Thursday, September 30, 2010


We all go through these phases that I call “boils and sores periods.” I am not talking about personal tragedies, serious illness or disappointments for I do not feel the grinches have a hand in that nor can I be glib about them.

Instead, B&S is when one picky and annoying thing after another piles up on us. Things go swimmingly well for long periods and then the cracks in peace and contentment appear. Our health tries us and our appliances have suddenly reached the end of their lifespan.

The only good thing is that I know with perfect logic and from experience, the period is finite. You can fight it and rail at the grinches or just roll with the blows. I am a lazy person, so I tend to roll and while I am rolling, I look for the positive side. Kind of spoils the fun of the grinches that are trying to get to you.

Not my picture though I sure wish it were. Compliments of the Net. Could not pass up on the storm clouds with the silver lining. Anyone else see the face?

It started with my fall on my nose the first of September. Little did I know that was going to be the start of B&S. It wasn't all that bad though my nose is still a bit tender. It did put my osteoporosis fears to rest when nothing broke. I learned that I still bounce.

I was just healing from that when I put my back out which I tweaked in the fall. Now this happens a couple of times a year so it isn't a reason for concern, just aggravation. I was almost healed from that first back problem when I re-injured it. Now I do lose my sense of humor a bit on repeat injuries. Still, it could have been worse and eventually, that also healed. By now I was suffering cabin fever for I have been more or less laid up for a couple of weeks.

Finally, I got out of bed one morning with no pain. Yipee !! I was feeling pretty smug when out of the blue, I had to make a panicked run to the bathroom. For the next 2 and a half days, I stayed pretty close to the bathroom. I know, too much information. Anything good out of that?? You bet. I lost 2 more pounds and didn't have to count the first calorie or sweat one drop. Cooking chores went on hold as I observer the BRATTY diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, tea and yogurt. This does work.

I had one good day when nothing hurt and I wasn't chained to the bathroom. Boy was I getting cocky thinking it was over. Went to bed that night feeling chipper and woke up with the mother of all sore throats in the AM. Thinking I had better stock up on some cold remedies before I got really sick, I got in my truck to go to town.

I sprayed water on the windshield to clean it when I discovered my windshield wipers had died quietly in the night. I checked the fuses and they were good. A new wiper motor was probably called for but it wasn't raining so that could wait. Hay, it could have been the rainy season.

The next morning I awoke to a full blown cold. Positive there??? Oddly yes. First it could have happened when my nose was freshly mashed. Now that would have been brutal. But mainly it seems Minnie, my cat of the famous gas attacks, was having another spell of eye watering gas. My eyes still water but thanks to the cold, I can't smell her. Hallelujah.

Fall finally made an appearance the same day as my cold. When I got up yesterday morning, the house was a bit cold so I flipped the thermostat to heat and nothing happened. Curious, I flipped it to cold and still nothing. Hoping it was a faulty thermostat, I bought a new one but no luck. Time for a repair man.

I know you are thinking there is no way I can't find a positive here. Oh yes I can. The temps are positively mild right now. Had this happened when we were sweating through 100+degrees every day, that would have been awful. I do have back up heat for at night and during the day with the windows open, it is quite comfortable.

The repair man is on the way and with a little luck, he will leave me enough money that I won't have to send "I'm sorry notes" for Christmas.

Repair man just left and it was a simple fix. Big positive. Christmas is still on.

So is the B&S period over? Gee I don't know but what I do know is that it WILL end. They always do and life goes on back on track eventually. This optimism has been a life long affliction.

My brother once said in exasperation as I sought the bright side of an event when we were kids, "If you came upon a room full of Sh*t you would just grab a shovel and start digging thinking there had to be a pony in there somewhere."

I also bound out of bed in the morning chipper, even before coffee. Now you see why I am still single. I would drive a normal guy up a wall.

Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's a cha-cha. ----Robert Brault . This guy has a cool site with an equally cool insight, full of quotes, some original, some tried and true. Worth a visit and he shares freely.


  1. Patti, as I am in the midst of a B&S period, thank you for reminding me that this too shall pass. Maybe it's because we have so much bad happen all at once, that we are left with a hefty amount of time for the good things that come our way.

