Saturday, November 27, 2010


Nope, I am not referring to my age ravaged badonkadonk (slang term for a bodacious behind, butt, or ass, but more fun to spell and say). What I am referring to is Fannie Flagg and her new book, “I Still Dream About You.”

This is not a review of the new book for I haven't read it yet. This is more a review of the author. I discovered Fannie Flagg a bit late but once I did, I quickly gobbled up what our local library offered. Most of you remember her as the author of “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.”

I remember seeing the movie which I enjoyed, but it somehow didn't impress me enough to seek out other Fannie written offerings. So she stayed on the local library shelf for a long time. Then I picked up “Standing in the Rainbow” one day and became hooked on the small town of Elmwood, Mississippi and its delightful residents.

The next two books, “Redbird Christmas” and “Can't Wait to Get to Heaven” follow these people of Elmwood as they age and have families. After CWTGTH in 2006, poof, I saw nothing more and my library didn't carry previous works so I plunged on to other authors.

Fannie's stories are funny, warm and oh so human. They are more character driven than plot driven books. As a natural storyteller, she ties them all together beautifully. Sure there are the resident scoundrels hiding in the pages, but mostly the town is riddled with really nice, slightly quirky people trying to make it through life with grace and humor--- mostly succeeding.

She provides me with “comfort reading” with her books-- kind of literary mac and cheese. I always feel I have had a positive attitude adjustment by the time I reach “The End.” There has been a long dry spell since 2006 and I was sadly beginning to think she might have retired as she is not too much younger than I. Then she popped up on my Kindle best sellers list the other day—yipee.

Currently the book is tucked safely in my Kindle shouting “pick me, pick me next” when ever I turn it on. However, I am so bogged down with books thanks to Kindle ( 86 waiting for attention) and am right now in the final stages of “Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett.

“Fall of Giants” is a very long book ( over 1000 pages) but I have really enjoyed it. Follett is wonderful with period novels and this one covers World War I from all sides. The wonderfully researched story will make you realize how petty and stupid the leaders who declare wars are.

Most of the peoples of this planet are governed by self serving idiots. I am beginning to think all world leaders should be selected by lottery and not from those “wanting” the job. The actual “wanting the job as a world leader” suspiciously indicates mental instability by itself. Korea, Iran, Darfur, need I keep going? Enough of that. This is review time, not rant time.

Anyway, as soon as I am through with Ken, it is on to Fannie. Ken ruffled my feathers, I need Fannie to smooth them. Is it a bit presumptuous calling them by their first name? Probably, but it is my blog and I will presume if I want to.

If you like southern based books, warm, funny stories, filled with delightful characters you'll love to watch stumble through life, then I recommend Fannie Flagg's works.

Some of her quirky characters look a lot like people I have shared a fence with over the years and I am sure some of my former neighbors will recognize Peculiar ole Patti between the book covers. You can easily identify a favorite aunt or uncle in the mix and will definitely recognize your eccentric relatives that show up only on Thanksgiving.

Anyway, if you are looking for a stress reducing, smile inducing read, I can recommend anything written by Fannie Flagg. Pure enjoyment. Since a lot of you are out Christmas shopping right now, this would make a great gift.

Anyone else enjoy her books or have actually read this new one??


  1. Robert Fulghum used to provide that smoothing-the-feather craving. Perhaps it is time to pay Fannie a visit.

    I've long thought that our elected officials do not represent the Cream of the Crop. It seems as though the smart people keep as far away from politics as possible....because it is politics. Maybe your lottery idea has merit.

  2. although I don't tend to call my favorite authors by their first names, I definitely think of them in that way. However, I haven't though about Fannie in quite a while. I will find her again.

  3. Oh Patti -- if you wander over to this site:
    you will find that you could paste a whole blog entry there and have it translated into Russian or French or whatever.....and impress the devil out of Russians (Русские) or French people (Les gens français). Or maybe not -- I can't vouch for the accuracy of the translation.

  4. I have only seen the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes." I seldom read novels, but my sister does and she is a big Fannie Flagg fan.

