Monday, October 4, 2010


Like most people, I do like to view eye candy type men. I am not a drooler but an appreciator. I can enjoy art with out wanting to own the painting. Somehow I do not feel all alone out here, otherwise Brad Pitt would be flipping burgers somewhere unappreciated. Yes, looks do appeal and sell.

I wrote about one of my favorite eye candy fellows, Alex O'Loughlin a while back. The poor fellow was put in series after series only to have them canceled. It appears he may have finally found a niche this season starring in the new Hawaii Five-O series.

Alex O'Loughlin

Now I never watched the original series as it was during a time in my life when I had other things to do than watch TV. It was pretty much during my party hearty period. Today, since I don't have all the much to do, I watch TV.

When I watched the pilot, I was a bit disappointed but stuck with it because of him and think I will like it. The second show was better. It is like when your youngest child gets his first real job, you are so relieved. Hopefully this show will last. It seems to have been well received.
James Wolk from Lone Star.

But I have other children. I found James Wolk only to have him disappear after two showings of Lone Star. That show was canceled after two weeks? Can't ever remember one going that quick though this seems to be the year for quick decisions. I thought I would hate the show since it was about a cheating con-man with two wives. Oddly, I really liked this quite flawed but really good looking man with skwed intentions.

The show was critically acclaimed which may be part of the reason it was dropped. Friday Night Lights, with my first child, Kyle Chandler, was also critically acclaimed and it too struggled to find a niche. I can only hope Lone Star also finds a home, maybe on cable. James Wolk deserves another view.

Kyle Chandler. Now I think I see my attraction. James is a young Kyle.

Yes, these are gorgeous men but something else happened this year that I am most pleased about. I have admitted that I appreciate the beautiful man but my preference across the dinner table has always been the less flashy. I have written about my experiences with the gorgeous guys and it has not been pretty. Besides upon close examination, a craggy face holds more interest, surprises and generally harbors a person that has had to bring more to his life than a pretty face.

I have seen the not particularly breathtaking, actually on the down side of plain, men cast in major roles. Wonderfully, their real appeal comes shinning through. The first bit of a shock this year, was the role of Davey Sutton on the series Memphis Beat (season over). A show I love and would watch if only for the music. After each show, I am scanning Amazon for “that song” I just heard to add to my MP3. I do love the Blues.

DJ Qualls from Memphis Beat

Davey is played by DJ Qualls who is not of the Brad Pitt stock. DJ is very skinny and has a nose that would allow him play to Cyrano de Bergerac with out a prosthetic nose piece. Bless his heart, the little fellow really has a beezer. But the more you see him and his personality, the more darling he becomes. This has to be a boon for the zillions of us who are not born flawlessly beautiful.

Eric Balfour

Another man on a series that I like is Eric Balfour who plays Duke Crocker on Haven. This man falls into the homely handsome category. His face is too long, his nose disproportionately large and a chin in the Jay Leno vein. If you took him apart feature by feature, you would think “ this will never work.” However as a unit, he is quite appealing. Again , a main character on a TV show that youngsters can watch and think, “Hay, not being pretty can be really cool.”

One of the first men on TV to make homely an asset was Richard Boone from the 1957 to 1963 series Have Gun-Will Travel. I can remember being a huge Boone fan. Balfour is of the same mold.

Richard Boone

Truthfully, I am glad this trend is coming back. It has to be a wonderful thing for the less than perfect young men out there today trying to build their self esteem but also for the young girls to learn to look past the imperfections and see the cool guy with irregular features, right in front of them all along. I do hope we see more of this.

Do you have any homely-handsome guys you enjoy watching or do you prefer eye candy?


  1. I prefer watching pretty people; both male and female. I have always been a sucker for a pretty face - and it got me in trouble a few times.....LOL

  2. Yes, I enjoy watching handsome guys on TV. I enjoyed Rob Lowe on West Wing and Brothers and Sisters. What a "Looker" he is...

    About Friday Night Lights. I never could understand why they didn't put it on Friday night from the start. No, it flopped on Tuesday night and Thursday night and Finally, they came to their senses and put Friday Night Lights on on FRIDAY NIGHT. Big Hit!

  3. I also loved Richard Boone in Have Gun Will Travel. Thanks for the pic! I've watched several Havens and I think all three main cast members are good and Eric Balfour is especially interesting - I just wish the plots made more sense. One of my favorite men on TV is Mark Harmon of NCIS. He's just great as Gibbs.

  4. ha ha ha...have spent a few moments this morning thinking about eye candy!!! Fun now, but I too have gotten in trouble a few times, in my party daze...LOL!

  5. Hi Patti, We watch alot of TV also---and it seems that many shows which we like are taken off --or changed to a weekend night where they don't have a chance.

    I like Alex O'Loughlin --and have seen him in several shows--most of which don't make it.. I liked the medical show he was on--but that show never had a chance to make it... I didn't care for the vampire show --but I like him and he is definitely 'eye candy'.... I hope Hawaii 5-0 makes it.. We like it so far.