  2. I have had many of those B&S periods, and I always try to see the good in them too. In fact, I wrote about one such day today (but luckily it was only one day).

    Patti, you are such a good writer!!

  3. You're right - the B&S periods do come and go. I hope yours is absolutely over now. (I loved the picture but couldn't find the face.)

  4. Dear Bounc'n Patti,
    You delighted my early morning with the cha cha quote. I always say, When in doubt, cha cha. I'll borrow your quote once in a while if you don't mind. I absolutley live by it already. Maybe that's how I got to be so damn old. I'm bounc'n with you.
    Here's an extra big dople of energy for you on your upward bounce. Peace baby....a phrase from my old hippie daze.

  5. I loved your story today, Patti.

    Why did it remind me of the guy who got on the train with a whole bunch of kids of all ages. The conductor came through calling "tickets,tickets"

    The guy says,"I have no tickets."

    "What? You are on this train and you have no tickets! I'm going to make trouble for you."

    "Oh, are you? My wife left me with all these kids, the oldest boy was playing with matches and burned the house down. The Fire Engine came to put out the fire and totaled my car. See that girl over there? She's pregnant,she's not married, the youngest boy just shit himself, the baby ate the tickets and we're on the wrong train. And YOU'RE going to make trouble for me?"

    I guess this guy was in a B&S period,too....

  6. I loved your brother's assessment. Cheerful in the morning...before coffee? I am impressed.

  7. Fabulous posting. I love your Tigger bounce and your writing style. I always come away from a mornings read with more than when I got here.
    I love the b & s thought process, I call those times "fish heads". I have always loved eating fish and fishing for them. That is because of my Daddy Jack (grandfather). He was so patient and such a good fisherman. He always made the quiet time special. The only part I hated was cleaning the fish and cutting off the heads. Daddy Jack told me that life is (Forestt Gump time here) like cleaning a fish. You gotta face the fish heads if you're gonna taste the goodness of the fish. He was right and so are you. The best way to put our lives in perspective is by smiling through the b & s. Thanks Patti.

  8. I wonder what, next, has happened when you go quiet.
    I don't see the face either.
    Nancy's comment reminded me of a time when my sister Nancy was pulled over by a police officer after she had failed to stop at a stop sign.
    Her six rambunctious boys in the car had been driving her nuts with their constant wrestling, so when the cop approached her car window she began to cry and told the officer to "take them", "take all of them".
    The officer called her husband and told him to come and get his wife who clearly needed a break.
    He did not issue a ticket.

  9. Yeah, I found the face immediately! I guess it is the season for B&S. I'm getting a new sewer line........Right now the only thing working at my house is ME!

  10. Oh Patti, I'm so sorry to hear all of what you have gone through recently... Hopefully the B&S period is over for you.... I don't call these times in my life B&S... I call the BS.... ha ha

    Glad your furnace problem wasn't major. I'm just hoping that this is the end of all of your problems for awhile....

    Hugs and Prayers to YOU,

  11. It never rains but... I am glad I met you, for you show us how to find the silver lining. I hope your worries are over now, Patti!

  12. marciamayo,
    Aw, I am so sorry you are in the middle of a B&S period. You are right. When the good times do come, we can enjoy them uninterrupted.

    Great minds think alike. I thought the same thing when I read your post this AM.
    Thank you so much. Your confidence in me always makes me try a little harder.

    If it isn't, it soon will be--I'm pretty sure. The face is at the top of the bright area right above the tree line.

    Help your self. It is Robert's quote and he is totally generous with them.
    I welcome your "peace" as a former hippy wantabe that didn't quite make it. Your energy arrived in good shape.

    What a delightful story. I will keep that in mind if I ever feel like whining.Things can always be much worse.

    Actually it is easy. I drink decalf so I'm pretty much the same before and after though I am psychologically more awake after. Go figure.

    Linda in NM
    "Fish heads" is a perfect analogy.If we didn't have these periods, would we even appreciate it when all goes well. Probably not.Daddy Jack sounds like a neat man.

