Thursday, October 21, 2010


This will be a post to tie up loose ends.

So far my aroma therapy to repel mice might be working. Right now I have the equivalent of a giant, very fragrant, peppermint stick sitting in the car port. I might have gotten a little heavy handed with the essential oils.

Good thing is that Mighty is no longer inspecting my tires each morning with interest as that was how I am certain the mouse(s) entered the engine compartment. Either no new mouse trails to excite him or the peppermint is overwhelming the mouse smell.

Regardless, every thing electrical is currently working and the other day when I came up to my car in the Walmart parking lot, I had to admit, I had the yummiest smelling car in the lot. No need for a ball or flag on the antenna to find it---just follow my slightly bent nose.

Below is a quote by John Alejandro King that I felt might even be a better solution. “Instead of building a better mousetrap, why not just genetically engineer an inferior mouse?”

Perhaps a tasty form of rat birth control to sprinkle about wouldn't hurt. I may work on the latter idea. I have free time.


I had joked with a friend about getting my declawed house cats nail implants, then make them do mouse guard duty. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. I noticed Minnie was having problems jumping up on things and when I checked her out, I found a new nail poking through the closed sheath in her paw. She is regrowing at least one !!??!!

Sure hope my male cat doesn't decide to reclaim his maleness in a similar manner. Pretty sure there was no warranty on the declawing so she will need minor surgery to remove that one. I understand this happens although it has been a couple years since they were removed. Go figure on the timing. Kind of spooky.


Minnie is also of the lethal gas fame and her gas problem is back. Maybe it has been back a while but with my clogged up sinuses, I had no clue and was quite grateful for that side effect. I thought I had caught a few whiffs through my stuffed up nose, but wasn't sure.

Again I went in search of a food that would help since the last upgrade worked for quite a while. After spending hours in Petco and reading labels till my eyes hurt, I settled on Halo brand. We will see. This stuff is $24.00 for 6 pounds. I really have adopted a high maintenance stray kitty.

At least this time she did not set off the carbon monoxide detectors and it hasn't made my eyes water. I accept all favors regardless how small. It is bad enough however that I am not inviting anyone over for coffee and am just grateful the weather is mild enough for open windows.


Update on Cody Ross. Sunday he hit another home run and though they lost the game, he is being touted as the second “Babe” in San Francisco. Sadly, he is new to them. Ellen and I who have followed the young man through his years in Florida, know he is a streaky hitter. He goes through these spells when he knocks the cover off the ball.

Unfortunately, he is just as likely to have a streak of so-so hitting to follow. I hope for his sake, this streak lasts till the end of the season and they get a championship. I love him in either streak though I am not sure his new found hero worshipers in S F will stand by him in a hit-less streak. Sports is pretty much "And what are you doing for me NOW?"

So far he continues being a pivotal part of the team including a timely hit last night. Toes are crossed for ya Cody. Keep those hits a coming. Just hope you haven't set the expectation bar too high in SF. Fans, except those with "mommy complexes",can be fickle.

More good news. I am healed. Nothing hurts, nothing is stuffed up and coughing is just down to a rather phony sounding “hack, hack” once or twice a day.

Life is so good.


  1. Yes, life is good - even when we do hurt!! Glad you are better.

    Re your comment: I have already read Cane River and it has never left my memory because I thought it was a terrific read and very thought-provoking. You would like it, Patti.

  2. is good!!
    Glad your feeling better...


  3. I enjoyed this post...sure glad you are feeling better and the mice seemed to have found another playground. I can almost smell your car. :) Good smell. Hugs

  4. So glad you are healed. I wish I was. Still stuffy nose, and haven't been able to smell anything for years. I can sometimes tell the air is different but can't distinguish what the smell is. LOL I guess that's good and bad. I told Abe it must be going to rain, left knee hurts, right hip hurts and lower back. Had our weekly grocery shopping done and put away by 9am. Now I'm sitting here in pain,the medicine hasn't kicked in yet. Sometimes sitting in the sun seems to make it feel better, but it might be my imagination. So I may go out and sit on the patio for a while. Have a great day, and stay in an upright position.

