    Thank you so much for your confidence in me. If I were writing that story, it would have had a happy ending.

    Amber Star,
    It was spooky wasn't it?
    I am so sorry about "your ears hanging low." That haunted me for days. I grew to hate Dove.

    I truthfully believe they knew. I was hoping the large reward would do the trick but it didn't. I'm sure they knew they had done something wrong and didn't know how to get out of it. Just a nasty shame.

  21. OOLOH,
    Know what you mean Naomi. I know for a fact this place was not restricted in regards to religion. However, now that I think about it, there was not much of a variety of races. Possibly the remote country setting accounted for that. I certainly hope so.

  22. Interesting story - I poo poo most if these kind of stories. Being raised Christian this reminds me of many times I have seen prayer answered and then many more times when prayer has not been answered.
    There is much we do not know.

  23. GQ
    As someone once said, "All prayers are answered. It is just sometimes the answer is NO."

  24. This is so touchy..This is a proof that pet psychics work.