    I also like Kyle Chandler --and although we never watched Friday Night Lights, I liked him in a previous show. He is Eye Candy.

    One of my fav 'eye candy' men is Tom Selleck... AND-he's on the new series called Blue Bloods --which is one of my fav. new Fall shows... It's a cop show--but features the lives of a family.. VERY good. BUT-since they put it on Fri. night, it probably won't make it.

    Our other favorite new show is The Event --and the 'eye candy' there is John Ritter's son... Another good new show is Chase --and I love the male 'eye candy' co-star on that show....

    Hope you have a good week.

  6. Patti, I'm in trouble on this one. I've never been much of a TV watcher. I couldn't find my way out of a paper sack in that world. It's interesting how each of us knows a lot about some subjects and nothing about others. It's good we're all different in the things we enjoy.

  7. I see a pattern in your 'likes'. ;)

    It is good to see the not-so-perfect getting screen time.

    I can't speak for myself, but someone close to me enjoys watching James McAvoy. Not sure which list he is on.

  8. I watch TV, but apparently without ever coming across the shows you mentioned. Right now I am into Mad Men--because I love the retro fashions. Maybe I should get cecked for low libido.

  9. I've been known to turn my head and look again at "eye-candy" but I actually prefer to look at those men (and women) who have their lives and characters written on their faces and bodies. I am very fond of observing "old" people, both on TV and in real life, perhaps because I think I have more in common with them.

    I seem not to have any particular interest in current season TV characters. I did watch a few of the "Memphis Beat" episodes this past summer, and enjoyed them.

    Thanks for the Richard Boone photo.

  10. Charles Bronson leaps to mind. I fell for him in The Magnificent Seven. There must be others, but I can't think of them right now. I got sidetracked reading your comments and thinking about Mark Harmon and Rob Lowe.

  11. This post taught me a new term, eye candy. Thanks for the enlightenment. I have only ever thought about 3 movie stars as EC. That would be Omar Sharif in Dr.Zhivago, Chris Plummer in Sound of Music and Charlie Chaplin in all his movies. I find no one on TV seems to get my attention. I watch for content and don't seem to focus on looks. I have a feeling that your blog will have changed how I observe what might be EC for me!!

  12. kenju,
    Can't fault you there Judy, I do it too. Didn't you marry one? Thought so.

    Rob Lowe is absolutely pretty and is aging well. He has been around a long time now.
    Sure glad they found a Friday slot for Friday Night Lights. I really like that show. Think this will be the last season. Boo hoo.

    Now Richard Boone was just a manly man. Mark Harmon when he was younger was total eye candy. Now he has mellowed into interesting good looks. Love him as Gibbs.

    Oh those party daze alone could get us into trouble. Throw in EC and it was trouble:))

    Seems you have followed Alex also. Hope this works for him.
    Tom Selleck when he was Magnum was pure EC but I like the older version with crags and lines in his face. Love him in Jesse Stone.

    Lucky you not being into TV. Unfortunately, I watch too much since my get-about days have slowed down.

    See, I didn't lie to you. Brown on brown is the theme. I wasn't familiar with James McAvoy so had to look him up. He looks like he has his feet in both camps. Best of both worlds.

    If you are watching Mad Men--I can't get it--and Jon Hamm, there is nothing wrong with your libido. He is definitely EC.

    Pat Arkansas,
    Lines and wrinkles write the persons story on their face. Some of the EC of our youth are now so much better looking with character lines etched into their faces.

    Yep, Bronson wasn't afraid to show his rough side and it was very attractive. Faces like his you could look at again and again and see something different each time. Not so much with pretty guys.

    Omar Sharif really weakened a lot of knees in his day and was quite the actor. Chris Plummer was so manly in Sound of Music.
    EC is totally in the eye of the beholder which is good.

  13. Don't know any of the men but they are all appealing..even the Cyrano de Bergerac one! My preferences goes for men in uniform and geeks always ;) Homely men are way boring in my country.

    For ex- See this guy!

    Nice topic btw ;)

  14. Oh Patti, you are too much. I love the fact that you are still on the lookout for a comely man. Isn't it nice to be at an age when we can just let one go by without trying to lasso him?

  15. We haven't connected up our TV so I am at a loss, but how about some less than perfect women, a little over 50, a little over in pounds, a little gray, a little crazy, like me, hahaha; sorry Patti, you set me up for this one.

    You know before Gary and I met I went for the lookers, then when I met Gary his personality drew me in. He can talk to anyone so easily and I am so lucky to have him as my mate.

  16. I like a bit of eye-candy, myself.
    But Brad Pitt is too pretty for my taste.
    I like someone like Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck.
    And country singer, Toby Keith. (Yum)
    I always enjoy reading your blog!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on mine.

