Thursday, January 27, 2011


How often have we enjoyed the antics that are adorable on a 2 year old but when those antics are seen on the same child three years later, they are no longer deemed cute.

Once you laughed out loud when the toddlers would stamp their little feet and firmly say “NO” to you. Now when they do that, you are shaking your head wondering how did they become little brats? Actually they did so with adult blessings.

Ok, I don't have children of the two legged variety, just the 4 legged ones. They too became obnoxious brats, also with my blessings. What I once thought was so cute and endearing, I now sometimes find a bit troublesome. What I am talking about here is pet bathroom devotion.

It starts when your little foot for foot creatures follow you everywhere. Bathroom is no exception. At first, since you are sitting there with not much to occupy your mind, you drop your hand and caress a set of furry ears. You stroke a back and smooth chin whiskers without conscious thought. Those little beggars quickly get hooked on your undivided attention.

When this action morphs from amusing to intrusive is not clear. It took years for me but eventually it did. I think the annoying aspect accelerates if you have more than one animal. I have three and my toilet times are often a furry mob scene. That is the time for my 3 pets to whine, purr, rub on my legs, swat and push each other. It is a very competitive, active time.

Sometimes I just really want to concentrate on the job at hand or maybe I want to plan my day. I possibly just need some quiet, head clearing time. My trips to that little room make my house come alive with activity as all 12 legs frantically head for that room with me, each trying to be the first one there.

I have yet to learn how they immediately know when I get up, what my destination is. Not only do they instantly know where I am going, but why. If I am merely going to the bathroom to brush my teeth or comb my hair and put on lipstick, no one moves. They just seem to know when I will be a captive audience. Maybe it is the way I walk.

Suppose I could be stern and banish them by simply shutting the door but if I were capable of that, I wouldn't be writing this. I am and always will be a push over. While I do accept the situation, nothing says I have to like it every time. Every now and then I just want a peaceful, contemplative, uncomplicated time.

Now they have no interest when I bathe. Who wants a wet hand on your head? However, I once had a little Pekineses that was obsessed with my bathing habits. He was a total pervert. He would watch me bathe, snorting and drooling the whole time while ogling me with his bug eyes.

I would often sneak into the bathroom just in time to shut the door before he could get there. However, since there was about an inch and a half gap between floor and door, he would mash his face to the floor and one bug eye would watch me from that gap. Ok, that was a bit weird but it did make me laugh.

Today I have three animals whose only interest is to be petted. I have a very small bathroom so I often leave the door open thus I am never alone. They not only follow me in but they push and shove each other vying for attention.

So when I am out and about and use a public restroom you would think I might enjoy the peace and lack of attention. Sadly no. I sit in those metal stalls and find my self with my hand dropped below my knee waiting for those furry ears that never come. I am well trained and yes, busted. Ninety nine percent of the time, I enjoy the attention.

I can only caution you not to create this habit unless you really ALWAYS want attention for though it is most often quite pleasurable to mindlessly massage ears while waiting, there are those times when it would just be nice to be alone.

Below is a re-creation of this daily event.

Ah, hello---I am here, lets start with the ear rubs all ready.

Mighty and Micky jockeying for position on left while Minnie is polishing my pant leg on the right.


  1. Tooo funny!!! This is about the only time Sophie wants to sit on my lap??? I don't get it...why now, I've wondered??? ha ha ha..

  2. My two cats follow me into the bathroom all the time, so I am never alone either. One way I can keep them from competing for my hand is to pick up the crossword book that resides there. Once they see that, they go out of the bathroom and wait to see where I will go next.

  3. Hilarious! But true. I miss my pretty kitty, who would do the same thing. Now I live somewhere that doesn't allow pets, so I am petless, in more ways than one. Great story, adorable furry friends you've got there, Patti.

  4. There is surely a place waiting for you in animal heaven.

  5. My real little kids used to want to come in to the bathroom with me, until I put my foot down. After they got older and would leave to go to school, the 4 footed ones took up the banner. Finally everyone got too old to care all that much when I left the room.

