Thursday, May 5, 2011


My funny bone is still wigged out from all the news stories. I feel it coming to life but not quite yet.  Mighty could cover for me and handle the post if he felt like it but he really has his nose out of joint.

The poor fellow got his annual clipping butcher by me yesterday and for a while at least, we are not speaking. I have removed all low mirrors but he must have gotten a peak at himself in the water fountain. I keep telling him those images are distorted, but since we aren't speaking, he isn't listening.

Ok—he may have a point.

Normally I would not inflict my lack of grooming knowledge on him but the last time I took him to a groomer, he came home limping and it took another $1500.00 and 90 days of painful rehab to get him walking normally again. I may not be good, but at least I am gentle. Besides a bad hair cut only lasts 2 weeks, or so I have been told.

 I am going to let some others do the heavy lifting for me today. Thus I will go to the funny bank and withdraw from someone else's account. I am going to let two ladies from my blog list do the heavy lifting for me today. If you need a good belly laugh , these two ladies can supply that. Careful, they are addictive.

Murrmurrs has a brilliantly funny blog. I am thinking a slightly sharper witted Erma Bombeck. If you haven't been there before, please do your self a favor and go get tickled. She should write professionally but seems content to live in blog world. I am grateful to get her for free.

Merrilymarylee   also should be on your list of happy places to go if you don't all ready. She has the talent to crack you up but also to have key words stay with you so you can catch a laugh anywhere. Recalling the words “Nuck-nuck” from a previous post can crack me up in church. She has written professionally for a newspaper so now we get to enjoy her for free also.

So if you haven't been before and you could use a good laugh, feel free to enjoy. My work is done.


  1. Mighty looks sweet as can be and you did a good job grooming. Gentle is much better. What a cutie!

    Thanks, for the blog links I will go check them out.

    You are always funny and you have a great talent for being so. I really love your posts and when I see a new one from you I get excited and can't wait to get over here to read.

    Hugs and nose kisses for you and Mighty

  2. I have been following MurrMurr for a while but will check out the other one. I also love your blog, and I always look forward to it.

  3. Oh, good...More blogs to keep me sitting in front og the computer...I will check them out now because I trust your judgement.

  4. i'm sure MIGHTY has an ego--guess his haircut diminished his self-image.

    I think ego or confidence Luckie has gained in a loving,forgiving and somewhat spoiling home adtmosphere takes an ego dip when I board her.

    Will check out your links. Thanks

  5. Hi Patti,

    Mighty looks mighty fine to me, but he does look a bit sad. Maybe he is just cold.

    I'm going to go on over and say hello to your friends. I can always use a good laugh ... thanks for telling us about them.

    I really appreciate your coming over and leaving your comment yesterday, Patti. Have a wonderful week!

    Kathy M.

  6. I visited both the blogs and you're right - they brightened my day. I hope Mighty cheers up soon - he still looks cute to me.

  7. Well my gosh, that is the sweetest compliment! I'm glad I have on my royal helmet if company is coming.

    Mighty. . . omg, poor Mighty! Poor Pattis' bank account!

    I cut Miss Piggy's hair once and it was so awful that my husband wouldn't take her for a walk in daylight hours. Please tell Mighty she doesn't look THAT bad. I doubt that she'll believe you though; that is one pitiful look she's carrying there.

    Do you think sunglasses would help?

    Please give the girl a treat put Turner & Hooch in the DVD player.

    Thank you again for the kind words. Being in the company of you and Murr is high cotton, indeed!

  8. So, you have an ungrateful doggie with a bad attitude? Poor thing. He looks so sad and totally embarrassed. He probably just feels like he's naked.
    Going over to check out the blogs you mentioned.
    Have a great day!

  9. Thanks for the referral to the other two blogs. Enjoyed both!

  10. Oh poor Mighty, can't you convince him he looks good in his knew summer hair cut. Will check out the blogs.

  11. Use a little gel on Mighty, and he'll be good to go (that's what I do).

  12. Oh I don't know... I think you did a Mighty good job. He does look a bit disgruntled though. I agree that it's better to be gentle. $1,500 rehab? Good gosh!

  13. Yes, I did come back, and you are funny when you aren't funny, if you know what I mean. I haven't felt very funny lately either. In fact, I have felt downright stressed. Things are looking up however. I will survive. Dianne

  14. I'm honored to be a branch of your funny bank with the worthy Merrilymarylee. Feel free to make a withdrawal at any time.

    And poor Mighty! I've had bad haircuts, but I usually don't have to go to the hospital afterwards. Although I got very close to sending the woman who gave me a permanent once to the E.R., if not the afterlife.

