Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Not my room but an inviting one.

As I was lying in bed the other night a thought came to mind. Naw, nothing erotic, but of a curious nature. On my back, I was on the right side of the bed. The thought occurred, why the right side? Then the thought expanded to how people actually chose the side of bed they sleep on. Are they locked into their choice like I am? Bet you are thinking that I really need to get a life?

Though I am far left politically, I sleep persistently on the right. Is my subconscious speaking to me? Gee, I hope not. I thought back to my child hood and the many beds in the many houses we lived in. Often my bedroom was smallest since I was the baby and the bed was set for some reason in every home with the left side of the bed against the wall, making the right side of the bed the only choice.

However in a completely unexplained fashion, in a motel or hotel, I pick which ever side is closest to the door. Is that for escape or do I just want to get it over with quickly if a mad hatchet wielder breaks in?

Then I got married and my choice of sides was not up for discussion. My husband claimed the right without a by-your-leave. Oddly, the left felt so wrong. Why? One side doesn't have more lumps and aren't we asleep most of the time anyway? So what is the big deal?

My husband's logic was that if a burglar entered the home, the right side was the most exposed. In essence, he was putting his body between me and the intruder. What a guy!! Excellent argument that I could not rebut with out looking stupid. Still, I was never comfortable on the left. What if the burglar chose to enter via the window?

So have I not remarried just to have my choice of bed side? Probably not. I am curious however if it is just me.

Then there is that "wrong side of the bed thing."

"The wrong side of the bed is the left side, according to a superstition that goes back to the time of the Romans. People have been saying those people who 'got up on the wrong side of the bed, 'awoke surly or grouchy,' for well over three centuries now, usually not knowing the real meaning of what they are saying, but the equally old expression 'got up left foot forward' tells the story.

The supposedly sinister nature of the left is reflected in many English superstitions and expressions, such as the belief that it is unlucky to put on your left shoe first, or to walk into a house left foot first. The Romans, especially Augustus Caesar, were very careful that they got up on the right side of the bed, but there is no evidence that they were less grouchy than anyone else." From "Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins" by Robert Hendrickson (Facts on File, New York, 1997).

I have a pet theory that perpetually crabby people are just sleeping on the wrong side so they always get up on the "wrong side."

Do you have a “side” of bed and how important is it to you? Does it vary if you are alone as opposed to “sharing”? Does how the room is laid out also effect your choice?

Yes, I promise to go in search of a life today.


  1. HA HA HA. Maybe you are suffering from the HEAT. I had eye appointment in Mtn Home and thought it must be 110 deg in the shade.

    My poor eye was fried before I ever got to the visual field test. Those little lights looked like flames.

    My side of the bed was always the one nearest the bathroom, until I started sleeping in my lift chair for breathing, and knee comfort.

    I do have considerable trouble when we travel as I haven't found any place providing me a lift chair.

  2. I love this life question. It's funny because I have an 80 something year old friend who has never married. Sometimes I remark that she is in better mental, physical and emotional shape because of that but that's a whole nother thang. Not long ago, she asked for my assistance in turning her bed mattress, one of those pillow top ones. She has had it for about 10 years and thought it time to turn it around so she could use the other side. I asked why she never just moved to the other side and use it that way. Well, crickets chirped, the sun moved in the sky and the she just stared at me like I'd lost my mind. "Why indeed", says she, "because I can't". And that's the name of that tune, tee hee.

  3. Hmmmm.... I get confused sometimes by the whole right/left thing. Is it the side when looking at the bed from the foot, or the side when you're in it. Well, if I am on my back, my left arm is on the outside of the bed. So what is that? Either way, I am always on that side, even if we're away.

    Another thing I MUST do is exit the bed via the same side that I got in on..... No exceptions.

  4. Good gosh Patti I just got choked on my breakfast from reading the comment you left me on my post about you being a Hooker and then I come over here and the first thing that opens up is a picture of a BED!
    I left you a comment on my are so crazy.
    I have wanted to do a post about this I guess we are more alike than we realized.
    I am like Barry if I stand at the end of the bed I am on the right but if I lay down my left arm hangs off so does that mean the left.
    When I was married I too slept on the other side and now I sleep on the opposite. I have gave it some thought though and being single we should sleep in the middle.
    Did you ever watch the movie Something's Got to Give with Diane Keaton? She addresses that in the movie and she solved her problem with being single and sleeping in the middle.
    Since my luck has been like a zero on the scale of 1 to 10 I should tonight start sleeping crossways on the bed and get up on the end of it.
    Anyway interesting never disappoint me ms Hooker

  5. Well, I can't say as I ever stopped to think if I sleep on the right or wrong side of the bed. I do know that I like to sleep on the side opposite the wall. I can say though that no matter what side of the bed I sleep on some mornings I feel as if I got out on the wrong side. LOL Loved this post. Hugs

  6. I sleep on the left side only because Hubby is on the right side (so he can protect me from the murderers). I always choose the right hand side if I'm by myself. Never thought about why.

