Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sorry, I know you were hoping for a romantic post with that title,  but not this time.

 Yesterday, my ISP got a cramp in a fiber optic cable so all was "unable to connect" on the computer.  My back up computer had been giving me fits, so  since I couldn't get on line for a while anyway while they repaired it, I decided to take the ailing one to the hospital.

A few weeks ago, I pulled up to my computer guy's store just for a visit and found the store now contained refrigerators.  Huh?  Seems they had moved to Texas a month earlier.  Now when we lose a trusted computer guy, it compares to losing your favorite doctor. All is shaky in the world

I had become friends with him and his wife. I felt shock, loss and a bit of trepidation. Now what? I had to find a replacement computer guy.  Yesterday, I decided to take the plunge.

I had two choices in  town.  A barely out of adolescence geek or a recently opened business were my options.  I happened to drive by the new business first and dropped in.

The name of the store was a bit off putting. "Diva's" just didn't sound computery to me. It made me think of  flashy lingerie or a beauty salon. But no, this was a computer store. Hesitantly I entered and a giant of a man greeted me and asked how he could help.

He instantly plopped my computer on the counter and asked specifics as he tinkered.  There was no "I'll call you when it is fixed." so I slid beside him and watched him work.

Then I felt a wet something on the back of my leg. I should just let you fill in the rest of the story from there. This could go in many directions from that sentence and I should let you have fun with it,  but I will stick to the truth.

A plus sized, mostly white, medium height, short haired dog was giving the back of my thigh the once over ( I was wearing shorts ).  I started to pet her and noticed that her collar had "Princess" stitched into it.

I asked if that was her name and he said no, that was the name of the collar, her name was Diva.  The light went on about the store name and my distrust barriers fell. 

Anyone who takes his dog to work and then names his store after her, is way OK in my book.  I know--Hitler was an animal lover but you have to admit, he was a way out of the norm.  I instinctively put a lot of trust in someone who is kind to animals.

Well, he earned my trust yesterday in a more tangible way. He fixed my computer in about 45 minutes with me standing there and only charged me $20.00.  What are the chances of finding 2 computer guys that are so special? I really am so lucky.  

As I left he store, he said 'Have a blessed day"  and I thought,"I all ready have."

Do you have a character qualifier that when you see it in a stranger, you immediately trust them?


  1. You did it again. Another masterpiece post. You sure can tell a story. I'm so happy you found a good computer man. They are hard to come by. :)
    I'm a little weird about trusting people. I usually don't BUT when I do, I ask no questions and seem to take them into my home. For instance, my friend of 50 years, Marilyn. I also took in a young guy just out of college who had no job or money.... that was 30 years ago and I'm still close friends with his family. I also took in a young couple from out East and put them in charge of the ranch and B & B. Go figure, huh?

  2. You sure made my morning. The back of your leg was getting wet? Oh My!? Sure glad you had a good experience. Now you won't be as concerned when a problem creeps into your computer. :) Have a great day!

  3. There's something intangible that I pick up about some people, but you're right: anybody who loves his dog enough to bring it to work AND name his store after her is all right in my book. Great news about having a grownup geek to take your computer woes to! :-)

  4. What a great computer store! I definitely agree that pet people are the best!

  5. Okay if I were you I would run home, bake him some cookies, and immediately take them back to him. That will ensure that he will love you forever and keep doing your computer work just like he did this day! :) blessings, marlene

  6. naming his computer fix it place "Diva" after his dog. Brilliant marketing once people understand it.

  7. Yes, love store-owners who bring their pets to work with them! We've gotten to know many kitty cats and doggies that way. Our latest find is a wonderful giant great dane puppy named Stella. We get to shop for bird seed and pet that rambunctious girl.

    Great story, Patti. Glad you got your computer fixed and met Diva at the same time.

  8. I hope I can find someone like that here as my computer has me a bit concerned of late. I agree with Manzi, such a great and well-written post. I am so glad I found your blog. I think it was while visiting hers.

  9. Does this shop have a website? I like sharing good customer service stories and putting links to their websites.

  10. Between my husband and son....I'll never meet a 'new guy'...they both keep our computers going, so far anyway!

  11. I'm son-in-law is my computer guy! Great story Patti!

  12. Being an animal lover usually clinches it for me. How lucky you are!!

  13. What a great story, Patti. You are a master story teller for sure. I sure wish I had a computer guy like that. And I love that he loves his kitty so much to name his computer shop the unlikely name, Diva!

    I'll answer you question here about Joe Montana. Yep, I got to touch him. Sigh! My daughter and I found out where he was appearing and lined up to have a picture taken. The photographer had us squeeze in together and I ended up by his side, literally. I was so thrilled as I'd been a big fan of his and that he's cute, too, was not overlooked! I have a picture that I may post's just that I have this goofy "I can't believe I'm here" look on my face! Ha! Have a good day. ~Cheryl

  14. I am not sure anything allows me to 100% trust a stranger, but I do feel better if they have a child with them and they are doting.

