Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Recent world events have given my brain a huge shot of Novocaine. Stunned numb might describe my brain activity now.  

In my little corner of the world, storms and rain have also claimed part of the  local thoughts. We have been blessed not to have had the terribly damaging storms in "Tiny Town", but we have had constant, daily rain with all eyes trained on the White River.  

 Now I finally understand why my bloggy friends in the North West  get wigged out when it rains all the time there. As the rains drain off the roof, so do the thoughts from the head.

 The rains have been relentless. I have recorded 22 inches in the past week. My plants are some how surviving in this clay pond I call a yard where they have been treading water. In fact the weeds are thriving. 

 The great news is that they should be rewarded soon and get to rest their flailing roots. The sun should return sometime today and stay with us for 4 days before the rains come again. Yes!!!

I realize some of you are coughing up dust from a prolonged drought and wish I would quit whining about what you would love to see. What I am saying is that there really needs to be a way to even out weather events.

We need to spend less time and money perfecting gadgets that track our every move and keep us in instant contact with anyone who will listen and put that brain power to work on solving the weather and energy problems. Come on Bill Gates, you can do it.

Yes, I have a slightly irritable side that sunshine usually keeps at bay.

I am hoping to find where those 30 bags of mulch I had put out went. Pretty sure they are floating down Panther Creek which lies below me, Kind of glad now I wasn't any where near finished putting it all out.

I promise to quit whining now, get some breakfast and prepare to put my yard back in order today. I do realize how fortunate I am  that it is only a yard to put in order and I am not picking thru debris that was once a house.

Since there are so many people in many parts of the world who would eagerly trade for my tiny problems, I will slink off now, shut up and behave. See ya on the sunny side. Now where did I put those boots?

I do hope there is sun brightening your corner of the world today.


  1. Enjoy a few days of sun. Here in VT it is raining again after a two day reprieve. Lots of roads have washed out and the lake is way over flood stage. And still no one wants to complain too much because there are so many others who have it far worse right now.

  2. It's discouraging is what it is... I haven't felt like walking the dog in weeks. Cold, wet, and windy. Yuk

  3. AH,yes. I just peaked through the vertical blinds, and saw with some amazement- SUNSHINE.

    Along with a buddy, My husband is going to be gone most of the day, tearing out a flooded basement for improvements to prevent future flooding. It has been drained of at least 10" high water recently.

    I am stable with my heart and started a modest exercise routine yesterday. My heart rate spiked only once and returned to a realistic level. By modest I mean 1.2 m.ph on treadmill. at 1.5 mph I backed down immediately. That is a heart rate that before the medicine kept on going.

    I then added two of the less arduous machines for 20 repetitions. I somehow like the afternoon, unlike most of the senions in this town who get their exercise over in the a.m.

    DO KEEP AN EYE ON THE WHITE RIVER. Bull Shoals Lake has not yet opened any gates although a small amount of water is leaking through the flood gates.

  4. Hi Patti,

    I don't blame you for being sick of the rain. Did that creek turned river really steal your mulch?

    22" is a huge amount of rain! That would be almost 2' of snow, which is how I measure things these days.

    As you know, I am from the PNW, and grew up in the Willamette Valley, were it rains a lot. I remember in 1980, when I was pregnant with my first, it rained 7" in 24 hours and flooded our house. We had to rip out the carpets. 7" was a LOT ... 22" is horrible!

    I hope that you enjoy the next 4 days of sun. We are having some pretty weather too, and as soon as this sun rises, I'll post some pretty pictures for you.

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  5. Isn't it funny how weather effects our moods? I'll be in Arkansas next week for 3 days...I'll try to bring some KC sunshine with me.

  6. Here in the PNW we had a wonderful sunny Sunday, then rain all day yesterday (Monday), more rain all week long. But it sure does help to have a respite now and then. I hope your enjoy yours!

  7. I live by Cape Blanco, where all the Pacific storms come on land on their way to the other states. We receive 80-100 inches of rain a year, all in about six months. The rest of the time is sunny and dry!
    We are drenched all the time; have given up on umbrellas and travel in rain gear constantly. And yes, we have very hardy trees and weeds that can't be killed!

  8. Michigan Patti here, altho I do have children living in AR. Was able to turn over dirt in veggie garden yesterday. Had planned to put new dirt in it today, but would have to wear my winter coat and mittens to do so. Not going to do that. Maybe tomorrow...