  17. It is all so "eye of the beholder", isn't it? I watched LONE STAR the first night because it got such good reviews....I'm afraid I got bored about Half-way through and they never got me back. I DO think it is a shame that the Networks don't give some of these shows more of a chance to find an audience, but EVERYTHING is about 'the numbers' and I guess the NUMBERS got that much worse the second's Bye Bye to LONE STAR. O watch a lot of YV for various reasons...Some because I want to be entertained or enlightened; some because I am curious and some because I know some of the people involved.....
    Like Kenju, I prefer wauching pretty people but there has to be something going on underneath the "looks".....I think Jon Hamm is very appealing and so is John Slattery....PLUS they have a lot going on underneath their good looks....MAD MEN is The Best show on Television! There are very few Network Shows that I watch, (ABC, CBS, NBC) I find I am much more attracted to a lot of Cable shows like RESCUE ME and Denis Leary probably fits your secomd catagory---I find him extremely attractive in every way. This is an interesting topic Patti....You got me to thinking a lot about who is EC and who is not! This is Fun!

  18. These are all handsome young men, but strangely enough I don't know any of them. I watch NCIS and like Ellen, I like Mark Harmon and Gibbs. A few years ago there was a series about marines and fighter pilots, who were also lawyers. I forgot its name but the leading man and lady were very good looking. Her name was Sarah.

  19. What, no George Clooney?
    I don't know any of the chaps you mentioned and showed; these series just don't come over here.

    Good for you to admit to liking the fellows.
    By the way, I am happy to drool and appreciate at the same time.

  20. Edward James Olmos as the lieutenant on Miami Vice really got to me with the strong silent type role, a type I've never been drawn to--never even noticed the scarred complexion. And Sam Elliot...who needs looks with a voice like that (although he's not too hard on the eyes, either). Never cared for the pretty boys.

  21. I usually like watching the pretty people in movies/TV (isn't that how most get their jobs and why they make the big bucks), but currently my favorite TV male is House (Hugh Laurie) who is unkempt, rude and crude. He is sorta hunky in a weird way, even with his goggly eyes, wrinkles and unpressed shirts. Now that he is with Dr. Cutty, he is starting to be "nicer"--sometimes. But if the series was about a cute, clean-cut doctor, we'd be back to Dr. Kildare days (Troy Donohue). Thanks, but I'll take House with all his flaws. Such and interesting character.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog even though I don't blog often.

  22. lostworld,
    Glad you liked them all but when I tried to find out what rocked your boat, the link wouldn't work. Awww, shoot.

    You are so right. I haven't attempted to throw a rope in a long time. Content to observe.

    Linda Starr,
    I like the picture you just posted of Gary. He is definitely nice looking and he is such a sweetie to support your passion. Think you found a keeper.

    Gabriele Agustini
    Don't know why I forgot Sam Elliot. I will see anything he is in. That guy is just all man.

    I do love the pretty face also but when you see a scruffy,imperfect face succeed, you know he has a bit more to offer than looks alone.
    Sorry you didn't like Lone Star. Guess I really just wanted to see more of James Wolk.
    Dennis falls into the homely/handsome catagory.

    Reader Wil,
    Think you are talking about "Jag" with David James Elliot. He was recently in a odd summer series called Scoundrels and the lady you liked, Catherine Bell, is in my favorite show, Army Wives.

    George is just plain handsome. He has aged like Cary Grant, he just keeps getting better. Men do that so much better than women, darn.

    I totally agree about Sam Elliot. That is one really manly man. Not perfect features but it is hard to look away. Your are right about his voice, I even enjoy his beer commercials voice overs.

    House is definitely out of the pretty group. There is nothing likable about him but I watch every week.
    I have seen him on talk shows and he cleans up nicely and has a lovely English accent which he covers up on the show.

  23. I love Alex and I think Hawaii Five-O will be a hit for him. I love him in the vampire series and as the passionate doc - I watched both of those shows for him.

    I adore Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory - I guess he'd be considered homely-handsome since he's so think and has a bit of a goofy persona. Every time I see him I want to hug him :)

  24. Oh my you are too funny! I never know what I will find when I get to stop by here.
    Yep I like the same guys you like and years ago I remember the one on Friday Night Lights and thought wow he is a keeper. lol
    Steve McQueen I think is another example of not really handsome but boy I did not care about any flaws he might have had.
    I know you will not believe me when I say it makes me no difference good looking or not if they are good at what they do. Acting that is!
    Hope your doing well thought of you when I was riding through Arkansas wondering if I were close to you.

  25. Dianne,
    Have to admire your taste in men. I think I feel the way about DJ as you do Jim. They seem so vulnerable that you just want to hug them.

    So you snuck right thru Arkansas with out even a hay howdy? Bad girl.
    Seriously, hope you enjoyed the trip through this lovely state.
    Steve McQueen---yes.

  26. richard boone was eye candy--he had a great body as paladin