Monday, March 28, 2011


Oops, I always thought it was "ying"-yang till I looked it up. So long I have been so wrong. What I had been erroneously referring to is the slang term for the anus. Yikes. Ignorance is scary. Now that I have been corrected, what I am referring to here are the complimentary opposites I once had as house guests.

Yin was a 2.5 pound Chihuahua named Sissy. Yang was a 190 pound Great Dane named Loki. I apologize for the pictures. While they are old, they will at least help with the visualization.

Sissy would yap at or bite any one who wasn't me. Any Chihuahua owner will know exactly what I mean. Chihuahuas make it through life primarily by their cheek pinching cuteness and devotion to their owners, not their sweetness.

Loki was Mr. Mellow. He was a gentle giant who would never start a fight though he did on occasion, finish those that could not be avoided.

The two shared an uneasy peace as my house pets. If you could have asked them, they would have each insisted they were “only” dogs for there was no acknowledgment of the others existence. Sissy out of bitchyness, Loki out of wishful thinking.

The only point of agreement they had was in regard to my protection. Sissy would annoy away any perceived threat to me by nibbling on their ankles and her incessant yapping. She was as effective as pepper spray.

Loki just stood quietly between me and any intruder. No one, even those whom I wished, ever crossed the line he mentally drew. Both had to be sent to their separate rooms if I had company I might want to entertain.

I wish I knew what brought on what I am about to describe but truthfully, I have no idea. I came upon the scene once it was in motion.

I was cooking in the kitchen when I heard a repeated, “Ra-Roof, Ra-Roof , snuffle, snuffle”, coming from the living room. Now the voice was Loki's but that sound was really different.

As I peaked around the corner, what I saw at first frightened me and then I totally got the giggles. Looking hurt and quite bewildered, my giant dog was standing there, head erect , with my Chihuahua's tiny teeth sunken in as she hung from his upper lip. “Ra-Roof “ was the best he could do with a 2.5 pound weight attached to his lip.

To understand his predicament, grab your upper lip, pull down smartly and try to talk. I don't speak Dane, but I am pretty certain, “Ra-Roof“ meant “get-it-off-of-me!!” At least that is the cleaned up version.

Had Sissy just let go, she would have had quite a drop on to her spindly legs so she dug in. She was attached to his lip like a staple so it took some careful maneuvering to separate the two safely. The little tyrant didn't realize that had he wish to, Loki could have flipped her into his huge mouth like a Frito. She lived only through his grace.

Like I said, I have no idea what possessed her to attach herself to his lip but for some reason, after that episode, they suddenly started acknowledging and tolerating each other with almost affection. I would routinely catch her lying on top of his belly sleeping. Also, their staunch protective modes now included each other.

So they became Yin-yang—“polar or seemingly contrary forces that were interconnected and interdependent . Opposites that only exist in relation to each other.” That last is compliments of Wikipedia.

Any yin-yang in your life. Notice I was careful with the spelling.


  1. It's interesting how many people I've known or seen who have one big dog and one little dog. When we lived in Oregon, we knew a man who had the most beautiful and sweet Irish Wolfhound and a very hyper little Schnauzer who he treated like a princess. I don't know if they ever acknowledged eachother. As to your actual question, it's too early in the morning to think that hard, but I enjoyed your post. Your Loki's personality reminds me of a large German Shepherd we used to have - our "$3,000 dog" because of operations he needed - though he only lived to be six years old. Still miss him.

  2. Only in the animal world could such differences be resolved peacefully. Good story!

  3. Our neighbor has two chihuahuas who are protective and ultra yappy. Can't say I find them very appealing at all. I get offended when they try to chase me out of my own driveway. Their cat spends a lot of time at our house...he doesn't find them that appealing either, I guess.

  4. Sweet story of Sissy and Loki, could write a book of your experiences with just animals alone!

  5. Yin-yangs in my life are my two children.

  6. What a cute story Patti!!
    Animals are really something!! :)

  7. What a cute,cute story! It sure made me think of my LD (chihuahua). He was such a character. The interactions, between my dogs, have been hysterical. Love them doggies...

  8. No, after returning from church and Life group yesterday, I found my newly bought bottle of TUMS on the floor.

    We carefully scoured the house or bread and other editble items, but never dreamed Luckie would resort to TUMS.

