Wednesday, March 10, 2010


CHA-CHA- CHIA PET. Think someone needs a hair cut.

My three deductions wondering why I keep getting up so EARLY. What, you mean I can't claim my pets as deductions? Well that has to change.


For the past few days I have had to listen helplessly to the wailing of a baby animal screaming for its mother. The crying , stomping, pacing and shoving continues all day long with only brief periods of quiet. You know I am Patti Soft Heart so this is very hard for me to take. This beautiful young filly is being weaned and not happy about the whole situation.

She is a strikingly beautiful young animal and her heightened state on anxiety only amplifies her beauty. Her head is up, ears are cocked and her tail is out straight as she prances about her small confine. She is alone for the first time and desperately misses her mother. She wants that milk and the comfort that goes with it.

Periodically the mother returns to the baby, they nuzzle but then Mom wanders off again, seemingly enjoying her new freedom. I quickly googled how long this process would take and google said maybe months. Yikes. I hope I get hardened to this.


I sometimes wonder about nature's intent. Too often I have seen calves born in very inclement conditions. They leave that nice warm body of Momma's to plop on to the hard ground, wet and steaming from the cold. Really had to feel for this little darlin for that is what he had to endure. He is my neighbor's (same neighbor who is weaning the filly) calf that I am calling him/her Charcoal due to its soft color. Most likely, the baby will be black in time like its daddy.

This was so soon after birth that the mother was still eating her placenta. Yuck. What we don't do for our off spring. Though, I was 50 yards away and behind a fence, I was making the mother nervous. Her eyes never left me.

Dad was giving me the fish eye also, so I backed off.

Birth is hard enough without strangers gawking. In an amazingly quick time, Charcoal was on his feet, looking for that nice warm meal. Would like to have captured that but her nervousness was not eased by my backing off so I moved out of range of my camera. I caught it with my binoculars but that doesn't help you. Trust me, it was special

One thing I love about living here is that I get to enjoy my neighbor's livestock and never see a feed or vet bill. Wish I had thought of this way to enjoy animals years ago.


  1. After looking at that bull, I backed all the way into MY HOUSE!

    I have been gathering sleep the past week or so. Maybe it preparation for DST on Sunday. Geez I wish we'd just live with sun up and sun down, and forget about the clock, but guess that would turn the world upside down.

    Isn't funny our pets love our beds!

    Spring seems to bring renewal or beginning of life. I can feel it in the air.

    Today is looking more like spring. I am waffling between a shopping trek with husband, or fishing with husband. Since he is involved, I'll defer to his choice.

  2. Yes! That's also why they make tee shirts that say "If I'd known how much fun grand children were, I'd of had them first."

  3. Same here....we're surrounded by farm animals...and Christmas Trees...don't have to pay for either...LOL!!


  4. So glad you got to be at the Coming Out Party for Charcoal.
    Fergus the crazy scotty, has had his first real clip, and looks like a proper fellow now. He's not a wild ball of hair anymore.
    Spring is here!

  5. Looks like a great place to live. Animals are expensive. I rode horses in my youth much to my parents horror. They are some amazing animals though.

  6. You remind me of the time my neighbors in Oregon took away a calf, and that momma cried and cried for days. The sound was pretty heartbreaking.

    A wonderful sight, seeing your neighbor's new calf get right up and start life just like that. What a grand view you have.

  7. Yes, sounds great having neighbors close enough that you can get to their animals and photograph them. Like you said, it save you vet and feed bills. LOL Kind of like having grandkids, you can enjoy them, then send them home.

  8. Patti, I don't think I've ever known a person with a bigger heart for animals. You are amazing, and the world needs a lot more like you.

  9. What amazing scenery and you seem to appreciate all it has to offer! The cycle of life is an amazing thing to witness.

  10. Your deductions are really livin' the life of Riley sister! Yep, ya'll have it made when you can just watch the animals.

    That filly really needs to be of Mama, she is almost a big as she is.

