Monday, August 1, 2011


Sometimes book titles just beg you to pick them up. As most of you know, I am a reader and have become a huge Kindle advocate. Playing the game “seek and ye shall find” I have amassed quite a library of 86 books read and stored, plus 138 books to be read. This library I carry easily in a 5X7 inch, under a pound, bundle.

I spend a bit of time each day enjoying the search for the good read to add to my library. I scan all the reviews, do not shy away from first time authors and at least 150 of those books have been free, with only a few classics. 

A lot of the books I get are free in the beginning, then after a lot of positive reviews, a price is attached. “Face the Winter Naked” by Bonnie Turner is so far a free book with Kindle. With the reviews the book is getting, that probably won't last long.  It is currently a 5 star book.

The title alone hooked me into a closer look. The description convinced me and the reviews made it a no doubter. This is a story that is set during the Great Depression. It is not a "Waltons"version, but a far more gritty one. Considering what we are going through right now with the economy, it seemed to be a timely read.  I really wasn't prepared for how well it was written.

The story switches between  two tales. LaDaisy Tomelin is a young mother who is abandoned by her husband Daniel during the Great Depression. Her struggles to provide for her family with only meager help from her father in law I found daunting.  

Daniel is  a traumatized WW I veteran who blatently deserts his wife and family as the  Depression deepens.   He leaves them without a word, rationalizing he will find work and  save enough money  to bail them out of the debt they carry.   

Instead, he inters the world of the hobo.  His feelings of impotence and his reoccurring nightmares drive him farther and farther away while his family struggles for the basics to survive.

Where Bonnie Turner surprised me was that she wrote Daniel's tale in such a way that I couldn't totally hate him for abandoning his wife and family.  I found myself actually pulling for the guy. These were truly desperate times and he was suffering what a lot of returning veterans today also experience. Many war wounds are not visable.

If you want to step back  into that painful time in our history, I highly recommend this book. It isn't exactly a feel good book, nor is it a total downer. It is a very well written story of the survival of the human spirit and that is always uplifting.

Hope you will give it a look.


  1. Patti, you are genius in your book reviews. I've read many books on your recommendation and never disappointed. I love your descriptions..... "not a Walton's but more gritty." And gritty is what I remember about growing up in the depression. You've done it again. Sucked me right in. My kindle, too, is bulging with to-read but always room for one more, as my grandma used to say about the dinner table.


  2. This books sounds right up my alley. I love true stories and just wrapped up "Skeletons on the Zahara".

  3. With a title like that, I would have had to check it out, too. I'll take a look at it. My sister has a Kindle and loves it, I just might have to get one...

  4. I too love my kindle. Thanks for the tip on what sounds like a great book!

  5. What a fantastic book review ...makes me want to read it ...may keep an eye out for a 'real' copy as I dont have a kindle.

  6. That sounds like an interesting book. I usually find that any book that's well written where the author really cares is worth reading. I've still never tried a Kindle - maybe one of these days.

  7. Hi Patti, that is a terrific review and it makes me want to say heck with the housework and go looking for the book. I love reading, I could easily spend all my time reading if there weren't those pesky chores to do. I have to stay strong and say no for now, but I'll be sure to look this one up as soon as I have time. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Now is the perfect time for reading since the tall trees around us don't allow the satellite TV signal through. I indulged myself in a Kindle after discovering I could get one with my credit cards points (I wouldn't have PAID for one since I thought it was an indulgence) and I am accruing a number of free books to read. Most have been okay, some excellent, some so poorly proof read that I had to scratch my head in dismay. But I will download this one, thanks.

  9. It has been added to my "books to read" list. Thanks for the recommendation~

  10. It is a painful time indeed. Hopefully, we are not headed there again. I am optomistic. Call me Pollyanna, but I would raher laugh than cry. Thanks for the tip about free books. I tried a free game the other day. Kindle Rocks!! Dianne

  11. Thanks for mentioning it - I have found it on Amazon and downloaded it based on your suggestion. Like you I have tons of books on there I have yet to read but I read all the time (when not stitching or working) so maybe eventually I'll get through my list! blessings, marlene

  12. I think Amazon should hire you to do reviews!
    I just finished "The Gardens of Kyoto" by kate Walbert which was highly recommended by a friend. I didn't like it as much as she did, but it is worth reading all the same.

  13. That title would have drawn me in as well. I'll check on it. I wonder if it would be free on my Cruz/Kobo?

  14. Thanks for the review. I will have to check this out. I will have to download it to my Kindle. Thanks again.

  15. That was in era in which I was born and heard many stories from my parents as well as by biological family.

    Although I am reading mostly English classics I am amazed how people no matter the culture, label themselves and others. We use words like blue collar, white collar, silver spoon in the mouth etc. Yet other cultures have similar divisions. In the Professor I see a great division between a so called learned person, speakers of several languages, tradesman, mender of lace, and the struggle of the lower classes to attain the level and acknowledgement of a higher level by whatever means. With women it was to marry your offspring into a family with a rated family, be it royalty, or certain clans, etc. Ot seems so different yet so similar.