    Great news on the computer store. Some of those places charge a fortune.

  15. Wow!! That is great that you found this guy and his shop. You can't beat $20.00 for 45 minutes work on a computer...that is unheard of around here. I am thankful and blessed my son builds and maintains mine.

    People who love animals and children pretty much have my on the spot trust. Especially the people who take their pets to work, shopping etc with them.

    Can't you just imagine the stories you would have heard had you left to our imagination the cause of your wet thigh. lol

    Another great read sweet Patti. Hugs

  16. Dogs are indeed a good barometer for the character of people. The only other tried and proven one I know of is fishing. If you go fishing with someone, and you like them afterward, you've got a winner.

  17. Another masterfully told event in the life of Patty. My brother-in-law is flat out the world's best computer guy so I am hoping never to lose him. I can relate to the anxiety of having your first guy move away,though. My ob/gyn packed up and moved to Ohio when I was six month pregnant. It felt like abandonment.

  18. manzasnita,
    Aw thank you. Evidently there is something in these people that you really trusted. Way to go.

    Thank you so much for commenting. It really did startle me. I was cold and wet.

    The good thing about a grown up geek is that I can understand them. Those youngsters use terms that just lose me.

    With that one wonderful quality, you have to feel that there are more. Unless they are Hitler of course.

    I was thinking along the lines of adoption but cookies would work.

    I wonder how many were put off by the name like I originally was. Once you know, it is so sweet.

    Oh my, Danes are some of my favorites. Since she is a puppy, you will be lucky to see her grow. How neat.

    Canyon girl,
    I always wonder how people find my blog. You came from a really good one. Hope you find a geek that is just as good as mine.

    Miss Dazey,
    He doesn't have a web site but kind of a chamber of commerce site. I was going to leave a review but you have to sign on to Yahoo and I dont' want to do that.

    Oh how fortunate you have in house computer geeks. They work for food I am sure.

    Lucky you. Another one with a family geek. They are the best.

    Me too Judy. That tells me that they are kind persons at least.

    Thank you, I really got lucky twice.
    I know how you must have felt. I'd have done the same if I had rubbed elbows with Dan Marino. If I remember correctly, Joe beat him in Dan's only super bowl attempt. One heck of a quarterback. One of the best ever.

    Children, especially if I see them give the child a huge, spontaneous hug, does the same for me.

    Thanks and I do agree. Someday I will do that. Toss out a sentence and let my followers finish the story. That should be fun.

    Especially if you are trapped on a small boat. That might be a good test for a lifetime mate.

    Thanks so much. All you people with your own personal geeks, How lucky you are.
    Losing a ob/gyn would be frightening.

  19. Loved your story, Patti! A good computer guy is a treasure, indeed, and I'm so glad you've found such a good new one. I would trust someone who is an animal lover, for sure. I would have qualified that 30+ years ago: I had a boss who brought his dog to work every day and I thought he was a total pig. However, with the insight born of years and experience, I have come to realize that this first boss was a gem, who played male chauvinist pig for laughs, but who gave me incredible opportunities to grow as a writer and as a person and who was there offering support and guidance that I was too immature to appreciate fully at the time. So, looking back, I think he was a treasure and I should have known because he was an animal lover!

  20. You made me laugh, as usual. Thanks for not teasing too long with the wetness on the back of your legs. You're right, my mind was going all sorts of crazy places. LOL I'm with you...the Diva connection would melt me into a puddle. How lucky you are to have found someone trustworthy!

  21. I think you found a great computer guy. If the guy is good with dogs and with computers, I'd say he is very well-rounded. I guess the dog is the true judge. If the dog like the guy, I'm sure you can trust him.

  22. You were very lucky to find a guy who is so trustworthy, works so fast and delivers such good work. It's a great story again! When do you start collecting all your stories in one book? Have a great weekend!

  23. How cool, gotta love that type of business for sure.

  24. Now that's my kind of place ~ and don't you just love a big burly guy with a dog named Diva. Oh yeah! Plus - he can fix a pc!! Way to go in finding him. I wonder what the 'barely out of adolescence geek' had to offer?

  25. There are lots of computer gurus around me but I general repair my own if they are desktops, and keep my laptops in warranty.

    In my area we have fairly reliable ISPs (competition is wonderful for price and repair! However, I prefer everything in my house wireless, so that can be a puzzlements, since all computers are wireless, I have wireless phones in every room, wireless Kindle, cell phone (wireless) and fixing to mount wireless security cameras.

    At time you have to change some settings as they call it to get the menagerie to cooperate with each other.