  7. It doesn't matter which side of the bed I sleep long as it's the closest to the bathroom. :) blessings, marlene

  8. What an interesting post! Something I had never considered before. My DH sleeps on the left side and I on the right, for 51 years. Does that mean that opposites attract since we had never had to discuss who gets what side? I absolutely enjoy your Blog and was devastated when you were not here for a while. Happy to see you are back and if you run out of things to write about again. Just open up the dictionary and write about the first word you see.

  9. Come to think of it: I believe I always slept on the left side of the bed. Or did I??? I really don't know...
    Well it's a great post!
    My story was made up partly. So don't take it seriously. It was meant as a joke.

  10. I grew up getting into the left side --since my bed backed up to the wall... BUT--after I got married, I claimed the right side (don't know why)--and I've slept on the right side since... When GE and I got married, I took the right and he took the left... It was EASY....

    SO--even though I may get up 'on the wrong side of the bed' sometimes ---I definitely can say that I sleep on the RIGHT side!!!!

    Cute post.

  11. I used to sleep on my left side and needed to face out not in, so always slept on the left side of the bed. For 20 years now I sleep on my back on either side of the bed, I think the bed's position in the room influences me more in choosing sides!

  12. Well, viewed from the foot of the bed, I sleep on the left side. I sleep on my right side, so I like the left side of the bed. Go figure.

  13. Nitwit,
    At least I'd have an excuse if it were the heat:))
    I checked on the net and a few, and I do mean few motels do offer reclining lift chairs. Guess this would be a good time to start a movement.
    Bathroom location does figure in my choice also.

    Linda in NM,
    That is what I mean. Why can't we? I guess it shows how flexible we are huh? I think the same thing as I wrestle with my mattress to turn it. It would be so simple to just move over.

    From what I can tell by research, it is the side you are on while on your back looking at the ceiling.
    You are a lefty my friend. Hope the Mrs is a natural righty.

    Gee, do you think I am one track?:)) Sorry about your breakfast.
    I imagine as much time as you have had to study ceiling tiles, that thought would come to you. Would love to hear your take.
    I just added that movie to my queque. Thanks. Oh yeah, you are a lefty also.

    Ouch, been there. That left foot thing was new to me. Now I realize I do my feet all wrong. That might explain things.:))

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    I really do believe that is the gentlemanly thing to do. You have a sweetie. Of course he may just want to be closer to the bathroom.

    I hear you and am pretty sure that is my main concern also.

    What ever you have been doing for 51 years is obviously working. That there was no discussion shows you were perfectly matched.
    Thank you so much and glad you are hanging in with me. That word in the dictionary sounds like a fun challenge. May give it a try on those brain dead days.

    Reader Wil,
    As far as I can tell, people do have a preference and most don't really know why.
    I knew it was joke but it is also something we see in the papers all the time. Not the one euro part though. Loved that.

    Looks like you have always had control of the side of bed. You go girl. It is nice when your choice and your hubbies agree.
    Can't imagine you getting up on the wrong side.

    You are probably right in that position of bed determines side. Could it also be true that we position of the bed to facilitate the side we want? Think I am guilty there.

    According to what I have read, that makes you a righty. I am a right side sleeper also so that makes us totally "right". Yikes.

  14. I always sleep on the side of the bed closest to the bedroom door. It has been (in various places) both right and left. I sleep on my left side (most of the time) and I prefer it to be the left side of the bed, so that I am facing away from the bed, but I don't know why. At present, I sleep on the right side of the bed.

  15. Haha.. Yes a lot of ppl I know prefer right side of the bed so you are not abnormal! Me..No, I don't have a 'right side'. But I prefer sleeping on a bed that is placed against a wall (I mean the cot). You see, when we were kids, my brother once kicked me in his sleep & I fell off the cot (I sleep in the same posture-don't even turn).Also I don't even use pillows. I know you must be wondering how that works but it does ;)

  16. How the room is laid out--and where the Bed is, in relation to the nearest Loo....These are considerations in a Hotel.
    I have slept on both sides of the bed, but my personal preference because of where my Bed is---is The Left Side. And I have NEVER awakened happy and refreshed, no matter what side of the bed I have slept on--I don't think I'm a grouch so much as just a tired-in-the-morning person. I am very
    s-l-o-w in the morning and it takes me a while to get myself together. I am not one of those people who bound up out of bed, and I never have been, but that has been true on the Right and The Left. Go figure.
    I have given this subject some thought, too, Patti, but have nothing of any worth to offer...LOL!

  17. I thought the same thing as Barry and then I realized that I slept next to my hubby's R hand and there was the answer...I sleep on the R side of the bed....LOL Many answers to life's ?'s right? And many chuckles as well...

