Monday, October 18, 2010


This is mostly a sports post so those of you who hate or just don't follow sports can hit next blog button and you won't hurt my feelings. However it is also a story about redemption so I hope you stay around.

I have previously said what a big Florida Marlin baseball fan I am . It is hard to be a Marlin fan sometimes. The Marlins have a very small budget so all they can basically afford are rookies who are ineligible to arbitrate their salaries.

These unproven young men are content to play for the minimum in the big leagues and for fun. Even with a plate overloaded with rookies and a low budget, we have still managed to win two world championships in our short history.

What makes it hard to be a Marlin fan is that as soon as the rookies get good and can demand more money, we trade them off to other teams. When we won the world series, it was a fire sale to get rid of our players. I barely recognized our team the next year.

Sometimes I feel we are the farm team for Major League Baseball. I'm sorry but I get attached to my boys. Winning is fun but not vital. I just like to see the youngsters do their best and not get hurt. I don't have children but do have a strong “mommy “gene.

I wrote earlier this year about my favorite player, Cody Ross. Cody is a superb center fielder who can hit the ball out of the park with ease. He is small for a player, only 5'10” and is bald as a cue ball. I never minded bald, it is come overs that get me. He does have a killer grin which makes one forget all about hair.

Cody had played with us for several years and was actually making a decent salary. He was a fan favorite and a team favorite. His teammates really liked him. Whenever he came to bat, the crowd would chant, “Co-D Co-D. “ I would also chant that on the couch much to my pets dismay. They weren't fond of Cody at all. He interrupted many a peaceful snooze.

Well towards the end of the season, the Marlins knew that Cody could ask a pretty good price after the year and they had a rookie they could plug into his position for a fraction of his salary. So they put him on waivers which meant any team could pick him up just to pay his salary.

He was picked up by the San Francisco Giants, not because they wanted him but just so their rivals, the Padres could not get him. First your team doesn't want you then the team that gets you doesn't really want you either, they were just playing “keep away”. Personally, that would have sunk me.

As long as my team was still playing, I lost track of Cody but I missed him. Then when the Marlins did not make the playoffs, I scouted teams that had the most former Marlin players to root for till the end of the season. Most major league teams have at least one former Marlin player on their roster. We trained them well. Cody's adopted team, the Giants won their division and made the playoffs though he did not get to play regularly. I mean they really didn't need them did they?

Well he did what he was asked and then some, never griping about more playing time. The other night, I got to watch the Giants play the Phillies in the play offs for the National League championships. Cody got the start since he had kept proving his value, bit by bit when ever he got a chance.

First at bat in the Phillies game, Cody hit a home run to give the Giants the lead. This was against the best pitcher in the league, Roy Halladay who has all ready pitched a perfect game plus a no hitter this year.

Pretty sure they heard me yell “Co-D”. All right----old lady fist pump !!! Was that enough? Naw, second time up, he hit another home run. Two in one game. Not bad for an unwanted guy. Now everyone is talking about Cody Ross.


Here he is after the game with all the sports writers wanting his words. Man of the hour.

Possibly the best thing to happen to him career wise was being dumped by the Marlins. There he was definitely not a house hold name for the team was not an important one. Now on the big stage, people are looking at him like he has just been discovered. What is that about " one door closing and another opens".

Persevere, ignore rejection and you can succeed. Pay attention little leaguers. Fine example Cody Ross and am glad you are getting the attention you deserve. Bring home a championship ring and flash it in the Marlin's faces.

Had I raised the boy myself, I couldn't have been more proud.


  1. Having been discriminated against as a little boy (baseball coach told my parents at try-outs that I was too small), a bad taste was left in my mouth for team sports, so I have no idea even who your guy is. But, it's a good story. I hope in this day and age of greed and demand of instant gratification there are still some willing to work and wait for what's coming, but remain aware that it may not. Seems Co-D did just that.

  2. You did good MawMaw! Don't you just love it when our kids succeed with values and honor intact?

  3. I'm that way about jim Thome. WAtched him when he played AA baseball here and followed him through all of his trades. Went to a Rangers game in Arlington Texas once and he was on the visiting team. Hit a home run. For me. (He didn't actually announce that, but I had no doubt.)

  4. I no next to nothing about baseball, but this was a great post. You did good, proud mama.

    Whoops, I see that has already been said. Oh. well...great minds...

  5. That really was a feel good story, Patti.

  6. marciamayo,
    Yes he is.

    He showed more class in the situation than I would have. Perhaps it is why I love to see the young players. They are still playing for the fun of it.

    Thanks, me too.

    I just makes you feel all warm and glowy inside.


    Now that was special. Glad he came through for you. Jim really is a class player.

    That's OK, it was worth a repeat.

    Thanks, It sure made me feel good.