  6. Oh, Patti! I love it! Almost the same thing occurs at my house. It's a ritual. However, two of my three cats take an extreme interest in my bathing, lurking by the bathroom door or perching on the toilet seat until I turn off the shower and step out onto the mat. Then, quick as a wink, they are in the still-wet tub. I don't understand it, but that's the way it is.

  7. Oh Patti - PLEEEEESe! I am laughing so much I may have to use the bathroom! (Perhaps unfortunately - by myself...)

  8. LOL, LOL....This made me laugh, Patti...I understand exactly what you are saying---though for different reasons...With my little four legged son, it's him wanting my attention as often as he can get it--But especially, if I am on the phone. He often comes into the bathroom when I am on the "pot", but isn't horribly insistant about anything. He just likes to be near me, and that is kind of dear, I must say.

    I love the pictures if your sweethearts...! We certainly do help create these situations, dob't we? LOL!

  9. Oh, I had to laugh, hard and then rush to...

  10. A recreation! Wonderful! And what an interesting thing to write a blog post about. Our dog Joey is definitely too interested in what goes on in the bathroom. He follows both my husband and me in, and even though my husband shuts the door, Joey shoves his snout under the door and no, he doesn't watch...he SNIFFS. Loudly. I, of course, am a pushover and let him come in.

  11. Lol and oh, boy, can I relate to this post. I have a couple that slap and push each other until one finally gives in and leaves the room. I never have any alone time in that little room...mine is small too. Loved this post. Hugs

  12. LOL, you make everyday life fun!

  13. That is too funny. I'd never thought about that kind of entertainment. You're obviously well loved, all over.

  14. Ouch. This is too familiar. That where I went wrong with HER dang cat. No my big guy is technically not allowed outside the mud room and kitchen. No problem there.

  15. Thanks for the laugh! We have only one cat, fortunately, and sometimes she leaves me alone in the bathroom because she's so involved with the sack she's sitting on in the dining room. Her and Mr. Sack, they've got a thing going on.

  16. How funny, Patti, especially that you too pictures of it. Oh, the wonderful life we make for ourselves.

  17. turquoisemoon,
    Maybe they just know we are anchored for a bit and can't get away. Wonder if I could get a grant to study this.

    Ha, know where you are coming from. I try putting my hands on my shoulders, That does bore them also.

    You raise a good point. Perhaps I should just enjoy while I can huh.

    Do you think there are toilets in animal heaven?

    Amber Star,
    Guess mine will reach that age also. I'll try to just enjoy them now.

    I think in your case it is the running water. Cats can't resist that. When I bought the pets a water fountain to drink out of, I thought they would burst they drank so much.

    Glad I tickled you. Sorry you had to go by yourself.

    Yes we do but I guess I am glad. How nice Sweetie is not pushy when you are on the pot.

    Oh gee, I hope you made it.

    Didn't think it would be too cool to have an actual event. Too much information. Thought of you and decided to do the re-create.

    I see you are resigned also. My dog usually wins, struts a bit leaves, then Mickey sneaks back in. They are a trip aren't they?

    Gotta laugh don't we. It takes less muscles and I am quite lazy.

    So glad you thought so.

    Not sure if it is love or just competition. It isn't boring.

    Now that is how to "nip it in the bud."

    Linda Myers,
    Guess I need to find an distractiion. That would work.

    Well, that was a dry run. Didn't want to expose you all to the real thing. They must have known, for they were less pushy.

  18. Awww, ya know you love em! So funny!

  19. Mighty, Micky and Minnie are color coordinated...and so cute! I just realized they have mouse names...that's even cuter!

  20. It definitely must be a cat thing. I told Denny long ago that having Patches is like having a two year old--you can never go to the bathroom alone. Except the cat only follows me, never the man in the house. Hmm? Perhaps because we pat and make over them whereas the men don't?

  21. Southwest Arkie,
    That is the truth. I'd miss being mauled quite a bit.

    Well they didn't start out that way but they ended up that way. Mighty was named after the dog on the Mighty Dog commercial, Mickey and Minnie were definitely mice. Nice catch.