  9. It certainly seems like you've gotten enough rain lately! I hope your sunshine arrives as promised. No matter what's going on, life seems better in sunshine.

  10. Oh, I hope the sun DID come out or is on it's way to being out! It's enough Rain & Storms, already!!!
    You are so right---we must do soemthing about all these extreme weather changes---"Global Warming" is a fact! And in needs to be addressed.....Sending you (((((HUGS)))))

  11. I don't have any idea exactly how much rain we got here; my rain gauge (which measures 8") ran over the top the first day or so, and since I was quite laid low with a bronchial infection, I didn't get out to empty it. My subdivision doesn't drain very well during heavy rain, and I had water to within a foot or so of my front door on Sunday. Our town has been more or less cut off from any coming and going due to high water for a couple of days. Still we are more fortunate than some eastern Arkansas towns, and the wind damage from tornados/high wind was minimal in this vicinity. We have much for which to be thankful.

    I was glad to see a bit of sunshine this a.m.

  12. Oh Patti, you are making the when it rains it pours saying a habit. You have to let go of this situation soon and get back into the garden after you find your bags of stuff. Dianne

  13. It was the same here a few weeks ago...thunderstorms every day, sometimes 2 or 3 a day! We did dry out, though it's raining again today.

  14. It is beautiful here today, Patti, and I hope it is where you are too. It's natural to whine about the weather, so don't slink off, we all do it.

  15. The weather does have a tendency to put us at odds with the world. We've had crazy weather here too. No rain, just cold and wind. I understand how you feel a bit off kilter. On the other hand, I also am so grateful that we don't have to deal with the loss that so many others have had too.

  16. I am glad you are safe. Enjoy the sunshine while it is there. We finally had sunshine today and I was thrilled. I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see sun and no rain again. Hope you get your yard back in order without having to work too hard. Hugs

  17. Sorry you are floating down stream with the rain. We are one of those who would welcome a little but never works that way, huh?

    Thank you for sending the URL of your gypsy post. (I'm sure it was written before I found you) I loved it and now you know why I too, found them such warm and delightful people. The whole family embraced me when Nita and I became best friends.

    Another thing. I saw your bf on TV in a movie, "Did you Hear About the Morgans?"If I had your number, I would have called you. It was a rather boring movie with Sara J. Parker and Hugh Grant.... married, saw a murder and went into the witness protection program. They were sent out West to the home of Sam Elliot and wife. Have you seen it? Thought about you throughout the whole movie.. LOL

  18. We had another nice one today. Even got something resembling a sunburn yesterday while mowing grass for the first time in 2011.

    Take a few moments when the sun finally appears and soak it in.

  19. Olga,
    I know, it is hard to feel justified whining with just a bit of bad weather.

    It does take the fun out of walks doesn't it thought pretty sure the dog doesn't care.

    Kind of hurts your eyes doesn't it. I am glad you are back on the treadmill. Take it slow but even
    l.2 is still exercise.
    Thanks for the heads up on Bull Shoals gates.

    Oregon gifts,
    You are one of those I think of when we get tons of rain. It can get wearing.
    Enjoyed your pretty pictures. Beautiful sky.

    I hope our weather is hospitible when you hit the Natural State. I think Tues starts the rain again. Maybe it will be brief.

    I was thinking of you all in that part of the country and wonder how you keep your sunny dispositions. I'm impressed.

    Well at least you never have to wash your car. Goodness, that has to wear on a person to have that for 6 months. Waterboarding wouldn't faze you.

    Welcome to THS Michigan Patti. Always neat to meet another Patricia. I would imagine you have a very short growing season. Ah but all that pretty snow??

    Spoken like a true Floridian. You all do get the rainy season but it rarely rains all day. Just a nice cool down rain in the afternoon.

    I do agree Naomi and by the way, the hugs arrived and were welcome. Thanks.

    Good grief, you have really had a spell of it haven't you. I know you got worse winds than I did.
    So sorry you have felt puny and hope you are on the mend.
    Yes, we were very lucky.

    I'll bet that creek is really flowing now. Hope you got pictures of it. Hopefully things will calm down for a bit for all of us.

    Today has been glorious and all the more so by comparison. So glad you got to see the sun also.

    Retired English Teacher,
    You are right. It is hard to complain when so many are hurting. Lets hope everyone gets a break for a while.

    It has been a haul hasn't it? Today was beautiful and worth the wait.

    Glad you liked the Gypsy post. They were so nice to take me in like that.
    I did see that movie and of course I wanted to see more of Sam and less of Sarah and Hugh.

