Friday, December 17, 2010


Recently on Good Morning America, I was thrilled to see Robin Roberts wearing a batwinged sweater. Wow, did that take me back. The old saying that “everything old is new again” really hit home. A batwing style is one that is cut very large at the armhole and the sleeve extends almost to the waist. It does look for all the world like a bat's wing.

I think we all have a style that we thought flattered our figures or physiques the most and hated to see them go out of style. For me it was the bat wing sweater of the mid 50's. I was never a busty kid and this loose, lots of material style seemed to camouflage that fact the best. The tight sweater was not my friend.

When wearing the batwing over a pencil skirt with a slit in the back, I felt killer cool. Most likely wasn't but I felt I was and that is what counts. Attitude can sell most anything. Somehow I missed the batwing reemergence in the 70's and 80's.

Today, I would like to again wear the batwing style but for a more basic reason than "killer cool." Pretty sure it would do a grand job hiding my own batwing upper arms and pudding soft middle.

Yes, those “bye-bye” arms I swore I would never get but by golly, they are now a part of my body and nothing I do seems to shoo them. They would make any bat proud. I suspect their only positive function is that they might make good floation devices. Perhaps a BW sweater would nicely hide those arms. One can hope.

So for how ever long it is here, I say hooray for the batwing. Not yet having put one on over my aging body, I am a bit concerned that all the extra material might just add to the appearance of more weight around my middle. Lets see, do I want to hide my own bat wing arms or do I want to appear thin? Decisions, decisions.

Anyway is there any old style you once loved that has fallen by the wayside that you would like to see come back? Something that really made you feel stylish? Poodle skirt and wide belt? White bucks or penny loafers? Maybe that really tidy snap crotch,no ride blouse with some hip hugging bell bottoms ? I really liked that last look. A flat tummy was a must.

In school, I can remember being totally turned on by any guy who wore charcoal, tailor made, pegged pants topped by a pink long sleeve dress shirt with a turned up collar. How about tie-dyed tees? The preppy look? What did it for you to make you feel really cool?


I want to thank you all big time for your help on my sleep problems--- you really came through. Thanks to all your helpful advice, I am now logging almost 7 uninterrupted hours per night and am quite content with that. I feel cells rejuvenating as we speak.

The mask did darkened my nighttime successfully though I really miss the satin pillow case. Then thanks to Judy and several others of you, I now read in a chair at least till 9, then finish my reading in bed. I do love reading in bed. That was too much of a pleasure to give up totally so I split the difference.

Betsy made me realize I was possibly presetting my mental alarm clock by dreading the meager 4 hours of sleep so I started visualizing I was sleeping straight through before drifting off. That also helped.

The first few nights that I did wake up, I tried the counting as several suggested and it worked. Sorry Wil, I don't know French but English did the job for me.

Then realizing I was probably just not tired enough when I went to bed (retirement is not very exhausting) I picked up my daily exercise routine just a bit as both Islandwonder and the link Patty supplied suggested.

Which one did the trick? I don't know, most likely it took all of them. Regardless I am enjoying the results. Thanks bunches for your remedies and commiserations.

Those of you still struggling, help your self to any or all of these methods. They actually worked for me.


  1. Patti,
    I am so glad your sleep is restored; it's amazing how much of a difference a good night's sleep can make.
    Now which one shall I use for hot flashes? Geez Louise, they will be the death of me...a friend suggested soy, so I am now trying that. It's hell getting old :)

  2. What turned me on? The proverbial uniform, eventually bell bottom blues. Of course I nearly got a divorce when i erroneously ironed creases right down the front. Well,,, he did not tell me..I was so glad when they switched to wash and wear materials.

    My nighttime sleeping has been increaxed by oxygen w/o CPAC. I hope it stays that way, even though those using tghe CPAC swear it is wonderful. So far I only use a canula. and only at night, or if I choose when I sit and read, etc.

  3. Are Bass penny loafers still HS i would've paid anything for a pair....!!


  4. My favorite outfit was a snap crotch pirate's type white blouse (big poofy sleeves, deep v neckline) with hip hugger bell bottoms for rocking out the dance floor. Boy, did you just take me back in time!

