Thursday, July 28, 2011


No, I am not an ancient surrogate mom nor a new aunt, I'm just doing a little updating today.

That little killer kitty that I found and Pat is fostering is a boy.  His name is now Nate. Pat let her husband name him (smart move on Pat's part) and he chose Nate which is part of the name of the tiny town I live in and where he was found. It really fits him.

Pat said she had to give him a bath as he was covered in fleas. I saw a tick on the little guy but wasn't aware of the flea problem. Poor little fellow. I don't know if you have ever bathed a cat, but that alone takes courage. I won't even pill one.

She said when she was drying off little Nate, that he curled up in her arms and went to sleep. The good news is that Nate was never a killer kitty, he was just a scared silly kitty and there will be no need to socialize. The disgusting news is that he was once someones pet, not a feral kitten.

How people think a small animal like Nate can make it on its own is beyond me. They just don't care. It makes me worry about the safety of their children if they have any.

So while little Nate is waiting for a forever home, his life style has improved enormously.

Thank you all for your good thoughts, and for not thinking that I am a total wuss

 This was my yard after mowing  with one flat tire. I know, how could I possible not  stop to see what was wrong?

After mowing yesterday. This may take a while to correct. A good rain would help. Mohawks grow out slowly.


I met with a gardening buddy the other day and we moaned about the heat. We have decided the only things growing are weeds and our water bills.  Not entirely true however.  While my flowers are suffering, my veggies are making it, some quite well.

My cantaloupes are doing really well though this one is definitely hiding from the blazing sun.  Can't blame it.

Sweet potatoes--I can't wait for the first frost.
So while this has been  rather a lean veggie time due to the horrid heat, I have managed to harvest enough potatoes, carrots, kale, tomatoes, spinach and lettuce to keep me munching. 

My bumper crop of cantaloupe will keep me busy eating fresh,  dehydrating and making sorbet. Anyone have any good cantaloupe recipes?

 That takes care of all my loose ends. Stay cool.


  1. I agree that people who toss out a cat thinking it can survive on its inborn hunting skills are idiots and cruel ones at that. I'm glad he's got loving caregivers for now.

    We have been looking at cantaloupes at the store recently and it makes me hunger for good Indiana muskmelons when I see the tiny little things being offered up at ridiculous prices.

  2. Just squint and think of your 'MUTILATED YARD' as a terraced hillside...until it grows back, Patti.

    I hope your cantaloupe taste better than the ones at the store...none are quite as sweet and flavorful as I remember them to be.

  3. The kitty is very lucky that you found it, and I am glad he has a good home now.

    That's a gorgeous cantaloupe. I paid $3 for the last one I bought :-(

  4. Such a good story about the little kitty Nate. And I too am amazed at the cruelty inside some people regarding their pets. Your cantaloupe looks wonderful! We got some not long ago that were just wonderful, sweet and... expensive.

  5. Well, that is one lucky kit-kat. You are a good Samaritan.

    Love the terraced look of your new-mowed field. Maybe you'll start a trend....

  6. I'm so glad Nate is doing well. I think your yard looks fine. It looks like a huge project to mow it, and why should you stop to inspect it when everything had always been okay? Hindsight is always 20/20.

  7. I don't have a cantaloupe recipe but I can tell you I've been keeping one cut up in the refrigerator almost all summer and I have that with a banana (cut up) and some Weight Watchers vanilla yogurt stirred in for breakfast every single morning! If the price isn't ridiculous I add some fresh pineapple. It's wonderful tasting, low in fat, and very filling. blessings, marlene

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  9. So sorry Dr. Kathy, I hit delete instead of publish. This comment was way to good to delete.

    I'm so glad you connected Nate with a foster family and gave him a chance at a forever home. I'm disgusted at the way some people think animals are disposable. All of our cats have been rescues and each one has been marvelous. One -- Marina, a beautiful flame point Siamese who was two years old when I adopted her -- had been abandoned by families twice -- once because the family said the baby was allergic and the second because she was "too needy" (e.g. wanted to cuddle and be with her people more than they wanted). She was so loving and sweet and brought so much joy into our home. But she was very frightened of being abandoned again. When I boarded her and our two other cats at their vet's while we were moving, Marina was so distraught she had a cardiac episode and nearly died. When I picked her up, she embraced me and trilled with joy. She died of leukemia when she was not quite four years old, but every day she was with us was wonderful. How someone could throw away such a treasure is beyond me.