    Well Helen, that is a priceless story. That cop was one of the good ones but he could have at least taken one of the boys. Probably there isn't a parent alive who hasn't thought those thoughts. There were times my mother would have sold me for a nickle.

    Yikes, I am so sorry. Plumbers make more than presidents. I guess your silver lining in this economy is that you are working. Sometimes you have to dig deep for the good.

    You are right, sometimes B&S really is BS:)) Hopefully no other appliances are feeling fragile and once this cold is gone---look out.

    Reader Wil,
    I am delighted we have met also. Thank goodness for blogging. I learn from you every time you post and when your write about some of the things you have witnessed, it keeps me humble and appreciative. Thank you.

  13. Oh dear, I'm in B&S mode right now. I'm more than ready for it to end. Every day I think this is it and something else happens. You're right though, in time it passes. Hope yours passes very soon.

  14. My goodness! You have for sure been in the B&S times. I am hoping the good news on the furnace means they are over and you are not in some much better times. Glad your nose is better and you are doing better in general. Just keep on keeping your chin up. I saw the face in the clouds right away...beautiful picture.It was good reading how optimistic you have been despite the B&S's. Hugs

  15. I'm an optomist too Patti. I have never in my adult life woke up grumpy....But I have a sign in my kitchen that reads..."Sometimes I wake up Grumpy, sometimes I let Him sleep"!

    Hope your B&S period is over!

  16. I'm not so could be that you would keep a normal guide sane.

  17. I soo love that!!! Cha, cha!!!! I'm going to remember that every single day!!! Dancing!!! Hope that your days get better and better...I'm so sorry that you've had such a tough time lately!!! Love you! Janine XO

  18. You are just.too.funny! I loved this, and especially your brother's take on your bright spirit. I hope you find the darn pony so you can call a truck to haul away all the remaining poop!

    I seriously can relate, though! I am basically a very healthy person...but last fall I got sick with one thing after another, ending up with a broken ankle and surgery at Christmas. All winter I was on a knee scooter and I HATED it.

    Hang on...the light at the end of the tunnel can't be a train because the train has already had a shot at ya'!

  19. That's a lot to take..for 1 person! And you are being so sweet about it. I hope the 'boils and sores' feel bad and leave you in peace.

    Definition of optimist is a first I've read. What about ppl who have 2 left feet?! ;)

    Take care!!! :)

  20. I have been going through a long extended period od B&S...And quite frankly, I'm hard put to find the Silver Lining....Yes, I am a glass half full kind of lady and I wake up as tired--if not more so--than when I went to!

    You certainly have had a bad run of things, my dear Patti. I hope the B&S period is over for you now, but if not, I am sure you will find the 'positive'. I wish I were more like you in this, but....ces't la vie!

  21. Linda,
    Hope we are both B&S free soon. From the sounds of things from the comments, I think this is the season.

    I like your thinking. I am about ready. Good thing these were all small, picky things.

    I adore that sign:)) Does Grumpy like it also?

    Well that is a better spin on the situation than I had. I like it.

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    They really haven't been much individually but have carried a bit of weight as a unit. I am dancing here so all is OK.

    Gosh,haul it off and lose all that fertilizer?? So sorry about your spell of B&S, that was a bummer, especially at Christmas.
    Like your tunnel thoughts.

    Even 2 left feet people can cha-cha. It is all in the attitude.
    Thanks, I think I am about done now but if I'm not, I'll deal with it.

    I know you have had a tough time health wise Naomi and I am so sorry. Makes my B&S list look like childs play. Sometimes it is hard to find the silver but keep looking.
    Have you had a sleep study to see why you aren't getting rested at night? It is hard to be chipper when you are exhausted.

  22. Hi Patti! Thanks for your kind words and for visiting! The benches were empty because it was early April and too cold and my family don't want to be too much in the picture!!;)

  23. Oh, what a beautiful post, A. P., so uplifting, so wise. Thank you.

  24. Patti I do love coming by here and this post reminds me of why I love you so.
    Goodness honey I do wish though that you would hurry up and get out of the Bs days and life bring you less bumps.
    I have missed you and will have to catch up while I am here.