  5. I have a couple of her books, too. She is a fun read...relaxing. I'm glad to hear there's a new book out.

  6. Thank you for sharing such an endearing author. I alugh whenever I hear that name becuase it is my mom's name and she hated it and continues to be plauged by remarks regarding her name; Poor Mom!

    Yeah, I'm like 70 books behind but it will be on my list! too bad work interferes with life, isn't it?

  7. Hi Patti, Thanks for telling me about Fannie's new book. I love her books --and relate alot to the things she says and does!!!! I will definitely put this book on my 'list'....

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Sounds like a great selection. I have seen Fried Green Tomatoes, but not read the book.

    As You said my Kindle holds more than I have read. with only 10 selections.

    i should have started on a simple one first, but no I picked an anthology of 10 books translated from Greek and God only knows some other languages Of whichi I did not know existed.

    I read one inspirational book 3 times because I needed it at the time and may have to read it again.

    I started another, but decided I should continue to the end of this "library" of 10 books as I am over half through it.

  9. New to me! Comfort food, you say? Sometimes those are the best things to cuddle up with.

  10. Fannie Flag's "Redbird Christmas" book is my absolute favorite for the Christmas season, the reason I now decorate my tree in redbirds.

  11. Sitting right beside me on my desk is an unopened audio book: Fannie Flagg, I Still Dream About You.
    I really got into audio books while driving and find the idea of someone telling me a story as I troll the net, or play cards especially appealing at my age.
    Perhaps it brings back memories of my mother reading to us as children.
    Don't know. I'm old, I get to be eccentric.
    31 Bond Street by Ellen Horan is a good read too.

  12. It's odd, but though I know Fannie Flagg has written lots of books---I still think of her as an 'actress'. That is where she made her first clainm to fame---And, she was and is, a Good Actress!!, And that is really how I think of her. But, I really must read some of her books! Thanks for the great reminder, Patti.

  13. I don't think I've read any of hers since "Fried green tomatoes", but I love her to death and remember her from TV too. Ken Follet is amazing and I will read anything he has written.

  14. Jerry,
    Robert is good also as a feather smoother.
    Perhaps if politicians were selected like juries, it might work. I mean, most juries do a great job.

    Most of us do tend to get personal with our authors, I mean they let us crawl through their minds. That calls for first name basis.

    Thanks. I have bookmarked that site. Do you ever worry that they might misinterpret you as a prank and cause you to anger a whole nation? Just a thought.

    Miss Dazey,
    Ah ha, we have just found the perfect Christmas gift for you to give your sister with marvelous taste.

    Janie B
    Good to hear from you again. The new book was a pleasant surprise for me also.

    Aw, your poor Mom. My Grandmother was also named Fannie and took a lot of teasing.
    The books just keep piling up and I read as fast as I can. A delightful problem to have.

    So glad you like Fannie also. She really does write such enjoyable books. Hope you find a copy.

    Dang girl, you really saddled yourself with a doozie. I go for much lighter fare. I try to read what I have but then a new book becomes available(the majority of mine are first author freebies) and I add to my pile. Sure glad I don't need shelf space for all of them.

    Yes, and there are no calories involved, just comfort. Win/win.

    Isn't that just the best one? So that is the origin of the redbirds.

    Lucky you Helen to have the audio version. I understand she is the reader and does a great job.
    I love the audio books but I like to read in bed and if I fall asleep and lose my place, it is a bear finding it again.

    That is right. She is not only an author but an actress and comedienne. I vaguely remember her from the game show, Match Game. A multitalented lady.

    I adore Ken Follett also and was pleased that his "Giants" is part one of a three parter. We have lots of good reading ahead Judy.

  15. Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite movies of all time - maybe my favorite. But I've not read her other stuff. I will definitely check it out though - and like you I have way more books on my Kindle than I can ever read but there are so many free ones out there that I just can't help but download them! blessings, marlene

  16. I do enjoy her books. I will try to remember your recommendation.

  17. I can also remember when Fannie do a few shows on TV, as a comedian, but for the life of me can't remember them except for Hollywood Squares. She was always funny. Don't forget, tonight's Hallmark Special on CBS at 9pm.