    Your yard is so big and beautiful and your garden - oh, my. I can just taste that beautiful cantaloupe! Glad that your crops have survived the heat!

  10. Maybe he escaped rather than being abandoned ...some people have no idea how fast a kitten is if they have not had one before ...thankgoodness he is being cared for now.
    Wow ...thats not a yard ...its a field...I'm sure it will be better
    It must be wonderful to produce all that you need ...sorry I dont have any cantalope recipes it would make a yummy sweet chutney with spices to go with cheese.

  11. I know that thee is a special place in animal heaven reserved for you...It probably won't be involving their lawn maintenence, though.

  12. That's your yard??? You cut it yourself???

    Your garden production is impressive. I've just gone back to planting a garden this past year. Next year I will expand to including cantaloupe and other things. Your's looks delicious.

  13. I love the lawn picture.

    It is always so sad (and so discouraging about humanity) to see dead dogs and cats along highways.

    I'm glad you were able to take care of your loose ends. That always makes me laugh--sounds like you're getting over a bug.

  14. We had a delicious one last week-end and today I picked one up and I'm sure by Sat or Sun it will be just as good. Several weeks ago, I picked up three slices, it was as hard as an apple, no flavor at all. Some of the family don't like cantaloupe and some don't like watermelon, so it's hard to please everyone, unless I have two bowls sitting on the table. LOL Still another hot day, we're suppose to get a few cool days starting at the beginning of next week, by cool, we're talking about around 85, if only that humidity would go away. Right now at 2:30 it's around 93, but the heat index is high, what ever the heat index is. LOL I probably don't want to know, just keep my fat bottom in the cool house. Actually the yard doesn't look too bad and grass, like hair, will grow. Hope you get some rain to help it. Next time before getting on the mower, kick the tires. Happy week-end.

  15. Love your blog today. My new lawn looks a bit spotty, and David says it is because Joy, my granddaughter who spread the weed suppressant/fertilizer mix did not spread it evenly. I know she was talking on her cell phone, but I really didn't think it would affect the lawn. Either it was Joy or the lawn has become the neighborhood cat box, take your pick.

    Speaking of cats, I am happy to hear KK found some love. I hate to admit it, but I was pretty dumb about animals when I was younger. I once adopted cat siblings impulsively, and ended up taking them to the local shelter because I could not care for them. Folks were adopting them before I even had them signed up for the shelter. That was then. Today, the shelter is overrun (I check it out occasionally and donate $$). The recession has hurt everyone including the animals. Dianne

  16. I hope Nate finds a permananet home with a loving person/family. I like dogs quite a bit, and have had several, but at heart I'm a cat-person. I love all that snuggly stuff, and purring melts my heart.

    Your yard has an interesting pattern to it, but I hope you get a good rain soon.:)

  17. Nice story about Nate. Glad he's in good hands while he awaits a permanent home.

    Your cantaloupe looks so delicious. Ours are still quite small, but we are hopeful by September we'll have our first homegrown one to eat. Yum!

  18. I think your yard looks like a memory of a great blog post!

    Some things do really well in the heat. Just this week our weather in the Pacific Northwest has heated up to the 70s. That's good enough for me.

  19. You have a very large garden! Wonderful to grow your own vegetables.
    you were sad that people should leave a kitten and abandon it. Over 35 years ago we found in a cardboard box three kittens who could still not walk properly and whose eyes were only just open. They must have been ten days old. We had to bottlefeed them every two hours also at night. One died very soon . One was killed by a car and the third one, a beautiful tomcat, died of old age. He was 19.

  20. Your track marks in the grass did make me laugh, but hey that is a hell of a large lawn to cut even on a sit on mower! I hope the grass recovers ok!

    Nice to hear that Nate is in good hands now!