  15. She just needs a good outing. Go ahead, take her out; it will do you both a world of good.

  16. Alas, poor Mighty one, a humiliating process having the glorious thatch of hair taken so abruptly in hand! I suppose a similar process is used on new entrants to the military to bring them into line. At least Mighty does still grow hair... I am, sad to say, self pruning these days, rarely needing a mowing on top, but just the occasional clipping of unruly stuff along the sides! A bit like tidying up the edges of a bowling green!

    We have been hoping that the worst of the weather did not reach you. A sad time for so many of you in the States, and you are never far from our thoughts.

    With love from P, L, NS & G

  17. Mumsy,
    Aw, aren't you nice. I just hope I don't disappoint too often.
    You are also very kind about his hair do. I really botched it but I'm sure he will get over it.

    I do believe I have seen you over there. Thank you for the kind words. That perks me up.

    Yes, why not. These will entertain you for sure. Hope you enjoyed.

    It amazes me how he knows a good cut from a bad one. After a good one he struts, after mine, he hides. They do know.

    Oregon gifts.
    Thanks Kathy. He is feeling a bit more stable now. I expect forgiveness by Sunday.
    Pretty sure you will enjoy the ladies.

    Oh, I am so glad you enjoyed. The Mighty one is feeling a bit better. The chunks seem to be smoothing out a bit.

    Thank you so much for letting me borrow you. You two saved my bacon.
    How funny with Miss Piggy's hair cut that it was your husband who was embarassed to be seen with her. Pretty sure as long as the chow kept coming, MP was fine with it.

    I think he is all the feeling the cyber compassion for he is a bit improved this afternoon. Thanks and hope you enjoy.

    So glad you went and enjoyed. Thought you would.

    Linda Starr,
    I have one fault, I really can't lie. Not even to a dog. I have just stuck with no comment and have tried not to snicker. He is a bit better this afternoon.

    Good idea. A little product just might smooth him out a bit or I could go with the spiky look and see if that helps.

    I can put up with his depression and not speaking as long as we don't have to repair his leg again.

    Understandable since you have had a lot on your plate lately. I do hope your stress eases after successful surgery on hubby.

    Murr Brewster,
    Sure am glad you didn't mind since I just pillaged your account with out asking. I thank you for the loan. You and Marylee did a great job with the heavy lifting.

    You were right. We just got back from a romp in the yard. He chased the lawn mower and completely forgot his savaged hair do.

    Thanks so much for thinking of us. We had some scary times but I think it is over.
    Laughed at your "self pruning". Wish I could get Mighty to do that.
    My best to all the Gregorys.

  18. I cut Sophie's hair too. I've never seen a dog become so limp. She hangs her head and has such sad eyes. She cowers from me the rest of the day. I tell her she's beautiful, but she ignores me. Aren't they the funniest?? Mighty is absolutely too cute. The cut looks like what I do to Sophie. Gosh they're fun!!!

  19. Being a captain wasn't all that easy either. My mother invented and instilled political correctness in me long before it became wildly popular. You betcha. :)

  20. Oh, poor sweet pup! Mighty looks so very sad. But at least all that's hurt this time around is his pride. Hope you patch things up with each other very soon!

  21. Poor Mighty is mad but he's get over it.

  22. "I have removed all low mirrors"...too funny. Poor Mighty is looking awfully sad at the moment but a bad haircut done with love has to be better than being maimed by a "professional" groomer.

    Will be checking out your links. Thanks for the morning smile!

  23. Tell Mighty Dog, he'll survive. My sisters poodles use to hide after she gave them a clipping. If company came, they wouldn't come out. Tell Mighty dog, at least you didn't put nail polish on his nails. LOL Perhaps he's chilly and needs to be covered with a baby blanket.

  24. turquoisemoon,
    You too?? They really can make you feel like a heel can't they. Mighty came totally around this AM. Thank goodness for short dog memory.

    Gee, and here I thought my Mom did. Think it might be a generational thing.

    Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    We have finally made peace. He has a tough time holding a grudge especially since I control the food.

    You are so right and he has---mostly.

    RV Vagabonds,
    I do have gentle going for me. I should have known something was wrong when the groomer asked if Mighty was a wimp.

    They really do know they look different.
    I did cut off his fur coat so he gets a sweater in the AM, afternoon he is glad it is gone as it is really getting warm and he gets a down comforter at night when it cools down again. Yep--he is rotten.