  5. It's fun to read the updates, thanks for posting yours.

  6. Glad you are not in any pain and life is good!

  7. Glad you're feeling better. All except for the non smelling kitty gas thing being gone... Our last Saint Bernard was bad about eating sticks, leaves and other outside roughage but I swear the terror terrier is much worse....Maybe I need to use essential oils and a cork.
    Love your updates on all.
    Have a super one. The Olde Bagg

  8. Thanks for the updates. Glad to know you are feeling better. While I don't have mice in my car port (at least I'm not aware of any) the idea of having a peppermint smelling area is rather attractive. I really do need to do something about the outside smells. My neighbor has decided that old fashioned moth balls make a good snake deterrent and she has spread them all along our mutual fence line, which is only 10 feet or so from my back door. The area is definitely stinky.

  9. Things are really looking up, how cool, glad the aroma therapy worked.

  10. Oh good news about your health! Now, about the rats, keep them at bay, or rather, have a cat party, invite neighbors' kitties and let them lose to find the culprits. Everyone will be celebrating.

  11. Everything in working order? That's good.
    It's good to tie up loose ends occasionally, see what gets tidied away; even aches and pains get swept under the rug.
    Smelly cats notwithstanding, enjoy your freedom from problems. You never know how long it'll last.

    (I am a pessimist!)

  12. Kenju,
    I read some reviews and I think you are right. I have ordered it for my Kindle. Thanks.

    BlueRidge Boomer,
    Thank you.
    Sometimes it is nice to feel poopy so you can apprectiate feeling good.

    Thanks a bunch. You know, even if they go away, think I will keep up with the peppermint. Love a minty fresh vehicle.

    Gosh, I hope your achy joints feel better. Sun does wonders.
    Since you can't smell anything, I don't suppose I could interest you in a lovely cat with intestinal problems? No--Oh well.

    Miss Dazey,
    Just had some tidying up to do. Sometimes we need to clear the desk.

    Thanks, hoping that for you and Roger also.

    Linda in NM,
    Maybe it is a terrier thing. Mighty dog is a pica eater also.
    Not sure what the cat's problem is. I'm leaning towards charcoal lined diapers.

    Pat Arkansas
    Thanks Pat, good to feel good. I'd worry about those moth balls. They are toxic to pets and wildlife and you are right, they smell awful.
    Good luck.

    Linda Starr,
    Even if the aroma therapy doesn't work, it is nice to be around. Hoping for the best.

    I like the cat party idea. The last cat that passed through scratched my hood but that is cheaper to fix with a little wax than repairing wires.
    Wonder if there is a place to rent a cat?

    I remember that you are a pessimist. That way, you are rarely disappointed and often surprisingly pleased. Not a bad way to be.

  13. A double yea on getting well! And a big smile thinking of a peppermint scented car. :) blessings, marlene

  14. We apparently have a mouse problem in my office at work. So how much peppermint smell works??

  15. Life is Very Good, and it is forecast to stay that way for at least a few more days, Hurray!!!
    I'm not bothered by mice, but the peppermint auto sounds like just the thing for you. Ok, I admit I love the smell of cows, horses, and saddle leather that waffe from my ol suv.

  16. Aren't you the "Cat's Meow," all healed and feel'n perky. As to kitty, I don't know what cats eat but I make all of Cody's food. Extra work, but worth it. I freeze 2 months worth of veggies and meat in small paper containers. Then I make oatmeal or rice and add the frozen. I give her raw bones (outdoors) for white teeth and healthy gums and she's never, never had a bad smell. And she's always at my feet. Just a thought.
    Glad your boy is still hitting homers.
    Have a perky weekend to match your perky self!!!!

  17. Congratulations, Patti, for the fact that your feeling better again, but also for having get rid of the mice! The rat birth control would be a great idea, although I am afraid that scientists are going to have controls of all kind of creatures and play God, which will not be very pleasant.

  18. Stichinbythelake,
    Thank you.You know, even when the mice are gone, pretty sure I will put a little cotten ball with peppermint on it in my other wise unused ashtray.

    I left instructions on your post. Good luck. I hear it does work.

    I too love the smell of leather. Wish they made a men's after shave with that sent.

    Aren't you sweet to cook for Cody. Once I find out what is the offending ingredient for Minnie, I may do that also. Would be simpler in the long run.
    Thanks-still feeling perky.

    Reader Wil,
    You are right. Whenever man interfers with nature, ugly things happen. Think I will stick with peppermint.