  21. RV Vagabonds,
    Growing your own makes you realize what a really ripe melon tastes like. Sweet and aromatic.

    Grow your own. You pick your own when they are ripe, not green for shipping. Huge difference.

    And I'll bet that $3.00 one wasn't all that good. They are really easy to grow, just need room to spread out.

    Considering for the same $3.00, I got 3 plants that will give me about 12 cantaloupes.

    You are right. I just have to act like it was intentional:))

    The sad thing is that I saw it happening and just raised the blade a bit. I'm sure it will heal.

    Dr. Kathy,
    So sorry I accidently deleted you. I was too quick on the clicker.
    That was so sad about that wonderful kitty you rescued. I don't understand people. She may have had a short life but it was with the right family in the end.
    Bless you.

    Stichin by the lake,
    Thank you. I have all those ingredients and will have it for breakfast. I have 6 ripe ones ready to eat now so I appreciate the idea.

    I would like to think that but I am pretty sure he was dumped out. I called all my neighbors and no one knew anything about him.

    Now that is funny and gave me the giggles.

    Retired English Teacher,
    I hope you do. It is so rewarding to grow your own and the taste difference from store bought is huge.

    Gosh, I hadn't thought of loose ends that way but you are right. Might rethink that title next time:))

    Finding ripe cantaloupe in the store is hard. I always smell them but often you smell nothing. Garden ones smell as soon as you slip them off the vine. Huge difference.

    The good thing you did with the cats was take them some where they could be adopted. Dumping them on the side of the road is what I can't stand.

    I really think a good rain is all that will save it. Lets hope Don gives us a drop or too. Tomorrow is supposed to be 50%. Yea.

    You will love them and will be enjoying yours while mine are dead and gone. Right now mine are ripening every day. Try dehydrating, they are wondeful that way.

    Linda Myers,
    I am drooling over your temps. Enjoy for you are in the minority.

    Reader Wil,
    My Mickey came to me the same way, Eyes barely open and bottle feeding. Sorry you lost the two but the third really had a nice long life.

    LLCool Joe,
    It makes me laugh now when I see it. So silly looking. Rain may cure the scalping.

  22. I am so happy for little Nate and hope he finds a loving forever home very soon. The people who threw him away should be as miserable as he was trying to survive out in the heat with no shelter, water and food. Bless you for seeing he got his needs met.

    Your cantaloupe looks great. It is amazing you have grown all that you have in the heat. It is so dry here in our area nothing is growing, just dying. Water is too expensive to water anything.

    I wouldn't worry about the yard, it will grow back and be beautiful before you know it. Hugs

  23. Lucky you! The cantaloupe looks great. I'm envious of all the fabulous veggies you're getting. Your
    "mutilated" yard has artistic patterns on it. I would just enjoy the artwork you created.

  24. Sweet potatoes and cantalopes, yum, I think the best cantalope I ever had was home grown, the color when all the way to the skin, I hope your's does and I hope your mohawk grows in.

  25. For some reason (maybe it's all the critters that hang around), people seem to think my place is the official drop off for unwanted animals. I can't understand how anyone could do that to a family pet! I get so many that I can't keep them, so if I can't find a home, I usually have to call a shelter (no kill, of course).

    I fully expect to find a horse tied to my barn some morning!

    Glad your little guy is doing ok...

  26. Hi Patti, I loved hearing the story about Nate! I so hope he finds a loving family for his permanent home.

    You have a nice looking yard, Mohawk and all. :D We're needing rain badly here and the temps continue to be around 100 and you know what that does to the grass and flowers! I have been watering but the flowers are still suffering. That cantaloupe of yours looks good! And the sweet potatoes look so healthy. I bought a cantaloupe today for 3 bucks and a watermelon for 5. They won't last long! It would be great to have a garden full of them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  27. Hi Patti,

    I am so happy that Nate is doing well. I hope that your poor lawn will be up to snuff soon, and am glad to know that some of your garden is surviving the heat.

    Hope your weekend is great, and that you guys get some refreshing rain soon.

    God bless,

    Kathy M.

  28. That's very good news about the Kitty.

    I have to agree that yard is am mess. Perhaps you need to scalp it when the weather gets a little cooler.