  25. Poor sad eyed pup. Maybe he is just cold and needs a blanket.

  26. Bless him ...he looks so dejected ...maybe he will just lie there for the next two weeks 'til its grown a bit lol I'm off now to check out those two blogs.xx

  27. So Mighty is mad with you? He looks okay with me. I hope you'll enjoy the first sunrays again! Here it's still very dry and sunny.
    Thanks for the links to your other blogging friends. You are a good writer yourself,I enjoy reading your posts!

  28. Retired English Teacher,
    Pretty sure it was cold shoulder he was feeling. He is once again his sunny, if raggedy little self again.

    That is a look he has perfected. I get it if he gets no scraps or if I make him stay home. He deserves a doggie oscar.

    Reader Wil,
    Thank you so much Wil. I look forward to my trip to the Netherlands also. I always learn from you.

  29. Oh my, poor Mighty, he certainly does look distraught; is he speaking to you yet? I think animals have a sense of pride as well and modesty. But hey, like you said, a bad haircut only last a couple of days...
    My dear Patti, though, you are ALL the funny I need; no 'stand-ins' for you! but I will check them out to see if they ARE as funny as you; moreso their take on life's moments...probably won't compare.
    take good care...

  30. Not funny for Mighty but reading this was a hoot....poor baby may never speak to you again.
    I don't blame you though after the last horrible grooming. Hope you gave those people a little of Ms Pearl. Of course she has been hiding for a while now.
    Came by to catch up with you my friend. I can not tell you how I appreciate you coming by and leaving me comments to comfort me.
    If this were not a day off for me I believe I would be in the emergency room again. What a time I am having and on top of this my daughter moved in Tues night. I am not saying anything yet on my blog because her brothers don't know yet. I am going to let her tell them.
    But with her cocker spaniel and my cat I may be really running away in one of those trailers. hahaha
    Love ya

  31. Those little rascal dogs do hold grudges - I been in you shoes but the victim of my barber work probably could have accused me of doggie abuse. :-(
    I did retire the clippers.

  32. You wrote that you look forward to your trip to the Netherlands If you intend to go to the Netherlands, come and stay with me!!
    How is Mighty now? Is his hair growing again.

  33. Awwwwww. Poor Dear Mighty...It's like his pride is hurt. I must say, he looks adorable, to me, but I can understand about the shortness-of-hair. I just took the scissors to my own head and HOPEFULLY, it will look better in two weeks! (lol)

    You are funny my dear, even when you are not trying to be....To my way of thinking, your funny bone is in Top Form, ALWAYS!

  34. Hi again, Patti...

    Just wanted to wish you a very wonderful Mother's Day.

    God bless,

    Kathy M.

  35. Tracy,
    Fortunately, Mighty has no ambition to carry a grudge. We are buds again and I think he is enjoying the feeling of cool in this 80+ weather.
    Thank you for the huge compliment. Taken and enjoyed.

    Sadly the groomer is a friend and it was her trainee that screwed him up.
    I am glad your daughter is moving in. She can help when things get too difficult. I do worry about your going back to work. Please take care.

    I probably do qualify for puppy abuse, at least if you ask Mighty.
    I too would retire the clippers but Mighty only has two good legs left. Can't take the chance. I'll take ugly over lame anyday.

    Reader Wil,
    Sadly, the Netherlands is still on my wish list. If I ever can get there, I would love to take you up on your kind offer. Thank you so much. I return the offer if you ever get to the states.

    Oh dear, you attacked your hair also?? I usually cut my own and can usually pass but this last time, I don't know where my concentration went. Mighty and I are a matching pair. May all of us grow out soon.

    Thank you so much and I wish you the same.

  36. My cat is so matted it's embarrassing. I'm not brave enough to give her a haircut myself so she'll go to the groomer as soon as the weather warms up a bit and the rain slows down. I wouldn't care if she didn't speak to me.

  37. Linda Myers,
    You are one smart lady not to tackle grooming a cat. They can hospitalize you.

  38. Ugly over lame???? you aren't thinking of me are you? Hmmmmm...

  39. I'm not laughing at your grooming skills at all- Mighty is just as cute as can be and I would have done the same thing. I hope you gave that groomer a BIG piece of your mind! Thanks for the links- I didn't need to wash that load of clothes anyway. Maybe tomorrow!

  40. GQ,
    Ha ha, no comparison.

    Southwest Arkie,
    Hay, laundry can wait, a good laugh can't. Hope you enjoy.

  41. Thank you for posting the links - it's good to share the love.
    Mighty looks Mighty Meek in that photo...poor little muffin! :D