  7. I'll hit next blog button, thanks! LOL

  8. Don't ya just love it when your 'kid' does good??? Heeehehhe!

    Ya'll have a most marvelously blessed day sweetie...enjoy your guy!!! :o)

  9. I love baseball too, Patti. BUT--they are killing it, since there are only a few teams who can afford to pay to big bucks... They need a CAP --and that would balance out the teams. My Houston Astros are the same way as the Marlins... They just traded their best pitcher (Roy Oswalt) to the Phillies... He pitched last night and they won. I just don't watch it much anymore because I am sick of teams like the Yankees (because they have the money) winning.. Baseball is just not like it used to be. Hope your CO-D does well.

  10. We're big Marlins fans in this house and over the years, like you, I've been sad to see favorite players go. Cody has been our favorite Marlin for a long time and it's great that he's doing so well with the Giants.

  11. kenju,
    That is what is was for Judy. See ya next post.

    Yes I do, such a sweet feeling. Thanks.

    We both follow low budget teams. These major market teams like the Yankees, Sox and Phillies can field all star teams while we scrap by with rookies. Salary caps do level the playing field.
    Hope you saw Cody hit another home run in the game you are talking about? I'm hoping for a Ranger/Giants world series. Rangers have two Marlin rejects that I really like.

    Great to hear from another Marlin fan and a Cody follower. Sure hope they realize he is a streaker hitter and don't expect him to always hit homers. However he did hit another one Sunday. Co-D.

  12. Now you're speaking my language. My husband owned the Minnesota Twins and had brought the old Wash. Senators to Mn from Wash. Calvin had no big corporation money behind him to pay player's salaries so he developed a good farm system. I just wrote a post of the statues outside the new Target Ballpark in Minneapolis but I can't get the dang pictures to come out so I removed it. Will get it to work!!!! The Twins were always the under-dogs until the big banker Polad bought the team, plus now they get the TV bucks too.

    Keep rout'n for your team. At least we're in different leagues. Love and peace.

  13. Great story! How about a Giants Rangers World Series?

    An Arkies Musings

  14. I don't follow any sports at all and neither does Gary, but I read it all the way through since you are so fun to read and that is really cool. I must confess when I read the title I thought it had to be about receiving some mail COD (cash on delivery), which is what CO-D will be getting more of I am sure. I'm short so when I played badmitten and basketball in high school I never got to play much, but at least I was on the team.

  15. This is a great story...And Cody must be quite a guy---rolling with the punches and finally getting his turn! I understand exactly why you are as proud as if you raised him yourself, my dear Patti....I am not a Sports Fan, but dearly appreciate the love of the game---especially Baseball, having grown up in New York when we had The Yankees and The Dodgers, etc....!

    Thanks for your very sweet comments, dear Patti....Creating that Hospice Cactus Garden gave me almost as much pleasure as creating my own---and maybe even more, because I knew it would be for a special group of people...! I don't have a very recent picture of Seven, but I may take one just for my blog. He is a bit older and heavier now---but then, so am I....(lol).

  16. Cody must have been super! Your story is gripping even I, who don't know anything about sport let alone baseball, enjoyed reading it.

  17. Manzanita,
    Wow, am I envious. I call that marrying well. You had a real front row seat to the business of baseball and probably hobnobbed with the players. How exciting.
    The Twins did well this year with the AL Central title. Maybe next year for both of us.

    That is exactly my wish and think it would be refreshing not to have the Yankees and Phillies in the mix.

    Linda Starr,
    He, he. You are right. Cody should get lots of cash after this year. He is the darling of S F right now and still being the hero each game. Hope his streak lasts.

    Well, the Dodgers must have missed you for they moved closer to you.
    I used to watch the Dodger farm team in Vero Beach so I do have a fondness for them also.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks so much Wil.
    Your countryman Henricus Nicolas VandenHurk(we call him Rick) is no longer with my team but is now with the Baltimore Orioles.I miss him. Wish they would ask me before shipping our players off.

  18. Were we one time neighbors? You say you saw games in Vero? I lived in Indialantic for 25 years...... up until 10 years ago, when Calvin died and I moved to Montana..... forever. Were we sitting next to each other, being good cheer leaders??????

  19. You have no idea how encouraging this post was for me!!! Perfect read for me today!!!! Thank you with ALL my heart!!! I love your sports' posts! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Love, Janine XO

  20. Co-D sounds like the kind of guy that should be a role model and idol for all young sport fans.

  21. Manzanita,
    We probably sat in the stands together. I used to sit on the third base side near a big tree. I loved that park with trees growing right out of the stands.
    You were coming from the North and I was coming from the South West from a tiny speck of a town called Ft.Drum.
    Small world huh?

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    I am so glad our timing was good. Hope you are having a great week also.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    I thought so. He did not let what could have been a bad situation get him down. Kids don't have a lot of heros these days.

  22. Glad I did not hit the next blog button. lol
    Girl I just love your writing and never would I not read what you write.
    Sometimes things work out for the best even though at the time it does not seem like it could possibly be.
    Hope your having a good week.
    I did finish the ghost and they did not turn out too bad. Will show the results maybe tomorrow

  23. Grandmayellowhair,
    Aw, thanks for hanging in though I wouldn't have felt bad if you had used the button.
    Curious what you found to use for a head.