Friday, July 30, 2010


In my Skecher post I think I gave the impression that I walk 5 miles daily. Actually my walk is only 3 miles but since 50% of the walk is up hill, it does feel like 5 miles. I walk the county road I live on when I don't feel like driving to the city park or the National Forest for a more scenic route.

While the whole walk is either up or down hill, there is one section where the slope is quite gradual.

I really enjoy the walk except for one section. Just before I hit the steep part, I have to deal with Sneaky. There are sweet dogs, aggressive dogs and the most annoying ones, the sneaky dog. Meet Sneaky.

She is a recent Momma and while she will never bite while you are looking at her, I would never just ignore her. If she saw a chance to nail me without retribution, she would in an instant. So she circles and barks. I did discover a wonderful dog deterrent however, a camera. Each time I pointed it at her, she would shut up and just glare. Perhaps she is wanted in another county and doesn't want her picture on the Internet. Too late gal.

After I wrestle with Sneaky, the road plunges down hill. Now this is really easy walking but I do have to watch my momentum. Once while hiking in the mountains, I let my momentum get the best of me and when you pick up too much speed going down hill it builds to the point where the only recourse is to drop and roll till you throw up, or just slam into a tree and get it over with.
This isn't that steep but you still have to watch foot speed.

Above is the last hill before Panther Creek. I love that name-- so rustic-- till you realize it was probably named that for a reason. So far, no panther sightings.
Normally the creek is so clear, you can see the rocks in the bottom, this day was after a rain and it was pretty muddy.

Panther Creek is the last of the down hill. Here I turn around and my real exercise begins. This is where my Skechers earn their keep. When I first started walking this route, I would periodically stop and study the ditch with apparent interest while my sides heaved in and out in search for air. Being a proud old bat, I tried to hide my air sucking from the occasional cars.

The good thing is that I have progressed to the point where I no longer have to periodically study ditch weeds and can make the trip, nonstop. Since my personal odometer rolled over last week and I am no longer 70 but "in my seventies", I am pretty puffed up about that.

It is always nice to see my little house in the Ozarks come into view.

You have just taken a walk with Patti, now I recommend that you take a
walk with Wanda with speakers on. Wanda has a popular blog that is guaranteed to lower you blood pressure and make you realize all really is right with the world. When Iran's Ahmadinejad gets on my nerves, a walk with Wanda will smooth the rough edges.



  1. Wanda's photos are wonderful!!

    I am proud of you for walking; I'm lucky if I go 100 feet per day. I stand a lot (when I am working), but there's not much walking involved. Your route is pretty, and I fear I'd be hitching a ride back!!

  2. It was a pleasure to take a walk with you this morning! Now I have to go put on my walking shoes and get moving.

  3. Thanks for the walk, it is one of the most challenging courses I have "seen" in a long time. How very lovely the countryside is. And thank you for the reference to Wanda's photos. You're right, how could you not be refreshed after winding your way through her posting? Thanks for your encouraging and thoughtful comments. The Olde Bagg

  4. I'm proud of you walking 3 miles a day in THIS heat... I just cannot do it this summer... Hopefully, in Fall--we'll get out and start doing our long walks again.. I need to!!!! We have TONS of hills here --so I know about being 'winded'... I always take my iPod and listen to great music while I walk....

    You inspire me... By the way, Happy Birthday (belated)... I'm ABOUT to be 68--so I'm not far behind.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. What beautiful scenery you have to enjoy while walking. You are doing well and I bet you feel good after each walk. As my sis and I always say, you may be tired but it is a good tired. Thank you, for taking us along with you. Loved the pictures. Hugs

  6. Way to go. I try to walk this ol body as much as possible. To the barn, the chicken castle, the creek, the roads thru the alfalfa fields & orchards... and on she goes. The grankids don't understand, "Granny take the 4 wheeler, or one of the pkups" no thanks I like to walk...and on she goes.

  7. Patti,
    This was wonderful. I enjoyed walking with you. Great fun to see where you walk and where you live.

  8. Good for you girl! Thanks for talkin' us along on your beautiful walk. That Sneaky.....oh, if looks could kill you'd surly be a gonner.

    Have a fantastically blessed weekend!

  9. What a pleasurable walk/hike, with or without Sneaky. Inspirational.

  10. Kenju,
    Aren't they though.
    Trust me, there was many a time when I seriously considered hitching.

    Walking does give a good start to the day. Enjoy yours.

    Linda in NM,
    I wish the photos showed just how steep those hills are. Wanda's walk always makes me feel so relaxed.

    Thank you, I really don't feel any older.
    I lived in the flatlands of Florida for 40 years. Even the slightest hill could set me puffing.
    I tried my MP3 but almost got run over.

    Thank you. Actually it invigorates me. I may be tired before I start but when I come home, I am ready for chores.

    Way to go girl, 4 wheelers are for wimps, they are noisy and smelly. Keep those puppies pumping gal. You see so much more on foot.

    Thanks. Not as nice and cool as where you walk but we work with what we have and you definitely have better dogs on your walk.

    Thank you and you are right. That dog has no use for me and we do the same dance everyday. Pretty sure she enjoys tormenting me.

    Once I get by Sneaky, it is a great walk. She does the same thing on my return trip though. I tried being friendly and she will have none of it. Can't win them all.