    RV Vagabonds
    Well, we ladies also sit which makes it all easier. If they can't reach my hands to beg, they pretty much leave me alone. Also they know we are push overs.

  22. Love the story. Try fooling them, go into the bathroom and start to comb your hair, they will leave, then quickly drop and pop on the toilet. But if you are like me, you have all ready waited too long and there's no time for combing hair. I like my door shut and locked. So when our daughter's cat comes up and frantically scratches on the door, I figure it's an emergency, so I get off long enough to open it for him. Then find he just wants to rub against my jeans and have me pet him. My kids use to be the same way, not rubbing my jeans and me petting them, LOL but they would come and tap on the door and say, "Are you in there Mom"? Like where else would I be. I suppose that's why I always liked the door shut and LOCKED, only time I was able to have a few minutes alone, and even then I wasn't alone, they were right outside the door waiting. So I guess you'll just have to put up with all the attention.

  23. Your babies are so lucky to have you, Patti.... IF I were alone, I'd be just like you.. I'd want some pets to keep me company. And yes, I would love it --at least 99% of the time...


  24. OMG you my friend are too funny! I was sad about my Forrest when I came over here but I had to laugh at your story.
    I too can relate with Tinkerbell doing the same thing to me but not near as bad as yours. She sometimes leaves me alone. hahaa
    What she does is jump in the claw foot tub and play hide and seek with we got started with that I will never know.
    Thanks for the sweet comment about my Forrest. I am so going to miss her.

  25. Brilliant post ...thankfully not all 18 follow me into the loo lol but a couple try to sit on my knee and one like to try to climb into my trouser leg .
    I do know what you mean about knowing when you go to do something ...Sid follows me into the kitchen and onto the work surface ONLY when I get up to make tea or coffee the hope that I will give him a sip of milk as a treat. He often puts his head betwen hot water and mug even though he has been so many times repremanded.
    Love your cats ..and dog ... by the way xx

  26. Oh how I know it all too well...and if you DO shutt he door, then the little paws come up under the door!
    I thought I'd have 'peace' when my son became 11 but he still just walks in and now I hvae the cat and dog...guess we'll never get lonely?

  27. Patty,
    Ha, I will have to try the fake out routine.
    What is so facinating to kids and animals about intruding on our toilet times. Has to be that we are temporiarly anchored.

    Luckily you have George and I am pretty sure he is bathroom trained.

    I know how much pain you are feeling and am just glad you could forget for a moment.

    They are hard to train aren't they. Minnie insists on occupying my chair the second I get up even though she is dethroaned many times a day. Stubborn little rascals huh.

    Yikes, are we ever to get privacy? I guess as long as we are loved by two or 4 legged ones, the answer is no.

  28. I thought I commented on this. Oh well, sometimes I write and forget to do the publish button.

    You are hysterically funny.... I can see the one eye in the crack, watching.

    I'm not modest around human women but even though Cody's a girl dog, I can't have her watch me undress. I've always closed the door when I undress or go into the bathroom. Your dogs sure do know your habits and evidently they read you well. Cody starts whining at the door when I put my sox on (I go barefoot in the house) or my scarf. The car can't leave the driveway without her (or so she thinks).

    This is one funny post, Patti. Good writing.

  29. Hilarious! They DO have you trained! Hand down by the knee, huh? Watch that if you're in a public restroom.

    The late Howard Lee, our Akita, ALWAYS went in the bathroom with me at night when I got into the tub. For a dozen years, I don't think I ever took a bath that he didn't have a slurp of my bath water. Then he'd lie down on the bath mat so that I had to become a contortionist to climb out over him.

  30. Big Benno follows B. into the bathroom even in the middle of the night but never me.

    I am the boss in the house and when I shut a door, it stays shut. Benno likes to stretch himself across my feet and as he is 42 kilos of dog, I'd never get up off the loo if he came too.

