Thursday, November 18, 2010


I need your mystery solving abilities, advice, and answer to a curiosity question today. I know, I ask a lot but you do have the option of the “delete” button. You won't hurt my feelings.

MYSTERY ( gross alert.)

I love a tub bath and only shower when the hair insists on a shampoo. So, I had taken a shower and head wash in the AM. Now I do enjoy that form of bathing but it just doesn't soothe the old muscles and joints like a good soak in a steaming tub. I like the water so hot that when I get out I look a lot like a boiled shrimp, really pink with ridges.

My shock and disgust was at its very peak when that evening when I went to prepare my lovely bath and saw a half of a Tootsie Roll lying in the middle of the tub. Closer exam, no Tootsie Roll but a decent sized turd. Now I am 71 with diminishing mental capacities, but I knew it wasn't mine— way too small, I am quite proud of my world class poops. Since I have 3 pets, there was no clear culprit.

Being a mom to 4 legged ones, part of my job is to observe what goes into their bodies and what comes out to determine their state of health. Mighty's I pick up in baggies on our walks and I clean out the cats sand box daily. Yes I know my pets poop. This was not familiar poop.

It was too large and wrong color for the cats, would have been Mighty size but his have a really soft texture. This really was of Tootsie Roll consistency. Also, it had no odor which takes it out of cat category. Besides, they love the automatic litter box so I am puzzled.
I am leaning towards Mighty but he has two repaired knees and jumping is no longer an option. I seriously doubt he could clear the tub and not mess up the bath mat hanging on the side.

My options are, some wild creature that has in and out access to my house or possibly a ghost with a still functioning bowel. Any other guesses???


When I left the power company, I kept their health insurance till I hit 65, then retained the prescription drug portion. I do not have, nor do I really want, an HMO. Medicare has served me quite well, even with all the Cancer surgeries.

At present I am not on any regular drugs, thank God, but I realize that could all change with one deep breath as a doctor clears his throat. The statement I got from my insurer showed a HUGE increase in premium, more than double. Time to test the waters.

Do any of you have a reasonably priced, stand alone prescription drug plan you like??? Since I don't buy meds on a regular basis—one script this whole year for the sinus infection ---it doesn't need to be complete coverage. Appreciate any input. Thanks.


Ryan Reynolds was just chosen as People's sexiest man alive. Now I think he is precious and quite funny, but I really never thought of him as sexy. You know I like Alex O'Loughlin and while I think he is eye candy, I do not necessarily think he is sexy. Might be that really young thing.

The guy I would love to see on their front page just once, is Sam Elliott. Young Sam on left, current Sam on Right. This guy is getting up in years but like Sean Connery, age has been an asset for him. He has the look of a real man, one who would protect you with his life. He has the most amazing voice that could make reading the ingredients off a catchup bottle sound sexy. He also looks like one who could make you squeal happily in the dark.

So curious question, who do you think should have been on the cover of People??

Thanks for any help with any of my three questions.


  1. as to the turd problem, I think it was Mighty, just no clue how he got in an out. As to prescription insurance, I'd like to know that too as I am paying for my daughter's adderall prescription while she is in grad school - 300 per month.
    As to Sam Elliot, I've always like him and still do.

  2. I vote for the ghoast. However, I've heard when a cat is sick it does some of its jobs out of the usual litter box. But I yield to youn on your cats' behavior as I always had dogs.

    I just read of a Humana/Walmart agreement in the a health site, but you have to do your homework which I know you can do.

    Here is link:

    Hope it works; if not let me know and I will copy it into an e-mail for you. I only mention it because I realize you are somewhat close to a WM store.

  3. Sam Elliot is a cutie, always has been. I also think Tom Berenger makes wonderful eye candy. Sam has a wonderful voice...Tom's not much of an actor and his voice, well it sounds "acting"...but he's cute! Yes..I'd like to think both of these guys would "save" me. But, as I sit here, in jammies, unbrushed teeth, no makeup and hair that looks like I've been standing on my head, spinning, I doubt if either would.
    Mighty is probably the culprit...

  4. I am SO with you on Sam Elliot! Being 51 I tend not to view men as 'sexy' because I really can't remember what that means, however, he is one good looking Dude!

    Regarding the poop...can't help with that one except I wonder if one of your kittie's had a turd hanging from its fur and deposited it while sitting on the side of the tub!?

  5. As to the poop dilemna, it was Ellie Mae....we can't get her not to poop here so she went on the web to find a new place inside to do it.
    As to the meds question..I do not have an informed answer so I'm no help.
    As to Sam Elliot....well oh my. I have been a drooling fan of his since he was a puppy and do was I. His voice alone can make me blush. When Sam and Tom Selleck made their "cowboy" movies together, it was like heaven right there on the scene. Sweet Man chuckled and remarked, well at least he might enjoy watching "the boys" too. Yummy, yummy fellas.

