Thursday, August 4, 2011


I know, this sounds suspiciously like "the dog ate my homework" but it is true.  Dam*it, which is what I call my computer, evidently didn't like the way I had constructed the post so it got together with Open Office and just ate it. It is no more.

I could hurriedly reconstruct it but that usually results in a half *ssed product. Not that I haven't done that before but just not in the mood today as you can tell by all my *s.  Oh dear, I do believe living on the brink of Hell lately in this heat (117 yesterday) has addled me. I rarely cuss unless wounded or computer stressed.

So  if  A/C continues to pump cold air, I will be back  tomorrow when I will try again with that post.

One note.  Bonnie Turner, who is the marvelous author of "Face the Winter Naked", dropped by with a very gracious comment that holds an interesting bit about the cover of the book plus some sites  that I will pass along. I was surprised and pleased to have her acknowledge my review.

I will see you tomorrow here, at your house today.

Hello, I'm the author of Face the Winter Naked. I would like to thank everyone for your great comments, and Patti for reviewing my novel!

There is no hard copy of this book, just digital and paperback. The paperback is currently on sale at at 25% off, so be sure to check the link below.

Also, librarians often order books their patrons recommend, so this is a good deal for them.

Please check out my web page for information about my other books. I would really REALLY appreciate your passing on the great remarks about Face the Winter Naked.

By the way, the image of the man in the cap, in the top left corner of the cover, is my dad, who died when I was 3. The book is not about Dad, but it's dedicated to him, and I used some of his traits for my character Daniel. The cover artist surprised me by putting Dad's picture on the cover, and I was overjoyed! I know my dad would be proud that his only daughter has written and published this book.

I was born and raised in Independence, Missouri, in 1932, which is the year of my novel. So that makes me an old lady, doesn't it?

Bonnie Turner xx

Web page: page:


  1. Your name for your computer is probably well deserved. I,too, have moaned and ground my teeth about a computer with a voracious appetite, less often since my MacBook became a member of our household.

  2. I've heard this complaint from others time to time, have never experinced it myself, but it once took hours for my post to show on the reading list.

    Stay cool!

  3. What a neat surprise to hear from Bonnie Turner. When you mentioned it on your post, I immediately ordered her book and it's tucked safely away on my kindle. Haven't had a chance to look at it.

    As I said, I spend every spare moment outside. Fall is upon us here in Montana. I put my heater on in my room when I get up. It does warm up during the afternoon. Got rather hot yesterday but then the mountains brings the cool again.

    I walk my 5 miles every day and try to get it early. Sorry you lost your post. Yours are always well thought out and organized and I know that takes precious time. Your computer needs a swift kick in the hard drive for that nasty deed.

  4. How awful! Blogger often drives me crazy with spacing and we've had many strange computer problems, so I can sympathize. How interesting to hear from the author of the book and find out who was on the cover, etc. Well, though blogging has glitches, it's certainly an interesting portal to the world.

  5. Sorry to hear about your (my) loss of the post. Hope it makes it back from Word Heaven. I also had an author once acknowledge my book review, Lisa Genova, about "Still Alice." We also became Facebook friends and I've been following her career there.

    My sister ordered the Turner book on her Kindle and told me she hopes it has a happy ending, because it's pretty depressing so far. But well written.

  6. 117??? OY VEY! I am amazed your AC can pump out any cool air, at all...! I hope you get some relief from this halacious heat...!
    So sorry your puter ate your post....It sends me to my bed when that happens....Most discouraging, I know.

  7. Well my friend Patti I can certainly understand your irratation. I am finding that doing these post now are getting harder and harder. What is going on it really makes you forget your religion. hahaha
    How exciting that you had a surprise visit from author Bonnie Turner. I know she loved your review.
    So sorry your suffering like us in Texas with this heat. Crazy hot and scary too
    Try to stay cool

  8. I feel the frustration. Our computer is realy slowing down...or maybe my expectations have risen. Couldn't live without one anymore, though.

  9. So much fun when an author stops by to comment. I reviewed books for Amazon for about 10 years, and received many free books from authors promoting their books. A fun world is reviewing.

    I got to position number 11 and then stopped cold. I think I fell back to position number 50+ and then they made me a classic reviewer, whatever that is.

    Congratulations. Dianne

    PS switch to Wordpress, you will love it.

  10. Wanted to let you know that I have put this book on my Kindle and it will be the next one I read! blessings, marlene

  11. First, I have to scream 117 degrees! That sounds like a horrible nightmare. I hope you are managing to stay as cool as possible. And I hope this heatwave passes soon. Yikes.

    How incredibly cool that you got such a nice comment from the author. I love knowing that the cover photo is of her dad. What a touching homage.

  12. HI Patti, WE all have some 'not so nice' names for our computer at times!!! Your name can be quite appropriate some of the time. But what about operator error??? I have some nice names for myself also when I make stupid mistakes on the computer... ha

    Hope tomorrow is a better day since it's my birthday!!!!! ha

  13. How wonderful to hear from Bonnie Turner.
    Dont let the heat get to you ...who am I kidding ...if it were that hot here I would not be actually stirring. Yesturday the temp was only 65 ...the sky was so over cast I had to put the light on ....but the humidity was off the scale ...I felt so exhausted ...I had no urge to do anything ...typical when I had a free day all to my self.xx

  14. I guess most of us have experienced Blogger eating our posts. I do understand it when this occurs and the blogger goes post-al.