  29. My husband's small garden is doing well. His watering troughs and huge pots he filled with just tomatoes and peppers this year. We are giving produce away, especially tomatoes.

    The multilated yard looks like an artistic effort gone awry. Being as we got out of the grass business (we hope), I haven't much advice. Rain is in our forecast Sat. and Sun.but it looks now like it might move more your way so Good Luck.

  30. Chancy,
    I know what you mean about water. I only water what I eat. My flowers are filling suit for abuse.

    Maybe I should act like that was the look I was going for. Attitude might carry it off.

    Linda Starr,
    You are right, there is no green, the flesh is right to the skin, sweet and aromatic.

    Rocky Mountain Woman,
    Word is out about you so they will continue dumping at your house. I had the same problem in Florida. At least you give them the best chance.Kudos.

    Thanks. We are in the same boat. The only watering I do is for the veggies, the rest is suffering. This looks like a tough 6 days ahead. Stay cool.

    Oregon gifts,
    Thanks Kathy but there is nothing for my area on the horizon for the next week. Just straight hundreds. Phooey.

    Ha ha, you are so right about the yard. I'd scalp but with no rain due it would probably kill what little is left.

    Boy I hope you are right about the rain but I am not counting on it. This week, my neighboring county got some, we got nada.
    You are smart to eliminate your yard.

  31. While it was hot here I hit an unsusal cold spell in Hannover while visiting my aunt. My sister had to buy a jacket but I had brought mine because I checked ahead in the forecast and COOL was what I saw.

  32. Both cats and dogs show up regularly on people doorsteps around here. Some think dumping their city pets in the country is a good option. It's not.

  33. "Nate" sounds like a wonderful little guy...I hope someone as wonderful as you and Pat, adopts him....! Like you, I don't understand people and the way they treat Animals---Indeed, one wondrrs how they're children are looked after, IF they have them. I pray, they don't!
    Love the pictures of your mowed-ness. (lol)....How terrific that you have as many Veggies as you do, considering the horrible heat!
    And the melons, too....Fabulous, my dear!

    New postr up, my dear Patti....If you get a chance---come on by.

  34. Our cantaloupes are not nearly that big! We have had so much rain this year...everything is green but not many veggies yet. We ate our first cherry tomatoes yesterday. So tasty!

  35. I still can't believe you cut your grass yourself, especially after seeing how big your yard is.

  36. KleinsteMotte
    Oh how I envy you wearing a jacket. That is only a dim memory for me.

    I think with this economy, things will get so much worse for the pet population.

    Thank you so much for letting me know Naomi. I have no idea why your recent postings don't show up.

    Mom of 12,
    I'd trade less veggies for more water. Enjoy those tomatoes.

    I just sit on a mower and enjoy the bumpy ride. Evidently ignoring flat tires.

  37. Our garden burned up a while back from lack of rain and I couldn't get out there to set up the sprinkler. I just asked hubby and he said vegetable garden left. Stores around here have been selling cantaloupes for a very reasonable price and earlier watermelon, too. I haven't looked this week.

    So glad baby Nate has someone to love him again...or for the first time. This is the first time in eons we haven't had a houseful of foster cats, but after our last one passed over the rainbow bridge I just couldn't get another. Our neighbor gets kittens to adore while they are little and so cute, but soon they are roaming the neighborhood. I saw one the other day that had to have his tail amputated.

  38. I just posted a comment on Judy's blog "Imagine" concerning the Idol concert that she attended. I've never seen it I guess there are two of us (you and me) in the US who have not watched it. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone !!

  39. Amber Star,
    So sorry your garden didn't survive. It has really been a tough year for plants. My flowers look like your veggies.

    Welcome to TNS and thanks for stopping by to let me know I am not alone. Ya think we should start a club??

  40. Glad to hear that little Nate is doing well. As for your lawn, it brings a smile to my face! Looks like you were planting furrows. I once had a chilled cantaloupe soup that was amazing - no idea how it was made though. (You know I'm not very creative in the kitchen.)

  41. Barb,
    Thanks, I will check the net for Cantaloupe soup. Sounds good.