  31. Geez this sounds so familiar. After 3 German Shepherds and now my rescue Luckie I am used to their interest in the bathroom of which we have two. I used both for my "business" but prefer the smaller one as it is usually closer to wherever I am.

    All seem to like to watch me dress/undress. With only two of us in house, doors are usually not shut, or not shut completely.

    Luckie lies across the door. Once the phone rang and jumped off the pot and absent-mindedly ran toward the phone. Well it was splat to the floor and quite a ruckus by us both. By the time the dog and I recovered, the phone and quit ringing. I have a phone in that bathroom now.

    She watches me dress/undress. Her look appears to say, I can't believe what I am seeing." I hope this is because I am basically hairless compare to her, and not my numerous love handles.

    As long as she doesn't sniff my butt, like she does all four-legged creatures that get near her, she can think what she wants.

    A computer is back from hospital fixed but unhappy news it will probably fail again. It was one of HP/NVIDIA combos disasters that has resulted in several class action lawsuits.

    We also have ductwork resplacement going on at house and my housekeeper had foot surgery, so I am kinda occupied, I guess is the word.

  32. I never really had that problem although the daughter's cat likes to come in but then wants back out and that can be a problem sometimes. His litter box is in the utility room with the half bath so sometimes we get in there together. lol

  33. Patti, we no longer have animals, only those that belong to the neighbors and they all think this is their summer home. ;) We used to have a couple horses, dogs, cats, but when we moved to this property some 18 years ago, my husband said the only animal I could have was him. :0)

    The animals are so bright: a number of years ago one of our neighbor's cats decided to hang around here all the time; we petted him and he loved being the "only child" (our neighbors have 4 cats). He was here more than there. When we walked in the garden in the evening, he actually anticipated the path we would take and run ahead, jump up on a table... so that when we passed he was sure to be petted (by my husband).

  34. manzanita,
    Thanks for thinking so.
    I can see why undressing in front of Cody might be disconserting. They do stare intently don't they.

    Ah ha, you spoil also. You didn't make him move, you accommodated him. Proud of ya.
    Gee don't tell me that the lowered hand means something like the foot tapping. Yikes.

    Had to look up the equivilency of 42 Kilo in pounds. Wow, you had beast, With him on your feet, you wouldn't go anywhere without his permission.

    Had to laugh at the undressing thing with Luckie. Mighy does the same thing. I here I thought it was in abject admiration. You mean he might be laughing?

    Sounds like he is mearly keeping tabs on you. Also you guys mostly stand which puts you out of reach.We gals are always accessable.

    Love the fact that it was hubby that reached out for the cat.
    They are expert at knowing our routines and reading body language. We could learn from them.

  35. Great post, Patti! your stories are really captivating. I know a woman who raised some mallard chicks. They followed her everywhere in the house, which became more and more difficult.

  36. Not only is your post a hoot, but all the comments. Seems there are many who share that pet connection. We no longer have any but still remember and miss the ones whom we shared time with.

  37. Girl, you're too funny! I love the mental picture of your little doggie staring at you from under the door!!
    I have a little chihuahua and if I don't invite her to go in the bathroom with me, she will sit outside the door and scratch or whine. But while in the little room...she doesn't rub on my leg or stare at me...she wants in my lap!

  38. Historical, I mean hysterical, Ha ha. Yeah my three cats have me trained too. They run to the bathroom when I do hoping I'll turn on the faucet so they can drink from it. they seem to like fresh running water. If only I had trained them to use the toilet instead of a kitty litter.

  39. Reader Wil,
    I'll bet that is a sight to see. Baby ducks are so adorable but I never thought of them as house pets. Wish her luck.

    I have found that most things that happen to us, happen to many others also. The blessing of blogging.

    Oops, that mught break my concentration but who can resist a Chi? Be grateful she is not a lab.

    Linda Starr,
    They do love running water. I got mine one of those cat water fountains and they drank till I thought they would burst.
    I tried that toilet training but didn't make it all the way. That is the way to go however.

  40. Iowa Gardening Woman,
    So glad you enjoyed.