  26. Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    Thank you.
    How nice that you later realized that he was a better person than originally thought. Hope you told him what he meant to you.

    Someday I will just let you all finish my post. It would be such fun to see what you all come up with.

    Retired English Teacher,
    That does speak a lot about a person's character doesn't it?

    Reader Wil,
    Thank you Wil and I am glad you have such faith in me. You have a great week end also.

    Linda Starr,
    I thought so too. Thanks.

    I am always tickled to see the b&b guys who let a small animal control their lives.

    Wow, you have so many signals flying around your home, you must have to crawl on the floor to keep from being bombarded. You really are in the electronic age. How wonderful that you can fix your own.

  27. Anyone who loves animals gets extra points from me.
    Glad you found a good computer guy - they are a necessity.

  28. Hi, Patti--I just found your blog through Manzanita. Love it & am now a follower! Looks like you found a "keeper" in your new computer guy. My son repairs mine. I figure if he doesn't do a good job I can always write him out of the will.

  29. I have the same criteria as you, I watch how they treat animals and even more importantly, how animals react to them!

    I am jealous that you have a new good computer man. That's actually better than a new boyfriend in my book!!!

  30. Sweet Virginia Breeze,
    They are necessary for me. I can navigate a computer but fix it??? No way.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and following. You are the second to come from Manzi's. I owe her.
    Ha ha, I love the leverage you hold over your son--perfect.

    Rocky Mountain Woman,
    You are so right. I might have gotten a good price since Diva seemed to like me.

    Linda Myers,
    I sure think so, thanks.

  31. So happy you've found another trust worthy computer fixer. And an animal lover besides. Now that combination can't be all bad. Was he married? Well perhaps you're not looking, so I guess that doesn't matter. Loved the story. Have a great week-end.

  32. Gotta trust a man like that!!!

    Glad you found a good replacement.

  33. No kidding. Good move. And avoiding the child prodigy's on the Geek Squad

  34. Like Manzanita said you did it again. Girl I thought oh know she got so excited finding help that is why her leg was wet. Sorry you know what a wild imgination I have at times. Nothing compared to you though.
    So happy honey you found a guy and one that works in our price range.
    That alone is a blessing.
    A animal lover is a good sign of trust but my ex loved them a lot so now I look for other things...hahaha
    Love ya

  35. Patty,
    I really didn't check because he was young enough to adopt. Have considered that however.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. Now if he will just stay around. Not sure I could get lucky three times.

    The thing I feared in the young fellow was that he would talk over my head. Having grown up with computers, they tend to think every one knows how to install drivers.

    I should have let you finish that part huh:))
    All I can say about your ex is that he did have at least one good trait.

  36. Thank you for your prayers. I have tried to follow several times and seem to be blocked...those computer gremlins are at it again!!!

  37. Good Post and gosh, yeah, I guess I do have many qualifiers...they can't smoke for one andyes, animals and children~ those two things say a lot to me as well as warm eyes.
    I'm glad you got your computer fixed and more than that have found a trustworthy individual.

  38. Here goes attempt #4. I have been all over blogger hell for you Patti.

    If this comes through, I want to say the next time you feel something zuxxy on your leg you might want to jump. The guy could have a pet trantula. Happy to hear oll turned out so well for youl. Now get him working on this blog. hint hint. Dianne

  39. Gail,
    I have no idea what Blogger's problem is this time. Thank you so much for trying.

    Have to agree on warm eyes and think they are automatic with people who are kind to animals and children Thanks.

    I am so impressed with your perserverance. Thanks for hanging in there. Sure hope Blogger cures its constipation soon.

  40. I generally trust someone who is holding a small child for pretty much the same reasons. I'm so glad you found someone good to help you. Every time my sweetie says maybe we should move, I remind him how hard it was to find our circle of trust (includes doctors, dentists, mechanics...). I don't want to start over. It took us too long to get to where we are.

  41. Mom of 12,
    I have never heard it referred to as the "circle of trust" but you are so right. That circle is a very comforting feeling.

  42. I guess I do sometimes. I'm so glad you got your computer fixed for so little! How wonderful that you found a computer guy who was competent and honest! My techie brother is on a trip and I miss him.

  43. What a great story, my dear! And how truly lucky you are to have found this terrific new computer man---I find most of the Computer Fixers are kind of crazy...To devote all day to machines has to do something to you, OR, whatever it is that moves you is drawn to 'machines'....
    But I think your litmus test of this guy being an animal lover told you that at least he was a really nice guy. That he turned out also to be able to fix your computer and at such a reasonable price---Well, you are really really lucky, my dear!

  44. Kay,
    How nice you have a brother to bail you out. I'm sure he will work for food and a few kind words.

    You are right about most of them which is why I feel I have been so lucky twice.