  19. I'm so glad you're feeling so good! That's great! And you know, I'm still hoping Cody will come back to the Marlins when all this hoopla is over. But first I'd love to see his team win the championship with him as the star. Co-D!

  20. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Good work on those mice...

  21. I think the cats know Halloween is very near and they are practicing for their night to howl and whatever else attrbuted to them.

    Glad the aromatic truck is rat/mouse free, hopefully.

    And glad the head/nose malady is much better.

  22. That "I am healed statement is awesome." Can't imagine a time when something is't hurting or in general not working right.

    Have you thought about a cork for the kitty. Guess that wouldn't work though. It would probably be shot across the room.

    There must be an answer.

  23. I've missed your posts so much AP! Glad you are feeling better. I think I'm finally getting wellish and am feeling much better now. Hopefully to stay that way.
    Hopefully you will, too. I'll bet your house smells "wonderful" too from all the smell good stuff you put out.

  24. Ellen,
    That is a possibility that the broadcasters mentioned when Cody originally left. With his season in SF his price might be a bit higher.
    I read where he was hurt that they didn't trade him, just let him go.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Thanks so much. So far we are winning all the way around.

    Thanks lady. So glad you are home and mending. You have been through the mill, me, I just had uncomfortable stuff.
    Maybe I ought to "rescue" some of those cats keeping you awake and let them go to work here.

    Thanks, those all clear, nothing hurts times really are rare but really welcome.
    I do remember asking God to put a cork in her during a tornado scare.
    It really is a problem to solve.

    Amber Star,
    Sure am glad you are doing better and are back pounding the keyboard. You have been rung thru the wringer. Mine has been annoying but minor. Stay well lady.

  25. Wishing you continued Good Luck on the Peppermint Aroma and lack of mice!! It sounds like it is working...And more good luck with the return of the Gasiousness Kitty....I've not heard of Halo....I'll have to look that one up on the Net....
    So glad you are Pain Free....Isn't that a true Blessing!

  26. As usual, Patti, thanks for making me laugh.

  27. Have ya tried sprinkling a little acidophiles powder on your pet food to help with the gas problem???

    I'm thrilled your feelin' better and keep us posted on how the peppermint works!

    God bless ya and enjoy your weekend sweetie!!!

  28. OOLOH,
    Yes it is and the older I get, the rarer those days get.
    So far Halo has helped, though she still manages a few stunners per day.

    Thank you, that was my intent.

    Thanks, I am seeing my vet Monday and I will ask him about that. Makes sense.

  29. Thank goodness nothing hurts and you feel good. Yes life is good and I need to keep saying that over and over so I can sleep tonight.
    Honey your writing is just too funny. How I love to come over here and read your post. Of course I seem to tell you that every time I leave a comment. sorry
    Anyway sounds like you have the mouse situation under control but girlfriend I did not know they grow their claws back. Now I am a tad worried because Tinkerbell was declawed about 3 years ago. I sure would hate if they grew back. She does enough damage to me with her back ones and her teeth. lol
    Wanted to thank you for your sweet comment before I try to sleep tonight. Doubt it comes easily I hate drama and my son sent me a really not good email about me being upset with them for not spending the night.
    I am reading the new book by Ken Follet the Fall of Giants. Interesting read so maybe I can read that til I fall a sleep.
    Love ya

  30. Reading and catching up. Wanted to say hi. Glad to see all is well and loose ends are tied.

  31. I've missed a lot of posts..and the one I get down to reading seems apt for me :)

    I was waiting to read about Minnie's CO2 releases. Too bad you still have to live with it.

    In case you make some breakthrough with the rats' birth control, please remember me during your famous days :-)

    ..and take care you!!

  32. Grandmayellowhair,
    Know how you feel about family drama. Sure hope all settles for you soon. Sadly families do tend to go their own way but then I did the same thing also at a younger age.
    I am also reading Fall of Giants right now and so glad I have it on Kindle as it is a "BIG book. I love Ken Follet's historical novels. Sleep well.

    Smart Mouth Broad,
    Good to see you on the net again. Will check out your new post.

    You timed it right for you got a synopsis of three blogs without having to read them all. Kind of Patti blog Cliff notes.
    Always great to have you stop by.