    Maybe she has GERD, too.

  9. I am the yin and mr. kenju is the yang, although I often refer to him by the name you thought it

    Welcome back - I have missed your posts!!

  10. A very cute story, Patti. The two most ornery little dogs I've ever encountered were both Chihuahuas. They don't recognize the fact that they are tiny; they have the hearts of lions.

    I would have loved to see Sissy sleeping on Loki's belly.

  11. Great story, Patti! I was hoping they would eventually make up. Have a good day.

  12. Oh how sweet that they ended best buddies. I don't know what it is with Chihuahua's but they have the biggest ego of any dog on the planet. My chihuahua Wetoe RIP also had this gigantic ego. One day, my neighbors were lined in the street laughing like crazy..... Wetoe was chasing a great dane down the middle of the street. Great dane wasn't playing. He was headed for the hills with tail between his legs and Wetoe in hot pursuit.

  13. Oh my gosh, this is a wonderful post. A perfect description of the chihuahua I own. I will miss him when he's gone but at the same time there are days I wish for that time to arrive quickly. A more loyal friend I have never had, but that ankle biting and barking is hard to take.

  14. I just love your stories. It is always such a treat to read what you have to say and how you view life. Having had big dogs (St. Nerds) mostly, now having an ankle grabber is new experience. I don't think any of my biguns would have minded a tiny buddy though. They always got along with the cats really well.
    Great Post, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  15. Hi Patti,

    I really love your stories. Sissy being like pepper spray really cracked me up. Poor Loki ... I had a kitten who grabbed my lip and hung on for dear life when I was introducing him to our big dog Raymond years ago, and it really hurt.

    I'm glad that they became best friends afterwards.

    Have a wonderful week!

  16. Hi Patti - I'm smiling here in CO (both over ying and the story). My grandma had a chihuahua (Tilly) when I was young. She shivered constantly from fear and cold. I dressed her in little sweaters like a doll. She had a passive personality - unlike your Sissy.

  17. Oh, I sure enjoyed this story, Patti! What an unusual combination of dogs you had, but the upshot is that they finally became friends, and that made me smile, just thinking about it!

  18. Good gracious! I've been saying ying and yang myself. Thank you for that information. I'll try to remember that from now on. I agree with Muffy. I've got yin-yang kids too.

  19. I just adore these stories, as most of all can relate these personalities around us.

  20. Ellen,
    That is true. I don't know about others, my two came to me by accident. Never fails though, the big dog is the sweetest.
    Sadly, the bigger the dog, the shorter the lifespan.

    Guess lip hanging wouldn't work in the middle east would it. Thanks.

    I guess you have to own one to appreciate one. I used to think just like you till I got Sissy.

    Thanks so much. I am flattered that you think that.

    Those are the very best expamles.

    Thank you and good to hear from you. I was afraid you had given up your blog.

    They really are unique little creatures aren't they? They give so much and make us laugh also. Can't beat that. Thanks.

    Gosh, maybe she was looking for a calcium source:))That would make a good Tums commercial.

    Thanks Judy. I am pretty happy with my twice a week posting. Does Mr. Kenju know what your are calling him?

    I am so sorry I didn't have digital cameras when I had my shelter. I missed a lot of moments. Thanks.

    Thank you so much. I like a happy ending also.

    Oh boy, it you had gotten that on video, you would be $100,000 richer via FHV. That is priceless. Do you suppose it is like the elephant and the mouse?

    Just think, that tiny bundle is tackling the equivalent of a 20 story building to protect you. That is pretty impressive.

    Linda in NM
    Well you have gone to the extremes also. Totally different personalities huh? Thanks so much.

    Oregon gifts.
    Ouch, that makes my eyes water thinking about it. Thanks, their friendship was a real surprise.

    Ah, she had the Chihuahua we all hope to get but few seldom do. They all do that shiver thing though.

    Out of 250 rescues, I had a variety. My house pets were relatively few. Thanks so much.

    Thank you. I am so glad SOMEONE else made that mistake. We are now both wiser. Wonder how many people giggled at us behind our backs?

    Thanks so much. It is easy to recognize the various personalities.

  21. Loved having the visuals, but even without photos, your words have drawn pictures of these Yin-Yang adversaries turned friends. So funny and loyal to their human.