  5. I am really glad to know that you are sleeping better. I'd read that sleep experts (whomever they are) have said you should never read in bed if you have trouble staying asleep.

    Style: The only one that suits me now is the muu-muu. LOL But when I was skinny, I loved black dresses and high heels. Knits were my friends back then - but not now!

  6. I'm glad you're sleeping better, I am considering smashing myself in the head with a blunt object every night around 11
    I think I'll go to Home Goods to find just the right piece

    I love the Bat Wings sweater!! it falls so gracefully
    I bet you did look killer cool in the sweater and pencil skirt

  7. Happy to hear about your sleep success Patti. I have been thinking about you before I go to bed at night.

    As for fashion. You have to be kidding. I wouldn't wear any of those fashions from the past unless the body fairy brings me a new body. I used to look okay in the princess style. Mom said I had a long waist like Roz Russell? When she wanted me to like turtle neck sweaters, she told me that Audrey Hepburn had a long neck like mine.

    Alas, the neck is now ready for a V or jewel shape, and the waist, (what waist) is long gone.
    I still look good in a beret however, and at last my hair is straight, flat, thin. Audrey Dianne Schmidley aka Dianne

  8. That's great about getting the sleep.
    Looking at old photos, I'll have to say that I never really hit upon the style that I would admit to wanting back.

  9. Dear Killer Cool,
    Bat wings..... Yeahhh... super with a pencil skirt with a sexy slit on the side. Not now..... burka style for me. You're still in the running, oh youthful one.

    I love my bed room and can hardly wait for evening. I do read in bed with my kindle (cranked way up for the bad orbs) and my vitamine D spewing light beside my bed. Hail Ceasar and let it snow!
    el mucho holiday cheer to you...
    Manzanita xo xo

  10. Glad you are sleeping better now, Patti... Interesting how so many ideas have ALL helped. Another thing which helps me is NOT to take a nap during the daytime, stay VERY busy (and yes, my retirement life seems to stay very busy), and go to bed and get up at about the same time each night/day.... A routine helps I think...

    I remember the Bat Wing sweaters and loved them... I would still love them since I have those Bye Bye Arms too now BIGTIME...

    Merry Christmas.

  11. When I was a senior we all wore straight leg jeans (wheat color) with button-down collar men's style shirts. I still do. My jeans are blue or black now but still straight legged and I still love those shirts! blessings, marlene

  12. Tracy,
    Oh dear, can't help there. I had the mildest menopause EVER. Those, I understand can really make you miserable. Hope you find relief.

    That is funny about the crease.
    Am glad you are off the CPAC. If that is those Apnea masks, I don't know how anyone does it.

    Yes they are. You can get them on the net and I am pretty sure I have seen them at outlet malls.

    RV Vagabonds,
    Now that does sound sharp. Think those snap crotches ought to be part of a plumbers gear.
    Thanks for stopping by. Will check your site.

    Yikes on knits today. Now muu muus sound better.
    I was unable to go cold turkey on bed reading. A slow weaning is called for.

    Aren't they graceful? At least I thought I did and that is half the battle.

    Oh lucky you with a long neck. Always wanted one of those. Today I'd settle for a waist of any kind.

    Looks like you have progressed along with the style changes quite nicely. It will all come back someday, beware.

    Aren't Kindles the greatest. In case of fire and after my pets, it is Kindle next to be rescued.
    As dreary as this Fall/winter has been, I may need one of those lamps also.

    Where did those arms come from? Possibly it is heriditary. I swore when I was younger that would never happen to me. Best laid plans---

    You are right, that style would fit any time period.
    We used to wear baggy white shirts over blue jeans rolled up to mid calf. That style didn't age well.

