Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A while back, Barry at Frost Bottom Farm was interviewed for Coffee with a Canine. He mentioned me to Marshal (the editor) and I was asked if I also wanted to interview. I was delighted but I had to check with Mighty since it would be all about him. He was on board as long as I was sure to photgraphed his "good side" and promised not to embarass him. Well, I got it 50% right.

This is a fun blog where people are interviewed about their dog(s) and their coffee. I really had a good time doing it and want to thank Barry for the nod. Barry's really nice entry is here, Thank you Marshal for the opportunity and for really putting it together so nicely. Thank you both.

You can catch my interview here. Hope you will drop in.

If you are a dog lover, do visit this delightful site. I certainly do each time they update.


  1. Loved it Patti! Mighty is a real sport and so are you my dear! :)

  2. Mighty and Luckie have a lot in common. Even dog I've ever had, possessed some interesting personality traits and habits, all so different, all so lovedand all so grieved when with sad goodbyes.

    I have a humorous post in mind about dogs and earthquakes but got to research it a little to see if my thoughts are scientifically supported or it is my own observations.

  3. that was great!
    I loved the part about 'pee air'

    Mighty is a lucky boy and a wonderful judge of character

  4. That interview was really nice. Surely, there is a place for you in animal heaven some day.

  5. So, Mighty is an "almost male"? Does he know?

  6. What a terrific story about Mighty and you. I'm sure he doesn't want you out of his sight while he goes outside for fear you might leave him there like his former owners did. He certainly found a wonderful home with you.

  7. Great job! :) Loved the read. And I agree. Pee-air is hilarious!

  8. That's a great interview, Patti. I like seeing those photos of you and Mighty. You're quite a team.

    Now someone is going to have to start interviewing for Tea with a Feline!

  9. I am so impressed. Mighty looks a lot like my Buddy. I hadn't seen enough of him to realize that.

    You are indeed an interesting person and I look forward to kowing you better.

  10. Nice interview and charming stories about Mighty. The evil Fifi deserves a rematch or two from him to make up for the trouncing he got.

  11. Carol,
    Thank you so much. It was such fun to do it, so far I am keeping it from Mighty. He is so sensitive.

    You might want to hurry on that dog and earthquake post. The New Madrid fault got cranky near Chicago yesterday.

    Hope you liked it.

    Thanks, I sure got lucky. When I call him to go out for a walk, that is the name I use.He is quite use to it now.

    I sure hope there are animals in Heaven but I need to work a bit harder to get there myself. Still a work in progress.

    Shush, he doesn't know. Mighty's total maleness was nipped in the bud about 10 years ago.

    He really does have an abandonment fear. He panics in the car each time I slow down. Guess he still can't believe he is not going to be dumped out.

    Thanks. You were right, it was fun to do. "Pierre" tickles me everytime I call him that.

    Tea with a Feline is perfect and I know who should be the first---you.
    Hope someone runs with that idea.

    Then all I can say is that Buddy must be a handsome dog. Mighty has a variety of looks depending on the weather.

    Amber Star,
    Thanks. Now that he has all his legs working, he looks for Fifi each time we go to the park. His pride really needs a rematch.

  12. Thanks for referring the site. I enjoyed it. I'm forwarding the link to my daughters who are the world's biggest dog lovers next to you Patti!

  13. Very nice interview and photos, Patti. Glad Mighty was so willing to give such a good interview.. Hope he got some special treats for doing that one!!!!!

    Congrats, Patti.. That is so special!

    It's snowing like crazy here today.

  14. That's a great interview! Mighty is lucky to have found you and you're lucky to have been found by Mighty.

  15. Congratulations Patti. That's awesome. I loved your interview:)
    Especially the story behind how you met Mighty. Mighty's best friend was a surprise!!
    Three cheers! *Coffee of course*

  16. Oklhdan,
    I reallly enjoy the site and think your daughters will. I can only say, you must possess marvelous DNA and you certainly raised your daughters well to allow them to be dog lovers.

    Mighty was very co-operative but a bit miffed about the Fifi revelation.
    You are getting our wet snow. It really sticks to stuff and I hope your power holds.

    Thank you. I had a delightful time doing the interview.

    How well I know that and am grateful every day that he found my gate. He has been a boon companion.

    Thanks Lost,
    Mighty has an aggressive nature due to his terrier background so he doesn't make friends easily. Mickey the cat was my only inside pet when I got Mighty so they bonded out of boredom.

  17. So glad i found your blog.....i grew up in Jupiter...just about a mile south of Burt's place on the inland waterway and visited his ranch often...Lion Country is impossible to find!! Out in the middle of "No Where"...and when we moved to Royal Palm Beach...if the wind was just right...we could hear the lions roar!!....Great Fun!!


  18. Absolutely blummin great! Enjoyed finding out more about Mighty and glad you were picked. Piere!

  19. WooHoo! Patti....we gotz snow and it is going to snow all day and night! Tomorrow will be not fun, but we are going to enjoy it today.
    I'll put some pictures up in a few minutes....Like you guys haven't seen it before.

  20. I loved the interview. About that Mighty, call me slow or just an Ozarkian but Mighty is almost male...hummmm, lost his manhood...shootin' blanks...a bum steer???? Heeehehe!

    Ya'll have a terrifically blessed day!!!

  21. Blue Ridge Boomer,
    Welcome to TNS. Boy it I probably unkinowingly bumped your grocery cart at one time. We certainly lived in the same area. I'll check your site now. Thanks for stopping by.

    Thank you so much. Pierre and I had a great time doing it, well I did anyway.

    Amber Star,
    I know how you feel. Isn't it just too pretty. I thought of my southern bloggers when I saw the path. Stay warm, safe, and just enjoy.

    You about covered them all:))) I call it "nipped in the bud". He calls it "*@$%# WRONG."

  22. SMB

    Hope you liked it. It is a fun site.