    My best friend just finished HELP which is not a movie, I think. She said it was both humorous and sad as the basis is the observations of maids or housekeepers (mostly blacks) and their employers, each of who view each other with some ridicule because of difference in culture, work ethics, etc.

    I think it is $8

  16. My daughter hooked me up with Kindle on my computer in October after I had an automobile accident & couldn't get out of the house except to be chauffered to doctor's appointments. For Mother's Day my 3 kids got me a Kindle Reader. I currently have 78 books to be read & 172 in the archives. You beat me by a total of 4! I have FACE THE WINTER NAKED but haven't read it yet. I also have 4 books currently checked out from the library & another 3 on "hold". I am a fast & obviously very AVID reader. Love, love, LOVE Kindle!

    I am a relatively new follower & haven't read any other of your book reviews but I'm looking forward to more!!

  17. Manzanita,
    Thanks so much. I do hope you like it. I was born the tail end of the depression and vaguely remember WWII and rationing.
    Your grandma was right. It so applies to Kindle books.

    I looked up "Skeletons on the Zahara" and it really looks like one I would like. Thanks.

    I hope you get one also. It has been a marvelous tool.

    Aren't they the best gadgets? Hope you enjoy it.

    The book is in paper back. Maybe a kindle for you someday??

    Once you take the plunge, it is hard to read a "real" book. They are so heavy and cumbersome.

    I only read at night when I am in bed. Perhaps you have better things to do then:))

    RV Vagabonds,
    So far, I have had super luck but I do read all the reviews. I only deleted one that just didn't hold my interest. It was free so no big deal.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    I totally agree that Kindle rocks. What a marvelous invention.
    I think we have enough stop gaps in place to never have to go through what those poor folks did.

    I know, I keep adding at a rediculous rate. Hate to pass up what looks like a good read.

    I'd settle if they wanted to give me a spare Kindle but I do believe that comes under fat chance.

    Well Cruz/Kobo is new to me. It is on Nook and Sony, so why not?

    Retired English Teacher,
    You can't beat the price. Hope you enjoy.

    I have The Help in hard copy. I am so used to the Kindle that I haven't read it yet, even knowing that it is a wonderful book. Someday.

    Your are a reader in the first degree and much faster than I. Kudos. Don't ya love the Kindle?

  18. Sounds like a good book to read. I am a Kindle user too and I really enjoy searching out new reads. I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the free titles I have gotten.

  19. I'm also an avid Kindle user but don't come close to you. I have to admit I'm reading books on my I-Pad now. Either way it's difficult to force myself to read a paper book anymore.

  20. These comments are making me consider the Kindle. REading since my April 22 stroke is better than Tylenol for easing evening aches. But I have no use of left hand yet, and physically keeping a book open and turning a page sometimes gets iffy when I am comfy in bed, relaxing with a book for a bit before lights out. Review and comments have given me much to think about! Thanks Patti for sparking this discussion.

  21. That certainaly is a title to grab ones attention. Sounds like a great book

  22. Thanks for drawing our attention to this book. I' ll ask my daughte if she can download this on my kindle. She can do that better than I. This time is for many people very depressing. I am glad your government found a solution to the financial problems, but it's a long way to go for all of our governments.

  23. Gary and I recently borrowed two movies from the library, the original version of The Grapes of Wrath, and a documentary about men and women riding the rails during the depression with interviews of those who left home in their teens during the depression, what a great deal of suffering they had to survive across the country, makes me think of this time too. One of these days I hope to get a kindle but for now we're sticking with the library.

  24. Hi Patti,

    It sounds like an awesome book! I'll keep my eyes open for it ... I don't have a Kindle though; hope it is also in hardcopy.

    I hope that your week is going great so far, that you guys will get some rain soon. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me!

    Kathy M.

  25. Well, Patti - I'm about to go download it on my Kindle. Your review "sold" me on the story! I, too, love my Kindle - can't even imagine being without it now. It does a big job for such a little device. I thought I'd miss the smell and feel of "real" books - I don't!

  26. I will definitely download this book. (It now costs 99cents rather than free.) I read from my Kindle every single day, but I still purchase most of my books. I use the Kindle for "summer" reads, the classics, and poetry. If the book has a complicated plot I prefer the hard copy.

  27. Rae,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Me too on the pleasant surprise with the freebies.

    Gosh I hope you bite the bullet. It would be wonderful for you. It is very light weight,type is adjustable, takes only one hand to use and if you get tired, it will read to you. I love mine.

    Killer title isn't it?

    Reader Wil,
    I am just glad that they quit acting like self centered children and went to work. Sometimes my leaders embarrass me.

    Now that was quick. Enjoy.

    Linda Starr,
    It was a very difficult time in our history. Hopefully we learned a little from it.

