Friday, February 12, 2010


Ron" the cop" and I met when he pulled over my car pool buddy for speeding. The car was full of nice young ladies and he perused the goods instead of writing up the driver. I was working at the bank at the time so we were all in uniform. He recognized one of the passengers and let us go with a warning. I thought that would be the last of that.

A few days later, the girl he had recognized let me know that Ron had called and was interested in asking me out. I was tween fellows and said yes so we set up a date for Saturday. When he came to pick me up, I was a tad put off. He was totally handsome in his uniform but out of the uniform and his cute hat was a really bald guy.

I did not recognize him at first but he made a joke about his needing to put the cap on again so I would know who he was and I laughed and got comfortable with him. Today, I actually prefer bald men, especially those with a fringe around the ears . It is easier to read their minds with the hair gone. Ron was my first but not last bald date.

We went out for dinner and dancing and I soon forgot his shiny pate. He was fun and I had fun. The cool thing about dating a cop is that they are of a group of people that it is fun to ask,"How did your day go." These people have often wild stories to tell on a daily basis and you really look forward to how they answer such an innocent question. I am not alone. Just look at all the cop shows on TV.

Ron regaled me with stories about drunks, chasing perps down alleys on foot, and stupid excuses people come up with for why they were speeding. Sometimes he showed up with bruises and cut lip from being punched by those who resisted arrest. He said drunk women were the most dangerous to arrest. He had the purple shins to prove it.

Ron was a self deprecating fellow which makes for good story telling. Most fellows would leave out the "blown out pants" resulting from climbing over a fence, but Ron never left out the fun details. I am not sure today whether I really liked him or just adored his stories. You know how I like stories.

Ron did have a slightly dark side and that was what killed us. He would often drive by my house around 11:00 PM and blare out on the bull horn, "Lights out Patti." Now wouldn't he have felt bad if I had been entertaining some other fellow when he ordered the "lights out"? It did kind of embarrass me. I took serious ribbing from the other tenants in the building. Also got some complaints about that yahoo with the bull horn.

Then there were the times he would pull me over with flashing lights to ask me where I wanted to have dinner the next night. At first I thought it was cute but then it got embarrassing. Once the lights flashed behind me about a mile from my home so I kept on driving till I got to my driveway, ignoring Ron. Oops, it wasn't Ron but a cop I did not know. It seems I had "slid through" a stop sign. When I told him why I had ignored him, he gave me a warning and I am pretty sure Ron got one also.

Not my baby nor picture but her exact image. These were amazing, trouble free little cars. I LOVED HER.

Then one day my little Nash Metropolitan convertible was stolen. These were really cute small cars, pretty much the size of VW bugs. I had been grocery shopping and when I came out, my little years worn, pint sized car was gone. Oh yes, I had left the keys in it but in those days, we seldom locked our doors. Besides, who on earth would steal such a ratty little car? I was heart broken for she was not much but she had been my first new car and had been mine for nine years.

I called the police and almost before I could hang up, Ron pulled up in his patrol car. I told him what had happened and he gave me a stern lecture on leaving my keys in my car. He promised to personally look for my car and I arranged for a friend to drive me home. He told me not to worry and I had faith in him.

Twenty terrifyingly frantic minutes after I got home, Ron called to say he had found my car about two blocks from the grocery store with no damage. Of course that made him my hero till I found out from one of his buddies that Ron had actually "stolen" and recovered my car himself to bolster that "hero" image.

If he had confessed to his prank, perhaps I could have laughed then as I do today when I think of that big cop getting into my tiny little car and driving off. At the time, I just felt he had gone too far and I called it quits. Also there was the dreaded cover up as he continued trying to pull it off as "real". As a nation, we pretty much will forgive bad behavior if a "cover up" is not involved. A cover up is our national "straw." Sorry.... bye Ron.

A wonderful service Ron did for me was that he put to sleep those nagging child hood fears I had of policemen. I learned the men in blue were not really out to terrify small children. They were often just nice, fun, ordinary people who carried big guns. They eat, breathe, do their job and are capable of doing stupid things, just like us. That was a relief. Thanks Ron.


  1. ron sounded a little obsessive, good you let him go I think, great Nash, they are quite collectible now.

  2. yeah patti....everyone steals cars....he was a cracked nut! Glad you lost him

  3. his stunts were a bit creepy
    a bit of that high school boy in all men but when it comes with a uniform and a gun it can be scary

  4. He sounds like he had a bit of a "stalking" problem, patti, following you around like that. He might have been a nice guy, but he did have some strange behaviors.

    Beautiful car.

  5. Cop stories are the best. My brother was in law enforcement and I was married to a cop. Things were never dull and I've always had great respect for the job they do.

  6. I remember those little Nash cars. Hadn't thought of them in years.

    Ron had a problem. I'm not sure he's the image we want of police officers. I hope he soon found other work.

  7. I never got over my dread of cops and your story didn't help in that department. He sounded creepy, but it's good you can laugh about it now.