  6. Sam Elliot..... nummmmm. He has my vote, young, old, dead or alive or anything in-between. Pun intended!! Patti, did you ever see him in the old movie "Sibling Rivelry?" Funniest movie I've ever seen. I made a copy and still watch it on occasion. He played a weird part in that....
    TURD in the TUB.... Maybe it would make a great country song! I think it was Norman Bates hiding in the tub behind the shower curtain, waiting for you to come in. He got a little overly nervous with the anticipation and you know what happens. And it was little, huh? Probably says a lot for the rest of his body, reason why he went on the murdering spree with Mama in the first place. Lucky you were late for your bath!!!!

  7. ROFLMAO!! Oh, my! You do have interesting problems, Patti! Any chance the thing in your tub was a compacted hair-ball and not a turd? Probably not; I trust you to know one when you see one.

    Even at age 76 I know "sexy" when I see it. Sorry, Sam Elliot doesn't do it for me, although I do like his mustache. Of course, my idea of sexy is a bald-headed Yul Brynner!

    Can't help you with the other stuff.

  8. No idea about the poop, but my cats sometimes use the tub when they are too lazy to walk downstairs to their box.

    Ryan Reynolds? Too baby faced to be sexy. My choices are always Richard Gere or Ben Affleck.

    We had to change our Medicare insurance advantage plan, since the company we have had for a while decided not to renew our plan because of the new gov. rules. I don't know yet if the new company will be any better or not - but they are cheaper on their monthly premium (so far).

  9. Patti, if you send me your email address, I will send you info on what we're going to go with starting Dec. 1, 2010.

    As for the turd, since I can no longer smell anything I wouldn't be able to identify it through smell, but cats turds (to me) do look like tootsie rolls, but have been told the smell is completely different than a dogs turd. Could a raccoon have gotten in? If you know for a fact, no other animals have been in your house, then it has to be one of the house pets. Perhaps Mighty dog was feeling mighty one day.

    I'm with you Sam Elliot would work better on the cover for me, then the one they picked. But then these young ones all look like little boys to me. I guess at 74 I want a mature looking man, one that looks like he knows what he's doing. LOL And yes, I agree, Sam has a pretty sexy voice.

  10. Mark Harmon, Tom Selleck, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, I can think of lots more...
    As for the poop problem I'd keep that door closed for several days to see if it happens again, and if does then worry. :) blessings, marlene

  11. Can't really help you on the turd in the tub problem. I like the idea of keeping the door to the bathroom closed, just to see what happens.

    I think Sam Elliott is a totally handsome man.

  12. Oh Patti, I'm always entertained by your blog. This poop thing is too funny. I'm anxiously awaiting the outcome.

    Sorry I can't help on the insurance thing. Our insurance is through the military.

  13. Can't comment on health stuff as outside of the US, however, that turd thing has foxed me to the point where I'm having trouble thinking of anything else, thank you! Could it be a back flow from faulty plumbing/sewage system? Is your shower over the bath? (Puts you back in the frame, apologies). Could it even be a joke one from a practical joker? Please let me know the answer, in fact any plausible answer would do to stop me thinking about this...

  14. marciamayo,
    I told Mighty you think he is guilty.
    With the new health ins, your daughter should be covered under your ins till she is 26. That is after Jan 1. Hope that helps for that is an awful amount to pay.

    Kind of wish it were a ghost, that would be fun.
    I plan to check that new Humana plan. I am close to Walmart and they are in just about every city in the US.
    I'll check the link, thanks so much.

    Tom Berenger is also a cutie, love his looks. Neither are pretty boys, but real men.
    Mighty now has two votes.

    Think I feel a ground swell for Sam building.
    That poop hanging thingy is a possibility and takes Mighty off the hook which pleases him a lot.

    Linda in NM,
    Cats and Mighty are all pointing paws at Ellie Mae. She had their vote.
    "His voice alone can make me blush"
    that perfectly describes it. Thanks.

    I checked Netflix for "Sibling Rivelry." They list it but say it hasn't been released on DVD yet. Some heck of a hold up there. I have it saved for when it is released. Ever the optimist.
    You know I am not going to want to take a bath now. Thanks.

    Pat Arkansas,
    Really too bad I didn't offer a prize for I do believe you have the answer. My cats don't normally have hairballs but that really could have been one. Explains everything.
    You will have to settle for bragging rights---no prize.
    Yul was sexy, that's for sure.

    Both your boys were once chosen as SMA in face I think Gere was twice. Good taste there.
    We all need to do our homework this year on health ins.

    I'll send you my address, thanks. I'll accept any help I can get. This is confusing this year.

    Mark Harmon all ready was chosen as was Gere. Selleck should have been. Thanks, the door is closed now.