    Sunburn feels good after a long winter. I am about 3 mows ahead of you and will hit the rider again tomorrow if it is dry enough.

  20. Wishing you many sunny, bright days. Good luck.

  21. Bad weather helps us to appreciate the good.

  22. Actually it's raining, lightning and thundering over here in the Pacific. However, we do get occasional looks at the blue skies so it's not so bad. We've been seeing the scary news clips about all the weather devastation on the mainland. It all sounds so scary.

  23. A friend e-mailed photos of the flooding in Memphis. YOWSAH! There are so many weather catastrophes these days, it's hard to stay current.

  24. Sorry, but here in sunny AZ, we'd love some rain. But, coming from the midwest, I understand how depressing the weather can be. Hope you're standing in the sun soon!

  25. Was it what I said, or did I miss something? Hope your weather improves soon. See, I do check back. Di

  26. After so much rain here too I fully understand the slow down in creativity on a blog. It hit me the same way. Don't worry about venting frustration. Friends will hear you and wish you feel better. That's what I'm doing so get the sun while you can and smile a bit.

  27. schmidleysscribblins
    Gosh I am sorry. Wouldn't ya know it. The person I missed would probably be the only one to come back. I have no idea how it happened. If it is any consolation, you were still in my to-be-answered pile. Think I will plead old age. That works for lots of stuff.

    Thanks and back at ya.

    Isn't that the truth? These past sunny days have been golden. Might have taken them for granted otherwise.

    Well so much for paradise. You all have been thru enough this year. Hope the sun is on its way.

    The news and weather do make one's head swim these days. It is just one thing after another. Time for a break huh?

    Oh if only I could only send you our water. That is what I mean, surely we can think of a way to even out the states.

    Ok Dianne, I answered you first in this group but wanted to give both your comments recognition. Sorry about that.

  28. KleinsteMotte
    You slipped in while I was commenting. Glad to know someone else was brain stumped by the weather. Today has been glorious.

  29. No sun here, more rain though. Son, his girlfriend and his daughter stopped on their way back to Fl from NY and it rained the three days they were here. The last two times I mowed the yard, had to wear those clear plastic rain boots over my shoes. Not sure when I'll get to mow this week. I thought perhaps Friday or Sat. but hear we're to get more rain, so perhaps tomorrow after I do the grocery shopping I can mow. Yes, rainy weather makes me want to sleep. Kind of like an old bear wants to hibernate in the winter. Hope your sun is soon shining.

  30. Hah! I recognize myself in that description of north-westerners who were driven stark raving mad by endless gray, rainy skies. I am happy to report that the sun is shining brightly here in the Sierra foothills, and if I could send some your way, I surely would. I wish there were some weather balance in the world, but that does not seem to be the way of things. I hope blue skies and sunshine return to you soon.

  31. Hope you're getting some sun. I can't imagine 22 inches of rain in a week. We've only had 10 inches so far this year. Hope you get to dry out a bit before the rains return.

  32. Patty,
    So glad you got to visit with your son and family. We have had a couple of dry days and the lawn got mowed yesterday. Wishing you equal weather.

    It really can wear on you can't it. Thank goodness we are both in sunny skies at least for a while. Enjoy--I am .

    Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    Wow, only 10 inches for the year? Hope that is good for your area. For now, we are dry and sunny and is it marvelous.

  33. Hi Patti, Catching up with you and find you water-logged. Well, I'm still snow-logged, so we can commiserate together!

  34. Barb,
    Goodness, just what is with old Mom Nature? Hope when you do melt it doesn't do damage.

  35. Your blog is comforting.
    I have just entered in my sixties. So I am trying to find out how other sixty some people are taking that. I have yet to learn a lot I guess.

  36. Munir,
    Welcome to TNS. You are entering into a grand time of your life. Trust me, when you get my age, you will look back on the sixties as the "good old days." Enjoy them.

  37. Honey I was just talking to you this morning to my daughter. I figured you were floating by now and you are so right why can't this weather even out. We are so dry that if your not careful you could break a leg falling in the big cracks that are all over this north forty. The pond is at the lowest I have ever seen it and the fish are committing suicide by jumping out. Sad....
    Maybe we could trade places for a few weeks. The sunshine would do you good.
    Love ya

  38. Grandmayellowhair,
    Oh if only I could. We have basically dried out after a few days of blessed sun but Memphis is still scary.