    I'm anticipating Spring soon and very soon. Think she's listening???

    God bless and have a marvelous day!!!

  11. Nitwit,
    He is pretty awesome looking isn't he.
    Getting the fever here too. Hope it rains so the weeds will come out easy.

    You are so right. Other peoples animals are as delightful as grandchildren. No hassle.

    Don't ya love having all the pleasure and none of the work?

    I just love seeing the miricle of birth.
    By the way, congrats on a Scotty taking best in show at Westminster.
    Hope you post a pic of the new Fergus look.

    They certainly are but gosh they are worth it---when you are young that is.

    I know, even if you know it is necessary, it is heartbreaking. I used to hate it that dairy cows never got more than a day with their babies.
    The filly is still hollering.

    You bet. At my age, this is the best way to enjoy kids and livestock.

    Oh, I don't know, sometimes I think it is a curse to care so much. Can't change the spots on this leopard though.

    No matter how many times I see birth, I am in awe. Yes, I am lucky.

    You are right, I just wish the owner didn't live half a mile up the hill where he doesn't have to listen to it or watch it.
    I do believe Spring has sprung.

  12. I have never been around horses much and didn't know they would pine for their mothers like that. They seem too big to do that....LOL

  13. I really enjoyed your pictures and comments about your pets and the farm animals.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  14. Love the stories about birth and life----although I know they are not always easy stories... I feel so sorry for the little ones when they are left all alone to grow up all by themselves. How scary this must be.

    You are lucky to live where you can see it ---and hear it... BUT--hearing it hurts I'm sure!!!!! Just remember that, for them, it is just part of life.

    We're enjoying George's birthday trip.... It's been great. We're going home tomorrow ---so I will have lots of pictures to post...


  15. THAT was such a warm post!:) I truly felt like giving you a hug. You have the deepest maternal instincts. Lovely, simply lovely!!!I think I'll be coming back to read this post several times & maybe even get my mom to read it:)You brightened my day.

  16. kenju,
    They not only pine, they are very vocal about it. It has been three days and she hasn't quit. Mom however is enjoying the break.

    Sure hope you are enjoying your "much older" status. Have fun.

    Know you are having a great time. We know what George's surprises are like, interested to see what yours are. Have fun.

    Thank you so much. Ah, you are on to me though. I probably should have had 12 kids but since I didn't, creatures are the next best thing. Tell your Mom hi.

  17. Well, I guess that is the way to have breaking the ice on the pond or hauling hay

  18. Such sweet pictures Patti....I would find it very very painful to hear that sweet little ypung Horse Sooooo Unhappy! I hope Google is wrong about the time it takes...!

    Love the picture of your dear Animals all stretched out...Very Very Dear.

  19. I want to move to your neighborhood!

  20. LOL...that bull's expression on film is priceless!!!! Great post!!! And I do think you have the right idea...enjoying the animals without all the work...Your dog and cat are adorable, by the way!!! love them!! ~Janine XO

  21. 4th sister,
    You bet.Wish I had learned that years ago.Slow learner here.

    Thank you. I do love my babies. That little filly finally quit crying today. Phew.

    Patry Francis,
    I really did get lucky didn't I. Thank you for stopping by. I will check out your site.

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    My dad always said, "don't ever buy a boat or swimming pool, cultivate a friend who has one". Wish I had taken that a step farther and done it with animals years ago. Sure would have saved a ton of money.

  22. You know, if I didn't have animals I think I would be a wealthy woman hehehehe....maybe rich but i would be so lonely and bored....what would I ever do with my time :-)

    You have the best of both worlds I would say.

    That is a beautiful filly.

  23. Amanda,
    Know exactly where you are coming from. I could have retired much more comfortably had I not spent everything on animals but I sure wouldn't have the warm memories I have today.
    She is a beautiful filly isn't she. I love her head and ahe is beautifully proportioned.
    She is finally accepting her isolation. Phew.