    Yep he is and he has been married to the same woman for over 30 years. Sexy and good, batting 1000.
    Door is shut, now we will wait.

    Well you have the best insurance going. If I weren't too old, I join up myself.
    Thanks but I am pretty Pat Arkansas had the answer with the furball. Never even thought of that.

    Rest easy gal, think we have found the problem with the furball. My cats don't normally do that so it never crossed my mind but it would explain consistency and size.
    Thanks for giving it your total thoughts.

  15. Mmmmm... furballs??? possible, how about bats??!! I read on Wiki that Arkansas has 15 varieties of bat, and with so many, one almost certainly must have adapted to the steamy atmosphere of bathrooms. Being intelligent and very high tech creatures, I would say that a nice clean white bath would make a very good practice drop zone for their radar guided payload! Check that bathroom ceiling, a happy bat might just be sleeping there! Just a thought!

  16. The turd word cracked me up.

  17. INteresting turd dilemma.. no clue on the RX plan. My husband has Humana Gold Plus for his Medicare supplement including drugs. He is quite happy. We live in Nevada.

    I have always been a Sam Elliot fan. BIG TIME. I totally agree with you on his voice and the comment about the dark. Lucky Katharine Ross, his wife. I would like to see Sam, Sean and Tom Selleck. They are my versions of a man's man.

  18. Sorry, I can't help with any of the problems (although I would be inclined to look at the cats). I will be looking for prescription coverage soon enough, but I have not done so yet. As for sexy men...well, out of consideration for my darling husban, I just don't go there. you believe that, Right???

  19. I couldn't possibly take a guess at the source of the poop...I'm too busy laughing. Here I sit, all alone in the house, and read the line "...I knew it wasn't class poops..." this is where there was a loud unladylike guffaw and a snort. Just too, too, funny!

  20. Sounds like one of your cats had a fur ball.
    Good luck on finding the insurance you need. Sorry, I can't help with that.
    Sam Elliott is definitely sexy, but I would have to vote for Tom Selleck.

  21. Three questions, huh????? Gosh--it's late and I'm tired... How can I answer them for you???????
    1. I think you have another pet in the house --probably living in the tub --when you are sleeping.... Maybe it's a beautiful black and white skunk...

    2. We have Medicare Advantage (which Obamacare is getting rid of.... grrrrrr) ---so our drugs are included. The Medicare Advantage has been a fabulous plan, one of the best healthcare plans I have ever had. SO--I cannot help you with this question.

    3. I'm so out-of-the-loop --that I've never even heard of Ryan Reynolds.... SO---who do I like on the cover of a magazine????? TOM SELLECK....


  22. I've always liked Sean Elliott. But in a similar vein, check out David Strathairn.

    Tootsie Roll, huh? So not tapered at the ends? Might you have a rackety coon?

  23. I have no idea what could have caused the poop alert!
    Medicines! I take them partly from the doctor's chemistry, partly from the drugstore.
    Sam Elliott! I prefer the older one and find him much more attractive than the youg one.

  24. Peter,
    Yikes, I hope not. I put a perfectly good bat house up outside and have yet to have the first tenant.

    Thanks for stopping by Mr. Lincoln. Glad I could find your funny bone.

    Donna B,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes Katherine is lucky. That he is so loyal to his wife makes him even sexier.

    Awww, aren't you sweet. I have been waiting for someone to nominate there husband and you did---kind of.

    Ah, so glad I could tickle you with my poop prowess. Thank you.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    Think you are right about the furball and Tom would be my second choice.

    Think Tom is running a strong second in the voting. Maybe we need a write in campaign.
    We all need to do our homework this year on health care.

    Murr Brewster,
    Well I have to claim ignorance so I Googled David Strathairn. I have never seen him in either movies or TV that I was aware of(I checked his work record) but he really photographs well.

  25. Reader Wil,
    Oops, you snuck in while I was posting my back comments.
    From what Wikipedia says, in the Netherlands, your drugs are paid for as part of your insurance. Here it is often separate insurance.

  26. Oh baby you pack allot of punch and poop into this post! Heeehehe!

    I have heard of small critter comin' up the overflow drain and the tub drain but they would be no larger than a mouse or small rat and your 'turd' (oh how I feel strange about sayin' that) sounds too large.

    I'd suspect the cat is havin' a little off movements. If your discover the answer please let us know...ya know inquiring minds and all!!! :o)

    Ya'll have a most beautifully blessed weekend sweetie!!!

  27. Haven'y a CLUE about that Tootsie Roll Poop! I hope it isn't some strange creature that has taken up residence in your house somewhere---A Racoon Maybe??

    As to the Perscription Coverage AARP is pretty good. Nothing is cheap anymore...but mine costs aqbout $34 a month....You get it through AARP but THEY are not the axtual is something like UGH...Yeah, No Kidding! LOL!