  15. How ironic. My computer's name becomes go#da#$() when it messes up. And to @/betsy-it is NEVER my fault. Couldn't be.
    Hearing from an author of a favorite book is amazing. I have gone to author readings and presentations, but have not had a personal note. That's great. I love that she is just 2 years younger than my mom, and she is writing great stuff. I hope I am doing something great like that at that point in my life.
    No one can make it through 117 degrees without losing their mind a bit, A/C or no. Hang on, fall is just around the corner.

  16. The links do not work from your page. Did you mean it that way?
    Sorry to hear that your beast ate your delightful work before we could feast on it.
    The heat has left some marks on many of us! Hope it's nearly over.

  17. Love your name for your computer! That's so frustrating. But how great that you heard from Bonnie Turner! Good news in the middle of a lot of frustration! Hope that blog comes back to you better than ever!

  18. LC,
    I may have to switch to Mac or maybe just be careful with wayward fingers.

    Mine does that sometimes as I schedule my posts. Sometimes by rescheduling that straightens it out.

    Your temperatures sound devine. I love the cold which is one reason I left Florida and now Arkansas is the hotter of the two states. Enjoy those walks.

    Blogging really does reward more than it punishes. Me too on being glad I found it.

    How nice you maintained the friendship. I will check out "Still Alice".
    I warned that this was not a feel good book but it does have a satisfying ending. Tell her to hang in there.

    It is a moment of disbelief when your post disappears but fortunately, it can be redone. I have calmed down now.

    Grandma Yellow Hair,
    As hot as it is here, I am just glad I don't live in Texas. Goodness have you all suffered. May we both get some relief.

    They are addicting aren't they? I'd get more done with out one but wouldn't be as happy.

    Don't know if I could do that. I had trouble critiquing in my writing club. I could only be positive and not helpful. The ones I do on my blog are because I really believe in them.

    Stichin by the lake,
    All righty. Hope you enjoy.

    It really is a mind numbing heat. Enjoy your cool. I liked that about her Dad also.

    Well it probably was a wayward finger that banished my post but the darn computer shouldn't be so sensitive:))
    Most things do end up pilot error.

    65 sounds devine. Don't ya hate it when the weather ruins a "me" day?

    Now aren't you clever there. Cute play on words.

    I try to tell my self that but quite often it is me that screwed up. Rats. I am hanging on for Fall.

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I fixed it. I just copied and pasted her comment and did not fix the link.

    Dr.Kathy McCoy,
    Hope I can remember it or maybe the rewrite will be better. Can only try.

  19. Hi Patti, I have a few choice names for my computer, too. :D Not proud of it, but I'm just being honest! I get really frustrated with blogger when I'm trying to post. It'll go crazy things like change my text to italics or change the font size, for example.

    That was really cool to hear from Ms. Turner. You gave a very good review. I am aiming to order her book if it isn't at the library. Take care and hope your computer woes straighten out.

  20. well congrats on the acknowledgement of your book review Patti. That heat can surely take its toll we had that in California a few years before I moved here and I had just planted all my baby plants and had to hand water them four times a day in that heat, I think I wore myself out back then. I hope you have some trays of water in your yard for the wild creatures to take advantage of, I worry so for them. Stay cool.

  21. Haven't had a post eaten yet!
    It's been unusually mild here in N California this summer. Actually cool at night. I'm so not complaining.
    Daughter & grands were in Texas checking out colleges and said it was very very hot.
    As I get older the heat bothers me more than it used to. Have to get things done early in the day.
    Stay cool as you are...

  22. Love your computer name... it has something in common with the name we have for our little cat! And probably for similar reasons! I am trying to imagine what your horrendously high temperatures feel like, but it is hard for me to do so, as I am sitting at the computer with a woolly hat on my head and a thick jacket on, and I am trying hard to get warm after spending too long in my chilly studio today. Some really clever person must find a way for sharing the heat and cold of the globe around. I do wonder if climate would be easier to manage on a flat earth instead of our round one, at least we would all share the sun at the same time!

  23. How wonderful Bonnie Turner wrote to you. That must have been a surprise! I hope your computer will behave better soon!

  24. I'm sorry about your Blogger problems. Aggravating, but I'm trying Wordpress and you really don't get the same sort of viewing that you get from Blogspot. I'm just using Wordpress as a back-up... JUST IN CASE. Nobody really goes there.

    How wonderful to hear from the author. That's terrific!

  25. Cheryl,
    Computers really can drive us over the edge can't they? Gotta love them though when they cooperate.
    Hope you enjoy the book.

    Linda Starr,
    I do have a water fountain that they frequent. I add cold water as even though it is fairly deep, the water gets really hot. These are trying times for the animals.

    Texas is another story. Bless their hearts, they have really had a miserable summer. At least we get an occasional rain.

    You have a great point about a flat earth. I forget that round part till I hear about someone in your part of the world in jackets. Think we need to find a way to share water also. Some places live under unbrellas while others have to walk carefully not to step into the giant cracks in the parched land. Surely we could do better.

    Reader Wil,
    I was very surprised and quite pleased. It is amazing how we can through something on the Internet and how it reaches all over.

    A lot of people are touting Wordpress. I may do like you and use it for back up. Thanks.

  26. Oh, Patti, I love how you have blessed Kelli by celebrating her kindness. Happy Birthday, Kelli!

    What a wonderful idea that Kelli had; I don't even know if I would have thought that, or known that you could stay with someone in their new home.

    This story brought good tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  27. Kathy,
    I know I didn't think of it either. Think we adults try to make things more complicated.
    Thanks, I think she is special too.

  28. What a nice note you got from Ms. Turner. Well deserved, too.

    Something inside my computer is 'sort of' give me fits -- from time to time, but not always, and for no apparent reason (although I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation.) I'll figure it out, sooner or later -- or scream! So far, it's not eaten up my paltry blog posts.