Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Those who have followed my blog have noticed that I have pitiful taste in men. A wanna be pimp, a cop who stole my car, the guy that wanted me for a brood mare, the stalker, and many I haven’t told you about yet and some I won't mention. All I can say is that I started down this path really young-- first grade to be exact.

Steven caught my eye that first eventful day of school that I wrote about here. His really nice blond curly hair, sprinkle of freckles, killer smile, and the fact that he was NOT one of those laughing at me, attracted me immediately. I thought he was adorable. An instant first crush was formed before I even understood the term “crush.” I just knew I wanted to be around Steven.

I let Steven determined my actions. I only obeyed the teacher if Steven did. When she declared after lunch that first day that it was “nap time” I was appalled. Naps were for babies. This was supposed to be the grown up school that I had waited anxiously all my brief life to attend.

I refused to put my head down on my desk to “nap” till I saw Steven drop his head. Then I did also, but with my head turned so I could watch the back of Steven's head. Oh, yeah, I was smitten. I followed him around to the point of stalking.

Girls do mature faster than boys and Steven was not interested in the least in a “cootie filled” girl. I was not the only girl who liked him though and I decided bribery was called for. On allowance day, I would pocket my dime and await Mondays and school eagerly. That was when I would try to buy Steven with candy.

After school if he had been attentive enough, we would go to the candy store across from school and I would blow my allowance on him. Steven was quite easily bought and was all mine as long as the money held out. As penny and nickle candies quickly eat up a dime, he would lose interest when it was gone.

The other girls who liked him saw my approach and would wait for my money to run out, then they also would ply Steven with candy to get his attention till their money ran out. One girl who got a 25 cent allowance was pretty much his favorite.

Inadvertently, I fear I helped to create a 6 year old gigolo. All he had to do for easy candy was smile and pretend to listen. Sound familiar?? Today I am sure he is grossly over weight with diabetes , wheel chair bound, with no original teeth and is pulling his playboy routine in some assisted living home. A hell-er in a Hover-round.

The main thing I learned from my Steven experience was that money couldn't buy love and if I had just waited a bit, boys do catch up. Once their hormones rage you just have to sit back and enjoy the games.

However, through out my life I have attracted or been attracted to the weak of character and spurned the really great guys. Until I started blogging, I wasn't sure why for my Dad who was my main example ( with only one fall from grace ) was a great father and caring husband. He was my yard stick but I kept seeking and being sought by bent branches.

Now thanks to the joys of blogging I believe I may have discovered the source of my 70 year old choice of mate problem. By printing a good portion of my life and those of my family all through out in this blog, I am beginning to see a pattern. It just might be hereditary.

Writing about Mama Fannie, my paternal grandmother whom you recently met, was my light bulb moment. She had fallen for a rogue while my maternal grandmother married a man who spent what was left of the family fortune as fast as he could then skipped town.

Thanks to blogging, I now realize ---it is in my DNA and not a self inflicted character flaw. Phew , what a relief.

Has blogging produced any "light bulb" moments for you???


  1. Yeah, none of us are saints..... at least those I've met so far.....

    I really can't remember the first crush but it probably was several grades later.

    However my sister may have started in kindergarten....I should blog her life but I afraid there would be a chasm in the siblings, should I do that.

  2. Writing does have a therapeutic value.

  3. No light bulb moments concerning boys or men for me but I have had some light bulb moments since blogging. One real bright one was why I kept doing the same thing over and over in a situation and the situation never changed...I realized I needed to change what I was doing and did...the situation improved.

    Loved this blog...you are funny! Hugs

  4. How glad I am to have visited you today honey this story is just too good to miss.
    Yep before I got to the part about Steven being older I thought the same thing that he probably weighed 500 lbs by now because of you girls..hahahaha
    We could be twins...I think we honestly could be twins...I never ever picked the right man and let the good ones go by the wayside.
    Yes your right it is in our genes.
    My light bulb moment with blogging is I have a lot of sisters out here in this world of blogging...just did not know it til now
    Love ya

  5. Blogging has made me realize that I spent most of the years before I met George just EXISTING... I have no photos much (except of my sons), cannot remember much of anything important that I did, and just have nothing to blog about from 'that' part of my life (which was about 41 yrs) ....

    I had a wonderful childhood --and can talk alot about it. But--once I left home, went to college, got married and had kids, I just don't have many happy memories. My 3 sons are the only good thing to come from those years. I did have some good jobs--and was a workaholic. I finally realized that the job didn't keep me warm at night.

    I uprooted and moved to TN at age 59... Then George came into my life --and my life FINALLY started. I hadn't thought much about this until I started blogging. Interesting, huh?????


  6. Hi Patti, every day I am enlightened by both the blogs I read and the ones I write. My first love was Rodney Black in my post about Cuba, maybe you remember reading about him.

  7. Your blog is so entertaining!
    I don't think blogging has produced any light bulb moments, but my life hasn't been anywhere near as interesting as yours.

  8. Indeed it has!! I think my choices in men might have come from my grandmother - she was quite the gal back in her day - and was divorced once and widowed twice by the time she was 50. I had quite a few duds and losers too, Patti; I just don't write about them here.....lol

    (Love reading about yours,though!)

    My fiorst grade crush was named Rob Lawson. He kissed me on the cheek on the first day of school and followed me around like a puppy dog.

  9. I don't think I've been blogging long enough for any real BRIGHT lightbulb moments, but I think it has revealed a little something. I now know there are many, many women out there that are more alike than they are different! And strangers saying nice things, encouraging, and supporting one another...well, it makes them not strangers anymore. Funny, isn't it.