  13. I had a lovely batwing sweater in a charcoal gray, with several light pink stripes around the mock turtle neck and I loved it. I wore it with a tight skirt, that had to have a slit in the back, otherwise I couldn't walk up the steps/stairs. LOL I also liked the dresses they had and for the life of me can't remember what they called them, they were also very much like the batwing sweater/blouses with the tight skirt. All one piece. I know they had a name, but just can't think of it. By the way I woke up last night about three hours after I went to sleep, I turned on Turner Classic and watched an old Andy Hardy movie. Time to start a bite of supper/dinner. Have a great week-end.

  14. OMG...a mini skirt/dress with boots (these boots were meant for walkin) Nancy Sinatra, 1966. ha ha ha...thought I was soooo sassy! LOL!!! I mean really LOL!!!!

  15. I'm glad you're sleeping better.
    I would like to see the A-line mini dresses from the mid 1960s return. And as Blue Ridge Boomer said - Bass penny loafers.

  16. Ah, memories! My favorite was the tutu, worn in and out of bed, slipped on with or without bras, never restraining, neither too hot or cold. I tried to go shopping in it a few times, but my toddler managed to embarrass me by hiding under it and refusing to come out when I called and called.

    Come to think of it, he knew how to irritate me.

  17. Glad to hear you're getting some zzzz's, Patti. As far as the fashion fav: I always liked the shoulder pads. Like your bat wings, I thought they gave a slimmer impression.

  18. Would someone explain to me the fashion sense of those skinny legged jeans? They are the most unflattering thing I've seen on a lady. But it seems they wear them with an attitude that they are hot -- and they most certainly aren't.

    As you can see -- I have an eye for fashion.

  19. Patty,
    Had to laugh. You are right. Those skirts were so tight that with out the slit, stairs could not be managed.

    Ah yes, mini and boots--great look but tough to sit in without pulling a Sharon Stone.

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    A lines were good also. They made everyone look good.

    Gee was that You? I do remember kids loved to hide in them but they were really comfortable.

    Smart Mouth Broad,
    My shoulders were all ready too big, I always took the pads out. We can thank Joan Collins for that style.

    Awkward-- I am sitting here in a pair of skinny leg jeans. OOPS. You mean my attitude isn't working:)) At least you are paying attention.

  20. Oh mini skirts, bell bottoms, tight pants, peasant blouses, spike heels, were among the many wardrobes from long ago. years after that I sewed my own outfits and enjoyed that. Nowadays I wear the same ole thing most days, elastic waste band long black pants and loose fitting blouse and Dr. Scholls shoes all the time due to plantar faciitis. I do like the dyed look materials I see in the fabric stores and bought a blouse with short sleeves at a craft fair I really like, perhaps I'll make a pattern and make some more, it covers just enough to be attractive and fits loose enough in hot weather to be comfortable too.

    I always heard those type of sleeves as called raglan sleeves and the were always good for me too as my shoulders were narrow and most sleeves were too long and the seam fell of my shoulder.

  21. When I was a lot younger and a lot slimmer any kind of clothes looked good on me, now, with the extra unnecessary pounds a tent would be ideal.

    Glad you are sleeping, I have trouble and am glad of six hours uninterrupted.

  22. maybe we can go sleeveless and just tell people we are wearing a bat wing sweater.

  23. I love those batwing jumpers ...bought a couple myself ...long line ones. They seem to suit so many shapes ... I have ample boobs and no waiste but they work for me too.
    So glad you are sleeping better.xx

  24. Linda Starr,
    Well now, you just covered them all.
    I used to sew, maybe I should take it up again, then I could make my own bat wings.

    Ah the good old days when the body was still resisiting gravity and gluttony, I remember them well.

    By jove, I think you have a winner there. Maybe with a little body paint and a few funky flowers----

    Thanks, I really am enjoying the sleep. More time for cool dreams.
    I'll have to check into the jumper, think I would like that also.

  25. I loved that style and thought it was still! But, glad to read it is back!

    And I may have give some of those Sleep Helps a try....

    Sorry I haven't been around Patti....I've been sick with some kind of Tummy Bug...and it laid me low. Still not right, but I am better than I was.

  26. OOLOH,
    Oh my Naomi, I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I do hope you are getting care and will be completely well soon.
    Please take care.