Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If he does and I do believe he does, then he probably got a chuckle out a prayer emitted from a tiny house in North Central Arkansas this past weekend.

A gaggle of tornadoes were bearing down on my area which had been so hard hit in February of 2008. I was glued to the TV and watched a variety of twisters take the same path they did that particular year. Normally, I do not get concerned but when you are once burned, you are twice shy. I wasn't directly hit in 2008 when it struck a town quite near me but I had some tree damage and was without power a long time.

Then I got the call from my tornado warning service telling me to scurry to my hidey hole and that I shouldn't lolly gag about getting there. I have an ancient tornado shelter in my back yard that came with the house. I keep meaning to get inspected and refurbished if possible. A rotting door is just one concern. However I am pretty much like the person with the leaky roof. I really don't think about it till it is raining or in my case, the winds are blowing.

The shelter's iffy condition makes it off my radar as a safe place, I'd rather be buried in lumber than concrete. So I have settled for a hidey hole inside my home. My house is small and all rooms have an outside wall which is not ideal. The bathroom is the best choice as it only has one small window and the walls are reinforced to accommodate the plumbing. So that is my current hidey hole till I get off my duff and see to the storm shelter. I know, I promise.

I tried to herd my animals into the bath room but it was like herding cats. Oh that's right, they mostly were cats. I put Minnie in first which was just wrong. When I opened the door to add Mickey, out popped a wired up Minnie. I grabbed her by the tail as she whizzed by and put her back, only to have her pop out again when I put Mighty in. Too late I realized I should have put her in last. By now she was quite wary and I had to crawl under the bed to fetch her. I felt I had time but was beginning to feel a bit of urgency.

Finally, I have my pets in a row, battery radio, my motorcycle helmet( which is now my tornado hat), blankets and pillows to fend off the glass, all in the small room. The storm was getting noisier and Mighty was panting and shaking while the cats were wild eyed . What claws they had left were drawn and ready for action.

I was basically just uncomfortable on the floor under the sink but felt I had done the best I could and just waited. Then I looked at Minnie and a horrible thought struck me. What if she lets loose one of her eye watering gas attacks? It had been a while since she had had a full blown attack but perhaps the stress would stir things up. A bit frantic, I contacted my Lord and asked him if he couldn't please keep her digestive system calm for about an hour.

Then I started to giggle. Did I just pray for our safety and for the safety of all those in the path of these storms? Did I just send up a prayer for world peace or to plug up that oil well in the Gulf? Nope, I just sent a prayer to God to please let Minnie be able to hold a tight sphincter for an hour.

Some how I could imagine God chuckling as he received that prayer. "Finally an easy one." he must have thought. I'm convinced He granted it for Minnie stayed sweet smelling for the next hour.

Feeling guilty for my frivolous prayer in a time when many were in harms way, I quickly added an appropriate PS to my prayer to include everyone in the storms path but felt a bit foolish with my "Oh by the way----". Guess I had assumed He would know that part of the prayer I had omitted was implied, but it never hurts to be sure.

When I sent up my "thank you" prayer after the storm passed and we could leave the little room, I thanked Him big time also for sparing our area and keeping us safe. Do you think He got a chuckle about my wanting Him to put a cork in a cat's behind? Somehow I hope so.

This is just a quickie bit of good news. I had my cystoscope this week to check for new bladder cancers and got a clean bill of health. Since it has been 2 years since my last surgery, I am now able to go 6 months between checkups as opposed to the standard 3 months. Nice to know I don't even have to think about it for the next 5 months and 3 weeks. Life is really good. Hope it is for you also.


  1. Oh.. How do i tell that you write really well .. :)
    The conversation between you and god. the way you contacted god .. and the way u thought that what he might be thinking was really amazing.
    Very well written .. And Hope the tornado effect is not there now. I have only seen on Discovery channel or movies . so i don;t exactly know how it feels .. and take good care of yourself

  2. What a scene that must have been...this is my chuckle for the day!!! Tornado hat??? LOL!!!

  3. That's wonderful new, cat didn't gas you out of the room, the storm passed over with out causing you and big damage and best of all the bladder is FINE for the next 5 months and 3 weeks.