  25. Don't ask me to feel sorry for you, I never got a pony. The real question is did brother clean the stable?
    I am sorry about your nose and your quality time spent in the ladies room.

  26. Honestly, to find the silver lining in a couple of those, you had to turn everything inside out, didn't you?!

    Yep, I see the face. George Washington?

  27. Reader Wil
    Glad it was just cold and involved camera shy relatives. Too nice of benches to go unused.

    Thank you so much and glad you think so.

    At least they were just bumps and not mountains. I get short of breath on the really steep grades.
    Glad you are back, missed you much.

    Awwww, I am so sorry you never got a pony. Did you dig in the Sh*t long enough? Sometimes it takes a while.

    Yep, sometimes you really have to look for the lining but it is almost always there.
    I was thinking more contemporary but couldn't quite place the face.

  28. You, and your attitude, are amazing! When it rains, it pours.

    Hope your cold goes away soon, but not before Minnie's gas attack goes away, too! LOL

  29. A great attitude, patti. I will have to remember this, the next time I slip into one of those B&S periods.

  30. Can I come and take lessons?

    I get up regularly feeling miserable and by night fall I have barely cheered up.

  31. Hope your B&S period is over. I tend to be an optimist too, although I'm not very cheerful immediately after getting up in the morning.

  32. Your B&S tale finishes up a pretty b&s-y day for me. Thanks for the cheer- And hey! I do see the face in the cloud!

  33. Hmmmm, B&S, I see what you mean! Hope you are much better now (and that the cat grows out of its gas producing stage!). I think that it is just as well that we are on opposite sides of the world as I shudder to think what might have happened if your cat and mine had got together... Our little Nigella has a terrible gas problem too which can clear rooms and blister paintwork in record time!

  34. Ok, I know I smashed my thumb in the hidden compartment of our rental car late last night for a reason, just haven't found out what the reason is, maybe trying to tell me to lay off clay for a while and enjoy something else, but my thumb is killing me. Thanks for another great post, I hope the ups are headed your way. I'm off to cha cha today.

  35. I have found that if you divorce B&S life is much nicer. Why didn't I think to do that years ago? Oh there are still a few bumps in the trail, but they are manageable, even interesting at times.
    Terrific picture and I did see the face.

  36. Pat Arkansas,
    Things do come in bunches don't they. You are so right about Minnie. I still can't smell anything so I don't know her status. Hope it clears up before I do.

    That works for minor stuff, not what you and roger are facing. That takes love and guts. A little dancing can't hurt.

    Darn, that isn't much of an improvement is it? At least you are consistent.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    Bet you are a night person. I used to be both, now I am lucky to see 10:00.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Ouch, so sorry you had such a day. Hopefully it was only one.

    Well you would have felt right at home here. God bless them, they can really crank out the foul stuff. Sure hope your ears are better. You have had your own overdose of B&S.

    Linda Starr,
    That was a good save on the bum finger. Gives you time to explore and check out all the other potters. Have fun.

    Sorry you had to leave your B&S behind to improve. I agree, sometimes it is necessary. Hope your bumps level off nicely.

  37. I must have one of your boils and sores periods except I add boils, sores, and sh__T. I'm hoping my adventure to the Arkansas Heart Hospital starts me on a new path.Then again tghe phrase may become lengthier as we go along.

    Thr most positive thing that comes out of all this is I found a new housekeeper the day after my last one quit. She loves dogs too. Has a dachshund.

  38. Bless your heart, sure hope you're on the up side of things and they will be running smoothly for the rest of the year and into 2011. I use to tell Abe, when things had been going along too smoothly, I would start to worry, because I knew there had to be some rough days coming, always seemed to work that way. The B&S periods do come, but almost always, they also go away again. Have a terrific week.

  39. Nitwit,
    Pulling hard for you to find answers with this hospital stay.
    Sounds like you are in good hands.
    So glad you found a houskeeper so quickly and an animal lover at that.

    They do come in bunches which I am a little glad of. I would hate to think they could come at random times and mess up perfectly good plans.