Wednesday, March 24, 2010


New age music plays softly. I had never really listened to New Age before but it really is soothing. The group of thirty seniors and one 40 something, study the young woman before them whose face only occasionally enjoys a smile. She shouldn't have to worry about wrinkles much in 40 years. Our leader Nancy is twentyish and oh so serious and intent.

Nancy controls our every move with authority, yet there is a shyness also about her. Perhaps it is the age of her students that either intimidates or fosters a slight distance that is never quite breached.

She stands with her hands at her side grasping the weights. All eyes are on her and the quiet is unusual for a group of senior women. This is a chatty bunch, not use to keeping our thoughts to our selves. A low murmur breaks the silence as two women can no longer stand the quiet and exchange comments.

"I told my husband I am going to have buns of steel after this." she joked to her friend.

At that, we all collapsed into laughter, including the instructor. We all knew it would be lucky if we just ended up with recognizable buns.

"Guess I need to work on my whisper." she quipped.

Quiet returned. Most of us wait till the command " Ten--- and Rest" which gives us one minute or so for quick exchanges. Besides working on our muscles, we are learning how to channel our thoughts into a few sentences. I really need work there.

"Overhead press." the grandchild eligible leader commands, silencing the soft chatter.

"Up" she says, slowly raising the weights over her head. In perfect unison, the whole class follows suit. If there were a classification in the Olympics for synchronized senior weight lifting, we would have a gold.

Very slowly the arms raise towards the ceiling. Half way to full extension, the first "pip" is heard-- my shoulder. Then a "snap" to my left, a "crackle" behind me and finally a series of soft "pops" in scattered directions. Shoulders, elbows and wrists announce their presence while lips curl upward all around as the humor of the sounds is enjoyed. Snap, crackle and pop, the Rice Crispy Gang is in action for another day.

That is what my strong women class of seniors sounds like. Fortunately, the snapping hurts not at all. As long as everyone is snapping and not just me, it is worth a grin. You have to laugh at age or it will definitely gain the upper hand.

Are you noisy when you exercise?

This has been around on the Internet probably as long as the dinosaurs, but it was new to me and really gave me the giggles. Thanks Sue.

The First Senior Moment.


  1. Snappy title! I have not done a group exercise thing for quite a while now, but you remind me that a little laughter lightens the load.

  2. Ha! Rice Crispy Gang indeed! Hopefully it won’t be long before I am able to rejoin the group – I miss all of you fun, lovely women!

  3. Ha! Yup, my shoulders crack, my knees pop, elbows creek... even my toes snap!

    Love the cartoon.

  4. How fun! I snap, crackle, and pop with every move. I'd fit right in!

  5. Cute cartoon, Patti!!! I can crackle and pop just getting out of bed... Ha Ha... Love the name of your exercise group though... Like you said, as long as everyone is crackling and popping, then life is good!!!!!

  6. I love the cartoon. It made me laugh out loud.

    I also enjoyed the "Snap, crackle, pop gang." Knees were a mistake in creation. They need to be redesigned. Yes my knees are always cracking and popping.

  7. Sounds like Silver Sneakers! I have snap, crackle everywhere but if something pops I might get concerned...maybe passing gas...

    We have Strong Woman offered at the Methodist Church here. It is also a very good program. Our SS instructor is big on Yoga and sneaks it in our MSRO routine, which I'm not fond of, but you take whatever is offered in a group.
    setting. Others seem to like it.

  8. lokibalderOlga,
    Nice play on words with "snappy title." Laughter is always best.

    Be sure and heal first before you think of coming back. That is an order.

    Ah and you are so young yet. Toes snapping are new to me. You are quite the noise maker. :)

    Welcome oh noisy one. Don't suppose you have any nice low base snaps. That is what we are missing.

    Oh good, you too. I just love not being unique. Sometimes it is nice to conform.

    You are so right. I remember in high school my knees snapped. Got to be a design flaw.

    That passing gas... gave me a chuckle for last session a woman warned me that she had an upset bowel and not to put my mat near her. I appreciated the warning.

  9. LOL, LOL...Well it is mew to me, too...! Good One, Patti....And your class sounds like a good one plus, it is FUN!

  10. This post put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  11. OOLOH
    Thanks Naomi, I thought it was cute too.
    We do have fun.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Welcome to TNS.

  12. I was wondering what could the post be about. Rice Crispy just makes me hungry now!! And well.. I don't exercise:-( But I'm unfit I if I do, I would also make your gang proud!;-D

  13. They've started a senior's exercise program at the church on the corner here. I hated that name.

    Rice Crispy Gang. . . now THAT's clever! Snappy, one might say!

  14. I think it is wonderful that you are going to a class...I wish I would get on the stick and do that...I seem so lazy and it seems like so much trouble.

  15. I snap, crackle and pop even when I'm not exercising! blessings, marlene

  16. AP,
    I'll be back in a bit to read your blog post...I saw the question about being noisy at the gym. I never am...people look at you like you are so gauche.

    Anyway I've tagged you for an important task and it is on my page.

    See ya later. Doc appt. this morning.

  17. I love the name of your gang! You sound like a noisy bunch that couldn't keep quiet if you tried! You probably cackle too! Right?

  18. lostworld,
    Bet you thought marshmellows were involved. You don't have to exercise yet, you have youth on your side. Enjoy that advantage while you can.

    Snappy would fit perfectly. Now if we could just get a rhythm going.

    4th Sister,
    It just takes that first step. Exercise really does improve your attitude and health.

    Me too, me too. I never noticed till I got into a group.

    Amber Star,
    Good luck with your appointment. I'll check out your blog.

    Think you know us. We do "cackle" alot.

  19. So funny!!! Yes, I pop and crackle and snap all the time.

    Re your comment: when I first started seeing that notice about a finite limit on the number of photos you could upload (or a space limit) they said that for some $$$, I could buy more space. I figure I'll just start another blog when that happens.


  20. Kenju
    Always good to know I am not alone in the creaky department.
    I guess since you are so prolific, you have just filled them up.Keep them coming Judy.

  21. cute Cartoon! nice name for your exercise team.

  22. I love new age music, sometimes it might put me to sleep though, ha.

  23. Femin Susan,
    Thanks, we do what we can to lighten the day. Back at ya.

    Linda Starr,
    It does have a seditive effect doesn't it. I thought of getting a CD to ease me off to sleep.


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