    The quote was one of President Lincoln's quote, not my Abe. LOL

    Now have a terrific day.

  4. I've said some pretty stupid things in prayer, but the Great Father probably smiles and takes care of the matter in His own way. And a lot of my prayers are one-liners said in moments of desperation.

    Best news is the cancer free exam! Is you support group still meeting?

    During your storm warning, I was running up and down the HWY between Harrison and Bull Shoals watching the clouds--they were pretty intimidating.

    Arriving home I found the tornado warning had sounded, and even our neighbor who invested in the HIDEY HOLE, did not use it. It is not locked, nor will it ever be.

    There is another neighbor who has a cellar which the neighborhood is welcome to use, but not sure we can get inside her fence because of a lock.

    Anyway, our Hidey Hole will hold 6 persons; However, I insist Luckie is one of the six. But I am short so maybe Luckie and I can count as ONE.

    Right now only 6 persons habitate our block.

    Glad you and the animals survived and did not become gassed by the cat.

    I can see the HEADLINES "Woman and Pets Survived Tornado, Succumbed to Cat Gas!"

    Not posting today as getting ready for yard sale, and doing outside work as time and allergies permit.

    Have a good day

  5. Here's to your good health, and may it continue for a looooooooong time!

  6. Hooray for your clean bill of health! I think God loved your prayer.....he can always use a laugh in this crazy world. So nice to know someone else has a tornado hat...mine is my brother's old football helmet! Got to protect the old noggin!

  7. I know how scary tornadoes can be. It was just over a year ago that Mena was severely damaged by a tornado that left 3 people dead.

    An Arkies Musings

  8. When I am only connected to a person where I read one of their posts, when I am able, I miss things. Bloggers stories and struggles blur together, who? and what happened? and when? and where? and how? and oh yes, who was that again? You mention the cancer so rarely. Your posts absorb me into their story I forget you carry in the back of your mind the threat of the cancer returning. Thanks for sharing that today – As usual your story was funny and held me riveted in place until it was finished. Oh, how I wish for a picture of you under that sink with your tornado helmet on – that would have been priceless. Take care and best wishes from your blogger friend in Seattle.

  9. You sure made me laugh out loud with this one, Patti. Wonderful story telling.

    Congrats on getting such a good report. Yay!!!!

  10. Minnie's gas-attacks must be leaving you quite be able to even have it on your mind during a violent tornado;-)Next time I want prayers answered, I shall send them through you.

    So glad to know your health is top notch now! That's a blessing. I'm great thanks..back from my holiday & quite morose about having to get back to the grind!

  11. great blog Patti... so glad to hear your wonderful bill of health!! great!! good people get good things!!! love you!!

  12. Hallelujah, Patti... Wonderful news about your health... Praise God for that--and for keeping you safe during the severe weather..

    Love your post.. I read it to George and we both laughed outloud.... SO FUNNY....

    Glad God permitted Minnie a 'calm' intestinal system during your time in the bathroom together. ha ha

    Enjoying the beach... Beautiful day today here!

  13. sonal,
    Thank you so much. Tornadoes are quite deadly but fortunately they do not cover a wide path like hurricanes. Neither are fun.

    It was kind of silly looking.I do love my tornado hat though it takes up a lot of room.

    Yes, that was a grand bonanza of good fortune. Happy dance here.
    It was a good quote and seemed like something your Abe also might say.

    Thanks, it was happy news. My group still meets at least once a month. They are a delightful bunch.
    That would have made a great headline.

    Thank you so much. I have danced with cancer for 10 years but so far am winning. I feel blessed.

    Now there is another smart woman. Football helmet would do the trick also. Hay, about now, my noggin is my best functioning part. Got to keep er safe.

    You did have a terrible one in Mena. This last one had one fatality in the town close to me.I am always amazed with all the damage that more people do not lose their lives. Feeling blessed here.

    Thanks so much GQ. I have been living with this for 10 years and my particular cancer is famous for coming back. It has 8 times. By keeping on top of it, we can catch them before they spread. Normally, it is way in the back of my mind. Only come exam time do I get anxious.
    If I hadn't had to chase Minnie so much, I had planned to take a picture. Blame the gassy cat.