  8. I remember asking you for the 'juicy' story about cops a while ago. This was so much fun to read!:) You must've been a knock-out..who say's you aren't even now;-) Liked Ron but he turned out to be creepy.

  9. Good Gosh---if he thought he had to 'steal' your car to impress you, WELL--he definitely was NOT the man for you... Gads!!!!!

    Cute story though... You do have great stories to tell about your life. I think mine was pretty boring compared to yours.


  10. Linda Starr,
    Oh he was, but he did tell good stories. I loved my Nash.

    4th Sister,
    Had it been done as a prank, I'd have been OK. That he refused to own up was the deal breaker.

    Actually, his being "high school" helped me over come my fear of the boys in blue.

    Stalking wasn't even in our vocabulary those days. He did smother me and that always sent me packing.

    Ah, you understand just how neat those stories can be. Ron ended up being a decorated officer. Don't think he stole anymore cars though.

    Actually, like I told oklhdan, he ended up being a decorated officr. He just needed a lot of work on his relationship skills.

    He got me right over my fear. Seeing someone in blue who was flawed, broke the image I had of the all powerful creature.

    Sorry to disappoint,I never was a knock out. In my best years, I squeeked by with kind of cute. Good thing I worked on my personality.

    Every one has stories to tell that would interest. Your taking off on your own and moving to parts unknown was quite an adventure.We all have our stories.

  11. This Oakie just stumbled upon your Blog and the story of your Cop is delightful! Love your humor. I could tell you some stories too, as the Grandma of a present day Cop. I am also making your blog a favorite to keep up with AR as I have family in the Batesville area. Sarah

  12. Sounds like a fun, if sometimes annoying, way to learn a lesson! LOL

  13. A few pranks I can take, but don't fool with my husband, vehicle or dog.

    Your friend would have exited my life before he did yours and COVER UP--he should have know better.

    For funny reading of a female deputy in a Texas, Just Between Us is humorous, sometimes a tad ribald, but sooooooooo Texan:

    She may be on your bloglist. At times she as an alterego! Maggie or Ms Pearl!

  14. I can understand why you let him go. He should have confessed to stealing your car. At least he helped you to see that cops are just as flawed as everyone else. You have such interesting stories to tell.

  15. Sarah,
    Welcome to TNS and thank you for dropping by. I have been to Batesville in my travels. Really nice town.

    Sometimes it takes annoying to make things sink in. His stories were almost worth it.

    The vehicle was my deal breaker. GYH is on my blog list and I visit everytime she posts. I do love her deputy stories and also when Pearl appears.

    Thank you. He did cure me of my phobia and I will always hold a soft spot for him for that.

  16. That was another great story, but you know what, probably now adays they would call him a stalker. Glad everything turned out ok for you.

  17. Stumbled across your blog and enjoy your stories. Not sure if I missed something or not...did you end up marrying Ron? A friend of mine had a Nash Rambler just like yours. Brings backs lots of memories...even a night on the town in Chicago with one of the Boys in Blue. I signed up to follow you. Stop by my place and return the favor if you like what you see.

  18. You have had so very manmy interesting experiences Patty...Ron sounds like he had a lot of GOOD Qualities but as you said, the bad outweighed the good. He also did sound like a bit of a "stalker"...That would be scary for me.

  19. Patty,
    Ron really didn't stalk for I was dating him but he certainly was obsessive and controling. Think I made a smart move.

    Boomer Pie,
    Welcome and thank you for stopping by TNS. Weren't those Nashes cute?
    I'll pop over to see you now.

    Ron was obsessive but I did once have a real stalker. I'll blog about him later. Hopefully he is not still "out there."

  20. P.S. I forgot to mention that was a cute little car, I can just picture you buzzing around town in it.

  21. I agree;a prank now and then is okay, but don't involve my vehicle, dog or husband. That ain't funny.

    Police people often long for normal relationships as most people are afraid to socialize with them for fear of their authority.

    I remember Nash cars-cute. I had a stop of the line used Studebaker when I got out of college-Wow it had some horses.

  22. I remember the little Nash convertibles. They were cute.

    I used to work with police officers and my daughter dated one for a while. It didn't take her too long to figure him out and to reject him. She works for the state and is probably 10 times tougher than he is. I know she is 20 times smarter. I'm so glad that fell apart...the thought of having him in my family forever was more than I could stand.

    Your guy was nutz and he should never have done the deal where it looked like your car was stolen. What a jerk. There are plenty of them in every pd, but some are worse than others.

  23. Patty,
    I really loved that little car. I drove it for nine years with almost no problems.

    We had one of those Studebakers that your couldn't tell if it were coming or going. My Nash didn't have horse power, more like 2 goat power.

    Amber Star,
    I guess like all professions, there are good and bad. I'm sure if Ron's boss had found out, he would have been busted to Mall Cop.

  24. Thanks Patty, hope you and Abe had a good one also.

  25. What a delightful story, Patti! I only have experience with cops in my class, they were learning English. I was their teacher.

  26. Reader Wil,
    How nice for you. You were in charge and they had to do as you told them to. Great fun.