  18. Stichingbythelake,
    I know, it is so hard to pass up the new ones and it is like a form of treasure hunting as you pick and choose. Good thing they hold over 1500 books, you and I are on our way.

    This one has a unusual story line. Be interesting to see how she pulls it off.

    Thanks for the reminder. I have it set to record on my DVR. Can't take chances.

  19. I hope your getting paid for that great report. How do you pronounce badondadonk? Fannis sounds like an amazing author. Good job.

  20. A big "yes" for Fannie.... you know the one I mean!! Haven't read the new one.
    I've read all of Ken's books but not the Giant one. I'm happy to hear that you liked it. I'll put it in my kindle along with my long list of "to-reads." My eyes are wimpy with old age but the kindle does help. I crank it up to "quite large."

  21. GQ,
    If I could only spend the desire to share good stuff, then I could say I got paid.
    That is a slang term, an 'ebonic' expression that was used by Trace Adkins in a CW song. "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk."
    Ba-Donk-A-Donk -- sounds like it is spelled. Isn't that better than butt?

    That is one of the things that I love about Kindle---being able to adjust the size of font. What a brilliant invention.
    Enjoy "Giant" and Fanny. Hum, probably could have phrased that better.

  22. Oh, thanks for the recommendation, with cooler weather coming I might just need a good read and a southern charmer might just be the ticket.

  23. Neat blog! I just finished Fall Of Giants myself and also gave it a thumbs up one of my blogs. Your right Follet writes wonderful history novels. Pillars of the Earth was stunning.

  24. I do love having a read of your blog ...and those of other interesting ladies and rarely read a book nowadays ....shame on me.

    Had to laugh though .... fanny has a totally different meaning over here... sometimes described as a front bottom lol xx

  25. That sounds great, Patti! I shall keep Fannie in mind. I have never read a book by her, but I like the way you describe her writing!
    Thanks for your visit. The book by Roy McIver is available in many bookshops it was published by Magabala books.

  26. I haven't read that one, but I love her books. Billie Letts is another one whose southern stories are special.

    Gosh, remember Fannie when she used to be on the late night TV shows--Jack Paar, Johnny Carson? Holy cow, how old is she???

  27. I just finished reading Ken's last book and I too enjoyed it. I like reading his books. Looking forward to the sequel to this one. But they are long.
    It is strange that I have not read these books of hers as much as I enjoyed Green Fried Tomatos. Thanks for this info because I do need this kind of book in my life right now.
    I have been hoping for a Kindle for Christmas but I doubt that Santa is coming by here so I may have to splurge after Christmas.
    Do you think I can figure out how to use one.
    Love ya
    Oh Gretchen and I just watched Sam. I recorded it so we could watch it tonight. Why did I think of you the whole time I watched him. hahaha
    I have to read what you thought of it now

  28. Linda Starr,
    Ah, you Floridians and your cooler weather:)))--I so remember looking forward to that when I lived there and was always sad that it would be warm again by afternoon. Of course you are in North Fla so you may actually even see snow. Enjoy.

    Welcome to TNS and thanks for commenting. Will go check you out now.
    I love Follett's period novels and can't wait for the next two following these families. Pillars of the Earth was wonderful. Once of those books, though very long, you hate to see end.

    Oh gosh, you must have thought I was a Dirty Old Woman the way I focused on "Fannie":)) My poor grandmother was also named Fannie and she was 2nd generation English. Wonder now if it was a mean trick on her to be called that?

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks Wil, I will wait a while to see if Kindle picks it up for that device really makes reading easy for me. If they don't, I'll check that publisher. Sounds like a very interesing book.

    Careful gal, she is only 5 years younger than me :)) That kind of surprised me.
    OOLOH said she was also an actress, guess I was too busy partying to have seen of her but do enjoy the books.
    Thanks, I'll check our Billie Letts.

    I do hope you get a Kindle, I can't praise them enough. The light weight, ease of reading with adjustable font and the absolute wealth of books available either cheap or free has enabled me to build up a nice library that I can carry with me.
    Now is the best time for I have never seen them this cheap. If you can work a computer, you can work a Kindle.
    And no-- they don't give me a penny.

    I thought so too, almost lyrical.