  22. I loved your story. Of course, you had me chuckling with your misuse of the term.

    Yes, I know about yin-yang. My two sons would qualify.

  23. What a great story! I love stories about animals. My cats were also very special and I can tell a lot about them.

  24. My daughters both think they are exactly like me but they are polar opposites from each other - does that count? :) blessings, marlene

  25. So glad they were able to work it out for themselves and became so called friends. We've had as many as three dogs at one time in the house, but thank goodness no dog fights.

  26. LC
    Thank you so much. Our pets do spoil us with loyalty, devotion, and often a good laugh.

    Retired English Teacher,
    I sometimes wonder how many people I offended or amused with my mis-statements. I guess it is never too late to learn.
    Children are often the perfect examples.

    Reader Wil,
    Thanks and I hope you blog about your feline house guests.

    Sounds feasible to me. How funny. They both must be relating to different aspects of you.

    Glad for you also. Can't really call what Sissy and Loki did a fight. She was totally the only participant. He was an innocent bystander.

  27. Of all your funny stories, this is one of the best!

  28. Holy cow. Loki probably has had drool that weighed more than that.

    Well, I've heard "right up the ying-yang" before, but I don't think it really means anus any more than "wazoo" does. Which means, yeah, it kinda does.

  29. It just goes to show ya that size really doesn't matter!


    Hey Hon, I want to apologize. I didn't realize that the photos on my last post were not visible to anyone but me. I've reposted with Photobucket so pop over if ya get a chance. I worked so dang hard settin' up the giveaway pics!!!

    God bless and have a great day!!

  30. I have been wrong all these years too I am sure I have used Ying yang, ugh. Aren't animals the cutest? So glad they finally got along and became friends. that really must have hurt having someone hanging from the lip I cringe at the thought of it.

  31. I am having trouble with my yin and yang today apparently. I went through Hades to be able to leave a comment.

    Love the Chi. Don't think i would ever tackle a dog weighing more than 35 pounds. Dianne

  32. marciamayo,
    Well gosh marcia, thanks so much and I am glad you liked it.

    Murr Brewster
    Ha,ha--Actually, the only reason he was in the house is that he had a dry mouth. Kind of rare but welcome.

    Thanks for letting me know. And here I thought it was me. Will check it out.

    Linda Starr,
    Well thanks to you and Kay, I don't feel so bad now about my 30 year error.

    Dang, I don't know why that happened but I am so impressed you fought your way through the "bad place" to leave a comment. I really hope that ordeal is not repeated.
    Did you see anyone we know??

  33. I'm going to reply HERE to your comment on my post. I can't write on it. It's all lines and the letters jump around. The craziest thing. And my guru is on vacation. He should be back tomorrow. I can get the comments OK. dumb, huh?
    I've been studying the A-Zing. They just write shorter posts. You don't need a theme, but for me it's easier. We'll see !! They call it a blogging challenge. Yup it will be.
    Love and peace.....

  34. Poor Loki! I'm glad they became friends. Sweet story Patti!

  35. Sorry I didn't get to this great story til late, but the sun has been shining, so grandkids ball games & the garden have been calling....

  36. You mean I've got dirty laundry out the YIN-YANG???
    Who knew?!

    Oh, the picture you painted of those dogs...! Too funny (but then, I wasn't the big dog.)

  37. Manzanita,
    It could be blogger, I have been struggling with it also.
    Thanks for the clarification but I think I will let you handle the chore. Can't wait to see how you do it.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Thank you, they certainly were strange bedfellows.

    Thanks and I envy you your sun and outdoor opportunities. Enjoy.

    Somehow, I do picture you as the little dog. You both make me laugh.

  38. That is really a WONDERFUL story, Patti...I love when two animals who had NOT been friends, become friends--but what an odd way to have that happen...! Dogs are so very interesting in their relationships to other dogs....They both sound like they were really wonderful doggies!

  39. OOLOH,
    Thanks so much Naomi. They were very different dogs but so lovable in their own way and rather cute together.

  40. I am glad that you searched it because I just learned something. I thought it was ying and yang too!

  41. Lynda G
    Oh thank you, now there are 4 of us and I really feel better and less alone in my misspelling.