    Oregon gifts,
    It is in paperback, don't know about hard copy.

    Me too. I really love the look of books but I sure don't miss them. Kindle rocks.

    NCMountain Woman,
    Oops. I saw where it just went to 99 cents. It is still a huge bargain. Hope you enjoy.

  28. Sounds intriging Patti. I'm a big believer that a well written novel is often as good as it gets to really draw one back into another time and place

  29. Hmm. Very smart! Do you send in your reviews? I don't have a Kindle and am totally out of the loop on this.

  30. Thanks for this recommendation, Patti. I've been checking out the free list all the time too. I do have a bunch of books on my Kindle also. I can't keep up. You're right, they've added a price tag to Face the Winter Naked. It's now 99 cents. :-) Still quite affordable!

  31. troutbirder,
    That is what this one did. Makes me glad I was born when it was winding down.

    No, I never have though I do rely on others to do that to help me pick a book.

    Oops sorry about that. It did just change. Like you, I scan regularly to catch them while they are still free.

  32. Hi Pattie, I was browsing comments left in my old blogs and found you there and thought of paying you a visit. As you know, am not much active with blog hopping these days which am sure you can forgive me. I didn't forget you though because you know how much I always enjoy your posting.

    "To Face the Winter Naked" - by the title alone, it already gives me a clear idea of hardships and difficulties which are not aliens to me, personally. My kids and I went through that stage of life. Also, Bonnie Turner is quite familiar to me but am not sure if I ever get any opportunity to read any of his/her books. My library is expanding that makes most of the part of my little home and there's more to catch up with my reading.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask if you are still in the same address. I am going home within two months and time and chance permitting, I might drop a postcard at the PO for you.

    This will be my first to pay my homeland a visit. Okay, bedtime now.

    Hugs to you. Hope you're well.

  33. Apparently our library doesn't have this book, unless I didn't spell something correctly, it doesn't show up.

  34. This sounds very much like a book I would enjoy. Thanks for the report.

  35. Hello, I'm the author of Face the Winter Naked. I would like to thank everyone for your great comments, and Patti for reviewing my novel!

    There is no hard copy of this book, just digital and paperback. The paperback is currently on sale at at 25% off, so be sure to check the link below.

    Also, librarians often order books their patrons recommend, so this is a good deal for them.

    Please check out my web page for information about my other books. I would really REALLY appreciate your passing on the great remarks about Face the Winter Naked.

    By the way, the image of the man in the cap, in the top left corner of the cover, is my dad, who died when I was 3. The book is not about Dad, but it's dedicated to him, and I used some of his traits for my character Daniel. The cover artist surprised me by putting Dad's picture on the cover, and I was overjoyed! I know my dad would be proud that his only daughter has written and published this book.

    I was born and raised in Independence, Missouri, in 1932, which is the year of my novel. So that makes me an old lady, doesn't it?

    Bonnie Turner xx

    Web page:

    Lulu page:

  36. Hey Patti
    How are you sweet friend? Hope all is well and your staying out of this heat.
    I love it when you give us a book review because as you know I can't live without a book to read.
    Been trying to decide on splurging on a Kindle or Nook and after reading how you have so many stored and ready to read makes me want to head to the store ..I am headed though to Amazon now to download this to my PC Kindle. Not as great as having a Kindle but if I get comfortable on the couch I can read it from my computer.
    take care

  37. Inday,
    My, it has been a while. Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well and that you have a lovely trip home.
    Yes I am in the same place and would love a post card. Thank you for thinking of me.
    Do take care.

    Bonnie said that if you ask your library to order it, they might. Hope that works.

    Hope you get a chance to read it. It's a goodie.

    Bonnie Turner,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I really, really enjoyed your book and your style of writing.
    This is eerie. I thought that man might be your Dad but I was thinking that perhaps your Dad had a similar story. Rather glad he didn't. How nice to get that bit of back story about the cover. Thank you for posting my review on your site.
    Wishing you great success with your wonderful book.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    If you ever do splurge Maggie, you will love it though it seems you have a pretty good set up now with your PC Kindle. Hope you enjoy the book. Also hope that other door is opening for you about now.

  38. Wow the author stopped by. If only I could enjoy reading the way I used to. My eyes just don't allow me that. I barely manage reading blogs now.Hoping to get some special reading glasses soon now that the eye has healed.

  39. KleinsteMotte
    It was a really nice surprise.
    One thing nice about Kindle is that you can adjust the type size or actually have it read to you in a bit of a computer voice. You can pick a male or female voice.

  40. Patti, what an interesting book review...Sounds like my kind of book, so I have it on my kindle,next up in the quirey.

  41. Brighid,
    I think you will like it. It is a look into a past that we hope never gets repeated.

  42. A good review, ma'am. You're way ahead of me in Kindle books read and to be read. So far, I've "bought" only three books; although interesting, I should have waited until they hit the library and I could get them free.

    I'm currently reading a freebie: Beyond All Price, a story of the Civil War.