  18. What a thought provoking post .... I think I always slept in the middle of a bed before I was married but would roll towards the right in the morning but when I married hubby took the right .... I didnt mind as the left was next to the door and thus quicker to get to the loo. When we moved Hubby wanted the left and I was confused but it was then that I realised he like to be on the side next to the window ....arn't men strange? Now I am alone again I tend to sleep on the right still but I always face the left as I settle down and then turn to the right to fall asleep.xx

  19. What a funny post and it made me wonder why my hubby likes to sleep in the middle? So where does that leave him...hmmmm. Lots of room on the left side of the bed and me squished to the edge of the right. Since I'm usually a "middle of the road" kind of person (the libra in me) I think I need to kick him over :-) and take over the middle!
    Mrs G

  20. Barry beat me to it, but I have always had trouble with direction generally. I personally like the the middle of the bed with arms flung to left and right and all the covers wrapped around me.

  21. Kenju,
    I too sleep on my side away from the bed but that is because Mighty is on the other side and has serious doggy breath. Pretty sure that is not Mr. Kenju's problem.

    Yikes,no pillow. I had a child hood friend who used no pillow and today, they have NO back problems. You might be on to something.


    Near the "loo" seems to be a popular position. I am one of those cheerful bound out of bed in the morning types--sorry. Bet you stay up later than I do though.

    Isn't it funny how we daily do things in a definite pattern and not know why. Think the right is the most popular choice.

    I do that same thing. Left to settle and right to sleep. Sounds like hubby wants you on the burglar side:))

    Mrs. G
    Welcome to TNS. Yes by all means, reclaim your rightful middle:)) Sure hope you have a king size bed.
    My husband was a violent sleeper and often threw me on the floor while he was sound asleep, then spread eagle on the bed. That really makes a girl feel wanted. Laughing about it today.

  22. For years I slept on the left side of the bed, which was closest to the door, when my sister and I shared a bed. When I got married, I again, was sleeping on the left side of the bed. Abe said he couldn't stand sleeping on his left side, he could hear and feel his heart beating too much. But what happened after he would fall asleep, you got it, he would turn on his left side and anchor me down with an arm and a leg, so when one of the kids would wake up through the night, I had to fight to get out of bed. He can sleep in the middle if he would want to, since he sleeps alone and I sleep in a recliner, but he still sleeps on the right side which is closest to the door.

    I have said, no wonder my head looks lop sided. LOL Have a fantastic week-end. Heat advisory out for today from 10am to 10pm.

  23. I think you're onto something. You've just explained all the crabby people. Do you think this "right" side of the bed thing can be enforced? All the skies would be blue all the time. *sigh*

  24. HAHA! I must need a life too because this is ALWAYS a topic of conversation when we travel! I also prefer the right side of the bed and, differently from you, ALWAYS sleep away from the door when on vacation - even if that means the left. So, when it comes to me, I am always near the window, not the door.
    Funny how we fall into habits such as this! :D

  25. Currently I'm sleeping on the right side of the bed but that's only because the way the room is laid out that's my only option. Remember, I'm the person who MUST have light shining over my left shoulder to read. I don't have that on the right side of the bed and it drives me crazy.

    I knew an old man once who moved to a new place and had his bed set up so the foot was against the wall and the head of the bed was out in the room. He did this because he'd never married and had always slept on the same side of the bed. In his new location that wouldn't work unless he turned his bed around. It's hard to change old habits.

  26. Olga,
    You are obviously the queen of the bed. Stake your claim gal and rule. Ha ha.

    Well I guess you have solved that. Sorry about the recliner though, hope it is comfortable. I'll have to listen to my heart tonight to see if that is why I always roll to the right to sleep.

    Smart mouth broad,

    Boy wouldn't it be nice if that was all it took. End of wars--crime--gosh.

    Lynda G.
    I was curious about that for at home we get locked into routine but on the road, the situation really changes.

    Wow, and I thought I was particular about side of bed. Don't know if I would go that far to put the foot against the wall, but I guess it is just that important to some.

  27. You said it and made it interesting as no one else can, let's see it matters which wall the bed is facing as to which side of the bed I pick. Reminds me of a question I once asked my coworkers and they thought for sure I was crazy, did they wad or fold their toilet paper?

  28. Linda Starr
    Ha Ha. Ok, you hooked me. Like the way you think. At home or someplace with "good" toilet paper, I fold. Out and where they use cheap thin, skinny toilet paper, I wad. Like you and the bed, the situation determines the deed.

  29. I am glad you posted on my blog today...I am at my daughters again today and I was wondering how long it was going to take me to find you know, sister patsy, to harrison betty, to find a comment from you to get to your blog....this was easier

  30. 4th sister,
    Well Peter from New Zealand comes the fartherest but you definitely take the most diffiult route. Ought to be a prize in there somewhere. Thanks for the effort.