    Glad I found you giggle button and thank you so much for the good wishes.

    Her gas would make a skunk proud.
    Selfishly I'm glad you are back from your holiday so I can hear about it.Just remember, we need the grind to appreciate the lack of grind.

    Thanks so much sis. I don't realize how much it bothers me around exam time till it is over. Phew. Love ya.

    So happy I could tickle both you and George. I know you are loving the beach and I expect lots of pictures when you get back. Soooo glad you missed the whole mess. Great timing.

  14. I am glad your sense of humour didn't leave you! And I am glad you got a clean bill of health! That is good news!

  15. Patti,
    I am so glad you get to go six months now. It's bad enough to live with the "C" word, let alone having to deal with it every 3 months.

    Yes, I believe God has a sense of humor. I just wish some of our right wing Christians did.

  16. Your post had me laughing out loud ...I know a tornado is not a laughing matter and neither is your gassy cat but the picture you painted in my head was are so good at that.

    So glad got a clean bill of health for now.Hugs xx

  17. I can picture you gathering your cats, so funny. I was impressed with your tornado helmet, I think we all should have one...very clever Patti!
    Good news about the cystoscope!

  18. Yes God does have a sense of humor...just look at us! Heeehehe! I have found myself tucked away in my hidey hole findin' the need to remind God He can calm the storms in my prayers. Don't ya know he gets a hoot out of us mere mortals. I'm so glad your came through the storm safe and sound.

    Ya'll have a fantastic day filled with warm sunshiny blessings!!!

  19. BTW: CONGRATULATIONS on the results of your test. Woohoo!!!

  20. Oh my gosh do I understand, I was just told I didn't have to come back for blood work for my ovarian cancer for three months instead of every other I know exactly how you feel.....congratulations and blessings that we are cancer free forever...

    Dorothy from grammology

  21. LOL, LOL, LOL....Very Funny, my dear! And your writing is really wonderful--so picturesque--I felt like I was there with you--getting the Animals in the little Hidey Hole and the Helmet and the Prayer....!
    I believe God definitely has a sense of humor and your prayer no dount lightened His burden...!

  22. Reader Wil,
    Thank you so much.
    Sometimes you just have to laugh when you do something silly.

    Thanks, I am thrilled with the extra 3 months.
    Amen about the right wing.

    I am so glad you laughed for I sure did and I am pretty sure God chuckled.
    Thanks for the good wishes.

    Check out yard sales for a nice motorcycle helmet. They are dandy for protecting the bean.
    Thanks, I am thrilled about the results.

    As much grief as we cause Him, I'm sure he is happy to chuckle now and then.
    Woohoo is right and thanks.

    Bless you heart lady and congrats big time.Doing a happy dance here for us both. We do love those markers don't we. It shows we are improving and beating old buddy "C". Totally second your blessings.

    It was definitely a learning lession about who goes in first. Minnie will be last in the future. I'm sure with all the pain He hears about daily, that something stupid has to give Him a smile.

  23. Great news on all accounts! I am glad you were safe in the tornado (and could could breathe freely!) and that you have five months, three weeks to go between appointments! YAY for being healthy! :D

  24. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face when I read this post. You tell the best stories. So glad you got a clean bill of health.

  25. P.S. That's GREAT news about your test!

  26. God and I have had many of those quickie conversations, where I ask for something inane to Him, but really important to me. I'm sure he chalks it up to us being human!

  27. Lynda G.
    Yep, that breathing clean air was great as was having the storm pass us by.
    Thanks so much for the YAY.

    Sweet Virgina Breeze,
    Glad I found your funny bone and thanks for the support. It means a lot.

    Sometimes those quickies just aren't thought out too well. We do the best we can.
    Thanks also for the PS. Pretty happy here.

  28. Hilarious - but oh so true! We sometimes overlook the major because of the minor problem in front of our face. Love the idea of your tornado hat! blessings, marlene

  29. Stitchinbythelake,
    You bet. Think it is called tunnel vision. Hay, get one of those hats. Our beans need protecting.