    I think Sam Elliot is super sexy in every way....! But, PEOPLE will never put any man over 60 on their SEXIEST MAN ALIVE List....Sad to say.
    Ryan Reynolds is cute as all get out, but I agree with you, not exactly what I would call Sexy. They should give it to George Clooney!

  28. Good good gosh I nearly fell out of my chair reading this post. Now you need to slow down with these funny post because we all know I do not need another fall. lol
    I am leaning toward the ghost and I do hope I am wrong. But they do really strange things and to others property too. Lets hope you don't have a new furry animal in your home.
    I still have my insurance at work. Not sure how much longer but I can ask my brothers wifes they might can help you.
    Sam would be fun to do anything with. I had a chance to meet him here in my hometown and when he started talking I forgot who I was.
    I hope honey you enter my CSN giveaway. It is for $65.00 and who knows you might get lucky
    Love ya

  29. It was might - since it was harder than normal. Here is what happened a really quite elementary my dear. Might blasted a loaf and it bounced high off the ceiling and landed in the tub. Check ceiling for telling signs.
    Elliot is a man's man but cute? I have no idea.
    Insurance? I got nothing

  30. Patti, this seems to be a post worthy of Scooby and the gang...perhaps I should have sent the Mystery Machine your way?! HAHA! Good luck with the poop patrol. Wish I could help with the insurance thing.
    Happy weekend!

  31. Nezzy,
    Thanks.Right now I am leaning towards the fur ball. Too bad I flushed it for close exam would solve the mystery.

    Thanks Naomi. I am looking at AARP or the Humana/Walmart one. Good thing I have till the first of the year.
    I'm sure you are right about the age thing though we are becoming the majority group. Maybe someday--

    Well you should know since you have a resident ghost yourself. I think that would be neat.
    So envious you got to meet Sam. That voice would make me forget my name also.

    Had not thought about a trajectory poop shot. Quite a possibility.
    Excuse me while I go check the ceiling or to see if he used a bank shot off the wall. Thanks.

  32. Lynda G.
    Oops, you snuck in while I was back commenting.
    Scooby would solve this in no time. Send them on:))

  33. I am so excited to find someone that feels exactly the same as I about Sam Elliot, he has the sexiest voice known to man kind of this I am sure, nice to have stopped at your blog. take care.

  34. Cinner,
    Thanks for stopping by and always nice to meet someone with good taste. He really does have an amazing voice doesn't he? Even if he were creepy looking, the voice could pull it off.

  35. I vote for the fur ball.
    As to the insurance, I was on my ex's til the D. Now at 64 I have none. Working on it, so will be interested to find out what you do.
    Sam Elliot or Tom Selleck, got to love men that look and sound like adult MEN.

  36. Thanks for your visit to my green Saint Nicholas! May be one day there will be a green Santa!

  37. Read the tootsie roll words and imagined seeing the left over ones from Halloween that I'm still working on. The joy and anticipation has just dropped a few notches so I think they'll last longer than I hoped. It's time to move onto the festive goodies. You've helped me to look a bit more carefully before I step into the tub. LOL

  38. The turd sounds like a cat surprise. It was no accident--a political statement if ever there was one.

    Health insurance--I read that the state Dept. of Ins. has links to give you information about that. I have the AARP supplement with the logic being that they ought to know what's best for old farts. (I'm a big help, huh?)

    The last question... gee, it got harder after Cary Grant kicked the bucket. (You're probably not surprised that I don't know who Ryan Reynolds is!) I'll have to get back to you on that.

  39. OMG Patti I'm with you -- give me a MAN on the cover not some kid just out of his teens. SAM ELLOIT will do nicely!! That Katherine Ross is a lucky lucky woman...

    LOL at the ghost with the functioning bowls...we must get an update on this mystery...when one of my cats isn't feeling well they'll use the tub to 'show' me they have a problem so even though it doesn't look like ones in the pooh-pooh tray perhaps it is...

    I can only get Medicare b/c of my cancer and disability but I have heard many good things about the AARP plan...

  40. 4th Sister,
    Yes he is. I have missed not being able to access your blog but glad you are still visiting.

    Yikes, no insurance is scary. Hope you can remedy that soon.
    We totally agree on manly men.

    Reader Wil,
    The green guy is much more fit than Santa.

    Soo sorry I have put Tootsie Rolls on the back burner for you. They are one of my favorites and make good survival food. Looong shelf life.

    He he, you are probably right. No creature is more spiteful than cat. Perhaps I unintentionally offended him. Will try to make peace.

  41. I'm not the best judge of man sexiness, but both Sam and Tom Selleck. And I have to admit, my wife would probably leave me for Tom.

  42. Jerry,
    Aw, she would be back in no time. The man won't eat his veggies and he would drive a woman nuts at dinner.