Monday, February 1, 2010


When I went home for Christmas, I stayed with my youngest sister Jan (the Kindle giving sister), who graciously let me share a bedroom with her Himalayan cat. Now her cat had access to a king sized bed so there was a lot of room for the two of us and Mighty.

Also in the room however was the cat's litter box. At first, my main concern was Mighty Dog for he has kitty poop on his "last meal" menu, much like I have a pound of bacon. At home, I have to use a kiddie gate to block off the utility room and keep him from dipping after the treasures my two cats leave. Outside of the obvious that the clumping litter that sticks to the poop can't be good for him, this fetish gives him atrocious breath.

"Not to worry" Jan said. She assured me that it was an automatic litter box that would clean itself denying Mighty his treats. We will see, I thought.

Mighty had to stay locked in that room a lot to protect his fragile, bionic knees from a two year old who meant well and is very gentle, but couldn't tell a leg from a handle. Mighty is a bit of a wuss will bite when in pain so he shared the room with the cat to protect all. He got many walks but was immediately returned to the locked room. The first night I was delighted to realize his breath did not smell suspicious. This might work.

The litter box, ScoopFree, worked flawlessly and there was NO SMELL It does make a small sound which the first time I heard it, I thought there was someone creeping around my room. Actually, the cat made more noise as she buried her head in my neck and let loose a marvelous purr. That is a NICE cat folks. I was really impressed with the litter box. Jan has used it for a year with no problems.

I had researched them before but thought I was not quite so feeble yet that I couldn't empty a litter box twice a day. Then I started thinking about all those week end trips around Arkansas that I would be able to take with out worry or having to hire a poop remover. I already had an automatic feeder and waterer, why not an automatic pooper scooper?

My other sister Charlene (my favorite book critic) had given me some Christmas money and it was enough to get one of these magical boxes. So when I got home, I put made the purchase. All I can say is that it is WONDERFUL. Now some of you have outside cats, some may have the perfect cat (the inside cat that goes outside to use the toilet) and some happily have no cats at all. Those of you bending over a litter box daily like I did, all I can say is... think ScoopFree.

Every time I hear the soft buzz of the motor, I just grin. Yes, the litter is more expensive but there is no odor and frankly, with out the cover, it looks like a neat swimming pool with the blue litter. You MUST use special crystals but they can be purchased at most Walmarts or can be ordered shipping free from Amazon.

Now for the greatest part. No, not the new freedom, nor the lack of smell, but the fact that there is almost NO tracking of litter. I have dark floors and they were constantly speckled with nice white litter before even with three sets of throw rugs to supposedly catch it. I vacuumed every day and still, there was litter tracked around. This stuff just doesn't track. A simple mat in front of the box catches what little escapes. That alone made the purchase worth it. Now I vacuum for stuff I can't see.

It is not entirely maintenance free but darn near. I do periodically scoop out the captured poop but the urine is absorbed by the crystals. No it does not clump. It's magic. I can't speak for all brands of automatic litter boxes, only the Scoop Free. No, I am not getting paid by ScoopFree but if they wanted to send me some free litter, I would not mind.

Thank you big time Charlene for making this possible for me and thanks also for "The Loop". I really liked that book though parts made my skin crawl.


  1. Does the litter have a deoderant smell? If so, is it strong? I am allergic to lots of things. Thanks for the info this might make a great choice for me too.

  2. I am going to send link to my cat loving friend, although I never smell her litter box. Her cats are all indoor/outdoor, so the box may not get frequent use. They only have one dog, who seems to leave it alone, whereever its location is.

  3. Hey Patti, my daughter has one of these and really loves it! Our cat lets you know when he needs to go out so I don't use a box.:)

  4. just wonders why we can't have something similar for humans..or atleast little itsy bitsy babies..I'm sure moms would agree with me;-)

  5. I always wondered about these when our cat was alive. Sounds like the way to go should we ever adopt again.

  6. Nothing irritated me more than having cat litter on the floor of the laundry room...I got rid of the cat years ago....

  7. Rita,
    Welcome to TNS. Glad you stopped by. The litter is fragrence free. The crystals absorb the liquid and trap it. Don't know how, but it does a wonderful job.

    If her cats are indoor/outdoor, then the litter would last a really long time. Mine with 2 cats lasted 28 days though they recommend 30 days for one cat, 15 days for two. Think it depends on how you maintain it and on the individual cats.

    Aw, you have one of the perfect cats. Mickey was an I/O in Florida but here he tended to leave the fenced property and my neighbor dogs really wanted him thus he was confined to inside.

    Automatic diaper changer??? Perfect that and you are a really rich woman.

    Hope you do adopt again and this really takes the pain out of an inside cat.

    4th Sister,
    Know how you feel about litter. I hated it. I am glad I kept the cats and got rid of the litter problem.

  8. Wow, I'm checking this one out. I looked into these years ago and decided my cat would never go near it. I have a different cat now. Were either of your cats resistant to using it?

  9. I don't mind bending twice a day to clean out the litter box for our daughters cat. I'm assuming once she moves out again, she will be taking the cat, although he seems to like it here real well. We baby him a lot. LOL

  10. Don't you just love ingenuity? It's wonderful when something works as promised.

  11. Lovely--I always wondered if those things worked! Thanks for sharing.

  12. That sounds like a great invention, patti. Our kitty cat is an indoor - outdoor cat, but he actually comes in to use the litter box. Sometimes he runs in like a little kid who almost waited too long. It's quite amusing. This litter box might be something in his future.

  13. One of my least favorite chores is cleaning the litter box...yuck! I wonder if this would handle two cats? I'll have to check it out.
    Thanks for the info.
    Sunny :)

  14. Linda,
    They didn't just jump into it but they give you instructions on how to acclimate them. Mine were good to go in a few days.

    It is too expensive for a temporary guest though it sounds like you and Abe are getting attached.

    I am totally amazed when things work as advertised. Kind of a rare occurance.

    Thank you for stoppin by TNS. I was curious also and didn't trust the "reviews". That my sister has used hers for a year gives me hope.

    Oh how funny. My sister had a dog like that only he just peed on the floor after running in from outside. Your cat likes a soft spot to dig.

    I have 2 cats and I got almost a month out of the litter. Maybe could have gone longer but with the possible ice storm coming and electricity iffy, I went ahead and changed it.

  15. I always wondered if these were any good. Both of my cats are inside-outside cats now, so they rarely use the litter box.

  16. Patti, how often do you have to change the litter in it? HOw much did it cost?

  17. Wow Patti... That comopany ought to give you a big wad of money for that commercial. That stuff must really work well!!!! Thanks to your SISTER!!!

  18. SVB,
    Oh you are so lucky, you have the perfect cats. My neighbor's dogs ruled out that option for me.

    I sent you an e-mail with the info Judy. Good luck.

    Well since I never heard from Kindle, guess I won't from ScoopFree either. I just love to pass on something I think is really good. Yes, I do have cool sisters don't I.

  19. I have always wondered about those things

    thanks for all the info :)

  20. Dianne,
    Just had to share such a treasure.

  21. Yuk! - Thank you - NOT! for reminding me why I hate cats so much. I am itching all over. It's going to be a double shower day I can see it now. And I thought this day couldn't get any worse :)

  22. GQ,
    Very funny play on the next post. Now I know how to get under your skin. You should never have let that info out. It will be used.