  11. I envey you and your walks. If I tried that I would need either a cane or a large umbrella closed to use as a walking stick. I get my exercise by mowing the lawn and clipping and trimming things in the yard. Take a few dry snack to give to Sneaky the next time. Also, does your little house have a green tin roof? Abe has always wanted a house with a tin roof. My Mother's house has one, and it's never been repaired, except for an occasional painting and touching up a few places with caulking. It's been on there since they moved in, back in 1948. Have a great week-end.

  12. This looks like a beautiful walk! Congrats to you for taking the looks a lot more difficult than my walk downtown! (It's a small, small town, but still...)

  13. What a shocking surprise for me, Patti. I actually said OMG out loud. You are something else...I was relaxed reading about your nice walk and out of the blue you mention me! It took a minute for it to register. Thank you for your kind words Patti.

    Discovering it was your birthday was a surprise too, I have taken note of for next year. Happy Birthday Patti. My husband turned 67 on the 20th, we're not far behind you. I really need to get some of those Skechers. I loved walking with you!

  14. Belated Happy Birthday. I am ahead or you a year or two.

    I cannot begin to walk an incline higher than my handicap ramp. At the gym I put it on 2 degress downhill. The DOC says that is OK for me. Right now I am awaiting diagnostics on high B.P. had some tests Thursday as did my husband. We told checkin we were making our regular social calls.

  15. I think Wanda has taken beautiful photos! Thanks for the walk with you. I had a dog like Sneaky and she was particularly nasty to kids and really attacked them. She was nice to me, but I didn't like her for I never knew if I could trust her when I had visitors.

  16. Lovely--and fun! No place I'd rather walk than the Ozarks (where we vacationed every summer when the kids were young).

  17. I So Enjoyed This Walk With You Patti....Because of my Health issues I am unable to do my walk anymore, Mine was all up hill for the first half and then downhill coming home)....That is a really good one that you do and on such a pretty road, too...That is quite a

    I went to the Wanda's link and that is a BEAUTIFUL site....I couldn't find any place to comment though. Such Beautiful pictures and such a variety of little sweet Wildlife...Thanks So Much, Patti.

  18. Patty,
    Yard work is great exercise and rather fun.
    Yes that is a metal roof. When I left Florida after all the hurricanes, the only roofs left were the blue tarps and metal roofs. They were amazing and it was a big selling point for this house.

    Actually, if I had another more level choice close by, I would take it. A near by town has a lovely city park which I do enjoy.

    I mean every word. You do have a first class blog that is wonderfully tranquil and refreshing. If I had a photo blog,I would be so intimidated.
    Thank you so much for the belated wishes. Your husband and I are close ,mine is the 23. Most of my family was born in July. I used to say July was a good month for our family but actually October was probably the better month.

    Thank you for the wishes.
    Sure hope your tests come out OK and you can get that BP to behave. Don't ya hate it when you are on first name basis with your lab techs?

    Reader Wil,
    She does have such a lovely site.
    Sneaky dogs you just can't trust which is so undog like.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome. The Ozarks really have a lot to offer dont' they? I'll check your site now.

    The day will come when I can't make the walk either, then I will just have to take the virtual walks.
    Glad you liked her site. Peaceful and lovely but then she does tempt us with food. Not fair.

  19. I love taking that walk with you, Patti. It's so beautiful there. What a great place to get your exercise.

    Did you recently have a birthday? A belated shout out to you!

  20. Patti, why have I just found you? How funny you are. I'll be back.

  21. Patty,
    Thanks---you too.

    Thank you robin for the shout out. Yep, I did age a bit last week. Not at all painful and no harm done.

  22. marciamayo,
    Gee, I don't know but I am glad you did and hope you do return.
    I did check your blogs and will definitely be back there also.

  23. Good job on the self discipline. BTW - who mows that grass? I'm glad its not me. Mow that once week and you won't need a walk of course it looks like it would take all week.

  24. Thank you dear Patti for your kind and caring words about Sweetie....I know you understand, being such a wonderful animal lover yourself and having the very dear dear Mighty....Your words are much appreciated!

  25. GQ,
    I do, but unfortunately, in this heat, I mainly use the rider which doesn't work the body much. In cooler weather I use a walk behind which really does provide great exercise.

    I hope by now Sweetie is back home with you and with a great prognosis. Those who share their lives with animals understand how important they are.
    Prayers and fingers crossed for your Sweetie.

  26. Lovely walk, lovely homeplace, but holy smokes, do you cut all that grass?!?

  27. I frequently refer to that breed as "sneaky dog". Funny. And they are.

    Loved your comment about the ditch weeds. Sometimes, if I need a break, I might be inclined to "look for a bird" or more closely study a wild plant part way up a mountain. ;)

    Thanks for the walk in a part of the country I will probably never get to experience.

  28. marylee,
    Gee, you are the second to ask.
    I used to mow 4 acres in Florida so this one acre seems tiny and I am grateful it is only an acre. It is done on a rider on hot days which requires only bouncing along and enjoying the finished product.

    Loved your "looking for a bird" approach. I may borrow that. In all my dealings with dogs, sneaky ones are hard to love and is such an undog like trait. We expect it out of politicians, not our pets.