    And...this post was funny! Thanks for the chuckle!!

  10. so many light bulbs. Apparently I don't think until I try to write it down.

  11. Nitwit,
    You were smart. It was several grades later that the boys caught up and I didn't have to buy them. You timed it right.
    Maybe if you ask her she wouldn't mind? Sounds interesting.

    It sure does and is so much cheaper than a shrink.

    Mumsy, Thanks, glad you think so.
    You are so right. We do repeat our behaviors and seeing them in print brings that home.So glad you were able to improve the situation.

    Now that is the truth. Blogging lets us realize we are not so darn unique and that most of us share so many of the same attitudes. It is a comforting feeling.
    You really are a much younger twin however.

    If I didn't know you were so blissfully happy with George, I would morn those lost 41 years. Thank goodness you had the kids and grands to fill the void. Still, those years allowed you to find him, so they weren't lost years. They formed you into the woman he loves.

    Linda Starr,
    I missed your post on Cuba. Would love to read it and will see if I can find it.We never forget those first crushes do we?

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    I'll bet it has been, you just don't bare you laundry like I do. Glad you find it entertaining. It was fun living.

    Well now weren't you the little charmer. I didn't get that response for a couple of years. Think Northern boys are slower romantically than Southern boys.
    You don't need to write about yours, Mr. Kenju keeps us entertained.

    You nailed the reason blogging is so darn appealing and comforting. Those you meet who think like you do will come back for another visit. Even those who don't always agree can be good sounding boards.
    Glad you enjoyed the post.

    Sometimes it takes a while for a pattern to form, sometimes you are lucky with no quirks that need uncovered. Since I fall in the "quirky" group, I have found the whole process a learning one.

  12. What a great story again! I enjoyed reading it. From whom did you inherited the writing gene?

  13. I thought maybe at the end you were going to blame all those bad choices on the idea that all guys are bad guys. Whew…I so prefer the flawed gene ending.

  14. My light bulb moment in blogging was when I realized that there were other people who were as obsessed with food as I am. I didn't feel quite so strange any more..

    love your stories!

  15. Reader Wil
    Thank you Wil. My mother wrote a book but it was never published so I guess you can say my enjoyment of writing came from her.

    Naw, I have seen enough good guys to know I was only finding the few not so good ones. I was relieved to discover the gene thingy also.

    Rocky Mountain Woman
    Isn't that the truth. We have lots of sisters out there. I am too much obsessed with food and have to close my eyes at some of your posts. Your pictures are diet destroyers. Yummy.

  16. I hope you will write a book and have it published!!

  17. wow... i love your stories!!!xoxo sis jan!!

  18. Dont know how I missed your 'walk' post ...still in awe ...those are inclines and 3 miles is still much more than this unexcersed body could manage. Loved joining you mentally though.
    Not sure about light bulb moments ... but I feel that blogging and blog hopping have helped me. I have more 'friends' that I can share moments with, than ever before in my life ...I tend to have one at a time but since I moved up here I have no one out side the family. Maybe because I cant find anyone who likes to talk about everything(fun and serious) and shares my interests...so I get bored with their company ... ...seemed much easier to find a special friend when I was younger...maybe I'm just less tolerant nowadays.
    That was a wonderful read ...I could see you and Steven and I think you may have hit it on the nose re the gene theory ...but it could be a nature/ nurture thingy.
    By the way .... a belated Happy Birthday to you and thanks again for a great read xx

  19. Reader Wil,
    Thank you so much Wil for your confidence in me. Pretty sure I don't have the discipline nor talent to crank out anything more than an occasional blog post.
    Your comment is very flattering.

    Thanks so much Jan. I really hope you like Mondays post but am sure you won't like part of it at all. Try to get through it though for most is about Gram.
    We may not agree on all things Sis but on the important things, we do.
    Love ya bunches, Patti

    Thanks so much for the BDay wishes.
    Blogging does open up the communication lines with a great variety of people doesn't it?
    When I moved here, I was 65 years old and knew no one so I joined clubs that were of interest to me and met a great group of special people with similar interests.
    I joined a cancer support group--my favorite, the garden club, writers club and took the Master Gardener course. Each opened the doors to a lovely bunch of friends.

  20. Your post was great! I could conjure up the image of your first grade crush easily -- you're a great story-teller! And like allgood stories, your tale of the freckle-faced candyholic evoked several good memories of my own. My husband and I aregoing to the 45th reunion of our high school class next month and I now look forward toseeing some of those 500 lb classmates. (my taste in men has remained the same over the years--Hubby and I "met" in the newborn nursery when I arrived just as he left 63 years ago!)
    I look forward to more good stories!

  21. Dear Patti, first off, want to thank you for your visits.

    About your selection of boys/teens/men. LOL Wouldn't you love to see him now and know what he is doing for a living or perhaps retired from? What type of job he may have had. If he has hair, if he's fat, all those questions that sometimes goes through ones head.

    I know the last class Alumni I attended, our 50th. I was amazed at how old my friends looked. Because we both know, I hadn't changed a bit. LOL We're having a get together on Aug. 21, and I plan on attending to see if they still look so darn old.

    Hope you're having a great week-end. Your blogging friend, Patty

  22. Kay,
    Thanks so much lady.
    I am blown away that you and your husband have basically been together since the crib. Awesome.
    Enjoy that 45th reunion.

    I try to never miss your posts. I can always use a good chuckle in the AM.
    Good luck on your 50th. It can be a reality check. Most of my group looked good though we have lost a few. That is always sad.

  23. lostworld,
    So glad I found your funny bone. He was a trip.